His Little Lavender

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Chapter 45

Carlos’ PoV

“Dude you didn’t.”
Me and Lavender were walking towards Josie, Braydon and Max hand in hand.

Lavender still had a little limp in her step but she was hiding it by skipping. It was quite a good idea on her part. I could see the hidden laughter in all of their eyes because of my current predicament. This is why I didn’t want to wear matching clothing.

I rolled my eyes at Braydon’s comment.
“Yes I did.”

Braydon began to laugh and he clung onto Max so he wouldn’t fall to the floor. Lavender giggled beside me and I sent her a fake glare. She pouted her lips and fluttered her eyelashes. Damn this girl. She knew I couldn’t resist her when she looked at me like that. I leaned down and pecked her lips. Her pout turned into a massive smile.

“I can’t believe you gave into her. You said you would never match clothes.”
I grimaced and Lavender smacked my bicep. I winced and looked down at her. She glared at me and I sent her a smile.

“Shut up Braydon. Whatever makes her happy.”
Lavender smiled again and pecked me on the cheek. I turned a light pink and I cough.

“Omg your blushing.”
Josie squealed. I sent her another glare.

“Fuck off.”
I pulled Lavender with me to Geography. I’m not dealing with these fuck asses today after the amazing morning I had. I’m not ruining my good mood.

We got to the classroom and I could see it was full of some of the shittest people. Not only was the douche bag here but so was the major bitch that called my darling a slut. Only I could call Lavender that. The bitch was twirling a piece of chewing gum around her false acrylic bright pink nail. Her feet were perched on a table and she was talking thoroughly to one of her minions next to her. Blake was sat throwing a ball to someone at the other side of the room to him. I really wished for it to hit him in the face. Now that is something I’d pay to see.

I walked me and my darling to our seats at the back of the room. She prefers to sit at the back as it prevents less people from staring at her. She doesn’t like when people stare at her as it makes her anxious. And plus no one ever noticed what you do at the back of the room so I can do what I want. It’s a win win for both of us.

We walked down the middle of the room. Lavender was still skipping and holding onto my whole arm. She was so cute. My head whipped to the left when I heard a loud commotion and someone shouting. My eyes widened. There was a ball coming directly to Lavender’s head. I did the first thing that came to my mind and placed my arm around her head and pulled her into the chest. I used my other hand to catch the ball.

I looked at the person who had thrown the ball with the most venomous glare. I recognised him. He was one of Blake’s little goons. His eyes were wide and he looked as if he was about to shit himself.

“You fucking son of a bitch.”
He flinched and shrunk further into his seat.

Lavender pulled her head away from my chest and looked around the room. Everyone was staring at us with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. She noticed the ball in my hand and her eyes widened too. Lavender looked up at me and her shocked eyes softened. She gently placed her hand on my cheek and rubbed it. I removed my gaze from the vermin on the other side of the room and looked down at her.

Her mouth formed into a smile and she rubbed my cheek lovingly again.
“It’s alright Charlie. I-I’m not hurt. Don’t worry.”

I softened my gaze and dropped the ball. It bounced on the floor and landed by someone’s feet. I looked to the dude that had nearly injured my darling.
“Your fucking lucky I’m not bloody killing you.”
He let out a sigh and relaxed his muscles.

Lavender pulled me to our seats and I didn’t take my eye of the little twat the whole way. Fucking son of a bitch. I should have killed him. He nearly hurt my darling. Accidentally or not. She still would have end up hurt if I hadn’t stopped that ball. No one hurts my darling.

Lavender sat us down just as the teacher came in the room and every one went quiet. She began to rub my thigh. I stiffened in my chair and turned my gaze to her. She was smiling at me innocently having no clue what she was doing to me down there. I knew I had a raging boner right now especially because I’m beginning to image what her hands could do. What her hands could make me do. Dear lord.

I gripped her hand and removed it. She frowned a little and looked down. Her eyes widened and she blushed darker when she saw my hard on. She quickly looked away and began to bite her lip.

I grabbed her chin and turned her to look at me. I pulled her lip from her mouth and leaned closer into her.
“Don’t worry darling. Nothing you haven’t seen or tried before.”
She turned even darker and smacked my thigh. I jumped in my seat because of how close she was to my boner.


Lavender smirked a little at my reaction. Her hand travelled upwards and she grabbed me through my jeans. I bit my lip to try hold in a moan. I looked down at her with wide eyes when she began to rub me. What was she doing? Was she trying to tease me because it sure was working?

I held her hand that was rubbing me in a tight grip and sent her a hard look.
“Little girl stop it.”

She looked up at me innocently and batted her eyelashes seductively.
“What if I don’t want to daddy.”

She pulled her hand out of my grasp and travelled upwards. She entered my jeans and then my boxers. She began to stroke me and I gripped the arm of the chair. I looked around the room to make sure no one was looking at us. They were all paying attention to the video the teacher had put on the board about global warming. When he did that I have no idea.

Lavender pinched my tip and I groaned a little. Some people turned around and the teacher looked up from his desk. He took his glasses of his nose and looked directly at me.
“You alright there Mr Reid.”

I forced a smile and waved my hand in the air.
“Yeah just some muscle pain from exercise this morning. I’m fine.”
He nodded his head and went back to marking the papers on his desk. Everyone turned back to the video. I could see Lavender turn pink at what I was talking about by exercise.

I could feel some cum leaving the top of my cock. Lavender just rubbed her thumb across the tip and I could feel my balls become harder. She went down and squeezed the base of my cock. I looked at her with wide eyes. She was just staring at the video with a cheeky smile as if nothing was happening. She grabbed one of my balls and kneaded it. She did this to both of them and after about another 10 minutes I felt myself cum. She stroked me all the way through it and when I finished she pulled her hand out of my pants and licked each and everyone of her fingers clean. Even her palm. I threw my head back and bit my lip to keep in the moan I wanted to release. I looked back at her and she winked at me. This girl.


Lavender’s PoV

I have no clue why I did that. We were in the middle of class. Why would I do that? Anyone could have seen us. What was I thinking?

I just wanted to have a little fun. He made me feel good so much last night that I wanted to make him feel good to. He looked as if he was enjoying it though. I don’t know where all this sudden courage appeared from. I would have never done that a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t have even thought about loosing my virginity to anyone a few weeks ago and I lost it last night to Carlos. It’s like I’m a whole new person. I kind of like this new person.

We spent the whole of Geography in silence. I didn’t know if he was mad at me or not. He wasn’t trying to talk to me and he was still as stiff as a board. Maybe he was mad at me. I knew I shouldn’t have done that. He probably wasn’t comfortable with it. Darn Lavender.

The bell rang and I started to pack my stuff away. Carlos was stood by the table waiting for me. So he wasn’t totally mad at me. I finished packing and flung my bag over my shoulder. He offered his hand with a tight-lipped smile. I reluctantly took it and he roughly pulled me out of the class. Okay he was still mad at me.

We began to walk through the corridors but it wasn’t the way we were suppose to go for History. We were suppose to go the oppose way. I looked behind me and the amount of people there began to decrease as they went to their designated classes.

“Carlos w-we’re going the wrong way.”
He continued to walk not caring about what I said. His large strides made it difficult for me to catch up with him. I was practically running just so I wouldn’t fall behind.

He took us to the east side of the school. No one really came here. It was under construction and was being turned into a new science department. I looked around me confused. There was no one here. Why were we here?

Carlos pulled me into a small room that looked as if it was the old janitor’s closet. We were both able to fit in here but it was still a little small. I looked at Carlos bewildered.


He turned around and closed the door. He turned back around to me instantly gripped my hips pulling me into him. My hands landed on his pecs and my eyes widened. He removed a piece of hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear.

“You naughty little slut. Was this morning and last night not enough for you?”
He gripped my hair and pulled my head back. I let out a loud moan and Carlos’ eyes turned darker.
“Were you not satisfied enough? Or did you just want to tease me? Because listen here slut I don’t like it when my little girl is being a brat.”
He leaned into my ear and I leaned my head back.
“You are being a brat. I guess you’ll just need to be punished.”
He bit my lobe and pulled my hair gently. I moaned.

He slammed me into the wall behind me and hoisted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and placed my arms firmly on his shoulder. He kissed down my neck and bit at it harshly. I let out a moan and leaned my head to the side. I’m sure he was leaving even more hickeys.

He got to my top and took it of. My black lace bra was now visible to him. He zeroed his eyes onto it and then unclipped it from the front. My breast pooled out and Carlos let out a deep rumble from his throat. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and began to bite and suck it. I moaned loudly and gripped his hair pushing his head further into them. He pinned my arms to the wall above my head and watched me squirm against him. He smirked into my breast and then moved to the other one. They stung because of how sensitive they were from this morning and last night. I didn’t care though because the pain made the pleasure better.

Carlos’ hands began to undo my pants.
“Daddy we’re a-at school. We can’t.”

He looked me dead in the eye.
“That’s not what you were thinking when you decided to tease me in the middle of class, is it now slut?”
I blushed and leaned my head against the wall.

He continued to undo my pants before pulling them down to my knees. He shoved two fingers into me and I moaned into his shoulder.
“Oh daddy.”

He began move them and I wiggled my hands in his grip wanting to touch him. He only tightened it and went back to my breasts. He added a third finger and the knot in my stomach got worse. I tightened around him and he stopped. I tried to get the feeling to go away but it wouldn’t.

I whined and whimpered.
“Daddy please l-let me cum. Please.”

His eyes darkened and he released my hands to grip my throat. I moaned and my thighs squeezed around his waist. He added pressure and I whimpered in pleasure.
“No little girl. I won’t let you cum until you’ve learnt your lesson.”

He moved his fingers again and I moaned. My fingers gripped his hair and Carlos tightened his hand around my throat. I felt myself tighten around his fingers and that’s when he stopped. He did that about 5 times until I felt like I was about to go to sleep. I had tears running down my face and my throat hurt because of how much I had moaned and begged him. The feeling down there was unbearable. It hurt so much but felt so good at the same time.

“Daddy p-please let me cum. P-please I want to cum. Just fuck me a-and let me cum daddy. Fuck me daddy.”

Carlos’ eyes softened and he leaned into my face.
“Have you learnt your lesson darling?”

I nodded my head instantly.
“Don’t t-tease daddy in the middle of class.”

He released my throat and stroked my hair. His hand came down to my cheek and I leaned into his embrace.
“Good girl.”

I smiled at his praise and he smiled back at me. He released my cheek and I leaned my head against the wall. I felt him remove his fingers and I whimpered at the loss of contact. He instantly shoved something much bigger into my kitty and I grabbed his shoulders tightly.
“Oh daddy. Yes.”

I threw my head back against the wall and let out a loud moan. He began to go harder and I moved my hips with his.

I placed my hands in his hair and pulled him into a kiss. His tongue fought mine and I eventually submitted to him. He placed his hands in my hair to angle my head. His other hand arched my back into him. This new area he was hitting me at made me moan louder into his mouth. I was bouncing up against the wall and I didn’t care if anyone heard me because I just wanted to cum.

Carlos went harder and I finally let it all go. I came around his dick and moaned into his mouth. He continued to move in me and ,like always, that made my orgasm better and last longer. I fell onto his shoulder with a sigh. He took his dick out of my kitty and I whimpered at the sudden emptiness. He wrapped his arms around my back and rubbed it.


“You did good darling. Shh. I love you.”
I snuggled into his shoulder and yawned a little.

We stayed against the wall for another 5 minutes before Carlos let me down. I tried to stand on my legs but it hurt. I gripped onto his shoulders to steady myself. Carlos sent me an apologetic smile and I sent a soft one back. He pulled his boxers and pants up and did them up before leaning down to pull my jeans up and buttoning them.

I heard a can move outside the door and my head instantly moved to it. Was someone there? What if someone saw us? Carlos looked in the same direction before going to the door and opening it. He looked both ways and then shook his head. He turned back to me.
“Was anyone there C-Charlie? Who is it?”

He shook his head and came back to me. He placed his hand on my cheek and I leaned into him.
“It’s must have been the wind darling no ones there. Don’t worry.”
He pecked my lips before doing my bra up again. I hissed because of how sensitive my nipples now were. Carlos smirked a little and I sent him a glare. He put my sweater on and then kissed the top of my head.
“I love you Lavender.”

I smiled up at him.
“I love you Carlos.”

He smiled and pecked my lips “Come on. We need to go to lunch.”

My eyes widened.
“We skipped 2 p-periods.”

Carlos chuckled and grabbed my arm.
“I guess time flys by when I’m fucking my little slut’s pussy.”

I gasped and smacked Carlos’ chest. He laughed again and we walked out of the closet. I had a major limp and it hurt to move but I had to. I skipped so I didn’t look suspicious. Carlos just smirked at me. Stupid Banana.

We got to the dining hall and went to table where Josie, Max and Braydon sat. Carlos sat down before pulling me into his lap. I blushed and leaned into his chest. I placed my head in his shoulder and he stroked my hair.

Max looked at us.
“And where have you two been? I didn’t see either of you in History. You weren’t having sex were you?”

I blushed and hid my face in Carlos’ neck. He chuckled. Max choked on his drink and Josie and Braydon widened their eyes.
“Were you having sex?”

Carlos laughed and I blushed darker.
“No we weren’t.”
I sighed and relaxed my body.
“We were simply just having fun.”
I blushed again. That doesn’t make it sound any better. Why would he say that? I smacked his chest and sent him a small glare. He smiled down at me before winking.

“I don’t think there’s any difference Carlos.”
Josie stated.

This was when Braydon decided to join the conversation.
“Actually there is. Sex is when you insert the penis into the va-”

“Braydon stop taking.”
Everyone shouted. Our eyes were wide and I looked like a tomato.

“What it’s true!”
He laughed before drinking his water. We all just laughed at him.

For the rest of the day, it was normal. We all went to the rest of the classes and nothing dramatic happened. At the end of the day, me and Carlos were making our way to his car. We were arguing about what movie we were going to watch. He wanted to watch Lion King and I wanted to watch Moana. We stopped in our tracks when someone appeared in front of us. I looked up to see Smithy. He was in his usual uniform but he looked more anxious.

“Hello S-Smithy. What are you d-doing here?”
He smiled at me. Carlos held me to him tighter and I wrapped my arms around his arm.

Smithy looked at Carlos nastily before looking back at me.
“Your father sent me to pick you up.”

I was confused. Why would my father send Smithy when Carlos drove me? He always drove me. Carlos tightened his grip even more.
“Why would Christopher send you? I’m talking her home. I have been for the past 2 months.”

Smithy looked as if he was getting angrier but he took a deep breath to calm himself down.
“Mr.Rose sent me as a precaution.”

I asked curiously.

Smithy looked at me with sad eyes.
“They got a little information on where Jonas was this morning and Mr.Rose sent me so he knew his daughter would get home safe.”

My eyes widened and I gripped Carlos arm tighter. He soothingly stroked my hair before kissing the top of my head.
“Okay then. You can take us to the Rose Residence.”

Smithy’s eyes widened and he instantly stood in front of Carlos as we were making our way over to the car. Carlos stopped and looked angry.
“Mr.Rose informed me that only Ms.Lavender should come. A-And plus you have to drive your own car home.”

Carlos’ eyes got darker and he menacing leaned closer to Smithy. Smithy’s eyes widened and he walked backwards.
“Lavender’s not going unless I go”

Smithy looked as if he wanted to fight Carlos on it but he didn’t. He gave up with a big sigh and walked to the driver’s side of the car. He opened the door and then slammed it close after he got in. Carlos gave me a soft smile as he opened my door for me. I sent him one back before kissing him on the cheek and getting in. He got in after me. He did my seat belt up and I did his up. The car started and Smithy started driving.

I leaned my head against Carlos’ shoulder and played with his rings like usual. He used his other hand to stroke my hair. I felt myself become tired but stayed awake. I could hear Smithy talking to someone on the phone but couldn’t hear what he was saying as the divider was up. Maybe my dad. Or maybe my brother. He was probably telling them he had got me and that Carlos was coming too. I don’t why he wouldn’t be able to come.

We stopped and I looked out the window. We weren’t at my house. I looked around and didn’t see anything familiar. It was a dirt pathway in the woods. Why were we in the woods? This wasn’t my house. I looked at Carlos worried. He held me closer and pulled his phone out. He texted someone and then turned his location on. He hid his phone in the middle of the seat. What was he doing? Why did he do that? Where were we?

The door beside us opened and it was a muscly dude. He gripped my arm and I tried to get out of his grip. What was happening? I screamed and kicked my legs trying to get away from him. He only tightened his grip and pulled me harder. Carlos took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed the man’s hand. Why was he carrying a knife for? The man began to bleed and gripped his hand to try stop it.

Carlos opened the door on his side and grabbed my hand.
“Come on darling. We need to go.”

I was shocked by what he had just done but followed after him. I trusted Carlos. He would protect me. Outside the car, there was two other dudes. They weren’t as tall or muscly as the man that had tried to grab me but still looked mean. Carlos hid me behind his back and I gripped the back of his shirt.

“Charlie what’s h-happening?”
He leaned his head back a little.

“Don’t worry darling. Everything will be fine.”
One of the men came running towards Carlos. Carlos pushed me to the side and I fell on the floor. My palms were grazed and a tiny bit of blood began to come out of them.

Carlos punched the man coming at him in the throat before grabbing his hand and bending it backwards. I heard a funny crunching sound and I knew it was broke. I winced a little. That must have hurt.

The other man came at him. He had a knife in his hand. He tried to stab Carlos in the shoulder. But he ducked and then grabbed the man’s hand, took the knife out, went behind him and stabbed him in the throat. The man made a horrid gurgling sound before falling to the floor. I covered my eyes with my hands and shuffled so my back was making contact with the car. I began to cry and little sobs escaped my lips.

I heard someone else run and suspected the man Carlos had stabbed in the hand earlier was trying to fight him. I couldn’t see what was happening but it sound like he was much more difficult to defeat. I heard some more bones crack and then a big body fall to the ground. I didn’t dare open my eyes. I was too scared to. I didn’t want Carlos to be hurt. I didn’t want to get hurt. What if it was the nasty man that was still standing instead of Carlos? He would hurt me. That would mean Carlos was hurt too.

I could hear footsteps approaching me. I stiffened and tried to shuffle further into the car. Someone touched my knee and I began to cry harder.
“No n-no get a-away from me. P-please no.”
I was crying my eyes out and kicking my legs.
“P-please leave me a-alone. I-I want my d-daddy.”

Someone held my arms and I cried even more. My eyes were still closed.
“Hey hey hey. It’s alright Lavender. It’s just me. It’s Carlos. It’s your daddy.”

I stopped moving when I heard his voice. I reluctantly opened my eyes. It really was Carlos. I instantly jumped into his arms and hugged him. He hugged me back to him in a tight embrace. He stroked my hair and I cried into his shoulder. He was here. Carlos was here. He was alright. We were going to be alright.

Suddenly, I heard a loud sound and Carlos screamed and his body stiffened. I pulled away from him and looked at his face. He looked in pain. His eyes were wide and blood was coming out of his mouth. What was happening? Why was he bleeding?I heard another sound and something shot into his shoulder. He was shot. Oh lord he was shot.

He fell against me and I held his body close. He began to cough and I felt something wet on my shoulder. He was bleeding.
“No no no. Baby please no. C-Carlos c-come on baby. Keep y-your eyes open. D-don’t close your eyes Carlos. I s-swear Carlos don’t close your e-eyes.”
My crying got worse and I could hardly speak.

I pulled him out of my shoulder and placed his head on my lap. He looked up at me with tired eyes and he struggled to keep them open. My face was burning and wet from my tears. I couldn’t breath properly and I’m sure there was snot coming all out of my nose. No. Please no.

I placed my hand on his cheek not caring about the blood.
“Come on C-Charlie. Please don’t close your e-eyes. Please b-baby. No no. P-please. This isn’t happening. No.”

He slowly lifted his hand and placed it in my cheeks.
“Lavender i-I-its okay. I-I’m okay. D-don’t worry. I-I’m going to be o-okay.”
He began to cough and blood was coming out of his mouth. He slowly rubbed my cheek
“I l-I-love you Lavender. So s-so much. Don’t f-forget that darling.”

He shut his eyes and his hand fell to his side. I slapped his cheeks to try wake him up.
“No B-Baby open you eyes. D-Don’t. Please don’t. C-Carlos no don’t leave me. Please. I-I l-love you please open y-your eyes. No no no. Don’t l-leave me.”

I screamed and I was crying my heart out. Someone grabbed my hands from behind me. They pulled me away from Carlos. I screamed for them to let me go.
“No no C-Carlos. No d-don’t leave me C-Charlie. P-Please let m-me go.”
I kicked my legs and screamed my heart out. My eyes never left Carlos.

“Lavender stop moving.”
A deep voice ordered.

I kicked my legs and hit him in the crouch area. I ran out of his grasp and back to Carlos. I hugged his body back to me and rocked us back and forth.
“No no no. T-this isn’t happening. T-this isn’t happening. I-it’s a nightmare. No no. I W-wanna go home. I-I want my daddy.”
I stroked Carlos’ hair and kissed him on the forehead.

“You can’t have your daddy you little bitch.”
I flinched and my eyes flew open when I heard the voice. I looked around me and when my eyes landed on him more tears escaped. He had a gun in his hands and he threw it in the bush. His skin looked dead and his eyes were sunken. He looked as if he hadn’t eaten in days. The clothes he wore were ratty and looked old. His hair was shaven and he had a piercing in both ears.

My eyes widened and I gripped onto Carlos tighter.

His smirked at me wickedly before approaching me. I tried to shuffle backwards but didn’t want to leave Carlos. He grabbed my arms and pulled me away from Carlos. I kicked and screamed but he wouldn’t let go of me.

“No no. L-let go of me you b-bastard. Get t-the fuck of me.”

He put me down on the floor and slapped me across the face. I fell onto the ground. I looked back up at him with wide eyes. My tears silently ran down my cheek.

He kicked me in the stomach and i hunched over to cough a little.
He kicked me in the stomach again and I coughed.

“Jonas don’t you think that’s a bit far.”
I looked behind Jonas and Smithy stood there. He looked at me sadly. His eyes held regret.

Jonas turned around and pulled out his gun. He pointed it at Smithy. Smithy’s eyes widened and he was about to speak but then Jonas pulled the trigger. Smithy fell to the ground and blood poured from his head. I screamed and placed my arms on my eyes. Jonas picked me up again and pulled me towards a car.

“No no I-I have to s-stay with Carlos. I-I have to stay with him. No no no. Get o-off me.”
Jonas slapped me again and I cried harder.

“He’s dead Lavender. You will never see him again. Your mine and mine only.”
He injected me with something a I fell limp in his arms.

“Carlos no Carlossss-”
All i could see was darkness now.

Damien’s PoV (Carlos’ Father)

I was in the middle of signing some papers when I heard my phone go off. I looked at it for a moment. Should I answer it? I looked back down at my paperwork. Hell answering a text was way better than doing paperwork. What was I even considering? But this paperwork needs to be done by tomorrow. I can do it later surely.

I shook my head and picked up my phone and opened it. The text was from Carlos and a location.

-Help. He’s here

I was a bit confused for a while before it finally clicked. I instantly sat up from my chair. No it can’t be. I bolted towards the door and threw it open. It banged against the wall. I didn’t care right now. My secretary looked at me confused and if I was crazy. I ran past her and to the main part of my floor.

Bruce shot up from his chair when he saw me run into the room frantically. He walked towards me cautiously.
“Mr Reid is everything alright?”

I dialled Christopher’s number.
“Bruce tell John to get the car and bring it to the front right now.”

He became increasingly alert and nodded his head before pulling out his phone.
“Yes sir.”
He walked towards the private elevator and got in. I got in with him and waited for Christopher to pick up his phone.

“Damian. Is everything alright?”
I let out a sigh when he finally did.

“He’s with them Christopher. Carlos just texted me saying he needed help because he was there.”

I could hear a loud commotion on the other side of the phone.
“Do you know where they are Damian?”

“Yes I’ll sent you the location. He sent it in the text. I’ll get the police and paramedics on my way there.”

He let out a sigh and I heard a door open.
“Okay see you there Damian. Be safe.”

“You too Christopher.”
I nodded my head before hanging the phone up.

Me and Bruce got to the ground level and we bolted out the door. The people in the reception looked at us weirdly. I didn’t give a shit about them. I needed to make sure my son was safe. I ran to the front and went out the doors. I looked around for my car. When I saw it, I ran towards it and swung the door open.

I opened my phone and showed my driver the address. He looked at me confused.
“Are you sure sir? That’s no where in the city.”

My eyes widened.
“Yes get us there quickly John.”
He nodded his head.

I sent the address to Christopher and then called the police and paramedics. They were harder to convince until I told them who’s daughter was involved. They soon were willing to go with it. Fucking twats.

I impatiently waited for us to get there. The traffic was horrendous. We were waiting in it for about 10 extra minutes. The scenery changed around me and we began to drive through the woods I looked around us curiously. Why would he bring them here?

The car stopped before we could go over the police tape. I opened my car door and ran out. A policewoman tried to stop me from going over the police tape but I just shoved her out of my way. I looked around us for any sign of my son or Lavender. I couldn’t see them anywhere. Only paramedics and police.

I could see 5 unconscious bodies on the floor. The first four didn’t look like anyone I recognised. One was shot in the head. Another was groaning in pain. Another was bleeding out of his neck. The other looked like he had a broken neck. The last one I saw looked bad. I walked closer to him instinctively just as the paramedics were lifting him onto a stretcher. Christopher was already there and he was talking to someone furiously on his phone.

I walked towards the stretcher and Christopher turned around to look at me. He hung up his phone and walked to me and held me by my shoulder.
“Damian don’t go over there.”

I tried to push his hands away.
“Where’s my son Christopher?”
He looked at me sadly and shook his head. I shoved his hands on my shoulder.
His eyes softened and he moved out of the way.

I looked at the person they were loading onto the stretcher and my heart broke. Carlos. I ran towards him. He had blood all over him. His eyes were shut closed and his mouth was covered in blood.
“Oh no no no. Please no. Carlos no. My son.”

I pushed the paramedics away and knelt beside him. A paramedic put his hand on my shoulder and gripped it.
“Sir I’m going to have to ask you to move so we can do our job.”

I glared up at him with tears running down my cheek.
“That’s my son. My son is fucking bleeding out and you expect me to move.”

His eyes saddened.
“Yes if you want him to live. I do expect you to move.”

I looked back down at Carlos and gripped his hand. I kissed it and then leaned into his ear.
“Carlos if you fucking die on me I will bloody bring you back to the living and kill you again myself. I promise.”
I pulled away and wiped the tears from my face. I let go of his hand as they lifted him into an ambulance. They began to hook him up to machines just as the doors shut closed. I watched as the ambulance drove away. I had tears streaming down my face. My only son. My son. No please no. He has to be okay. He will be okay.

I felt someone grip my shoulder and I jumped. I turned around.

I pulled away from him and sent him a harsh glare.
“Don’t fucking ‘Damian’ me. It’s your fault my son is currently fighting for his life. If he had never gotten involved with your daughter, all of this would have never happened. He wouldn’t be on his way to the hospital bleeding out.”

Christopher looked at me shocked but angry.
“Don’t dare blame this on me or my daughter. Your not the only one suffering right now. My daughter’s not here. She’s suffering as well for all we know-”

“Well at least you know she isn’t fucking bleeding out whilst on her way to the hospital. At least, you know that she isn’t dead. AT LEAST SHE IS ALIVE. MY SON CHRISTOPHER IS FUCKING BLEEDING AND GRIPPING ONTO LIFE SO DON’T YOU COMPARE THAT TO MY PROBLEM. YOU KNOW THAT MANIAC WON’T HURT HER BECAUSE OF HIS SICK OBSESSION WITH HER.”
Tears were streaming uncontrollably down my face and I couldn’t stop them. Christopher looked at me shocked. I wiped my tears and took a deep breath.
“Now get the fuck out of my way so I can go see if MY son is going to live.”
I shoved him out of the way and walked towards my car.

Brucetried to talk to me but I stopped him.
“Just take me to the hospital John so I can see if my son is okay.”

He nodded his head and sent me a sad look. I pulled out my phone and dialled Jeniffer’s number. She was going to be heartbroken. The whole phone call was of her crying and asking me if Carlos was going to be alright. I tried to assure her he would be and that he is but she wouldn’t stop crying. I didn’t expect her to either. He was her son. He was our son. I was barely keeping myself together. I finally hung up the phone just as we pulled up to the hospital. Here we go.

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