His Little Lavender

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Chapter 47

Carlos’ PoV


Do you ever get those moments in life where it’s so quiet that you just think back on all the memories you have? You have nothing left to do so you go back in the past to entertain yourself. Like the time you first went to a entertainment park with your family at the age of 6. Your father let you go on so many rides and you had so much fun. Or the time you were babysitting someone’s kids and the house caught on fire causing one of the children to die. Or maybe the time you met the most perfect and amazing person you have ever met in your life. The person you knew you were destined to love for your whole life. And then the moment you lost that certain person. The pain you felt because they weren’t with you anymore.

Those moments. Yeah I was having one of those moments. It was silent except from a constant beeping. All I could smell was disinfectant. It’s reminded me of a hospital. Was I in a hospital? Or is this heaven? Ehh scratch that we all know I’m going to hell. Am I dead? Where’s Lavender? I felt as if my body tensed when I thought of her. I didn’t know if it did because I couldn’t physically feel it but I had a certain sensation in my chest that made me believe so.

My ears unblocked and I could hear voices. I didn’t know who it was. It sounded like a man. Maybe a doctor.

“Mr Reid. Calm down. Like we said last week, we successfully extracted both bullets from your son’s body and stopped any internal bleeding. We don’t necessarily know when he will wake up because he lost a lot of blood and his body is weak. All we can do is keep him stable and then it’s all up to him to come back.”

“What do you mean it’s up to him? He’s been unconscious for a week. Can’t you do anything for Christ sake? You’re a doctor.”

My heart bursted when I heard the desperation in her voice. Momma. For a whole week. I’ve been unconscious for a whole week. What about Lavender? Is she okay? Have they found her?

“No we can’t. We have done everything we can do on our part. Carlos just needs to fight himself. He needs to want to come back. He needs someone to fight for. Is there anyone that means much to him? Like a significant other?”
I wanted to scream Lavender but I couldn’t. I tried to move my arms but I couldn’t. I couldn’t do anything.

My father whispered. I felt my heart beat fasten when I heard her name.

“Did you see that? His heartbeat changed. Is there something wrong?”
My mother’s worried voice said. She sounded so upset and anxious. I felt someone grasp my arm and they lifted it up off the bed.

“No ma’am that’s just the way your son reacts to what you said. His heartbeat sped up because he feels a certain feeling for this person. If you want to wake him up, I recommend you bring her here. It’ll help him if he can hear this Lavender’s voice.”

“We can’t.”
My father said sadly. My heart broke. Where is she? Is she okay? Why can’t they bring her? I want my Lavender. I want my little girl.

“Okay. Well try get people or certain sounds that mean a lot to your son. He’ll be more likely to wake up if he hears things he likes and is familiar with.”

I heard a door open and close. Someone gripped my cheeks. That’s what Lavender used to do. They kissed the top of my head.

“Sweetheart please wake up.
Please I can’t live if your not there. Your my baby. My son. Please come back. If not for me, for Lavender. How are we suppose to find her when your still unconscious?”
I could feel her tears drip onto my face. I wanted to hug her but I couldn’t move.

“Jen come on. She’s the reason he’s in this place.”
I felt the sudden urge to punch my father. How dare he blame this on my darling? It wasn’t her fault. It was Jonas’ fault.

“Damn it Damian. Shut up. It wasn’t that poor girl’s fault. It’s not her fault that maniac had an unhealthy obsession with her. Lavender is the love of our son’s life. If you can’t see that, your blind.”
She screamed. I didn’t like to heard my parents fight.

“I know Jeniffer. But think about it, if he hadn’t gotten involved with her, he wouldn’t be lying barely alive on this hospital bed would he?”
Okay when I wake up I’m going to fucking punch him. Father or not. He can’t blame my darling for something she had no control of.

“If he hadn’t met her, he wouldn’t have healed properly. You don’t realise how much she’s helped him. She makes him feel better. Lavender fucking loves him Damian and he loves her. So get this sick idea of that it’s all her fault out of your head because yes ,if he hadn’t gotten involved with her, he wouldn’t be here in this hospital but ,if he hadn’t gotten involved with her, he would still be that broken boy we knew in New Jersey.”
I heard a door slam open and it slam closed.

I felt as if I wanted to cry. She was right. So so right. Lavender’s helped me so much. She makes me feel like a better man. She makes me feel like I’m not just a man who got a boy killed. She makes me feel loved. I just wonder have I done the same thing for her.

Damian’s PoV

It hurt me to admit it but Jeniffer was right. I knew deep down inside me she was right all along. Lavender has helped him. So much more than I could of. She’s helped him heal and forgive himself. She’s made him feel loved like I or the rest of his family never could.

I just needed someone to blame. Someone to give the blame to so I would feel better. Because knowing who’s caused your child pain is better than not knowing at all.

I grabbed a chair and placed it beside his bed. I sat down and grabbed his hand.
“Carlos please don’t leave us. This is one of the only times you’ll ever hear me begging. But please don’t leave. You’re my only son. You can’t leave us. You mean so much to so many people and if you leave they will be heartbroken. We don’t know where Lavender is right now but ,when we do find her, imagine how she’ll feel when she finds out the man she loves is dead. Please don’t die on us. I beg of you son. Please don’t leave.”

I let a tear fall and kissed his hand. I rubbed my thumb over it and looked at his rings. They had taken them of him while doing surgery but Jeniffer had put them back on the day after. I stopped moving when I noticed one missing.
“Your ring? Where’s your ring Carlos?”

I tried to think for a moment. Maybe he left it on the side when he took a shower last week. Maybe they misplaced it during surgery. Maybe Jeniffer didn’t put that one back on.

I jumped up from my chair when I realised where it was.
“You gave it to Lavender. Fuck. Carlos you genius.”
I grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek.

I pulled out my phone and I dialled Christopher’s number and waited for him to pick up.

“If you’re calling me to shout again, get on wi-”

“Shut up Christopher.”

“Excuse me.”

“I said shut up. Carlos has a ring missing.”

It was silent for a while.
“And what does that have to do with me? If you haven’t forgotten, I currently have a daughter missing. I can’t focus on finding a pocksey ring.”

I let out a big sigh and paced beside Carlos’ bedside.
“That ring has a tracking device in it. I gave it to Carlos so I could see where he was at all times incase he did something stupid. I gave both my kids one.”

“I still don’t get what this has to do with me.”

I groaned and ran my hand through my hair.
“He gave that ring to Lavender. She’s got the ring Christopher and the ring has a tracking device in it. I remember seeing her wear it. Are you anymore dense?”

I heard a chair fall back and someone running.
“Damian you fucking genius. Do you have the location of the ring on your phone?”

I smirked and sat back down on the chair.
“Yes I do. I’ll send you the location.”

I could hear him running in gravel and suspected he was running towards a car.
“Thank you Damian. So much.”

I nodded my head and let out a sigh.
“No problem Christopher. I truly do hope she’s okay.”

Carlos sighed.
“So do I.”

He hung up the phone and I slumped into the chair. I laid my face on my hand and closed my eyes. Let’s pray that that poor girl is okay. God knows what Carlos will do when he wakes up and finds out she isn’t. All hell will break loose.

I lifted my head out of my hands and looked at Carlos. He looked so peaceful. Like he didn’t have a care in the world. She really was good for him. She brought so much serenity into his life. She’s like the light to his darkness. Lavender’s the darling that saved him when no one else could. She’s his darling.

I closed my eyes again and for a bit and for hour I just sat there listening to the heart monitor that ensured me my son was alive.

My eyes flew back open and I shot up from my chair. I looked at Carlos and his eyebrows were drawn together in anguish. I rushed towards him.

“Carlos. Can you hear me?”
His body began to move and his head shook side to side.

“L-Lavender. H-Help Lavender.”
His body stopped moving and he laid still in the bed. Too still for my liking. His heartbeat stopped and I looked at the heart monitor with wide eyes.

I rushed out of his room just as a bunch of doctors rushed into his room. I tried to get back inside but they closed the door on my face. What were they going to do? Was my son going to be okay?

I looked through the window. They were doing compressions. All of them and worried looks on their faces. I knew what that face meant. They didn’t think he would survive. I gripped my hair. The one doing compressions looked at a doctor across from him. The doctor nodded his head and the man doing compressions stopped. Why did he stop? They weren’t going to give up on him, were they?

Another man came towards him with a defibrillator. They put some gel on it and rubbed them together. The man placed them on my son’s chest and suddenly his body jerked off the bed. The doctor looked as if he was shouting. His body jerked again. I looked at the heart monitor and I could see his heart beat was stable again. I let out a deep sigh and relaxed. I placed my hands against the glass and looked down at the floor. I took deep breaths in and out to try control myself.

“Damian what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with Carlos?”
I looked to the side to see Jeniffer running towards me with a worried look.

I opened my arms and hugged her body to mine. I smelt her hair and I relaxed.
“His heartbeat stopped.”

She pulled away from me and looked towards the door worried.
“What do you mean it stopped? Is my baby dead?”

Tears began to form in her eyes. I took her face into my hands and rubbed the pad of my thumb under her eyes.
“They were able to get it going again. He’ll be fine my love.”

I pecked her lips and placed her head on my chest. She hugged my body close to her and let out a sigh. I placed my cheek on her head and rubbed her back.
“He’ll be fine my love. I promise.”

Christopher’s PoV

“Okay Mr Rose. The tracker says your daughter is in this house. We’ve got people surrounding it and there’s no way he could get out ,according to these blueprints, that we don’t have covered.”
I nodded my head and looked up towards the house. It looked normal. White wooden walls with clean shines windows. The door was a dark blue and the roof joined at the top into a little pyramid. It wasn’t very large:only 2 storeys but the blueprints also said there was a downstairs.

“Has anyone been able to get in contact with Mayor Williams?”
The chief of police stood next to me and shook his head.

“No sir. He’s not picking up.”
I sighed and turned towards the officer.

“Okay we’ll have to go in without him. We’ve waited to long already.”
The chief nodded his head to and began to talk into his microphone.

“Sector 1&2 head in. Sector 3&4 keep an eye out on the surroundings incase anyone tries to interfere.”
I grabbed my gun and walked towards the door.

I took a deep breath and was about to open the door when it was opened in front of me. I instantly lifted my gun expecting to see Jonas and shoot him. My eyes widened when I saw who really was there. A girl? She was no older than 16.

Her eyes widened and she put her hands up in surrender. She squinted her eyes and gasped.
“You like Lavender. S-Same hair.”

My body tensed when she mentioned Lavender’s name. I gripped her by the arm and pulled her out of the house.
“How do you know Lavender?”

She looked at my hand scared and then back up at me. I could see tears in her eyes so I released her.
“Master Jonas keep Lavender. She in r-room downstairs. B-Badly hurt.”

She rubbed her arm and I noticed how many bruises and scars she had. She also didn’t seem to know how to speak in full sentences either. She didn’t look as if she had the easiest life.

She looked around her and her body stiffened when she saw all the guns pointed at her. She whimpered and tried to run towards the house. I stood in front of her and held her shoulders softly. She looked up at me and tears and began to fall.

“Sweetheart you can’t go back in there. You need to go get yourself Checked out. You don’t look too good and it’s not safe in there.”
She shook her hand and got out of my grip.

“Master Jonas be m-mad if me leave. N-Need to tend to Lavender and c-check she alright.”
My eyebrows furrowed.

“What do you mean you need to tend to Lavender?”
The girl tensed up and she looked towards the house.
“He can’t hurt you sweetheart. Not anymore. You’re safe now.”

She looked back at me with wide eyes.
“You p-promise?”

I nodded my head and wiped her tears away. I held my pinky up.
“I pinky promise.”

The girl smiled and hooked her pinky with mine.
“M-My name Catherine. M-Master Jonas g-got me so I heal Lavender’s wounds.”

My body stiffened.
“What do you mean her wounds?”

The girl shuddered and her eyes turned sad.
“M-Master Jonas very mean. H-He hurt Lavender when m-misbehaved. H-He hurt me too. W-we be good girls b-but Master Jonas h-hurt us still.”

My body froze and began to sizzle with anger. He was hurting her. He was fucking hurting my baby girl. I could feel my body tense and I looked back at the house.
“Catherine go to that police car over there. You’ll be safe and I’ll come get you when it’s all over okay.”
Her eyes brightened and she obediently nodded her head. The girl ran to the police car.

I turned back around and went inside the house. The main floor was very clean. It looked like a normal house. The floors were clean. There were old dishes near the sink and the tv was still on. I noticed some stairs leading to a downstairs. I walked down them cautiously. I looked both ways before going into the corridor. I had my gun ready incase I had to use it.

I kicked open a door and looked inside. The room contained some very high tech security. There was a computer on and I walked towards it. I could hear some sounds but couldn’t make out what they were. I had 3 police officers behind me. I looked at the screen and my eyes widened. I gasp and leaned closer to make sure I was seeing properly. It was Lavender. It could tell by her bright blond hair and small figure. She was being held up against the wall by a strong body. I could tell by the hair and body it was Carlos. She was moaning and he was kissing her neck. Lavender’s hands were on the back of his head and she was pushing Carlos’ head further into her neck. He was going down and she began to grip his hair. The police officers tried to look but I shot the screen before they could. No ones going to see my baby like that. Absolutely nobody.

The police men jumped back and their eyes widened. I walked towards the tape recorder and pulled it out. It had a label on it. Whore. My eyes turned darker and I snapped the tape in half. How dare he call my daughter a whore? I’m going to fucking kill that poor excuse of a man.

I chucked it on the floor and smashed it with my foot. I looked back up at the police officers and they were looking at me with wide eyes and puzzled expressions.
“Well what are you looking at? Keep fucking going. Don’t just stand there.”

I pushed them out of the way and walked out of the room. I could hear voices from the room next to me and walked to it. It had a lock on it. I shot the lock and then kicked the door open. My eyes first darted towards Jeremiah. Wait Jeremiah? They widened and I began to head towards him.
Why was Jeremiah here? That’s the reason he wouldn’t pick up. When did he get kidnapped? Did Jia know he was gone?

Jeremiah used his eyes to try and signal me towards something else. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What was he doing? I looked at where he was trying to tell me and my heart broke. My baby.

I dropped my gun and ran towards her. She wasn’t wearing anything and I could see every inch of her body. There were new scars. The most noticeable one was the one running from the bottom of her neck to the bottom of her breasts. There was blood pouring out of her stomach. I could feel myself begin to cry but didn’t care.

I got on the bed and placed my hand on her wound trying to stop her from bleeding. I looked at her she was struggling to keep her eyes open and she looked tired.

I shakily brought my hand to her cheek.
“No no no. M-my baby. N-no. Don’t close your e-eyes sweetheart. P-please no.”

I could hardly get my words out. I was blubbering like a baby. I couldn’t stop myself. She tried to smile at me but it looked like it pained her too. She took a deep breath and then closed her eyes. Mine widened and I slapped her cheek trying to wake her up. When she didn’t, I added more pressure to her wounds and looked behind me. A group of paramedics came into the room. They looked towards me and their eyes widened. They began to run in my direction. When they saw the condition Lavender was in, they pushed me of her and stared doing checks on her.

“Heart beat dropping. We need to get her to the ambulance.”
They loaded her onto a stretcher and began to run out the room.

“She’s loosing too much blood. And her heart beat is slowing down. Come on Lavender. Stay alive for us. Only a little while until we get you to the hospital. Hang on until then.”

I ran with them not caring Jeremiah was still tied to a chair in a room. I ran with them up the stairs and out the house. I still had tears running down my face and didn’t care everyone could see me crying. I looked around and there was so many people here. Fucking paparazzi and reporters. I looked towards the stretcher Lavender was on to see them loading her into an ambulance. I tried to find Catherine. Where is she? Damn it where is she?

I noticed her hiding behind a police car. I ran up to her and kneeled down beside her.
“Catherine. Are you okay?”

She took her head out of her knees and looked up at me. She had tears in her eyes and jumped into my arms. I was shocked but hugged her back. I lifted her up and walked her towards my car. The police had the keep the people back. I successfully got to my car without getting in any harm. Me and Catherine sat in the back. She was still gripping onto me for dear life.

My driver began to drive and halfway through the journey Catherine had fallen asleep. I stroked her hair. I wonder who he parents are? Do they even know she’s missing? Maybe she was born into this? I mean she did say Jonas got her from somewhere. Where did he get her from?

I tried to focus on her rather than focusing on what could be going of with Lavender right now. It hurt less. I’d rather try figure out who this girl was than think of my child grasping onto to life. It just hurt too much. I know understood what Damian felt. To know your child could die any moment. It’s a heart-wrenching emotions.

We got to the hospital and I ran in with Catherine still in my arms. She was still asleep and looked peaceful. I ran to my private room of the hospital. Carlos was right next door.

When Jeniffer and Damian, saw me they ran towards me instantly.
“Christopher what happened? Is Lavender alright? And why do you have a sleeping girl in your arms?”

I shook my head and tried to get into the room. Damian stopped me by standing in front of the door. I stepped backward s and glared at him.
“They won’t let you in. I already tried. Sit down and calm down.”
I sighed and looked at the door one last time. I walked towards a chairs and sat down. Catherine began to move in my arms but didn’t wake up.

“He stabbed her.”
I whispered.

I heard Jeniffer gasped and her eyes got teary. Damian looked at me shocked.
“I found her in a bed naked bleeding out. He was going to rape her.”
Tears had began to fall and I couldn’t stop them. I looked down at Catherine and moved a piece of hair from out of her face.
“Her names Catherine. She was there too. She said Jonas had gotten her so she could tend to Lavender’s wounds. She had a lot of them. One right from the bottom of her neck to the bottom of her breasts. She was hurt so much in there.”

I couldn’t stop myself from crying. My baby. My sweet Lavender. Footsteps began to approach me. I looked up to see Antonio. He looked as tired as I did. For all I know, he hadn’t slept since his sister was taken. He’s been trying his hardest to find her.

When he spotted me, he ran towards me and his eyes briefly snapped down to Catherine. He looked confused but that was soon covered over by worry.
“Where is Lavender? Is she okay?”

I lowered my head and was about to explain when I heard the doors to her room open. I looked back up. Doctor Byrne stood there with a grim look on her face.
“Christopher. I really hoped I wouldn’t have to see Lavender for a while.”

I smiled lightly.
“She’s doing fine. We’ve stitched up her stab wound. Luckily, it didn’t hit any of her vital organs. She’s going to heal wonderfully. The prior wounds on her body have been checked as well and we’ve cleaned them to make sure she wouldn’t get an infection. Sadly, we weren’t about to save the baby.”
My eyes widened and I stood up from my chair immediately.
“Because she was most likely only a week along, the baby wasn’t able to get its full strength so it wasn’t able to survive through the trauma Lavender’s body was put through.”

I stood there shocked. I looked a Damian and Jeniffer. They looked nearly as shocked as I. There eyes were wide and Jeniffer was gripping onto Damian’s shoulder. I heard Dr Byrne ahh.
“You didn’t know she was pregnant, did you?”

I looked back at Dr Byrne and nodded my head. I was still in shock. My baby girl was pregnant. She was pregnant. Pregnant. My grandchild. She was carrying my grandchild. My grandchild is dead. I lost my grandchild. Lavender lost her daughter or son.

I could feel my tears fall. I fell back into the chair and my mouth fell open.
“My baby girl was pregnant. She was pregnant.”
I quietly said to myself.

Tears had began to silently fall. I sat in the chair and let them. I was shocked. She was pregnant. When the fuck did my baby girl have sex? She had sex with Carlos. I looked up at Damian and Jeniffer. Jeniffer was crying and she had her head in Damian’s shoulder. Damian just stood there shocked. He turned his head to me. We looked at each other shocked for a while.

“Okay I’m going to let you all process this. I would say to get someone in there that meant a lot to her but ,considering the fact Carlos is currently unconscious, I don’t think there would be anyone else.”

I looked up at Antonio. Antonio’s face turned from shocked to angered by her statement.
“Why wouldn’t there be anyone else?”

Dr Byrne looked at him cautiously.
“Lavender and Carlos share a certain bond. The fact they were going to have a baby together is a good reason. Also, you may be her brother but I know in the past you’ve broken that bond you and Lavender used to have. Because of that, it’s not as strong as the one she has with Carlos. He means a lot to her. I could figure that out by how unwilling she was to leave him the last time she was here-”
Antonio’s eyes saddened and he sat down on a chair next to me. I placed my hand on his shoulder and rubbed it. He turned his head to the side and took a deep breath.
“- all I can recommend is that you move them into the same room. I believe they’ll be able to feel each other. That give them that mental strength to wake up and heal themselves.”
I nodded my head and looked at Damian and Jeniffer. Damian looked like he had gotten out of his shock. He nodded his heads too and turned around to walk to Carlos’ room. Jeniffer looked at me and Antonio and sent us one last smile before following her husband.
“Now that girl in your arms. I suspect she needs looking at too especially with all the bruising and scars she has. I need to check her incase she has any internal damage or any infections from her cuts.”

I nodded my head and walked towards the empty room next to Lavender. I walked in and placed Catherine on the bed. She moved around a little before relaxing into the bed. I kissed her forehead and stroked the hair out of her face.
“I’ll be back soon okay.”

I pulled away from her. Dr Byrne sent me a soft smile and signalled towards the door. I walked out of it and she shut the door behind me. I let out a sigh and turned around. Antonio was still sat in the chair with his head in his hands.

I walked towards him and sat down. I placed my arm around his shoulder and brought him into my chest. He laid his head on my shoulder and took a deep breath.

“I was such a little twat to her when we were younger.”
I looked at him shocked.
“I treated her like shit. I would hide the apple juice from her, break her dolls, I even locked her in her room for a whole day while you were away with work because I didn’t want to see her.”

I pulled away from him.
“Why would you do that?”

He loud a deep breaths and tears were running down his face.
“I was jealous and angry at her. Mum left after she was born. All the problems started after she was born. I began to blame her for me not having a mum. I was also jealous of her. You gave Lavender all the attention. Whenever you were home from work, you would spend all you time with her. You never spent it with me.”

He looked up at me with sad eyes. His face was red and he and tears down his cheeks.
“I tried to get your attention. I did good in school. I did good in sports. But it was always Lavender. The only time you ever gave me any attention was when it had to do with the business so I got involved with the business. I always wanted to but it was better when I discovered the only time you ever payed attention to me was when I talked business. I only really started to see how special Lavender was to me when she first got taken. I was so heartbroken. I may have been a little twat to her for my whole life but I would never want her go through what she did. I promised myself that if she ever came back I’d be a better brother. And she did. So I tried my hardest to make it up to her. She forgave me instantly. She said she understood why I did it. I don’t think she truly did though.”

Antonio looked away from me and I could hear him trying to contain his sobs. I placed my arms around his shoulder and pulled him in towards my body.
“I’m so sorry Antonio. I didn’t know you felt this way. I’m so sorry for being such a bad father. You have to know I did notice what you were doing. I noticed all the medals and award you got from school and sports. I noticed all the little things you would do.”
He looked up at me shocked and I sent him a small smile. Tears were gathering in my eyes.
“But Lavender was so naive. She didn’t know how to protect her self in the world like you did. She needed to be protected and cared for a little more than normal kids.”

He stood up and glared at me.
“That gave you no reason to neglect me. I was your child too. I was just as much as a child to you as she was. Yes I knew how naive she was. Hell she forgave me after all the years of torment I put her through. I just wanted you to see me. To give me attention like you gave her. Even the tiniest bit of attention would have been appreciated.”

I stood up to and pulled him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and cried into my shoulder.
“I just wanted you to be my father for once.”

I began to cry myself. I really was a bad father. I neglected him so much. I didn’t notice how much it affected him until now. I gave all my time to Lavender. I never did anything with him. Fuck.

I put my hand on his head and pulled it out of my neck.
“Antonio I’m sorry. I can’t express how sorry I am. I was such a shit father to you. I neglected and pushed your needs aside. I recognise what I’ve done wrong now and I could never make up for it. I’m so so sorry my son.”

I pulled him into a hug again. He hugged me back and we stood there for a while just crying. Antonio pulled away and wiped the rest of his tears away. He sniffled his nose and stood up straight. I did the same and looked at him. He looked away from.

I placed my hand on his shoulder.
“It’s okay to cry son. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength.”

He looked back at me and smiled.
“I know dad. I know.”

I smiled too and patted his shoulder.
“I can’t believe she was pregnant. My baby sister was pregnant.”

I looked at him. He seemed angered but awed by the statement.
“I know. She’s going to be heartbroken when she finds out.”
I frowned and looked into the distance.

Antonio looked at me.
“What if we don’t tell her?”

I shook my head instantly.
“You know we can’t do that. It was her baby. Her baby Antonio. It was part of her. That was your niece or nephew. My grandchild She deserves to know.”
He nodded his head and closed his eyes.

“Damn are all the people in your family like this? Because I swear you have so much drama in your life I don’t even think mean girls could compete with it.”

I turned around and my eyes widened when I saw a little kid stood there eating an apple. His eyes were watching us intently. What the fuck? What did he even mean? And where the fuck did he come from?
“And who are you?”

His eyes widened and he smiled.
“Oh sorry. I’m Nathaniel Black. I’m actually friends with your daughter. I proposed to her once you know?”

I coughed. Antonio appeared beside me and he narrowed his eyes down at the kid.
“You what? What are you like 12?”

He rolled his eyes and took another bite out of his apple.
“No I’m 15 idiot.”
Antonio look a step forward but I placed my hand on his shoulder to keep him back.
“Oh Yeah I proposed to her but she rejected me. Said it was illegal as I was underage or something. Anyway I was in the hospital and heard she was hurt just wanted to wish her family a safe recovery.”
He looked around the halls looking for someone.
“Have you see Carlos anywhere? I never see Lavender without Carlos so he has be here somewhere.”

I laughed and looked at him sadly.
“Carlos is actually injured as well so he’s currently in a hospital bed.”

Nathaniel smirked.
“That’s funny.”

I was confused. I glared at the kid. Why would he think that’s funny? His eyes widened and he put his hands up in surrender.
“I don’t mean it in that way. It’s not funny he’s injured. It’s just that I love tormenting him. Lavender always pays attention to me when I’m around and it makes Carlos mad and jealous. So it’s funny that the only way he has to get her full undivided attention is to end up in a hospital bed.”

I liked this kid. He was a bit insensitive but had a good humour. He threw the core of his apple in the bin and then pulled out his phone.
“I got to go. I wish both Carlos and Lavender a safe recovery. Tell Lavender that Nathaniel says she’s beautiful.”

Antonio stepped forward.
“I think not.”

Nathaniel laughed and ran off. I pulled Antonio back and began to laugh. I looked where Nathaniel had ran off.
“That sure is one strange kid.”

Antonio nodded his head.
“He sure is.”

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