His Little Lavender

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Chapter 44

Lavender’s PoV

I been about 2 weeks since I found out He had gotten out of prison. I’ve had a bodyguard follow me around everywhere and everyone’s being over-protective of me especially Carlos. He’s always with me and if he isn’t either Josie, Max or Braydon are. They’ve become my own personal bodyguards.

I don’t really mind it as it’s like every other time we hang out. It’s just becoming a bit overbearing now. I’m not complaining or anything as they’re taking time out of their day to make sure I’m not going to get hurt but I never get to have a moment alone anymore unless I’m sleeping. And even then, Carlos is with me (which I frankly don’t mind as I love sleeping with Carlos).

After that time in the shower, we’ve had a few intimate times where he would pleasure me with his mouth or fingers and I would do what I did in the shower to him or use my hands. I don’t really know what to do and Carlos has been helping me a little. It’s awkward when I have to ask him what to do. He doesn’t seem to mind and says he loves how innocent I am. I just find it embarrassing that he knows how to pleasure me and I have no idea how to pleasure him.

We haven’t really taken it all the way. I’m a bit scared. In the books I’ve read, they say it hurts. I don’t want to get hurt. Carlos is big and I’m really small. How are we suppose to...you-know do it? It’ll never fit. And the pain. How much will it hurt? I’ve never had sex before. Has Carlos? What if he doesn’t enjoy it and doesn’t want me anymore? What if he leaves me? I don’t want him to leave me.

Me and Carlos were currently laying in bed. A random movie was playing in background and I couldn’t concentrate on it. Carlos had already gone to sleep about an hour ago and I couldn’t stop the terrible thoughts from wandering my mind. They were stopping me from sleeping. I was tired but my eyes refused to stay closed for more than a minute.

I yawned a little and began to hum a random song that came to my mind. I snuggled in closer to Carlos and tried to control my breathing so it was easier to fall asleep. I closed my eyes and after about 10 minutes I fell into the darkness of sleep.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep but I woke up because of a discomforting feeling from underneath me. I groaned and tried to stop it but it kept moving. I shoved it again but it didn’t stop moving. I groaned and tiredly peeled my eyes open. I looked into the dark abyss of Carlos’ room and rubbed them.

I heard whimpering and moaning and instantly darted up into a sitting position. What the donuts?I looked around the room trying to find out who was in pain. No was here. Carlos’ parents and sister had gone to New Jersey for the week to check on some business and the tv had turned itself off. Who was making that sound?

I turned behind me to see it was Carlos moving underneath me. He was twisting his body in uncomfortable ways and beads of sweat were running down his face. The wrinkles on his head showed he was in distress and the little whimpers and moans that escaped his mouth made my heart break. Was-was he having a nightmare?

I instantly crawled beside him and grabbed his cheeks. He squirmed around more and I began to soothingly rub them.
“Come on C-Charlie. Wake up. It’s just a nightmare. I’m r-right here Carlos. Your Lavender’s right here. O-Open your eyes.”

His breathing was heavy and I could see him battling to open his eyes. I laid down and placed his head in between my breasts. I combed my fingers through his hair and massaged his scalp like he would do to me.
“Shh baby. It’s a-alright. C-Come back to me. I’m right here.”

He stopped moving for a moment and then I felt his body shudder into sobs. He was awake. Tears fell onto my bare chest and Carlos wrapped his arms around me stomach. I continued to combed his hair and tried to calm down his sobs.
“It’s a-alright baby. It’s all going to be o-okay. Shh.”

He looked up at me. His eyes were red and brimming with tears. His lips were in a small pout and his nose sniffled up a bit. He had tear trails on his cheeks and they were unusually red. My poor baby.

I placed my hands on his cheeks and wiped the tears away. He leaned into my hands and closed his eyes. Tears were still escaping them and it hurt me to know he was in so much pain. He looked after me so much and I wasn’t doing anything to help him. I’m such a bad girlfriend. I didn’t even notice he was in this much pain on the inside.

He opened his eyes again and looked directly into mine. The little brown specks in them were unnaturally noticeable and the rims of them were extremely red because of how much he had been crying.
“I-I tries to save them all Lavender. I really did. But it was too fast. The fi-fire was too fast. I couldn’t g-get him. I-I could hear his screams. I-I wanted to go back and sav-save him Lavender but they wouldn’t let me. I t-tried. I tried so h-hard to get him.”
He was hiccuping and had to repeat some of his words as he struggled to say them.

He broke down into sobs again and cuddled further into my chest. Tears had begun to escape my own eyes and I felt my heart crack because of the amount of pain lacing his voice. Who was he talking about? What was he talking about? What fire? Who couldn’t he save?

His body was shaking and I knew I had to try console him a little. He had done so much for me and deserved a little bit back. I didn’t necessarily know what he was talking about but I knew he was feeling guilty because of something that had happened in his past.

I wrapped the quilt over him and pulled him closer to me. He cuddled into my chest and began to control his breathing. I was still stroking his hair and he had begun to draw circles on my skin.
“It’s not y-your fault my baby. There w-was nothing you c-could do. You tried you hardest a-and that’s-”

He got up of my chest suddenly and jumped out of the bed. I was shocked and looked at him with wide eyes. He turned to me and I could see the anger and pain glistening in his eyes. Tears of frustration ran down his cheeks and he wiped them away quickly.
“That’s th-the thing Lavender-”
He pointed to himself and more tears escaped.
“- I didn’t try m-my hardest. I could of done more. Do you W-want to know how o-old the poor boy was? He was five. F-FIVE LAVENDER. HE HAD HIS WHOLE L-LIFE AHEAD OF HIM AND I TOOK THAT AWAY FROM HIM BECAUSE I-I-I wasn’t strong enough t-to go and save him. I k-killed him Lavender. I k-killed that poor boy.”

He broke down into another set of sobs and fell onto his knees. I instantly got out of the bed and sat beside him. I wrapped his head in my arms and brought it back to my chest. He wrapped his arms around me and placed his head in my neck.
“I killed h-him Lavender. I killed t-that little boy.”

I grabbed his cheeks and pulled his head out of my neck. I wiped his tears away and tried to hold mine in.
“No you didn’t. You d-didn’t kill him baby. There w-was no way you could have saved him. I d-don’t know what exactly happened but y-you said the fire was fast. H-how was you suppose to get to t-that little boy and not die in the process? What would have h-happened if you died baby? You have so many p-people in your life that love you. Your m-mum. Your dad. Your sister. And what a-about me? If you had died, I w-wouldn’t have met you. I W-wouldn’t have met someone that was so amazing. Someone that m-made me feel things I’ve never felt before. Someone that I love so much. I wouldn’t have met you baby.”

His eyes widened and his head shot up. He let a gasp escape his lips and the tears in his eyes disappeared immediately.

My eyes widened too and I released his cheeks. I just told him I loved him. I just told Carlos I loved him. I shuffled back a little and looked down at my hands. I played with the ring he gave me as the tears fell down my cheeks. What if he rejects me? I don’t want him to reject me. Maybe he doesn’t like me like that. Maybe he just likes to pleasure me. Maybe he just likes the pleasure I give him. Does he really like me?
More tears escaped

I stood up and instantly ran into the bathroom. I closed and locked the door behind me before sliding down it. I placed my head in my hands and sobbed into them. I don’t want him to leave me. I don’t want to be alone again.

I heard Carlos approach the door and he tried to open it. He twisted the handle and when it didn’t open he harshly knocked on the door. I cried even more and curled up into a ball.

“Lavender please open the door. I want to see you.”
I stayed on the floor and continued crying. He was going to reject me if I opened the door.

He banged on it louder and pushed against it. The movement jolted me forward.
“Open the fucking door Lavender. Don’t make me break it down. I swear I will. I just want to talk to you. Please let me talk to you.”
His voice cracked and he stopped banging on the door. I lifted my head out of my hands and looked up at the sky. I couldn’t say no to him. He sounded so sad. I didn’t want him to be sad.

I stood up of the floor and slowly unlocked the door. I gripped the handle and twisted it and pulled the door open. I continued looking down at the floor. I didn’t want to look up and see the disgust in Carlos’ eyes. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle him looking at me like that. It would break my heart too much.

He grabbed my cheeks and forced my head up. I closed my eyes tight and refused to look at him. He ran the pad of his thumb over my cheek to gather any tears still there.
“Lavender open your eyes.”
I squeezed them tighter and shook my head. He gripped my cheeks tighter.
“Lavender open your fucking eyes right now or I’ll bloody throw you onto that bed and fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow. I’ll fuck your mouth so hard you won’t be able to speak tomorrow. I’ll spank your ass so hard the any movement will cause you to be in pain tomorrow.”

My eyelids flew open and I looked into his eyes. My cheeks were burning and I squeezed my thighs together. I secretly wanted him to do that to me but I’d never tell him that. His eyes softened but he didn’t relax his grip on my cheeks. He pulled me in closer and I felt the need to cry again. His eyes held intense emotions and I couldn’t handle them.

“Did you mean it?”
My eyebrows furrowed at the sudden rawness of his voice.
“Did you mean it when you said you loved me? Do you actually love me or were you just saying it in the moment to try calm me down?”

I quickly shook my head.
“No-No. I m-meant it.”
He let out a sigh and instantly connected our lips. He took my breath away literally and I stood frozen. I was shocked. Why was he kissing me? What do I do?

“Lavender kiss me back.”
I snapped out of my head and blushed. I began to kiss him back and he gripped my thighs and hoisted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist quickly and tangled my hands into his hair.

He laid me down on his bed and pulled his lips away from.
“Lavender. I love you so fucking much. There’s not a day that goes by where my love for you every decreases. Hell it increases every minute I’m near you. You’re so beautiful inside and out. You’re so innocent but sexy at the same time-”
He looked down at my body and gripped my hips in a tight grasp. I blushed and shyly looked up at him.
“-and I may not know about every aspect of your life but I’ll protect you every second of it. I love you so much my darling don’t ever think otherwise or I’ll do exactly what I promised a minute ago.”

I blushed and could feel tears gathering in my eyes. Carlos leaned down to kiss me again. This time it was soft and he held me against him like I was a baby. I wrapped my arms around his neck and softly kissed him back. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer.


He groaned and disconnected our lips.
“Darling don’t do that. I won’t be able to control myself.”
He kissed up my neck and I knew he was leaving hickeys. I leaned my head back against the bed and let out a breathy moan.

“Maybe I d-don’t want you to c-control yourself.”
He stopped kissing my neck suddenly and just paused for a minute. I began to worry. Did I say something wrong?

He looked up at me and I opened my eyes to meet his.
“Ar-are you sure Lavender? I mean we can wait if you want.”

I nodded my head.
“I’m s-sure Carlos. I want you.”

He nodded his head and picked me up. He laid me back down so my head was on the pillows. He hovered above me and just looked down at me for a while. I was wearing a pair of his old joggers and a crop top. He wore shorts and nothing else. I looked at his chest and was mesmerised by the large tattoo he had got about a week ago. It was still a little red and covered his whole left pec and shoulder blade. It was really unique and I didn’t really know how to describe it. I placed my hand on it and began to trace the lines.

Carlos’ hand travelled to my joggers and he slowly pulled them down and off me. I stopped moving my hand and placed it on his shoulder. I wasn’t wearing underwear so I was now bare to him.

I looked into his eyes again.
“Are you certain darling?”

I nodded my head. Carlos smirked and began to kiss my neck. I moaned and leaned to the side to give him better access. He kissed down my chest and to my kitty. He kissed my thighs and then just looked at it. I blushed and gripped the bed seats in anticipation. I could feel his hot breath on me.

He leaned in but only kissed my inner thigh. I whined and looked down at him.
“Carlos. Stop teasing m-me”

He shoved me down onto the bed harder by my hips and I moaned.
“What’s my name little girl?”

I blushed and struggled to keep eye contact with him because of how intense his eyes were.

Carlos smirked and finally gave me what I wanted. He licked me from the bottom of my kitty to the top. I moaned loudly and tightened my grip on the bed sheets. He rapidly flicked his tongue against my clit. He gripped my knees and pushed them to my chest. He moved to my entrance and quickly entered his tongue. I closed my mouth and arched my back.

My hand gripped his hair and I moaned louder.
“Oh daddy.”

He moved his tongue faster and I began to grind my hips against his mouth as he ate me out. He moved back up to my clit and sucked on it. I felt him push a finger into my kitty hole and I gripped his hair tighter as he moved it. He added another finger and I could physically feel myself stretch. The knot in my stomach became unbearable when he added a third finger. His mouth was still attacking my clit and my hips were still grinding on my face. He quickly moved his fingers and I tightened around him as I got ready to release. Before I could, he stopped. I moved my hips and whined when I couldn’t find my release.

“Daddy. I w-want to cum. Please let m-me cum daddy.”
Carlos groaned and moved up to my face. I was sweating a bit but pouted my lips out.

He leaned down and kissed me. I could taste myself on him and moaned. He pulled back and moved a strand of hair from my face behind my ear.
“Not yet little girl. I want you to cum around my cock as I fuck you. I want you to beg me to fuck you with my cock-”
He leaned into my ear and bit my ear lobe.
“-I want you to beg me to let you cum. Say it darling. Beg me.”

I blushed. He leaned back and grip my neck with his hand. I moaned a little as he added a bit of pressure to it. I built up the little courage I could and leaned forward.
“I want you to fuck me with your massive c-cock daddy. I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to w-walk for a whole day. Fuck me daddy. Hard and Fast.”

His eyes widened and turned darker. He smirked and leaned down. I shrunk into the bed a little I’ve never swore before.
“I see my little girl has a bit of a potty mouth-”
He leaned in further and looked over my face. I blushed harder.
“-Well you be daddy’s good little slut and I’ll fuck you so good you’ll orgasm over and over again until you possibly can’t anymore.”

I blushed and I’m certain my whole body turned pink. Carlos removed his joggers and then his boxers. His length sprung out and I felt it hit my stomach. He grabbed it in his hands and directed it to my entrance. He looked up at me one last time. I was a little hesitant but nodded at him. He instantly shoved it in and I screamed out in pain. It hurt. It hurt so much. I bit down onto his shoulder and I’m sure a tear even escaped my eye. I didn’t think it would hurt this much. Oh donuts.

Carlos gripped my cheek and pulled me off his shoulder.
“It’s alright darling. It’ll hurt for a little while but I promise you’ll feel better soon. When you want me to move, just tell me.”

He rubbed my cheek and I leaned into him. I sent a small smile and took deep breaths. The pain eventually began to subside. I looked Carlos in the eye and nodded my head.
“You c-can move now Daddy.”

He smiled down at me lovingly and then began to move slowly. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but soon it felt amazing. I gripped his shoulders and squeezed them. He went faster and I leaned my head back a little. I scraped my fingers down his back. Carlos moaned in my ear and removed my crop top. He grabbed one of my breasts in his hands and sucked on the nipple. I arched my back of the bed and shoved my breast further in his face.

I moved my hips with his and spread my legs further.
“Harder daddy. Please f-fuck me harder daddy.”
I didn’t know where all this cursing came from. I don’t usually curse. But I just couldn’t stop myself. I have no control over what comes out of my mouth when Carlos is making me feel as good as I am right now.

Carlos used his hand to grip my hands and pin them above my head. He used his other hand to grip my neck. I could feel him going harder and I moaned louder. The bed was hitting the wall and I was thankful there was no one home tonight. His hips were making contact with mine and the room was filled with our moans and the slapping of skin.

I tried to move my hands in his grip but he only tightened them. He was slowly torturing my breast and I felt them become even more sensitive. He was sucking and biting them. He suddenly let go of my hands and throat and gripped my hips. He flipped me over so I was on my knees and then entered me from behind. I moaned louder and removed my hair from my face.

Carlos pushed my back down so it arched. He gripped my hair and pulled my head back. His other hand was on my bum and he was rubbing it. He was still going hard and I was moaning loudly.

I sudden felt a sharp pain on my bum cheek and moaned even louder.
“Oh daddy. Again.”

Carlos moaned and smacked my bum again. He rubbed it and then slapped it again. He did this about 8 times to each cheek and I’m sure my bum cheeks were now red. I moved my hips against his length and we continued. The bed was full on rocking at this point but we were both to far gone to care.

Carlos pushed my head down and arched my back more. His other hand was in my hip. The new angle he was hitting me at made me moan louder. Carlos leaned forward and whispered in my ear.
“You like that you little slut. Beg me. Beg me to go harder you fucking slut. Say it just like that.”

I moaned as he pushed my head further into the bed. His hand rubbed my bum again before smacking it.
“Oh daddy. Fuck me h-harder. Please fuck m-me harder daddy.”

He moaned in reply and rubbed my ass soothingly.
“Good girl.”

He leaned back up and placed both of his hands on my hips. He went harder and deeper. The pressure in my stomach was unbearable. Carlos slowed down and I whined.
“Beg me little girl. Beg daddy to let you cum.”

He pulled my hair again and I moaned. My head was bent back so I could see Carlos. He was sweating but had a dark look in his eyes.

I bit my lip and moaned loudly when he hit somewhere so deep inside me that I could see stars. “Daddy please let me c-cum. Fuck me harder and let m-me cum daddy.”

He smirked and let go of my hair. I laid it back down on the bed when he began going faster. The feeling in my stomach grew again and when Carlos used his finger to play with my clit, I finally let it all go. I moaned louder and fell onto the bed completely. Carlos caught me with his hands and continued to fuck me through my orgasm. He made it better and last longer. He eventually pulled out of me and released his cum onto my back with a loud moan. I moaned with him as I felt it moved down my back and onto the bed.

He fell on top of me and laid there for a while. I turned around and hugged his head to my chest. He snuggled into me. Our sweaty bodies stuck together and I couldn’t be bothered to get up. Carlos did eventually and he picked me up with him.


I groaned and tried to lay back down on the bed.
“Lavender, darling, I need to clean you up so you don’t get an infection.”
I laid my head against his shoulder and gave up trying to fight him. He was going to win anyway.

He gave us a quick shower and washed me and himself before settling me on a couch in his room. I laid on it and yawned tiredly. He kissed my cheek before walking to the bed. He stripped it clean and I sat there blushing the whole time. We made a mess. Well I made a mess. There was a bit of blood that I could see. Carlos just smirked at me.

When he was finished, he placed a new quilt cover on and picked me up. I leaned against his chest and yawned. He laid us down on the bed again. I got in my usual position. I was still naked but didn’t mind.

Carlos began to stroke my hair and I thought about what happened before. I looked up at Carlos and he was already looking down at me.
“Baby are y-you alright?”

He looked confused before realisation dawned on him. His eyes widened and his mouth fell open. He looked down at me with sad eyes.
“Do you W-want to tell me what you w-were talking about?”

He looked like he was contemplating it before laying his head back down on the bed. I laid mine on his chest again and closed my eyes thinking he wasn’t going to tell me.

“I was 15 and was babysitting the neighbour’s kids-”
I opened my eyes and rested my chin on his chest so I was now looking at him. He moved the bit of hair in front of my face and stroked the top of my head.
“-there was one boy ,the age of 5, his name was Arthur and one girl ,the age of 2, her name was Lilith. I was feeding the baby girl when I first smelt the smoke. I didn’t think much of it as no one was cooking. It got worse and I started to worry. I screamed for Arthur to come to me when I saw the smoke. He ran into the room. I got Lilith out of her chair and ran out of the house with them. I-I thought he was behind me. I g-got outside and everyone was c-crowding around. I t-turned to see Arthur wasn’t behind me. I t-tried to go back inside t-to get him but the firemen wouldn’t l-let me. I fought them b-but I also had to look after Lilith as her parents weren’t h-here yet. I gave up and h-hoped they would save him-.”
He had began to cry. I sat up on his chest and cradled his face in my hands.
“-A few hours later they came out with a scorched d-dead body. It was Arthur. The parents were there and t-they broke down into sobs. They said t-the fire had started as there was a leak in the pipe and s-someone had tried to use the stove. He died and I-it was my fault. I was l-looking after them and he d-died on my watch. Lilith will never g-get to see her brother again. I killed h-her brother Lavender.”

He was full on crying again. I wiped his tears away and comforted him as best as I could. He sobbed for about 10 minutes before he calmed down. He needed to let it out so I let him.

When he had stopped crying, I grabbed his cheeks and made him look me in the eye.
“Listen h-here Carlos. You did not k-kill that boy. It w-was not your fault.”


I did the first thing that came to my mind and slapped him. His head whipped to the side and he grasped his cheek with his hand. I gasped and placed my hands over my mouth. He looked at me with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.
“I am so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to slap you. Y-you just interrupted me and I-I did the first thing that c-came to mind. I-I’m so sorry.”

I rubbed his cheek a little before tenderly kissing it. Carlos smiled a little.
“You really are a little firecracker now. I mean I never thought I’d hear you swear but the amount of times you swore a minute ago proved me wrong.”

I blushed a little and shoved his chest.
“C-Carlos stop it. I-I’m trying to be serious.”
He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my back. He pulled me down on top of him. I snuggled into him immediately.

We laid in silence.
“It’s really w-wasn’t your fault C-Charlie. You did everything y-you could. Y-you were only 15. There wasn’t much y-you could do really.”

I kissed his chest and rubbed it. He stroked my hair.
“I know darling. I know. It’s just feels like I could have done more. He had his whole life ahead of him and I could of saved him if I had made sure he was behind me the whole way.”

I kissed his chest again.
“You can’t b-blame yourself. It was out o-of your hands baby.”

He nodded his head and kissed me on top of mine.
“I know darling.”

I smiled softly and closed my eyes.


Carlos’ PoV

When I woke up, I could feel Lavender grinding against me softly. Her hips were moving and she had her cheek pressed to my chest. I could feel that I was really hard. Damn mornings. I had to stop myself from moaning. This girl. She was making my body heat up all over again. She was still naked and so was I.

Last night was amazing. The way she begged me to fuck her made me even more turned on. I wanted to go gently because it was her first time but when she’s literally begging me to fuck her harder I couldn’t. That facts that she actually swore too. She hardly swears. Like never but last night I guess she couldn’t stop herself from swearing. I liked that side of her. She looked innocent but in bed she was a little sexy vixen. Her pussy felt amazing. The way her walls tightened around me made me fuck her harder. Her moans were like music to my ears. I could hear them for the rest of eternity and intend too as well.

She quietly moaned again and placed her hands on my chest. I peeled my eyes open a little. She was straddling my lap with her hands placed on my chest. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open. She looked absolutely beautiful. Her breasts were bouncing a little and her hair was all over the place.

I could feel her wetness on my thigh and couldn’t take it anymore. I gripped her hips, lifted her up and lowered her onto my cock. The hotness of her pussy made me groan and I had to bite my lip from making too much noise. Lavender’s mouth gaped open and she looked at me with wide eyes and a blush.

I gripped her hips tighter and bounced them a little. She let out a little moan and turned a darker shade of red.
“What do you think your playing at you little slut? Grinding on me while I sleep. Tsk. What a naughty girl.”
I sat up a bit and pulled her hair back. Her neck was open to me and I began to kiss up it. There were already hickeys left there from last night.

I got to her ear.
“Daddy doesn’t like naughty girls.”
She whimpered when I pulled her hair again. I didn’t know if I was hurting her or if she whimpered in pleasure. I gently rubbed her hips and bounced them a little to make her try to forget the pain. That made her moan again and I smirk against her skin.
“Keep fucking moving then. It’s your turn now.”

I roughly slammed into her one last time and she moaned. I kissed her neck and bit her skin. She gradually began to bounce on me and I moaned. I could tell she didn’t know what she was doing as her movements were hesitant. I loved that about her. She was so innocent with all this sexual stuff and didn’t know anything about it. I intend to teach her.

Her hands gripped my shoulders and she bounced faster. Her moans got louder and she roughly scraped her nails down my back. Fuck. That was such a fucking turn on.

I placed my hand on her ass and began to knead it. Lavender rocked her hips back and forth. I slapped her ass and she moaned louder and threw her head back.
“Yes just like that darling. Keep going.”

She rocked her hips more before pushing me down so I laid on the bed. My eyes widened and I bit my lip. She looked down at me with lust-filled eyes and placed her hands on my pecs. She looked absolutely phenomenal. Her chest was rising up and down quickly because of how hard she was breathing. Her cheeks were burning red and her tits were bouncing like crazy. The urge to just take her nipple in my mouth was insufferable.

She used one of her hands to move her hair out of her face before leaning down to capture my lips. I wrapped one of my hands around her waist and the other one in her hair. I began to fuck her as well. She moaned into my mouth and entwined her fingers into my hair. I did the same with her and used it to bring her closer.

I could feel her tighten around me and I slowed down my movement. Lavender whined and bounced more. I wanted her to work for her orgasm. I wasn’t going to give it to her. She had to do it herself.

She released my lips and sat up again. She leaned back so her hands were on my thigh and quickly bounced on my cock. This angle made it so I directly hit her g-spot. She loved that and began to moan even louder and tighten around me. I knew I was close to. I had to try get her underneath me if I was going to pull out of her before cumming.

I gripped her hips and turned us around. She grabbed my shoulders and looked up at me with wide eyes.
“My turn now darling.”

She blushed. I gripped her leg and placed it on my shoulder. She was so flexible. I began to pound into her and this angle helped me go deeper. Lavender was practically screaming her moans now they were so loud. I gripped her neck and squeezed it. She bit her lip and opened her eyes. We continued to stare into each other’s eyes until she finally came.

She leaned her head back and screamed my name.
“Oh daddy.”

I continued to fuck her until I felt myself cum. I pulled out of her quickly and squirted my seeds on her chest. We were both breathing heavily and her face was a bright red. I stood there for a while before scooping a bit of my cum up on my finger and putting in it her mouth. She sucked and licked it thoroughly before releasing my finger with a pop. I smirked and slowly let her foot down on to the bed. She winced a little and I knew she was sore.


I got up of the bed and went to get a wet cloth. I came back and cleaned her up. I wiped her thighs and her stomach. I threw the cloth in my laundry basket and made sure to remember to clean that load myself. I laid her down and looked at the time. 5am. Plenty of time until school. We only had this week left anyway until Christmas break.

I lowered down my head and Lavender widened her eyes. I chuckled and shook my head.
“No darling. I’m not going to eat you out.”
She blushed a little.
“I’m just going to massage your muscles so they aren’t as sore.”

She nodded her head and then laid it back onto the pillows. I placed my hands on her thighs and began to massage them. She gasped and softly moaned. She opened them more and it was so hard to not lick or taste her right now. I took deep breath and reminded myself of what I was doing. Your making sure that Lavender isn’t sore. Don’t make her even more sore Carlos.

I placed one kiss to that hickey-covered thigh and then moved onto the other one. I spent about 8 minutes massaging each of her thighs before moving up to her stomach. I carefully rubbed it and then looked up at Lavender’s face. She looked so relaxed so I must be doing something right.

I noticed a little hole on her belly button and my eyes widened.
“You have your belly button pierced?”

I looked up to her face and her eyes were now open. She blushed and nodded her head.
“Me and J-Josie got it done last year for m-my birthday. I also have m-my ears,-”
She pointed to the lobe of her ear.
“-my seconds-”
She pointed a bit further up on her lobe.
“-my helix-”
She pointed at the top of her ear
“-and my nose.”
She pointed at the side of her nose. My eyes widened and I gasped.

(Author here. I actually have all of those piercings except the belly button one)

Lavender looked a little worried and I moved up to her face.
“Why don’t you ever wear them?”

She grimaced a little and her eyes showed pain.
“J-Jonas didn’t like piercings.”

My eyes hardened and I roughly gripped her cheeks with one of my hands so her lips puckered out.
“It doesn’t matter what he thinks anymore. If you want to wear a piercing, you can. I and no one else will ever stop you.”

She looked at me with tear-filled eyes before lightly kissing me. I kissed her back and then pulled away. I kissed her forehead and then laid down beside her. We still had about 20 minutes before we left for school.

When my alarm did go off, I groaned and reluctantly got up off the bed. Lavender giggled and got up to. I turned to her and admired her luscious body. She was so sexy. There were multiple hickies on her neck, stomach, breasts and thighs. Her nipples looked a little sensitive and her ass had faded hand prints on them. I smirked and smacked her ass again. Lavender turned around with wide eyes and a deep blush. I laughed. She bolted into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. I continued to laugh.
“Don’t he shy darling. We all know you love it when I smack your ass. I mean I’m sure last night proved that.”
I’m sure her cheeks were burning red. Both sets of cheeks.

I walked to my draws and got out clothes for both me and Lavender. I made sure to bring some of her clothes over to mine so that she had some and doesn’t have to wear my ones all the time. I don’t mind that. She looks adorable in my clothes but she doesn’t seem to think they’re suitable to wear outside. Don’t know what she’s talking about.

I grabbed her clothes and a set of underwear for her. I made sure they were her definition of ‘pretty’ but not too ‘pretty’. I knew she liked to wear ‘pretty’ underwear to make herself feel pretty so I don’t really mind as long as I’m the only one that gets to see her in them. And as long as she thinks she’s a beautiful as she actually is.

I walked to the door and knocked.
“Lavender I have your clothes. I’ll leave them on the floor.”

I placed them on the floor and then went to get my own clothes. I walked back out just as she opened the door. I was still completely naked and knew she was looking at me. I took that as a chance to tease and torment her. I stretched my arms up over my head and then cracked my neck. I rolled both of my ankles and then crackled my knuckles. I looked directly at Lavender and winked. She turned an even darker shade of red and slammed the door shut. I laughed again. I put on a pink hoodie and a some black ripped jeans.

I sat on my bed scrolling through Instagram when I heard the bathroom door open. I looked up and my eyes softened. She looked so beautiful. She wore a light pink off-the-shoulder sweater and black jeans. She wasn’t wearing the black belt I gave her but that was understandable.

(With no belt)

She looked up and her yes widened when she saw what I was wearing. I smirked. She jumped up and down and I could see the joy in her eyes.

She ran over to me and hugged my chest.
“Carlos y-you made us match. Thank you. T-Thank you. Thank you.”
I chuckled and hugged her to me.

She’s been trying to get me to wear matching clothes with her for the past 2 weeks because of a movie we watched. I was hesitant because I knew how much Braydon would tease me for it but eventually agreed. I’m glad I did now because she looks so happy about it. I love when she looks happy. It makes me happy too.

She released me and grabbed my hand. She pulled me to the door and despite all the exercise we did this morning she was still full of energy. I noticed there was a little limp in her step. Okay not a little one. She had a limp. I smirked and stopped in my tracks. Lavender turned around and looked at me in confusion.

I nodded my head at her.

She smiled and nodded her head back at me.

I laughed.
“Why are you limping? Did I go to hard last night? Or is it because of your little show this morning?”

Her cheeks instantly turned red and she covered her face with her hair. I chuckled and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

“No need to be embarrassed. I quite enjoyed pleasuring you. Your little moans. The way you begged me to fuck you harder. You really are a little minx in the bed.”
I placed my hand on her lower back and pushed her into me. Her hands landed on my pecs as usual.
“And this morning. You thought you could get away with grinding on me while I was asleep. I quite enjoyed that show too. You taking control. You were so hot,”
She looked up at me with an open mouth and insane blush. I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand.
“It’ll be one of the few time you get control in the bed. So you better have enjoyed it.”

Lavender gasped and her eyes went wider. I smirked and placed a kiss to the side of her ear.
“D-Don’t worry Charlie. I enjoyed it greatly.”

I pulled back and looked at her in shock. She giggled playfully and pulled out of my grip. I was still stood there shocked. She grabbed my hand again and began to pull me down the stairs. This little minx.

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