His Little Lavender

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Chapter 42

Carlos’ PoV

When I felt Lavender’s body give out from underneath me, I instantly wrapped my arms around her. He small body fit in my arms perfectly and she weighted nothing.

I scooped her up in my arms and held her close to my body. I moved a piece of hair from her face and gently tapped her cheek to wake her up. What was wrong? Why did she think I’d send her there? Was that place so scary that she fainted at the thought of going back there?

Her voice sounded so desperate and scared when she was begging me not to send her back there. She didn’t want to go back and I did expect her to want to either. Form the little she’s told me about ‘there’ and what happens there, I wouldn’t want her to be in that place either. I guess she thought I would send her back there.

I could hear someone shouting but I didn’t care. I just wanted to make sure she was alright. I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t. I wouldn’t be able to live without her. She was my darling.
My light.

I made my way to the door. She needed to get to a hospital. What if there was something wrong with her? She needed to be looked at. A body blocked the door and I looked up in anger. Antonio stood in front of it blocking me from leaving.
“Carlos. I swear to God give me my sister.”

He must have been the one shouting. I looked up at Antonio with a glare. I held her closer to my chest. He wasn’t going to take her away from me. No one was.
“Fuck off Antonio. She’s staying with me.”

“Stop arguing you two. She needs to be treated.”
Josie shouted beside us. I looked down at Lavender. Her face was relaxed but her eyebrows were furrowed as if she was in pain. My baby was in pain. I need to get her to the hospital. What if she was hurting? I did want her to hurt. No she didn’t deserve that.

I looked back up and saw Antonio’s face had grown redder and he looked as if he was about to explode. He took a threatening step towards me.
“Give me my fucking sister Carlos or you won’t like what happens.”

I grew angrier as well. Fucking threatening me. I wasn’t going to give him my darling. Never. I held her closer to me and tucked her head in my chest cautious not to hurt her in anyway.
“Antonio. What the fuck are you going to do, huh? Punch me. Kick me. Or maybe bully me into submission. Like I’ve said before. Fuck off. I need to get her to a hospital with or without you.”

He clenched his fists harder and went to swing for me. Jeremiah stepped in front of me and caught his fist. Like he literally caught it with his hand.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing Tony? He has your unconscious sister in his arms. Were you just going to punch him? He’d drop her if you did and then she’d get even more hurt. Is that what you want? How about you two stop arguing and take her to the hospital before something happens?”

His eyes shone with realisation and he looked down at the bundle of senseless light in my arms instantly. His eyes saddened and he relaxed his body. The little lines of worry on his forehead were a clear clue that he was worried for her. He was hurting. He may looked like a threatening man but Lavender’s his soft spot. It’s as clear as daylight.

He looked back up at me and begrudgingly agreed to let me take her. I rushed towards the door as fast as possible and ran up the stairs. I ran past two elderly people and they looked down at Lavender worriedly. I had ran out the door before I heard what they said. No time with for dilly-dallying.

I could hear footsteps following behind me. I had only just realised I needed someone to drive me to the hospital. I looked around the outside for a driver bit saw no one. For Fuck sake, where’s that stupid driver when you need him?

I turned around and the first person I saw was Jeremiah. He was running out the door and I ran up to him.
“Where did you park? Where’s your car?”

He pointed to outside the gate and I ran towards it before he could say anything. My legs carried me quickly and I was there in under 10 seconds. When I got near, the gates open and I suspect Josie or one of the others had opened it. Lavender had began to shiver and I had only just remembered she barely had anything on. I held her closer to my chest so she could get some of my body heat.
“It’s alright darling. I’m going to take you to a hospital. It’ll be alright.”
I gently stroked her hair to not only calm her down but me too.

The gates fully opened and there were so many people. They were holding cameras and microphone. For fucks sake. Can anything be easy for once? I mustn’t have heard them because of the adrenaline blocking my ears out. I suspect they were here because the mayor was here.

Their interest peaked when they saw me come out with someone in my arms. Questions and accusations were shot at me all at once. I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying and I was frozen. Many pictures were taken and multiple voices were talking all at once. I couldn’t understand a thing any of them said. They all sounded foreign to me. Some had large microphones while others had recorders. Large news vans were parked at the side and some even had news reporters live right now. Right this second. I didn’t give a shit about any of them. They could all fuck themselves. My main priority was to make sure my darling was safe.

Cameras began to get closer and my eyes hurt from all the flashing. Jeremiah appeared next to me. He guided me over to the car and I tried to hold Lavender as close to my body as possible so they couldn’t see her face. They would have a fucking fun week with a news story like that. I can fucking imagine the headlines now. ’Christopher Rose’s mystery daughter carried out of house by heir to Reid’s construction with Mayor Williams on their tail”

One of them got close to us and tried to touch her. I shoved the reporters hand away and brought her closer.
“Fuck off.”
I snarled at him. Jeremiah opened the door of a sleek black car and I got in quickly.

I could still see all the flashing but I didn’t care. I only cared about the angel in my arms. I brought her away from my chest and stroke some hair from out of her face. Her lips were now in her adorable pout but her crystal blue eyes were still hidden.

I kissed both of them gently.
“You’ll be alright my love. You’ll be alright.”

She seemed to recognise my voice as her face relaxed and she moved closer to my body. I grabbed the back of her head and brought it up so I could kiss her forehead.

I heard the other side of the door open and Jeremiah got in. He looked tired and worried.
“Jesus fucking Christ. Vultures. Can’t keep their noses out of anything. Oscar take us to the nearest hospital as fast as possible.”

The driver nodded his head and the car began to move. Voices from the outside could still be heard but simmered down the further we went. Jeremiah turned to me and Lavender. He looked down at her worried and then up at me.

“How’s she doing?”
I held her closer to me.

“If I fucking knew that, we wouldn’t be going to a hospital now would we?.”
He held his hands up in surrender. I sighed and played with Lavender’s little fingers. It really was soothing. No wonder she would always play with mine. I smiled a little at the thought.
“Sorry. I’m just really stressed out and don’t know if she’ll be alright.”

His eyes softened and I looked back down at Lavender. I moved my hand up to her hair and stroked it. She had to be alright. What would I do if she wasn’t? She was literally my world now. How would I live each day if she wasn’t alright? My eyes burned with tears but I held them down. Come on Carlos you have to be strong. For her. For Lavender.

Jeremiah placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it.
“She’ll be alright. It’s not the worse she’s been through. She’s a strong girl. She’ll get through it.”

My eyes hardened. ‘Not the worse she’s been through’. What is the fucking extent to her past injuries?

I went to ask Jeremiah but he shook his head.
“She’ll tell you when she’s comfortable. It isn’t for me to tell you.”

I sighed and for the rest of the ride it was silent. Only the soft humming of the car. I knew there were people following us. Whether it was Antonio, Josie, Max and Braydon or some of those bloody reporters, I couldn’t care any less. I just needed to make sure my darling was alright.

We pulled up to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. It was the best hospital in New York and I knew she would be safe there. They would give her the best treatment she could get in New York. As soon as we parked, I opened the doors and bolted to the entrance of the hospital not giving a shit to the peculiar stares I would get on the way there. The automatic doors opened and I ran inside. The receptionist looked up bored but her interest increased when she saw me.

I ran towards her ignoring the flirtatious smile.
“Hello. I need some help. My girlfriend fainted and I need someone to look at her now.”

She looked a bit uninterested when I mentioned the word ‘girlfriend’. Fucking bitch. Maybe she should do her job instead of crushing on her patients.

“Sorry sir. You’re going to have to wait until we can get a doctor to come see you.”
Her bored monotone voice annoyed me so fucking much. No I will not wait. My darling may be hurting. I will not sit around and fucking wait.

Before I could say anything, someone appeared beside me.
“I recommend you get this young man a doctor right this second.”

The woman rolled her eyes and chewed her chewing gum.
“Sir like I have said, there are currently no doc-”
She looked up and her eyes widened. She began to cough and she straightened up in her chair.
“Mayor Williams.”

Jeremiah nodded his head and menacingly leaned forward with his hands on the desk.
“Listen here. Get this man a doctor for his girlfriend or I will get you fired and ruin any other chance you will ever have of getting another job. Do you understand?”
He looked down at her name tag.

She instantly nodded her head and picked up the phone with shaky hands. She dialled a number and after a couple of seconds she began to say that the Mayor was here and he needed a doctor immediately.
Within seconds, a young woman appeared and began to scan the room we were in. When she spotted us and Lavender in my arms, she began to shout out orders.

“Jones get me a bed right now. Get me my kit and make sure room 12 is free.”
A man came to her with bed. She took it and walked towards us.
“Sir I’m going to need you to place the girl on the bed so I can examine her fully please.”
I looked down at Lavender and hesitantly laid her down on the bed. The doctor smiled up at me. She pushed the bed away and I tried to follow after her but Jeremiah held me back and shook his head.

I heard a herd of footsteps approach the waiting room. A loud voice could be heard behind me.
I turned around to see Christopher. Beside him was a tired looking Antonio and Josie, Max and Braydon. Josie looked as if she had been crying. Max’s eyes were red and Braydon wore an emotionless face.

He spotted me and Jeremiah and stomped towards us.
“Carlos where the fuck is my Lavender? What happened? One minute I’m in a meeting and the next I get a call saying my daughter is being rushed to the hospital. Where the fuck is she?”

I shook my head.
“They just took her away. They are examining her now in Room 12. I don’t know what happened. She was panicking and fainted.”

Christopher raise his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes at me.
“And why was she panicking Carlos?”

I gulped. He was intimidating to be completely honest. I looked at Jeremiah and signalled my head towards Christopher. His eyes widened and he shook his head. What? I wasn’t telling him. I didn’t even know what happened.

I shot Jeremiah a nasty look and he sighed. He turned towards an impatient Christopher.
“I told her he got out.”

Christopher looked even more confused.
“Who are you on about? Who got out of where?”

Jeremiah gulped.
“Jonas got out of prison about 2 days ago”

Christopher tensed and his eyes were full of so much hatred it was scary. The snarl on his face was worse than a rapid dogs and the way his jaw clenched you would of thought it would have snapped by now.

“Jeremiah come with me for a minute.”
The mayor looked at me nervously and I shrugged my shoulders. I sent Christopher a soft smile and he sent one back.

I walked over to the chair and sat down with my hands in my hair and my face in my hands. Lord. What if she’s not alright? I mean what if there’s something seriously wrong with her? How would I live without her? I’ve become so attached to her it’s difficult to even go a day without her presence. She has become so important in my life I don’t think I’d be able to properly live it without her in it. My eyes stung even more and it was hard to hold back my tears. I needed to be strong. For the both of us.

I hear the ringing of a phone and buzzing in my pocket. I pulled my phone out and saw my mother’s caller ID. I answered it and tiredly brought it to my ear.
“Carlos what happened? We’ve seen the news. You’re all over it. Who’s in your arms? Is that a Lavender? How are you? Is she alright?”

I couldn’t take it anymore and let the tears fall.
“I don’t know mum. I don’t know if she’s o-okay. She was fine and then she began to panic and fainted. I-I rushed her to the hospital as fast as I possibly could. She just getting c-checked out now mum. I don’t k-know what’s happening. What if s-something seriously wrong with her? I can’t live without her m-mum. I can’t. I don’t w-want to.”

Tears were running down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop them. They just kept coming and coming and coming. I wiped as many away with the palm of my hand but more just kept replacing them. I turned my face away from the others so they couldn’t see me. My knee was bouncing uncontrollably.

“Oh my baby. She’ll be alright. I may not have known her that long or that well but she’s a strong girl. Don’t worry dear she’ll heal perfectly. You won’t have to worry about living without her baby. It won’t happen. Never. Don’t worry.”

My tears slowed down and I sniffled my nose.
“But what if she-”

“Carlos don’t worry about the what if’s. There’s a small chance those what if’s will ever happen. She won’t leave. She’ll be alright baby.”

I smiled a little. She always knew what to say.
“Thanks mum.”

She lightly chuckled.
“It’s alright dear. Me and your father are about to get in the car now. We’ll be there soon.”

I nodded my head but then remembered she couldn’t see me.
“Okay mum. Love you”

“Love you too baby. Stay safe.”
She hung up the phone and I placed it back in my pocket. I wiped under my eyes and laid back in my chair exhausted. My arms were crossed over my chest and one of my legs was over the other to stop it from nervously bouncing.

I looked around the room. Christopher and Jeremiah were talking in angry hushed voices in one corner. Christopher looked furious while Jeremiah looked as if her was trying to explain how maths worked to a 1 year old. Max, Josie and Braydon were now sat with Mr White. I don’t know when he had arrive but he had. His arms were around his two children trying to soothe their sad eyes and uncontrollable worries. Josie was crying on her father’s shoulder while Max just laid there trying to not cry. Braydon stared into space with a blank face. I knew he was hurting but he was trying to stay strong for everyone else. His mother had her head on his shoulder and he had his head on top of hers. Antonio was at the reception shouting at the now petrified-looking receptionist. She looked as if she was about the piss herself. Antonio had his finger in her face and was leaned over the counter.

About a hour later, everyone had sat done. Jeremiah was on the phone to someone and Christopher and Antonio were talking in hushed voices. I instantly darted up from my seat when I saw the doctor that had taken Lavender away enter the room. Christopher looked at me weirdly but then noticed her and sat up.
“Lavender Rose.”

Christopher walked up to her.
“Yes. I’m the father.”

She looked up at him a bit intimidated. She cleared her voice and then looked down at the clipboard in her hands.
“It looks as if there isn’t anything serious wrong with your daughter.”
I let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness.
“She just fainted because of the amount of stress she had endured during the time coming up to her incident. May I ask if there was anything said or done the moments before her fainting that may have triggered it?”

I nervously looked at Jeremiah. He shook his head a little and I got the memo.
“No doctor.”

She looked at me intently.
“And who may you be?”

“I’m her boyfriend.”
I could feel Antonio’s burning gaze on the back of my head. I ignored it and continued to listen to what the doctor had to say

“Okay. Were you and Ms.Rose doing anything stressful or tiring before she fainted?”

I blushed and looked around the others. Braydon was snickering and so was Josie and Max. Antonio, Mr White and Christopher looked at me intently with a nasty glare. Jeremiah had his hand over his mouth to hide a smirk.

I looked back at the doctor and cleared my throat.
“If you are insinuating we were having sex, than no. We were having a movie night.”

The doctor nodded her head and wrote something down on the clipboard.
“Okay thank you. You may all see her now but she may still be asleep. She needs to rest her body. Try to make sure she isn’t under that much stress over the next couple of days. Or any exercise.”
She looked at me directly. I shuffled nervously on my feet.
“We are trying to avoid another incident like this especially with Ms.Rose’s previous medical history. Please follow me.”

We followed after her. We got to a room where ,inside, Lavender was laid in a spacious VIP room. There was a heart monitor next to her and an IV in her arm. A oxygen mask was on her face. I male doctor was inside and he was cautiously removing it from her face. He wrote something down on a clipboard and then placed it at the end of her bed.

Christopher opened the door and entered. The male doctor looked at us and smiled before leaving. The room was massive and all of us were able to fit inside. There were enough seats for every single one of us but Christopher, Jeremiah and Mr White still stood up. I took a chair and moved it towards her bed. I grabbed her cold hand on kissed it. I sat there for ages until I felt my eyelids fall and I fell asleep.

Lavender’s PoV

My head hurt. The constant bounding feeling going on up there made me groan out in pain. My eyes were heavy and felt like they were stuck together. I tried opening them but couldn’t. I tried and tried but came to the same conclusion. They were glued closed and unwilling to open.

I was stuck in my own mind. It was dark. Nothing there. None of my usual creativity. Only darkness. A eerie silence surrounded me and I could hear a continuous beeping all around. I was scared. I wanted to go back home. I wanted my dad. I wanted my daddy. Carlos. I wanted my Carlos.

I whined and moaned in discomfort. Hot tears ran down my cheeks. I felt something warm begin to stroke my cheek. I leaned into the warmth.
“It’s alright my darling. Open your eyes. I’m here. Your Carlos is here. Open them for me my love.”

My whimpers lowered at the sound of his voice. Carlos. He was here. I wanted to be with Carlos. I tried to force my eyes open but they were reluctant to obey. He stroked my cheek again.
“Come on my love. Open them. Let me see your wonderful eyes.”

I felt his lips kiss my eyelids. I tried again and they finally opened. The room was so bright. The lights blinded me and made my eyes burn enough that I wished for them to still be sealed close.

I groaned and blinked my eyes repeatedly to get them used to the light. I brought the palm of my hand up to my head to rub it. I looked around the room. A clock in the wall told me it was around 4:37 am. I noticed Josie, Max and Braydon all asleep on one side. Voices could be heard behind a door. They were so loud. Who was making all that noise?

I turned to my left and saw a pair of familiar green eyes. I looked over his face. His eyes were tired and sunken. His hair was dishevelled and messy. The usual brightness in his eyes were dull and his lips were in a small soft smile. He was here. Carlos was here. My eyes welled up with tears and my lip gutted out. His face instantly became alarmed and he placed his hands on my cheeks.
“Are you okay? Do you need me to get a doctor? Lavender what’s wrong?”

I placed my hands on his hands. His eyes softened as he looked at me. He pulled my face closer and kissed me. I instantly kissed him back with just as much force. The kiss was rough but had a soft living aspect to it. I didn’t want to let him go. Never. Never was I going to let him go.

He pulled away and kissed all over my face.
“Thank god your alright. I was worried sick. I didn’t know if you would be okay. Don’t ever do that to me Lavender. I don’t know what I would do without you. Please. You promised you wouldn’t leave me. Please don’t leave me darling. Please.”
His voice cracked and his eyes began to fill with tears too.

My heart broke at the sight. I placed my hand around his neck and brought him down to hug me. His back was bent over funnily but he still hugged me back though.

I pulled away and wiped away his tears.
“I-I’m not leaving Charlie. I promise.”
I kissed his cheek. And then pecked his lips.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. The door to the room opened and my ears were filled with multiple foreign noises. It didn’t help my excruciating headache one bit. I turned away from Carlos to see who had come in. It was my dad, brother, Jeremiah and Uncle Robbie.

They were talking amongst themselves when Jeremiah looked at me and widened his eyes.
“Lavender you-you’re awake.”

I smiled back. They all turned around with wide eyes. My dad instantly walked up to me. More like ran up to me. His hands wrapped around my waist and he brought me in for a tight hug.
“Oh my sweetheart. You’re okay. Don’t do that Lavender. We were all so worried. I was so worried.”
He pulled away and kissed my cheek. I blushed and felt Carlos grab my hand and squeeze it.

“It’s a-alright dad. I feel W-wonderful. Don’t w-worry.”
His eyes softened and he kissed my head. He pulled away from me.

I only had about 5 seconds to breath before I was engulfed by another set of muscular arms. I was knocked back a bit and lost my breath.
“Rosie. I swear you need to stop doing this to me. Please find a new hobby that doesn’t revolve with you in hospitals all the time.”
I giggled and hugged him back.

“I-I’m sorry Tony. I’ll try.”
He pulled back with a smile and I smiled back at him just as largely.

He went to stand beside dad. I leaned back in my bed and leaned my head to the side to look at Carlos. He was smiling at me softly and I smiled back. He brought my hand up to his lips. He kissed it and I blushed. His usual chuckled floated around the room.

“Lavender. How are you feeling?”
I turned from Carlos to Jeremiah. His eyes looked tired and his suit and hair was messed up.

“I’m d-doing fine Jer. Just a h-headache I’ll survive.”
He chuckled and shook his head.

“Do you remember what I said before you fainted?”
His eyebrows scrunched up nervously. Mine did to but in concentration. What did he say? We were about to go to sleep. He busted in the room. He said something. Someone had got out. My eyes widened and my mouth opened. Jonas had gotten out. He was out.

I looked up at him.
“How is he o-out of prison? He was s-suppose to be in t-there for 8 years. It’s only been 2”

Jeremiah looked at my dad. My dad sighed and nodded his head. Jeremiah looked at me again.
“My father got him out.”
He said the word ‘father’ with so much venom and spite.
“He didn’t find it fair that his son had to stay in prison because of some ‘foolish girl’”
I flinched at the words and tears gathered in my eyes. Carlos kissed my hand again and I brought his on my lap to play with. He doesn’t matter Lavender. Don’t listen to what the silly man says. He doesn’t mean anything to you so don’t listen to his opinion.
“My father appealed for bail and it went through. They got him bailed out and now he’s out. I did try to get him banned from the city as soon as he got out but they said his crimes weren’t serious enough. I tried my hardest but they denied each time.”
Jeremiah shook his head and looked down at the floor.

I nervously looked at Carlos. My eyes were brimming with tears. His softened and he sat up from the chair he was sat in and kissed my forehead. The bed I was on was large so I moved up and patted the side of the bed. His eyes widened but then he got in. I cuddled up to his side and he began to stroke my hair. I couldn’t help it and I let all my tears fall. They came as fast as rain. He was out. Jonas was out of prison. What was I suppose to do? Was he going to come after me again? I didn’t want to get hurt again. I wanted to have a peaceful rest of my life. Would he leave me alone? Had he got better in prison or worse?

My Carlos brought me up closer and placed my head in his neck careful of the IV in my arm. We were in the position we usually would be in. He stroked my hair and my back.
“Shhh my darling. It’s alright. He won’t get you. I promise. I won’t let him. Your dad won’t let him. No one will let him come near you. Don’t worry. Your staying right where you are. With me. Shhh”
He kissed the top of my head and continued to soothe me with him stroking my hair and rubbing my back.

I heard yawns and people began to move on the right side of the room. First, it was Josie that woke up. Then, Braydon. And finally Max. When they saw me awake, they instantly hopped up but before they could say anything Mr White had rushed them out of the room. The other left and we were alone.

My sobs and whimpers quieted down and my eyes began to droop. I looked up at Carlos and he was already looking down at me.
“Thank y-you Charlie. I lov- so thankful for W-what you have done for me.”
My eyes widened and I looked back down. I was about to say the l-word. Did I love Carlos? My eyes widened even more. I loved him. I loved Carlos. I loved the man that I had only known for 2 months. I lov-loved him.

We stayed silent for a while. Nothing could be heard except the heaviness of our own breaths and the beeping of the heart monitor.

I tensed up and moved my face further into him. Was he going to ask me what I was about to say? What if he didn’t feel the same? Was I ready to tell him?

The heart monitor sped up and Carlos rubbed my back.
“Darling calm down. It’s alright. Take a deep breath. In and out.”

I did what he said and the heart monitor soon went back to normal. We just stayed there once again in silence. This silence wasn’t as suffocating as the first but the atmosphere was still tense.
“Angel you know I won’t let him near you, right?”

I looked up confused. Why would he think otherwise?
“Yes. Why?”

He shook his head and looked down at me with pained eyes.
“Before you fainted, you were begging me not to send you back there. You kept saying you would be a ‘good girl’ and that you ‘didn’t want to go back there’. You looked so scared. Why would you think I’d send you back there?”

I tensed up and hugged him tighter. Why did I think he would send me back there? I didn’t reply for a while. I had no idea how to reply to that question. Was it because I was scared? Was it because I had a inkling of a feeling that if Jonas got out I’d go back there? Why?

“I d-dont know Charlie.
My voice sounded confused itself.
“Maybe it was b-because I was scared. He would p-punish me if I was a b-bad girl so I tried m-my hardest to be a good g-girl. Maybe I thought t-that if I told you I-I was a good girl maybe I’d believe it m-myself.”

I lifted my head up from his neck. Carlos placed his hand on my cheek and tilted my head to look directly in his eyes.
“Lavender darling. Your are the best girl. You don’t have to be a good girl all the time. People make mistakes. I’m not going to punish you for some silly mistake unless it brings you pleasure.”
He smirk and I blushed. What did that mean?
“I won’t hurt you even if you’re being a brat. You deserve so much better. You’re my good girl and always will be.”

I smiled lightly. I laid my head back down on his chest and smiled to myself in content.
“Daddy’s good girl.”

Carlos chuckled and I could feel the rumble of his chest underneath me. It was oddly satisfying and calming.
“Yes Lavender. You are Daddy’s good girl. You’re also Daddy’s-”
His mouth got closer to my ear.
He bit the lobe of my ear and I quietly moaned.
I gasped as he kissed my soft spot.

Daddy’s little slut. Why did I find that sooo...good? Tingles erupted all over my body. When Candice called me a slut, I cried. But why is it when Carlos calls me a slut. His slut. I find pleasure in it.

I moaned needily.

He gripped my hair tighter and pulled my head back.
“Don’t say my name like that little girl. I suspect you don’t want everyone here to hear your moans especially your brother and father.”
I blushed and shook my head. He leaned into my neck and lightly kissed up until he got to my ear.
“The doctor also ordered that you don’t do anything tiring so unfortunately I can’t give you the pleasure you desire until you’re fully healed.”
I turned darker and stuck my lip out a bit. Carlos’ eyes zeroed in on my lip. I shuffled a little on his lap and began to feel the result of that underneath me.

I turned even darker and looked down.
“Lavender stop moving or I swear to god I’ll fucking slam you against this bed and take you harder than you would think. Doctor’s orders or not.”

If I thought my cheeks couldn’t get any darker or hotter, I’d be mistaken. They just did. I stopped moving immediately and looked up at him apologetically.
“Sorry Charlie.”

His eyes softened and he gently released my hair. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and let them out before opening them again. They were now back to there light green instead of his dominating dark green.
“It’s alright baby. I know you didn’t mean to. Now how about you get some rest and maybe your father can convince the doctor to get you released in the afternoon and into your own bed by tonight.”

I smiled up at him and went back into my usual position.
“That w-would be nice Charlie. Thank you.”

He hugged me closer to him and stroked my hair.
“It’s alright darling. Go to sleep now.”

I closed my eyes and began to clear my mind of any bad thoughts. It wouldn’t work so I did the only thing I could think of. I moved my thumb to my mouth and began to suck it. I didn’t do this often only when I’m extremely stressed or just want to make sure I’m alright and nothing bad’s happening.

I felt my hand being moved from my mouth and I began to panic. I tried to open my eyes but they were,once again, glued shut but this time because of my exhaustion. I relaxed when I felt it go back in. I knew it wasn’t my thumb and that it was Carlos’ but I was too tired to care. I sucked it and began to fall asleep. The last time I heard was Carlos wishing me and good night’s rest and that he would see me in the morning. I went to sleep with the man I loved and a smile on my face.

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