His Little Lavender

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Chapter 43

Jeremiah’s PoV

I followed Christopher to a corner of the hospital. I knew he was angry. Hell he was beyond angry. He was livid. I could practically see the steam coming out of his ears. The guy that had terrorised and ruined a whole year of his daughter’s life had now got out of prison. I would be mad too if that was my daughter in this situation.

He stopped and I stood in front of him in silence. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was impatiently tapping his foot. I may be the mayor of New York but everyone knew Christopher Rose was the true ruler of New York.

“Well how about you fucking explain HOW on earth he got out Jeremiah?”
He whisper-shouted at me. My eyes widened.

“Y-You and I both know my father wasn’t going to let him stay in there any longer. It was only a matter of time.”
I tried reasoning with him but it was no use.

“Well I don’t care how much of a good lawyer your father is? Why the fuck is he still in the city? Your the bloody mayor of New York. Can’t you do something?”
I was getting angry.

“Don’t you think I haven’t done anything? I tried Christopher. I tried to get him banned from the city but you know how stubborn the fucking government officials are. They said it wasn’t a valid enough reason to get him banned. They’re all a bunch of old men and women that still live in the decade were my father was mayor. What else was I suppose to do Chris? My hands are tied. I don’t want him anywhere near Lavender or my family. What do you expect me to do? I have nothing else.”
I threw my hands up in the air in expiration. What does he expect me to do? I have nothing left in my deck of cards to play.

Christopher stalked closer to me.
“I don’t care what you do Jeremiah. Make sure he keeps as far away from my daughter as he possible can. Hell even more. If I ever see him again, I can’t guarantee he will come out alive. So you do everything in your power to keep him the fuck away from my daughter and her family and friends.”
His finger was right in my face and I couldn’t help but cower away. He was quite an intimidating man even if I was the Mayor of New York.

“I’m trying Christopher but I have a family to look after. You know how much I love Lavender. She’s as much as a daughter to me as Nia is. But I need to make sure my own daughter, wife and son are safe before anyone else. They’re my first priority. Just like your family. I love Lavender but I have to look after my family before anyone else’s.”

His eyes softened and he backed away from me.
“Jeremiah I know what you feel but I can’t let my daughter go through that again. She couldn’t even speak after what he put her through the first time. I don’t want her to experience that again. She’s my daughter Jeremiah. My only daughter. She means the world to me. Both my children do. What happens if he tries to get her again huh? She’ll go back there. You know how bad it was there. Hell you were there yourself.”

I shivered at the memories of that place. It was disgusting. A place not suitable for someone like Lavender. She was so soft and caring. That place was horrid and morbid. Who would expect someone to want to have their child go back there? I wouldn’t want either of my children there.

“I don’t want her to go back there either Chris but I’ve done everything I can. I love Lavender but you can’t always rely on me just because I’m the Mayor of New York. I have my own responsibilities as a father. It’s up to you, Antonio and Carlos to make sure she’s safe. I can’t always be there for her: I have to put my family first. Just like you have to do for your family.”

I shook my head and walked over to the others to sit down. I looked up at the sky and sent a silent prayer to God. Even Satan knows he’s the only man that can help us now.

Carlos’ PoV

The doctor came in at around 8 am the next morning to check on Lavender. She was still asleep so I didn’t wake her up. She needed rest. She was still laid directly on top of me and my thumb was still in her mouth. She was gripping onto me strong and I couldn’t move a bit not that I would want to either.

The doctor smiled at the sight of us. I noticed it was a different one than the one I had seen last night. She was older and seemed more experienced than the last one.

“You must be Carlos.”
I pulled Lavender closer to me and began to stroke her hair. She moved her head so it was in my neck and her knee was further up my chest. I placed my other hand over her back.

“Yes and who may you be?”
She walked toward the hospital bed with a clipboard near her chest.

“I’m doctor Byrne. I’ve been Lavender’s doctor since she was born. I’ve cared and made sure she has been healthy for her whole life.”
I nodded my head and loosened my grip on Lavender. If Christopher has trusted her for 17 years, then I can to.

Lavender began to move on my chest and her head moved up off my neck. Her mouth let go of my thumb and she yawned. Her eyes fluttered open and her hair fell on her face. She looked absolutely adorable when she wakes up. Like a true angel from heaven.

I chuckled and removed it to get a clear view of her ethereal face.
“Good morning darling.”

Lavender’s tired electric blue eyes made contact with my bright forest green ones and she blushed a light pink. She’s so cute.
“G-Good morning Charlie.”

I lightly caressed her cheek with my hand before kissing them. She blushed harder and nestled her head further in my neck to hide it. Doctor Byrnes laughed. Lavender’s head perked up and she stared directly at the doctor with wide eyes and a dark pink blush.

“Good morning Rose. I hope you had an amazing sleep.”
Lavender nodded her head and waved at the doctor. She was still blushing intensely.
“I’m going to need you to sit up a bit so I can check your heartbeat and vitals.”

She cautiously got up of me and sat on the side of the bed next to me. I sat up too and the blanket moved to my hip. Lavender looked at me and turned darker at the sight of my bare chest. I had taken my shirt off before she went to sleep thinking she’d like more skin-to-skin contact.

Doctor Byrne placed a stethoscope above Lavender’s heart. She nodded her head lightly and hummed before removing it. She flashed a bright light in my darling’s eyes which made her squint them a bit after. She placed a stick on Lavenders tongue and checked her throat. Finally, she checked her heart monitor and vitals from last night. When she saw the small change to Lavender’s heartbeat from our little fun, the doctor sent us a knowing smirk. I chuckled and Lavender just turned a darker red.

“Okay Rose looks like your doing perfectly fine. Your vitals are normal and so is your heartbeat. You look like you’ve not only recovered from fainting yesterday but from your injuries 2 years ago-”
Lavender flinched a little at the sudden mention of what happened. I brought her closer to me and stroked her hair. She grabbed my hands and began to play with my fingers and rings again. Doctor Byrne was still looking down at her clipboard sorrowfully.
“-Your throat seemed to have healed perfectly and no scarring there. You don’t seem to have gained too many scars on your body either and it doesn’t seem to have affected your eyesight or brain activity. I’ll go and talk to your father now about signing the release forms for you to able to leave now and that should be it for now.”

The doctor looked up from her clipboard and her eyes sadden at my darling’s sudden change of feelings. Her eyebrows furrowed and her mouth dipped into a frown. She looked up at me and sent me a stiff nod before leaving the room.

I brought Lavender fully onto my lap and placed her head in my neck. I placed one hand under her ass and the other one massaging her scalp. She sighed and snuggled further into me.
“Are you okay angel?”

I could feel her deep breaths on my neck and it made the hairs at the back of my neck stick up.
“Yes Charlie. I-I’m fine. I just want to go home a-and sleep.”

I brought her head out of my neck and made her look up at me.
“I know darling. I know and you can do that soon. Your father just has to sign the release forms and then we can go.”

She nodded her head and then placed it back on my shoulder. I laid us back down and placed the quilt back over her. She cuddled into me again and shut her eyes. I gently massaged her scalp and her ass. She was still only wearing my shirt from last night so it was easy.

That was for more of my pleasure than hers. She seemed to enjoy it though as I saw her blush and cheekily smile into my shoulder.
“Do you like that darling?”

I massaged her ass more and she lightly moaned. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me.
“Yes Daddy.”

I smirked and massaged it more. I was still massaging her scalp with my other hand and she was leaning into it. Her ass moved with the movement of my hands and soon she was practically grinding on it.

I pulled her directly on top of me and moved my other hand down to her ass. That one entered her pants and began to kneed her other ass cheek. She laid her cheek on my chest and moaned lowly. Her back arched and her ass stuck out. I was enjoying the view immensely.

We didn’t do anything sexual mainly because she was suppose to be resting. I only kneaded her ass cheeks and that was it. She did try grinding against my hands sometimes but I would lightly slap her ass to stop her. She got the message and eventually stopped and let herself enjoy the pleasure.

She was now laid on my chest with her cheek on it softly humming a tune. I had no idea what it was but it sounded amazing.
“Darling sing for me.”
I abruptly asked.

She stopped humming and looked up at me.

“Sing for me Lavender. I want to hear your majestic voice so sing for me please.”

She looked like she was debating it for a while before she eventually nodded her head and placed her cheek on my chest. She hummed the same tune again that I now recognised from the movie we watched last night called The Greatest Showman.

She then began to softly sing the lyrics to it.
“A million dreams are keeping me awake. I think about what the world could be. A vision of the one side. A millions dreams is all it’s going to take. Oh a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.”

She didn’t stutter once whenever she sang. Not once. It was a thing that I had noticed since I met her. I did ask but she just said it was because she felt more free singing then when she talked. Like there was no limit to what she could say. I found that sad. She shouldn’t limit what she says. I would rather her ramble to me about everything. Than keep it forever inside her.

“I don’t care. I don’t care if they call us crazy. Run away to a world that we design-.”

“-every night I lie in bed. The brightest colours fill my head. A million dreams keeping me awake.”
I sang along with her. I wasn’t as good as she but ehh why not have some fun? She giggled and sang the rest with little inputs from me. I couldn’t remember the whole song but the bits I could I would sing too.

We ended with both of us laughing and Lavender looking up at me with eyes full of tears. Her hands were on my chest and she was straddling me but it wasn’t inappropriate. It was more friendly and soft.

It’s moments like these that I treasure the most. It’s not sexual. It’s not awkward. It’s perfect and feels complete. It’s like no one else exists just us two. Time has stopped and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. The large smile she wore now will forever be embedded in my brain. The little tears in her eyes from laughter make me smile more. She was such a beautiful woman. Truly majestical.

Once she had calmed down, she laid on my chest again and I went back to stroking her hair. It was peaceful silence now filled only with our breathing. I noticed her eyes were beginning to flutter shut and I rubbed her back giving her the final push to go to sleep.

5 minute later, Christopher came in the room. He was with Antonio and Jeremiah again. Jia (Jeremiah’s wife) was with them this time. He seemed a little surprised to find what position we were in. I sat up in the bed making sure not to wake her up.
Antonio looked mad. To be honest, he always looked mad whenever he saw me with his sister. Jia and Jeremiah looked awed and found it cute.

“I just came to say she’s able to leave now. I just signed the release forms. Do you mind waking her up?”
I tightened my grip on her and placed my hand on the back of her head as I carefully stood up off the bed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll just carry her out. She needs to rest. There’s no reason in waking her up.”
I moved her so she was on my hip and nestled her head into my neck. She yawned and her hands winded around my neck subconsciously so she wouldn’t fall. I gently placed one hand under her ass and the other on top of her head.

Antonio looked as if he was about to interject but Christopher stopped him. He had a small smile playing on his lips but a stern serious look hidden in his eyes.
“Okay but I must warn you. There are reporters and all sorts out there. They saw you leave my house last night with her in your arms. Be cautious and don’t talk to any of them about anything. Keep close to the bodyguards and me. If anything happens to you, it happens to my daughter too. I’m trusting you with her Carlos.”

I nodded my head
“Don’t worry Christopher. I won’t let her get hurt.”

I walked towards the door and slipped the shoes I had on last night onto my feet again.

I walked out of the hospital room. I got a few strange looks from people passing by us. I mean I was holding a sleeping girl in my arm, surrounded by guards and walking with not only the mayor but the boss and heir of the most famous company in New York. I was bound to get stared at. It was even worse when we were able to make our way outside. They were everywhere. News vans covered the parking lot and it was swamped with reporters holding cameras and microphones. There was about 2X more than there were last night at the Rise mansion. I brought Lavender closer to me and held her tighter. Good Lord.

Once they saw us all come out, they all came flooding over to us. The guards had to push some back. Christopher put his arm around my shoulder and I looked at my darling’s head while we walked making sure she didn’t get hurt or wake up. She stirred a little but stayed asleep.

Jeremiah stayed at the hospital doors making half of the reporters surround him. He was giving some sort of speech about leaving us alone and that what had happened was confidential. It was a huge help as we didn’t have as many surrounding us.

The other half of the population that did still follow us followed us until we got to a large car I recognised. Christopher opened the door for us and I instantly got in. I looked around to see my father and mother in the car. They sent me a small smile before my father started the car and we were off. He made sure not to injure or hurt anyone while he drove out of the hospital parking lot.

I brought Lavender’s head out of my neck and placed it on my shoulder. I moved her off my hip and onto my lap. Her thighs were beside my body and she was straddling me. I placed her arms around my neck and mine underneath her knees. We were chest-to-chest and I could feel the small movements of hers going up and down as she breathed. She shuffled up closer to me and I had to keep a groan from escaping my lips because of the friction down there.

“How are you two?”
I looked up and it was mother talking. She had turned around from the passenger seat and towards us.

In the back of the car was me, Lavender, Christopher and Antonio. It was a large SUV so we all could fit in it. Me and Lavender were in the middle seats while Christopher and Antonio were in the ones behind us.

I smiled at her and massaged my darling’s scalp. She softly moaned and moved her head on my shoulder.
“We’re fine. They said she had healed perfectly and that there is nothing wrong with her.”

Her smiled got larger and nodded her head.
“That’s good. I’m glad she’s alright. How am I suppose to expect grandchildren if she’s not?”

My eyes widened and I swear I could hear Christopher’s breath stop behind me. Antonio began to choke on his own breath and my father started laughing. Dear Lord. She did not just say that while I’m in a car with her father and brother. Does she want me to die or something?

My mother looked at all of us and just shrugged her shoulders.
“Don’t look so surprised Christopher you know one day it’s going to happen. Same goes to you Antonio. I mean she’s a gorgeous girl. She’s going to end up having children one day whether it’s with our Carlos or not-”
I tightened my grip on Lavender. I think the fuck not. The only person she’ll ever have children with is me.
“-I’ve already made my bet with Damien on when they will be expecting. Might as well make yours as well.”

My eyes widened even more.
“You’re betting on us? What on earth mum?”

She nodded her head at me.
“Hey you can’t blame me. I mean Lavender did just win me a massage yesterday by admitting you had lighter eyes than your father’s so I might as well take advantage of my current luck and bet with him again-”
My father went to but in but my mother stopped him.
“-anyway, your aunt wishes Lavender the best and she’s also expecting kids in the future.”

My mother turned back around and I just blushed and held Lavender tighter to me.
“Jesus mum. We’re not even adults yet. I can guarantee we are not having kids anytime soon.”

My mother turned to us again but she looked sad this time.
“Why not? I had you when I was 19.”
She pouted and Christopher leaned forward towards the seat next to mine.

“Jennifer I can assure you my daughter will not be having a child while she is a teenager. Aren’t I right Carlos?”
He roughly gripped my shoulder and I stiffened.

I turned to him and he had a blank face. His eyes were hard and mean and I have to admit I was fucking scared. My eyes widened and I cleared my throat.
“Yes sir.”

He simply nodded his head and sat back down into his seat. I let out a sigh and gripped Lavender tighter. Why did she have to be asleep now? That was hella awkward. The amount of tension in the air right now is bloody suffocating.

My mother went to say something again but my father stopped her. She looked out the car window for the rest of the ride. I just stared at Lavender. What would our children look like? Would they have her bright blonde hair or my dark brown hair? I hope they got her electric blue eyes rather than my light green ones. Hers were so beautiful and hypnotic. Would our first one be a girl or a boy? How many would she want? I knew I wanted at least 3.

When we arrived at Lavender’s house, the amount of people swamped around it was ridiculous. How the fuck are we suppose to get inside? They’re everywhere. I tried to find a different way inside but they were all covered by people.

The door to my right opened and I looked to see Christopher.
“Okay Carlos. Listen close. Stay close to me and make sure to keep Lavender safe. There’s way more people here than at the hospital. Don’t talk to anyone. Don’t answer any questions. Do you understand?”
I nodded my head and tightened my grip on Lavender. I got out of the car. Here we go.

I placed my arms under her ass. She was only wearing one of my shirts and a pair of knee-length socks. The wind could blow the shirt up and I didn’t want anyone to get a look at something that was only mine to look at. We should have changed her into some different clothing. Something more covering and secure. Fuck Carlos. Why didn’t you think of that?

The amount of press here was absurd. I felt like I couldn’t even breath. I had more guards surrounding me and Christopher was even closer to me than before. I’m honestly so surprised Lavender hadn’t woken up. They were as fucking loud as a herd of elephants. The number of questions being thrown at me made it so I couldn’t understand a thing any of them said. My mother and father were being transported by their own bodyguards and one I instantly recognised was Bruce. He was taller and more muscly than most of them. He was right in front of them and making sure they were protecting my parents. He looked at me and sent a stiff smile. I sent one back and then looked down at Lavender’s head.

I felt her begin to move on me and her head moved of my neck. She looked up at with tired but wide eyes.
“Charlie w-what’s happening? Where a-are we?”

I pushed her head back into my neck and pulled her body closer to mine. I leaned down to her ear and began to whisper reassuring words.
“It’s alright darling. It’ll all be back to normal soon. The press is just being a nuisance. We’re nearly there and then you go back to your own bed. How does that sound angel?”

She politely smiled up at me and tiredly nodded her head.
“That sounds n-nice Charlie. It’s really l-loud.”
She placed her hands above her ears to block the sound out. I soothingly rubbed her ass. Not sexually but to calm her down.

“I know darling. It’s all be quiet soon. We’ll be inside in a few minutes. Don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you.”
She nodded her head and relaxed again into my body. I kissed the top of her head and continued on my way. Christopher looked at me worried and nodded down to his daughter. I shook my head and sent him a small smile to assure him she was fine. He sighed and placed his arm over my shoulder to keep me and Lavender close to him.

It was another 5 minutes before we were able to fight our way through the crowd of reporters outside. We got to the gate and entered it. I sighed when I was finally able to breath my own air. I loosened my grip on Lavender and she moved her head from my neck. She looked around and then back at me. I sent her a smile and pecked her lips. She blushed and I just laughed.

We walked up the driveway and to the door. It was opened before we could do it ourself. The old woman I knew was Mr Greyson appeared and ushered us inside. We went to the living room. There was Josie, Max, Braydon, Mr White and my sister. They all sat up when they saw us come inside.

They all came rushing over to us and Lavender’s eyes widened. Questions and concerns were thrown at her all at once. She shrunk back into me and I welcomed her immediately.

“Okay okay calm down. Let her go back to bed and then you can talk to her in the afternoon.”
Christopher appeared beside us and placed his hand on my shoulder. He squeezed it and I looked at him. He signalled with his head to Lavender’s room and I got the message and walked over to.

“Wait your just going to let him take Lavender to her room. I mean he’s her boyfriend.”
Antonio interfered. I turned around on the stairs and Lavender lifted her head up off my neck.

“Tony. You c-can’t stop him. It’s my room and I s-say he’s allowed in it. Now please be q-quiet I W-want to go back t-to sleep.”
I chuckled and Antonio’s eyes widened along with everyone else’s.

“Did-did she just tell me to shut up?”
He turned around to the others and they nodded their heads.

“Yes T-Tony i did. So do so a-and shut up.”
I turned around and continued on my way to her room.

Lavender’s PoV

Carlos opened the door and then closed it. He walked us over to my bathroom and opened the door. My eyebrows furrowed and I looked up at him confused.
“Charlie w-what are you doing?”

He placed me down on the side and then stood in between my thighs. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him.
“I, my darling, am making you go in the shower before going to sleep and may I just say what you just did was hot as fuck. I like bossy and controlling you.”

I blushed and looked down. He gripped my chin and pulled my head up. A pout replaced my small smile when I remembered what he was doing. I instantly whined. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

Carlos raised his eyebrow and squeezed my hips.
“Are you whining angel?”

I blushed and shook my head.
“No Carlos.”

He leaned in closer.
“I’m let you off this one time but whine again and I’ll bend you over my knee and spank you raw. Do you understand?”

My eyes widened and I blushed.
“Yes daddy.”

He hummed and walked over to the shower. He turned it on and then walked back over to me.
“Arms up angel.”

I lifted up my arms and he pulled my shirt (well it was practically his shirt) off. I wasn’t wearing a bra and covered my breasts with my arms. He pulled them off and kissed each one while looking up at me.
“Don’t be shy darling. You look gorgeous.”

I blushed and sighed. He was so sweet. He pulled my panties of and I was sat naked in front of him. He picked me up and placed me in the shower before undressing himself and entering. He stood behind me while I looked up as the water ran down my body.


Carlos gripped my hips and pulled me into his body. I could feel his length directly in between my bum cheeks and it made me squeeze my thighs together. It was hard and stood straight. I twisted around and Carlos looked down at me with lust-filled eyes. He placed his hands in my hair and gripped it. My cheeks turned a dark pink and I looked down. It was really big and a white liquid was coming out of the top like my kitty would. I got the sudden urge to taste it.

I took a deep breath and kneeled down. Water was still showering down on me. I looked up at Carlos and his eyes were wide. His grip in my hair tightened.
“La-Lavender what are you doing?”

I fluttered my eyelashes a little and pouted my lips. I knew he couldn’t resist me when I did that.
“I want t-to taste you like you did t-to me.”

He took a deep breath and pulled my head back. I moaned a little and my mouth fell open.
“Darling are you sure? I could hurt you and the doctor said not to do anything that tired you out.”

I nodded my head
“I’m s-sure daddy.”

His eyes turned darker and he let out a huff of breathe. Carlos released my hair a little.
“If I ever hurt you, stop or squeeze my thighs.”

I nodded again and looked down. I was now eye-length with his length. I moved my wet hair back and placed my hands around it. I had no idea what I was suppose to do but I must be doing something right as Carlos’ head fell back onto the wall and he moaned. I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of it. The white liquid was sweet but had a salty tang to it. I really liked the taste.

I licked his whole length and then put it further into my mouth and Carlos moaned more. His grip on my hair tightened and I moaned a little while it was still in my mouth. I travelled my tongue on his veins and began to move my head up and down. The bit I couldn’t fit in my mouth I used my hands on. I twisted them fast and squeezed him. It was easy to move them because of the water that was making us wet.

I looked up at Carlos and he was already looking down at me darkened eyes. He gripped my hair and pushed me further in.
“Fuck what the doctor says-”
It hit my throat and I gagged a little but continued. It didn’t bother me and I kind of liked how rough he was being.
“Yes. Take daddy’s cock little girl. Yeah just like that you little slut.”

I squeezed my thighs together. My eyes began to water but I continued. I lightly scraped his tip with my teeth and Carlos groaned. He pushed his hip forward and his length went further down my throat. I placed my hands on Carlos’ thighs and used them to balance myself. I bobbed my head more and used my tongue to play with his end. I could feel drool dribble down my chin but didn’t care. I gripped the two balls beside his length and play with them. He groaned again and they hardened.

“Touch yourself little girl. Be daddy’s little slut and touch yourself.”
I widened my eyes but did it.

My hands moved down to my kitty and I rubbed it. I moaned around his length and closed my eyes. I prodded my entrance with a finger and then put it in. I moaned even more and began to move my hips along with my finger. Carlos pulled my hair and I opened my eyes to look at him. He was still moving his length in my mouth and I was still sucking it. It was really hard and there was more white stuff coming out of it.

I added another finger and groaned as I felt myself stretch. My hips continued to move and I felt a tight knot in my stomach. Carlos went further down my throat and I gagged. I felt him squirt something out of his length with a loud moan. He stopped moving his hips and pulled his length out of my mouth. I looked up at him with my mouth full of his white stuff.
“Swallow little girl. Swallow daddy’s cum like the good little slut you are.”

I blushed darker and swallowed it. It stung my throat a little because of how hard he was moving his length in my mouth. I opened my mouth to show him I had done what he asked and he hummed. My fingers were still inside me but my hips had stopped. I began to move them again.

Carlos released my hair and used his finger to wipe the drool and cum from my chin and mouth. I opened my mouth and he put his finger in. I sucked them clean and then released them with a pop. Carlos smirked and then picked me up by my armpits. I pulled my fingers out of me and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed me against the shower wall. I widened my eyes as I felt his length directly at my entrance.
“You did so good little girl but now it’s daddy’s turn to pleasure his precious little slut.”

I blushed and moaned as he moved his length to my clit and began to move it a little. I moved up on the wall and I threw my head back. My mouth opened and Carlos stuck his finger in it. I closed my mouth and sucked them. He bounced me up against the wall and continued to hit my clit perfectly. The pressure added to it only made the knot in my stomach stronger.

I moaned louder.
“Daddy. Yes.”
He pulled his fingers out my mouth and gripped my throat. I looked into his eyes. He held me against the wall and continued to hit my clit with his length. I squeezed my thighs together around his waist and pulled at his hair.

He pushed his fingers into my hole and moved them in and out roughly. I moaned even louder and squeezed around them. It was too intense. Carlos curled his fingers and I finally let it all go. I released onto his fingers but he was still pumping them inside of me and hitting my clit. That made the feeling more intense and last much longer. I sighed as he finally stopped and I relaxed against his body. He caught me instantly and stood me directly under the hot water.


He washed my body a little and rubbed my back soothingly.
“You did amazing darling. Letting daddy fuck your mouth like that. Thank you.”

I blushed and smothered my face into his shoulder. He laughed and grabbed my shampoo and washed my hair and then put conditioner on it. I was too exhausted to do it myself and my body was just slumped on top of his.

He finished and turned the water off before walking us out of the shower and grabbing a towel for each of us. He wrapped one around my body and then one around his waist before walking us out of the bathroom. He placed me on my bed and walked into my closet. He returned with a pair of joggers on and one of his hoodies and a pair of my knee high socks in his hands. He walked to me and I was still laid ,tired, on my bed. He pulled the towel of me and dried me. I didn’t do it myself and I was too tired to even move. He pulled the hoodie over my head and rolled the socks up my feet. He didn’t put me in panties or a bra and I didn’t bother to put them on either. I preferred to sleep with none on anyway.

He gently picked me up and I was still in my own haze of tiredness. He pulled the duvet back and placed me down on it before getting in himself. I moved to lay on top of him immediately. He chuckled and placed his hands in my hair and on my ass. I sighed and closed my eyes. I immediately went to sleep because of how tired I was.

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