His Little Lavender

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Chapter 48

Jeremiah PoV

“Who’s that girl you brought with you Chris?”
Me and Christopher were sat in an old office room in the hospital. He had a pair of glasses on and was working on a laptop. I was staring into space thinking about all that had happened.

Christopher looked up from his laptop and took his glasses off. He put the laptop on the table in front of him and placed his hands on his lap.
“That’s Catherine. Before we could actually open the door to the house, Catherine opened it. I believe your brother had brought her from some child trafficking auction.”
My eyes widened and I leaned forward in my chair. Child trafficking?
“She said Jonas had got her to tend to Lavender’s wound. She would treat and make sure they hadn’t got infected. That’s why she’s healing so perfectly now. Catherine would make sure her wounds were clean and wouldn’t get infected after Jonas had..hurt her.”
He said that with so much venom.

“How old is Catherine?”
Christopher’s expression changed. He looked confused and like he was thinking.

“I don’t actually know. She might be awake. I’ll go ask her now.”
He was about to stand up from his chair but I stopped him.

“Don’t worry I’ll go. I want to meet her anyway.”
Christopher looked at me with a sad expression. He sat back down in his chair and I made my way to the door.

I turned around and looked back at him.
“Don’t blame yourself for what your brother did. You’re not Jonas and Jonas is not you. Don’t feel guilty. You didn’t know.”

My eyes softened and I nodded my head.
“I know.”

I opened the door and made my way to the side of the hospital Lavender, Carlos and Catherine were being kept. I walked past Lavender and Carlos’ room and peered in through the window. They still laid montionless in their beds. The heart monitors looked normal and they didn’t seem to be having any problems.

I stopped outside of Catherine’s door. I looked at it for a minute. Did I really want to go inside? Would she want to see me? Maybe she’d get reminded of Jonas. I didn’t want her to panic Was this really a good idea?

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door before I could change my mind. I waited for a moment and their heard a faint ‘come in’. I placed my hand on the door handle and pushed it open hesitantly. I looked inside to see a young girl laying on a large bed. Her brown eyes looked like they sparkles with happiness. Her hair only came to her shoulders but shone like the sun under the hospital lights. Her lips were in a small smile but when she saw me it fell. The little freckles dotted on her nose and beneath her eyes looked like constellation you would see in the sky when the sun had decided to take its leave.

I stepped fully into the room and walked to a chair. I sat down and looked at her. She looked back at me scared and confused. I tried not to look intimidating and scaring by relaxing my body and smiling a little.

“M-May ask who you are?”
My eyebrows furrowed. Why didn’t she speak in full sentences?

I saw her body was tense and sent a small smile to try help her relax.
“I’m the mayor of New York. My name is Jeremiah Williams.”

Her eyes widened and she moved as far away from me as possible. I frowned a little.
“Williams? Master W-Williams.”
I was confused. Master Williams? Who was that? Was she on about Jonas.

I shook my head instantly and slowly sat up from my seat to not startle the girl. Her eyes followed my every movement.
“No I’m not Master Williams. Jonas is my brother. I’m Jonas’ half brother.”

I tried to walk towards her but she flinched. I frowned and stayed where I was.
“I want you to know I’m not going to hurt you. No one is. You’re safe now. Jonas is dead. He can’t hurt you. I may be his half-brother but I’m not like him. I would never hurt you. I’m so sorry for what he did to you. You didn’t deserve any of it.”
Her posture slowly relaxed and when I went to approach her she didn’t flinch away again. I smiled lightly at her and she sent a small one back.

I stood by the side of her bed and only then did I notice all the scars and bruises she had. There was only one scar on her face. It was located on the left side and started from her hair line and came just past her eye and then stopped.

(That’s not Catherine but it’s a representation of what her scars looks like)

(This is ‘Catherine’ at the age of 14)

“How old are you?”
She looked up at me still hesitant to talk to me.

“Me 14. How old you?”
I smiled at her.

“I’m 26. What’s your name?”
She looked up at me confused. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“M-Master William s-said name is Catherine.”
I arched my eyebrow.


She looked down at her lap and fiddled with her fingers.
“Master Jonas n-not like my name so c-changed it.”

I smiled sadly at her when she looked up.
“What was your name before you were there?”

She looked like she was thinking for a second.

I smiled at her brightly. She smiled back and it looked like my Nia’s. She was so young. She didn’t deserve the life she got.
“That’s a beautiful name Vanesia. Do you have a last name?”

She frowned and shook her head.
“Never h-had family. N-No last name.”

I frowned. She’s never had a family. Does that mean she was born into the life she had? I slowly moved my hand to place it on top of hers. Before they made contact, I looked up at her for confirmation that she didn’t mind me touching her. She looked down at me nervously and slowly nodded her head. I smiled and placed my hand on top of hers. Her body shook and her hand suddenly became warm. A large smile graced her face and I smiled because of it.

“Don’t worry Vanesia. I’ll be your family now.”

Josie’s PoV

It’s been a month. One whole month and they still haven’t woken up. Carlos’ heartbeat has stopped about another 3 times. The doctors don’t think he’s going make it through another month. They say if he doesn’t wake up by then he never will. It was painful to hear. I haven’t known him for long but I know he doesn’t deserve this. He’s so kind and I know he would do anything for Lavender. Hell he beat up a kid for her because he was making her feel uncomfortable and hitting on her. If that doesn’t show how much he loves her, I don’t think anything does.

Lavender’s case is a little different than Carlos’ case. Her body is healing perfectly. There’s nothing physically harming that’s stopping her from waking up. There’s no reason why she can’t wake up. The doctors told us it’s her mental side that doesn’t want to wake up. They believe because of everything she went through with Jeremiah that she would rather be dead than alive. I couldn’t stop crying after they told us that. She didn’t deserve this at all. She did nothing wrong in her whole life. She was so nice and innocent. The fact that she doesn’t want to live anymore is heartbreaking to hear.

Christopher and Antonio took it the worst. They were so angry. They threatened every doctor that gave them the same news. I’ve seen Christopher cry now more than I ever have in my whole life. He’s such a happy man. To see him cry, makes you yourself want to cry.

Antonio drowned himself in work to try distract him. He’s began going out and sleeping with random girls. I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. I had a crush on him for a whole year. When he got with that girl, it was heartbreaking for me. Your crush dating someone else would cause you to feel like that. The fact he only sees me as a little sister hurts me. I want to be more than his little sister.

Max and Braydon aren’t doing too well either. Max refuses to come out of his room. He stays in there and only comes out when he goes to the hospital to see Lavender. He even refuses to go to school. Braydon has just closed himself off. He doesn’t show any emotion anymore. He’s taken up a new sport. Boxing. I tried to convince him otherwise because of his weak heart but he just continued.

I go to see Lavender and Carlos everyday. I tell them about everything that’s going off. I don’t know if they can hear me but it helps me to get everything off my chest. There’s been sometimes where I thought they had moved but they hadn’t. It was just an illusion. I still go to school. The people there act like they care but honestly most of them haven’t even had a single interaction with Lavender or Carlos. They just do it so they don’t look bad. All they really care about is how they look and their reputation.

It was Christmas today. None of us were really in the Christmas joy. I know my dad took both Cody and Carlos’ sister (Jessica) out. They were still kids. He didn’t want them to miss Christmas just because the rest of us didn’t want to come. Cody wanted to bring his friend along. His name was Nathaniel. He’s a funny kid. They went to a ice skating ring, a snowboarding arena and too McDonald’s for tea.

I wanted to go but decided otherwise. I stayed with Lavender and Carlos. I dragged both Braydon and Max done as well. They didn’t want to but after a bit of convincing and some physical threats they came.

We sat around them and just stayed silent. None of u had a clue what to say. It was awkward. Max tried to leave but I made him sit down.

I looked at them both and sighed.
“Do you remember when we were 10 and we went to that skating ring?”

They looked up at me confused. I looked at Lavender’s bed and smiled.

A larger smile formed on my face at the fact they were actually interacting with me.
“It was so fun. None of us could Ice-skate to save our lives.”

I let out a dry laugh and looked down at my lap to hold in the tears. I wiped under my eyes and took a deep breath.
“Lavender tried to help us. She was the only one that actually got to hang of it in the end.”

I looked up at Braydon. He was staring at Lavender and I could see a tear roll down his face.

Max placed his hand on mine and squeezed it. I looked at him and he had tears rolling down his cheeks too.
“Do you remember when she tried helping me up and I just pulled her down with me because I fell again?”
I laughed and shook my head. That was a disastrous moment. “She wouldn’t talk to me for a whole week and the only way I could make it up to her was to get Braydon’s mum to make her those brownies and give her apple juice. She was so happy when I gave them to her. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.”

Tears had begun to fall down my face and I quickly wiped them away.
“She was such a kind person. Carlos is lucky to have her.”

Braydon laughed and walked up to Carlos’ bed.
“I can’t believe she was pregnant.”
He looked up to me and Max. I nodded my head.
“I mean Lavender. No one would have expect her to get pregnant so young.”

Max nodded his head.
“I didn’t even know she lost her v-card. I mean when did she even erm -you know do it.”

Braydon laughed a little and I looked at him confused.
“They had sex the night before she was taken. Did you see the little limp in her step when she came to school? She was trying to hide it by skipping but she wasn’t fooling me. She had hickeys all over her neck and she winced a little when she sat on Carlos’ lap at lunch. If that isn’t clear to you two, I think you might need your eyes checked.”

He raised his eyebrows and my eyes widened.
“That’s why they skipped 2 periods. They were having sex.”

I looked at Lavender in disbelief. Surely not. She wouldn’t have sex during school. That’s not like her. How the fuck did she lose her virginity before me? Like how?

Braydon laughed at my reaction.
“It was bound to happen. If our little Lavender was to lose her v-card to anyone, it would be to Carlos.”

I smiled a little and stood up. I walked to Lavender and stroked the top of her head. Her face stayed the same but I swear I saw a little twitch in her cheek as if she was trying to smile. I gasped and pulled my hand back.

I looked at the other two and their eyes were wide too.
“Please tell me you saw that.”

They nodded their head and ran up to Lavender’s bed looking down at her. We stared at her for a while waiting for her to move but nothing changed. I let out a sigh of disappointment. I really thought she was going to wake up. I slumped back in my chair and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, I heard a loud beeping and they flew open. I looked at Lavender’s heart monitor and it was going crazy. The lines weren’t even and she looked as if her heart was going too fast. Max and Braydon looked as if they were panicking and ran up to her. I sat up from my chair and ran towards the door to get a doctor.

Dr Byrne’s head snapped towards us and she dropped the documents in her hands and ran towards us. A group of doctor’s were following after her.

They got to room and looked at Lavender. Their eyes grew bigger and they ran to her. They started to do compressions. I stayed near the door crying and biting my nails. Was she going to be okay? What’s happening?

Out of the blue, Carlos began to move on his bed and my head snapped towards him.
A doctor ran towards his bed and pushed Braydon out of the way.

He placed his hand on Carlos’ head and his eyes widened.
“Dr Byrne. He’s heating up.”

The doctor’s eyes widened and she started to order more doctor’s into the room. Carlos was moving frantically on his bed and he was beginning to sweat. He let out groans and moans of pain.
“L-Lavender. No Lavender.”

His eyes flew open and he looked around the room. My eyes widened. He was awake. Carlos was awake. I looked at Braydon and Max. They looked just as shocked as I did.

Carlos was still sweating and his body was shaking a bit. The doctor’s gasped and held him down. He was trying to get out their grip by kicking his legs but they restrained them to.

He began to shout.
“Lavender. N-No no. W-Where’s Lavender? I want L-Lavender.”

They injected something into his arm and he began to calm down. His body stopped moving and his eyes started to closed. His head fell to the side and he looked at me.
“L-Lavender. I want m-my Lavender.”

His eyes closed and his heart beat went back to normal. The doctor’s sighed and released him.
They had been able to get Lavender’s heart back to normal and she was now laying peacefully on her bed. I was stood near the door with silent tears rolling down my cheeks. I could hardly breath and my body was shaking a little. What had just happened?

Max appeared in front of me and gripped my shoulder.
“Shh Jo. They’re alright. There’s no need to worry. Lavender and Carlos are both alright. Take a deep breath. In and out. In and out.”

I followed what he was doing and took a deep breath. In and out. In and out. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. I hugged him back and cried into his shoulder. Braydon joined our hug and hugged us both to his chest. I moved my head onto his shoulder and so did Max. He placed his head on mine and held us close.

“It’s going to be okay.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
“It’s going to be okay.”
I whispered to myself.

Carlos’ PoV

I could feel my eyes slowly opening. The headache I had was killing me. I didn’t really want to wake up. I’d rather go back to sleep. I felt so tired. My eyes opened and the blinding light in the room made me groan and move my hand to cover my eyes. I groaned because of how painful it was. Fuck sake. What was wrong with me? Maybe I should be working out more. My muscles are too sore. Screw that. The only exercise I need is with Lavender.

I tried to feel around for the body of my darling. I moved my hand all over the bed trying to find her. When I couldn’t, I opened my eyes and sat up. That caused more pain to erupt through my body. I groaned and held my head and used my other hand to massage my shoulder. That only made it hurt more.

I looked around the room. My eyes widened when I saw it wasn’t my room. I looked all around. This definitely wasn’t my room. The white walls and constant spell of medicine told me I was in a hospital. Why was I in hospital? I looked down at my body. I was wearing a hospital gown. It didn’t feel good and was probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever worn in my whole life. I held it up and looked at it in disgust. I released it and let it fall back onto my body.

I tried to remember why I was here. My headache only got worse. I tried and tried to remember. I could recall bits and pieces. Me and Lavender were in the closet. We went out and went to have lunch. The rest of the day we had classes. Smithy was taking us home. My eyes widened when I remembered. He was working with Jonas. Lavender. Where was Lavender?

I looked around the room. My eyes were wide and I was full on panicking. Where was my darling? My breath got faster. I let out a sigh when I saw her in a bed beside me. My concern grew when I saw the IV in her arm and the oxygen mask on her face. Why did she need an oxygen mask? Was she hurt?

I pulled the hospital blanket off my body. My shoulder was killing me. I groaned and placed my feet on the closed floor. I tried to walk but a pain in my lower back caused me to fall. I gripped onto my bed so I wouldn’t land on the floor. I took a deep breath to try help with the pain in my shoulder and back. It hurt. A lot. I placed my hand on my IV pole and used it to keep myself stable.

I slowly walked over to Lavender’s bed. I looked down at her and carefully placed my hand on her cheek. The warmth that spread through my body made me shudder. My eyes softened. She looked so peaceful. Her features were calm and her body was relaxed. My eyes turned hard when I saw the bandage down her chest and her arm. There were a few blood patches on it.
She was hurt. My darling was hurt.

I looked back up at Lavender’s face. I rubbed her cheek and could feel my tears forming.
“Oh my d-darling.”
My voice was hoarse and it hurt to speak. I cleared my throat.
“My poor darling.”

“Carlos. You’re awake.”
I turned my head to the side to see Dr Byrne. She looked surprised to see me. I could remember her from the time Lavender was in the hospital. What was she here for?
“It’s nice to see you’ve finally woken up. You shouldn’t really be standing. You’ve just woke up from a month coma.”

My eyes widened and I could feel my legs giving out. I placed my hand on Lavender’s bed to stable myself.
“A m-month?”

She nodded her head and came up to me. She placed her hand around my waist cautious of the pain in my lower back. I put my arm around her shoulders and took one last look at Lavender. She was okay. I looked back to my bed and began to walk to it. Dr Byrne helped me when I didn’t have the strength to.

When I got in, I sighed and took a deep breath.
“How long has she been in a coma? Lavender I mean? How long?”

Dr Byrne looked down at the floor with sad eyes.
“A month too. You were placed in a coma a week before her so your wounds would heal.”

My eyes widened.
“My wounds. What wounds?”

Dr Byrne shook her head.
“It isn’t really my place to tell you what exactly happened. You were shot in your lower back and shoulder. You were lucky the bullet in your lower back didn’t hit your spine or else your whole lower body would have been paralysed.”

I nodded my head and laid it against the wall behind me with wide eyes.
“So I was shot twice?”
I was shocked. I wasn’t shot once. But twice.

Dr Byrne nodded her head and began to check my vitals. She wrote on her clipboard and then walked over to Lavender. She took the oxygen mask of her face and checked her vitals too.

Dr Byrne looked back at me and sent me a smile.
“Well I need to go inform your family your awake. I know they’ll be excited.”

She walked towards the door going to leave. I sat up in my bed and stopped her.
“Dr Byrne.”
She turned around and nodded her head.
“Can I ask you a question?”

She looked at me confused but nodded her head again.
“Of course Carlos.”

I looked back at Lavender and my eyes softened.
“Do you know when she’ll wake up? From her coma?”

I looked back at Dr Byrne. She sadly shook her head. She looked at Lavender.
“Physically there’s nothing stopping her from waking up. Her injuries are healing perfectly. It’s her mental side that’s stopping her.”

I looked at Dr Byrne confused.
“What do you mean?”

She looked back at me.
“It means she doesn’t want to wake up.”

My eyes widened. Dr Byrne walked out of the room. I sunk into my bed and tears began to form in my eyes. What does she mean Lavender doesn’t want to wake up? Doesn’t she want to be with me anymore? Why would she want to leave? Leave me? Leave her family? What happened for that week I was asleep before her?

I laid there staring at Lavender for a while. I heard the door to our room open and I turned my head towards it. My eyes widened when I saw my mother’s large smile. Tears began to sprout to her eyes and she ran towards me. She hugged the side of me that wasn’t currently injured. I groaned because of the impact but slowly hugged her back with my bad arm. That also caused pain to erupt in my lower back. My mother pulled away from me and I put on a smile to hide the pain. She held my face in her hands and beamed at me brightly. She kissed my face all over while still crying.

“Oh my baby. Your awake. Your really awake.”
She pulled away again and just scanned her eyes over my face.

I sent her a smile.
“Yes mum. I’m awake.”
My throat was a little dry. Her eyes widened and she gave me a cup of water. I drank it quickly and it made my throat so much better.

She bursted into tears again and looked at my father. He looked as shocked as my mother. He had a smile none the less. He walked to me and just stood there. We looked at each other. This was a little weird. He pulled me into a hug and I hugged him back. He pulled away and placed his hand on my good shoulder.
“It’s nice to have you back to the land of the awake son.”

I nodded my head and laughed. I groaned because of the pain it caused. My father looked at me concerned and my mum pushed him out the way. I sent them a pained smile.
“It’s okay. I’m okay. Don’t worry.”

My mum nodded her head and she smiled again. I looked around the room. Christopher and Jeremiah stood on Lavender’s side. Christopher looked at me. He stood up from his chair and walked up to me. He stood beside my bed and just stared down at me. I could see he had been crying. His eyes were red and I noticed tear trails down his cheek.

He smiled at me and suddenly hugged me. I tensed up shocked. Why was he hugging me? I looked at my father and he was as confused as I. I reluctantly hugged him back. Christopher pulled away and looked down at me. I could see the tears in his eyes but he had a small smile on his face.
“I can’t even express how thankful I am to you for protecting my baby. I’m so sorry that you got shot. Not once but twice. You didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. Protecting his baby? She still got taken, didn’t she? How did I protect her?
“What did I do? I can’t remember.”

Christopher looked at me confused.
“Do you not remember what you did to those guys?”

I tried to think back. What had I done to what guys? My eyes widened and I gasped when I remember.
“Oh those guys. Yeah I’m pretty sure one of them bruised my ribs.”

Christopher laughed and he shook his head.
“That was nothing compared to what you did to them.”

I smiled.
“They deserved it. They were trying to hurt my darling.”

Christopher’s face softened and he looked back at Lavender. I did too.
“She’s been through a lot.”
I looked up at Christopher.
“After you were shot, Jonas drugged and took her.”
My eyes widened and I looked back at Lavender.
“She was gone done a whole week. She was tortured.”
He looked back at me with sad eyes.
“Physically and verbally. She has scars on her stomach arms and one from the bottom of her neck to the bottom of her breast.”
My eyes hardened and I could feel myself tearing up.

“There was a tape. Two actually.”
I moved my eyes to Christopher. He was looking down at me with cold eyes. Okay his mood changed so fast.
“One of them was a little sex tape of you and Lavender in a closet.”

My eyes widened and I looked anywhere in the room but at my parents or Christopher. My cheeks heated up and I cleared my throat.
“Mmm yeah-well.”

I scratched the back of my head and reluctantly looked back at Christopher. He was still looking down at me seriously. His expression relaxed a bit and he took a deep breath. I swear this dude has a bipolar disorder because of all the time his mood just dips so quickly.
“I destroyed it. The other tape was Lavender in a small room.”
He took another deep breath and looked up to try contain his tears.
“There was a microphone and Jonas was verbally abusing her.”

My eyes widened.
“What do you mean he was verbally abusing her?”

Christopher shook his head and walked to the television we had in our room.
“I think it would be better if you saw it for yourself.”

He pulled a cd from his pocket and put it in the CD slot. The television turned on and it was a dark room. A door opened and someone was thrown in it. I recognised who. It was Lavender. She was in a revealing two piece dress. My eyes widened and I looked at Christopher. He was looking at the floor and tears were pouring down his face. I looked back at the television. The door slammed close on her. She was banging on the door begging to be let out. She was sobbing and crying. I couldn’t keep my tears in and began to cry.

My mother and father walked out of the room and I could see my father had his arm around my mother because of how much she was crying. Jeremiah was sat on a chair with his eyes shut closed. He had a pained expression on his face.

I could hear a different voice. I gasped. That was my voice. I sat up straight in my bed. Lavender looked up at the camera and it was heartbreaking to see the state she was in. Jonas was using my voice to verbally abuse her. He began to hurl insults at her. She was rocking back and forth and I could hear her sobs.

She would repeatedly tell herself something with her hands over her ears to block out any sound.
“That’s n-not Charlie. D-Don’t b-believe him.”

My heart broke for her. She was trying to convince herself it wasn’t me. Jonas was using me against her. I was full on crying now. After a while, Lavender just laid her head against the wall and let Jonas insult her. She would hiccup but her face was straight. She had given up.

I put my face in my hands and cried. I couldn’t breath. The tv was turned off and I felt Christopher approach me.


I looked up at him in pure anger.
“Why would you show that to me? What do you think it would do? Make me feel more guilt. I know I wasn’t able to save her Christopher. I KNOW THAT.”
I looked away from him and to the side. I bit my lip to try hide my sob. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I looked back at him.
“you had no right to show me that.”

His eyes softened and he was about to approach me when I hear a change in the constant beating of Lavender’s heart beat. His head whipped towards her. I looked towards her as well. She was breathing heavily and moving frantically on her bed. I got up off my bed and gripped the IV pole. Jeremiah had now stood up alert. Christopher had ran out the room to get a doctor.

Before I could get to Lavender myself, Dr Byrne ran into the room with 2 doctors behind her. She ran up to Lavender and my eyes trailed after them. She brought a syringe from out of her pocket and my eyes widened. Lavender doesn’t like needles.
The other doctors grabbed her arms and held her as still as possible.

Her eyes snapped open and she began to scream.
“G-Get off me. No no. P-Please. G-Get off me J-Jonas. Leave m-me alone.”

Dr Byrne stopped the movement of her hand and looked at Lavender worried. Me and Christopher looked at each other shocked. She was awake. My darling was awake.

Christopher looked back at Dr Byrne.
“What’s wrong? What the fuck is wrong with my daughter Dr Byrne?”

The doctor turned to look at us. Lavender was still be restrained by the other doctors and she was sobbing on the bed. Her screams hadn’t died down and they sounded so painful to hear. Tears and begun to find their way to my eyes as I looked at her struggle.

“She seems to think she’s still with Jonas. We need to try calm her down and sedate her before she hurts herself or someone else.”
My eyes widened and I walked towards Lavender.

Dr Byrne was about to say something but I sent her a glare and she shut up. I continued on my way and when I made it to her bed i realised she wasn’t looking at anything in particular. She was just looking around as if there were ghost ,us humans, didn’t or couldn’t see.

I looked at the other doctors and glared.
“Take your hands off slowly.”
Their eyes widened. I sighed and looked at Dr Byrne. She was staring at me skeptically.
“She believes she’s still back there as she feels trapped. Your doctors are making her feel trapped by restraining her arms. Tell them to take their hands off her or I will do it myself. The more people in the room. The more scared she’ll be so I recommend you leave.”

Christopher looked at me shocked.
“That’s my daughter Carlos. You can’t expect me to leave.”

I looked at him and sharply replied.
“Yes I can if you expect her to calm down any time soon.”

His eyes widened and he looked at Dr Byrne. Doctor Byrne nodded her head agreeing with what I said. Christopher huffed and unwillingly left the room.

“I can’t leave you in here unsupervised. Those two will have to stay with you while I wait outside.”

I rolled my eyes.
“Yes as long as they stay as far as way as possible that won’t be a problem.”
She sent me a sharp look before walking out of the room.

I looked back at the two other doctors and they were slowly taking their hands off Lavender. She began to move around on the bed again. The doctors were about to retrain her again but I glared at them. They looked scared by my reaction and stepped back with their hands up in surrender.

I moved closer to her and gently placed my hand on her cheek. She flinched away from me and tried to move. I rubbed my finger over her cheek soothingly and leaned into her ear and whispered so no one else could hear.
“Shh darling. It’s alright. It’s alright. No need to panic. Your Carlos is here. Daddy’s here. Shh my darling.”

Her body began to relax and she finally snapped her eyes to me. I leaned up and smiled down at her. I used my hand on her cheek to reassure her I was here.

Her eyes widened in shock and she tried to sit up. I placed my hands gently on her shoulder and pushed her back down. She whimpered and began kicking her legs. I moved my hands off her shoulders instantly and placed them back on her cheek. Okay noted. Don’t touch her shoulders.

She was looking at me but it looked like she wasn’t looking at me. It was like she thought I was a ghost or something. She slowly brought her hand to my cheek and touched me. Her hand snapped back down to the bed as soon as we made contact. Tears sprouted to her eyes and began to fall. I used my thumb to wipe them away.

She leaned into my hand.
“You’re h-here Charlie. Y-You’re really here.”

I smiled down at her through my tears and placed my forehead against hers.
“Yes my darling. I am.”

She broke into sobs and brought me into a hug. I felt pain erupt all through my body because of the way I was hunched over and the fact Lavender had her hand right on my shoulder injury. I held in a wince and used all my strength to hug her back. She didn’t need to worry about me right now.

She began to cry into my shoulder and I stroked her hair and back.
“D-Does that mean I’m d-dead?”
I pulled away from her and looked at her face confused.

Her lips were in a small pout and unushered tears swamped her lower lid. I used my thumb to wipe them away. She flinched away when I raised my hand and looked at it scared. I frowned and slowly brought it to her face so I wouldn’t scare her. Why would she flinch? Did he smack her? I could feel my body coursing with anger. I wanted to let it out but needed to contain it so I wouldn’t scare Lavender.

“I d-didn’t get to say g-goodbye Carlos. I really W-wanted to say goodbye t-to my family.”
She broke down into another set of sobs and fell onto my good shoulder this time. I looked up at the ceiling trying to hold my tears in. She was seriously putting the fact she didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone ,when she isn’t really dead, over the fact she was in pain. I knew she had too be because I could see blood seeping through the bandage on her chest.

I placed my hand in her hair and used it to angle her head up to look at me. Her eye glistened with tears still and her cheeks and nose were red.
“You’re not dead my darling. See look around you. You’re in a hospital.”
She looked behind her and gasped. Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. When she spotted the two male doctors near her bed, she shuffled closer to me. I held her and sent a threatening glare for them to go away. They got the message and quickly went out the room. She flinched a little when they moved and held onto me tighter. My eyes softened. What happened to her there that made her so jittery?

She looked back at me and had a little smile on her face.
“I-I’m not dead.”

I smiled too and moved a piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear. She didn’t flinch this time when I raised my hand. That’s a good sign.
“No my darling. You’re not dead.”

Her smile soon simmered into a frown and she looked up at me with a pout.
“I-If I’m not dead, h-how are you here?”

It was my turn to frown. Why wouldn’t I be here if she was alive?
“What do you mean angel?”

She blushed a little at the nickname and I smirked a little.
She looked up at me through her eyelashes.
“You’re d-dead Carlos.”

My eyes widened and I shook my head instantly. Tears were falling down her cheeks and she was struggling to breathe. She thought I was dead? Did she think I was dead the whole time she was in there? My poor baby.

I stroked the side of her head and cupped her cheek.
“I’m not dead baby. Can’t you feel the warmth emitting from my hand? I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was dead.”

Lavender lifted her head up slowly. She looked at my hand skeptically. She leaned down at little and kissed it. I’ll admit it made my hairs stand up and a little shudder to dance down my spine. She smiled. No she beamed at me. Her tears had disappeared.

“You’re r-really alive C-Charlie.”
I smiled down at her just as brightly.

“Yes darling. Why would you think otherwise?”

She frowned and looked down at her lap.
“J-J-Jonas showed me c-camera footage f-from the hospital. Your f-family were saying goodbye. I t-thought you were dead.”

I frowned and leaned down to kiss her cheek.
“I’m not dead darling. I promise you.”

She smiled at me. We just stared at each other for a while smiling. Suddenly he expression changed. She looked scared and sad. Tears made there way to her eyes again and her lower lip began to wobble. I instantly became worried and angled her head to look me in the eye. When we made eye contact, she bursted into tears. My eyes widened and I hugged her immediately. I moved her to the side of the bed a little. I got on it myself and brought her on my lap. She moved so her legs were around my waist and her arms were connected around my neck and she was straddling my waist. The heel of her foot was digging into my wound and pain began to erupt in that region of my body. I moved her a little so it wouldn’t.

I placed my hand on her back and rubbed it. I used my bad arm to bring her head out of her neck. Tears were still running down her cheeks and they didn’t stop.
“I-I cheated Charlie. I cheated o-on you.”

I looked at her confused. What does she mean she cheated on me? How could she cheat on me? My eyes hardened when I realised what she meant. I placed her head in my neck so she would see how angry I was. He touched her. He fucking touched her. That son of a bitch.

I played with her hair to calm me down. I took deep breaths. Lavender pulled her head out of my neck and looked up at me. She was sobbing.
“I’m s-sorry Charlie. I d-didn’t want to. I r-really didn’t want to. P-Please don’t b-be mad at me. I d-didn’t want to c-cum. I’m s-sorry. I’m s-so sorry daddy.”

My heart broke. She thought I was mad at her. She thought I’d be mad at her for him raping her. I placed both my hands on her cheek and held her face in my hands.
“Darling I’m not mad. It wasn’t your fault. He raped you Lavender. You couldn’t stop him. I know you didn’t want to. I’ll never be angry at you for something like that.”

She looked at me shocked. I smiled at her lightly and wiped her tears away. I pecked her cheek again and she blushed. I smiled. There we go. My Lavender’s back. She hid her face in my neck and I chuckled. It hurt but I didn’t show her that.

The door to the room opened and people began swarming in. I could see Dr Byrne my parents, Lavender’s brother and dad, Josie, Max and Braydon, Jeremiah and his wife, Jia. They all looked happy to see us awake. The room was big enough to fit them all and still have space left. Lavender looked out of my shoulder and looked at them. Her eyes lit up and she smiled shyly. They smiled back at her and she leaned her head back into my chest. I smiled down at her and stroked her hair.

“Lavender. Carlos we have a serious matter to discuss with both of you.”
I turned my attention back to Dr Byrne. She looked at us sadly.

Lavender brought her head of my shoulder and sat up. She was now sat on my hip instead of my lap.

“Now that you’ve both come out of your coma there will be tests done on your brains and body so we can see if there has been any damage done to them. You may feel dizziness, fatigue and sickness. All of that is totally normal for patients that have just awoke from comas as long as yours.”
I nodded my head and so did Lavender.

“Now Carlos. Your gun shot wounds should heal in a couple of days. You’ll feel occasionally pain but the fact they were also able to heal over the month you were in your coma made it so you won’t feel as much pain. If you do, please come back here. It may be they get infected so change your bandages every night and don’t get them wet.”
She smiled at me and I nodded my head back at her.

She looked at Lavender.
“Now Lavender. Your stab wound has healed perfectly. You shouldn’t feel as much pain. We are lucky it didn’t hit your intestines. The injuries you obtained while actually in the house are healed amazingly. Unfortunately,they will leave scars.”
Lavender frowned and her eyes clouded with tears. She blinked them away. I massaged her head and she placed it on my good shoulder.
“Thanks to Vanesia they didn’t get infected and were able to heal faster.”

Lavender and me looked at Dr Byrne confused.
“Vanesia? Who’s t-that?”
Lavender asked.

Dr Byrne looked at her confused.
“There was a little girl in the house. She said she would clean and tend to your wounds when you were hurt. Do you remember her Lavender?”

Her eyes widened.
“Her n-name was Vanesia. S-she would never talk to me. I d-didn’t think h-he would let her speak.”
She frowned and rubbed her face on my shoulder.

“Yeah her name was Vanesia. She’s being kept next door. We’ve been monitoring her for the past month incase she had any panic or anxiety attacks. Her speaking ability is very poor for someone of her age and she talks in chopped sentences. Her body was littered with bruise and scars when she came in. Since then, we’ve been giving her medication to keep her healthy and strengthen her bones. She doing much better and when she gets discharged, she’ll be going home with Mr and Mrs Williams because of her not having a family of her own.”

I turned my gaze to Jeremiah and Jia. They were smiling brightly. Lavender smiled at them gratefully.
“Thank you J-Jeremiah and Jia for l-looking after her.”

Jia laughed.
“It’s no problem lovely. She’s a wonderful girl it’s our pleasure to welcome her into our home. She gets on with Nia and Jerome so well so that’s a plus. She’ll be a fine addiction to our family.”
Jia lovingly rubbed Jeremiah’s shoulder. He looked down and kissed her on the lips. She smiled into the kiss.

“Now to some upsetting news for all of us here, especially for you two.”
We all looked back at Dr Byrne. Everyone in the room ,expect me and Lavender, looked upset and were looking at the floor. Lavender looked up at me confused.

“When we were examining Lavender’s stab wound, we discovered another heartbeat when we got hers.”
My eyes furrowed. What did she mean another heart beat?

I gasped and looked down at my darling with wide eyes when I discovered what she meant. L-Lavender’s pregnant. She’s pregnant with my child. My child. She still didn’t seem to understand what that meant. I looked down at her stomach shocked but with a loving look.

“Lavender you were pregnant.”
I heard her gasp and I looked into her eyes. They were wide and her expression was the exact same as mine.

“I-I’m pregnant.”

Dr Byrne’s eyes saddened and she looked down at the floor. She cleared her throat before looking back at us.
“Unfortunately,because the baby was only a week old, it hadn’t gotten its full strength so the baby didn’t survive. We tried but we couldn’t save it or keep it alive because the amount of blood you had lost and the lack of food and water you were receiving.”

Tears began gathering in my eyes. My baby’s dead. My baby. Lavender broke out into heartbreaking cries. I placed her head in my shoulder. I looked at Dr Byrne. She sent a sad smile and nodded her head. Everyone began filtering out of the room with sad smiles. Most had tears in their eyes too. Half had some running down their cheeks.

I laid down ,careful of my shoulder, and placed my hands on Lavender’s back and hair. I silently let my tears fall. My darling was pregnant. She was going to have my baby. My first-born. My son or daughter was dead. They were dead. I bit my lip to hold in a sob. I needed to be strong for Lavender. I stroked Lavender’s hair and back when I heard her sobs get louder.

“I’m sorry C-Charlie. I’m s-so so sorry. I k-killed our baby. I’m so s-sorry.”
I took a deep breath and lifted Lavender’s head out of my neck. I used my thumbs to wipe away her tears.

“Don’t you ever say anything like that little girl. Never. You didn’t kill our baby. That sick bastard did. I will never blame you for it. Never. Don’t you dare blame yourself. You couldn’t do anything. I’m sorry too my darling. You have gone through so much pain and now you’ve just lost your -our baby. I’m sorry.”

I placed her head back into my neck and let her continue to cry. She needed to. Soon, her breaths evened out and quiet snores could heard in my ear. I smiled lightly and stroked Lavender’s head. She was safe now. She was back with me. I closed my eyes and let myself go to sleep.

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