His Little Lavender

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Chapter 49

Carlos’ PoV

We had to stay in the hospital for a whole other week. They had to do multiple checks on our brains and body incase the coma had affected them in anyway. The results said we were perfectly fine. My wounds have healed and I hardly feel any pain now except when you put pressure on them. Then they feel absolutely horrid and my body feels as if it’s burning. It’s not exactly a nice feeling.

However, Lavender looks like she isn’t doing as good. She seems to be doing worse than me. Way worse. She’d sometimes just stare into the distance for a while. When she does talk, she sounds so emotionless. It’s heartbreaking to see her like this. She’s usually such a joyous person and to see her so...lifeless kills me. With what’s she’s been through the past month, with getting kidnapped, tortured and then finding out our baby’s dead, it’s no surprise she looks and feels like that. The only time she did look generally happy was when we went to see Vanesia.

I try to lift her spirits up from time to time. I remind her of the memories we’ve had together. I talk to her about how beautiful and gorgeous she is. She sometimes reacts by blushing but other times she looks up at me with doubtful eyes. I hate the fact he has done this to her. Made her believe she’s worthless and ugly. Jonas is lucky he’s already dead because if he wasn’t I’d do worse to him than what he did to my darling. He didn’t deserve the easy way out. He should of been tortured like my Lavender. At least then he would get what he deserved.

We met Vanesia a few days ago. She’s a lovely girl. Her speaking ability is a bit poor but it doesn’t make her seem any less beautiful.

Lavender’s PoV

We get to meet Vanesia today. I want to see how she’s doing. I never actually got to have a conversation with her while we were in that house. She seemed so fragile and scared. I hope the doctor’s have been able to settle her nerves and been able to heal her body.

“Darling are you ready?”
I looked at Carlos. He was stood beside my bed. He had changed out of the hospital gown to a tank top and joggers. I was in a night gown that had little butterflies on. It was one of my favourites. My hair was in a bun on top of my head.

I lifted my arms up asking him to pick me up. He laughed and shook his head. I liked when Carlos carried me. I liked being close to Carlos. He picked me up and placed me on his hip. I wrapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck. I laid my head on his shoulder. He stroked my head and then kissed the top of it. I blushed a little.

He walked us out of the room and next door. He knocked on the door. We heard a faint come in and then the door opened. I took my head of Carlos’ shoulder and looked into the room. She was laid on a bed in the middle. Her face looked brighter and chubbier than the last time I saw her. Her eyes sparkled with an emotion I hadn’t seen before.

She smiled a little when she saw me. She sat up in her bed carefully.
“Lavender. How you?”

I smiled back. Carlos walked us towards her bed.
“Vanesia. I-I’m good. How h-have you been? Y-you look better.”

She giggled a little and I saw her blush. I smiled at her and I could see Carlos did to.
“Me good. T-That Carlos.”

She pointed to Carlos and I nodded my head with a shy smile. Her smile brightened and she looked at Carlos.

She stuck her hand out.
“Nice meet y-you. Lavender t-talk about you lot.”

Carlos chuckled when he saw me blush a little. He shook her hand.
“It’s nice to meet you too Vanesia. I’ve heard all about what you did for my darling. Thank you so much.”

Vanesia shook her head and continues to smile.
“No p-problem. Me only d-do my job.”

I frowned a little. She looked at me. I smiled again so she wouldn’t worry.
“I h-heard you’re going h-home with J-Jeremiah and his family.”

Her smile got larger somehow and she nodded her excessively. I laughed lightly at her enthusiasm. Carlos looked down at me lovingly. I blushed and continued to look at Vanesia.

“Yeah. J-Jeremiah really nice and l-let me stay with h-him because me have n-no family. I l-like his family. They n-nice.”

I smiled and nodded my head.
“Yes they are n-nice. Me and C-Carlos need to be going now. W-we’re not allowed to be s-staying out of bed for s-so long. I hope you have a-a good rest o-of your day Sia.”

She giggled at my nickname for her and nodded her head.
“Me will. Y-you too Veve.”

I giggled too and looked up at Carlos. He was already looking down at me. He began to walk us towards the door and we went back to our room. He sat us on my bed and I laid my head on his shoulder.

“You’re so beautiful Lavender. I hope you know that.”
My smile dipped and I frowned. He didn’t mean that. How was I beautiful? I’m ugly now. My body is covered in scars and I don’t look like I did before. How would he ever truly believe I’m beautiful?

Flash back over

Carlos’ PoV

I looked at Lavender. She was wearing a pair of my joggers and my sweatshirt. She looked absolutely gorgeous like usual.
“Are y-you ready?”

I nodded my head and walked up to her. I held out my hand and she took it. The warmth of her hand made my body shudder. She lightly smiled up at me and pulled me towards the door. I looked down at her hand and followed after her.

Outside of our room, my father and Christopher were waiting. We had agreed that we would be going back to my house instead of hers as it’s swarmed with paparazzi and reporters. Lavender refused to leave me so we are staying together. Christopher was a bit reluctant at first to let Lavender stay in a house without him but he was able to be per-swayed after we told him we’ll be having double security and that he can come see her at any time.

My father came to my side and Christopher came to Lavenders’ side. I looked a the both of them confused.
“The paparazzi found out you two were being released today and it’s absolutely crazy outside. You’ll need protection.”

I nodded my head an gripped Lavender’s hand tighter. She placed her other hand on my bicep and brought her self closer to me. I looked down at her lovingly and smiled. She sent a small smile back. It made my body heat up. I loved her smile.

My father opened the door to the hospital and soon my ears were consumed by noise. Lavender shuffled closer to me and I placed my arm around her shoulder to keep her close. She wrapped her arms around my body and hid her face in my side.

We walked to our car and like last time the paparazzi were shouting questions at me. It was absolutely hectic. I could hardly hear anything they were saying. But here was one question I heard vividly. It made my body sizzle with anger.

“Ms Rose how do you feel to look like you do now?”
I stopped in my tracks and I could feel my jaw clenched.

“Carlos don’t.”
I ignored what Christopher said and looked towards the direction the voice had came from. It was a man. He looked to be in his early twenties. He had black hair and brown eyes. He had a recorder in his hands and a note book. His eyes widened when I sent him a glare.

I released Lavender and placed her near her father. I took a threatening step towards the man.
“What the fuck was that suppose to mean?”

He opened his mouth a few times like a fish out of water. Everyone had gone silent and were watching our interaction. I could hear Lavender calling for me but I was too consumed with anger to answer her.

I gripped the guy by his collar and brought his face closer.
“I ask you a fucking question so bloody answer me. What was that suppose to mean?”

He gulped and his face began to go red out of embarrassment.
“I-I-I didn’t mean I-it offe-offensively. I j-just wanted Ms R-Rose’s o-opinion on h-how she felt to l-look how she d-does now.”

I brought his face closer and I was searing with anger.
“And tell me how does she look now you bastard?”

I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder. I shook it off. The guy’s eyes got wider and he tried to move back. I brought him closer. When he looked into my eyes, I could see the panic in his.
“Mr R-Reid. Ms Rose h-h-has got multiple n-new scars from what we-we’ve see and b-been told.”

I gripped his collar tighter.
“And what does that have to do with the way she sees herself huh?”

The guy dryly laughed to diffuse the tension in the air.
“T-Those scars are a-a permanent t-thing Mr R-Reid. She’s g-going to have to l-live with them h-her whole life.”

I could hear Lavender behind me. She let out a little sob and it broke my heart. It also made me angrier.
“Answer my question. How does that affect how she sees herself?”

He gulped down a large lump in his throat.
“O-Obviously those s-s-scars are g-going to cause h-her to look n-not as beautiful a-as she used to.”

That’s it. I pulled my fist back and punched the guy in the nose. I heard a loud crack echo through the air. He screamed and blood began to pour out. How dare he say something like that. How fucking dare he. Insulting my darling. Who the fuck does he fucking think he is? Those scars making her less beautiful? That’s complete utter bloody bullshit.

I released my grip of the guy’s collar and let him drop to the floor. The sound around me had gone back up: everyone was shocked by what I had just done.

I crouched down beside the groaning guy and grabbed his collar with one of my hands. I used my other one to point in his face.
“How fucking dare you say my darling looks anything less than beautiful just because of her scars. Those scars frankly make her look even more beautiful. They show she survived something you couldn’t even imagine going through so fucking say something like that again and I’ll do more than punch you you fucking twat. My darling is beautiful and I will not stand anyone saying otherwise.”

I pulled my fist back to punch him again but someone held me back by my elbow. I looked up in anger to see it was my darling. She was looking down at me with tear-filled eyes. Her lips were in a small pout and her cheeks were red from her tears. My eyes and body relaxed and i used one of my hands to wipe away a stray tear that had escaped. I’m glad she didn’t flinch away after I had just punched that guy. It showed how much she trusted me and that made my heart swell with pride.

She leaned into my hand and lightly kissed it.
“Come o-on Charlie. I-It’s alright. L-let him go. I-I’m fine.”

She smiled at me and I slowly put my hand down. I let the guy’s head fall to the floor and then stood back up. I held my hand out for Lavender and she took it shyly. I walked us over to the car. On the way, my father and Christopher both sent me a sharp and angry look. I didn’t cower back. He deserved what he got. He shouldn’t have asked my darling something like that. I didn’t care if it would be shared all over the media, I don’t regret a single thing.

We got in the car and Lavender did my seat belt up. I smiled at her sweetly while doing hers. She blushed a little and leaned into my chest. She grabbed my hands and played with my fingers and rings. When we found her, she wasn’t wearing my ring. They were able to track it to a bush not to far from the house. They gave it back to me and I gave it to Lavender. She didn’t and still doesn’t know it has a tracker in it. I didn’t at the start.

The car ride was silent for the first 5 minutes. There was music playing softly in the background. The air was polluted with tension. Lavender didn’t seem to feel it as she was simply smiling and playing with my fingers still.

I heard a loud sigh and then my father looked back at us from the passenger seat.
“Carlos what we’re you thinking? You just punched a member of the paparazzi. This is going to be everywhere. What will they think?”

I rolled my eyes. I felt Lavender tense up. I’m guessing she could sense the conversation we were about to have.
“He deserved it. You heard what he said about Lavender. Was I suppose to just let it go?”

He threw his hands up in the air and glared at me angrily.

I held Lavender closer trying to calm down the fury inside of me.
“I wasn’t just going to let him say that. I’m not going to say I’m sorry because I’m not. He got what he deserved.”

My father’s body slumped.

“Carlos we understand where you’re coming from. What the reporters said was unforgivable. He shouldn’t have said it. But there were more ways to give him what he deserved than by punching him. The paparazzi are going to have your ass for this and you know it.”

Christopher stared at me through the rearview mirror. His eyes were hard but I still wasn’t going to admit I was wrong.
“I’m not going to say I regret what I did. I don’t. He shouldn’t have said what he did and I’m not going to say I’m sorry for defending the girl I love.”

The car went silent. I could feel Lavender’s tense body beside me. For the rest of the ride no one said anything. I could sense that my father was still angry at me. He had no right to be. I wasn’t just not going to defend my darling. He’s lucky I didn’t punch him after what he said about her while I was in my coma. Christopher would take frequent looks back at me through the rearview mirror. They were only a quick glance but I could tell he was anxious. Why? I don’t know.

Lavender’s body never relaxed. She was as still as a board throughout the whole ride. She was sat up straight in her chair. I don’t know why. Is it because I said she was the girl I loved? I thought she already knew that. Why would that surprise her? Did she not think I loved her anymore?

When we got to my house, my father stormed out of the car and into the house without giving me a glance. I didn’t care. He could be as angry at me as he wanted. I wasn’t going to say it was wrong.

Christopher looked back at us with a stern look.
“Don’t do anything stupid Carlos and Lavender behave.”

I nodded my head and so did Lavender. I got out of the car first and then walked around to her side and opened her door. I offered my hand and she took it. I pulled her out of the car and held her hand. She pulled her hand out of my grip and walked towards the door. I looked at her shocked. I followed her all the way until she disappeared inside. Why was she mad at me? I didn’t do anything wrong.

I looked at Christopher and he was looking at the door. He looked up at me and his eyes softened.
“Give her some time Carlos. She’s been through more than we could imagine.”

I nodded my head and looked back at the house.
“I know.”

Lavender’s PoV

What he did was unnecessary. That reporter was only telling the truth. These scars made me look ugly. I remember when I first saw them in the hospital. I broke down into sobs and cried in the bathroom. I stayed in there for an hour gripping at my hair and quietly sobbing so Carlos wouldn’t hear me and wake up. They were horrible. My body looked horrible.

That reporter didn’t deserve to get punched. Who deserves get to punched for speaking the truth? No one. Carlos shouldn’t have done that. Why can’t he actually admit to me how ugly I am? Why can’t he stop lying to me? He can’t still love me. I’m hideous. How could he still love me when I look like this?

When we got to his house, I let him help me out but I refused to walk in or talk with him. I didn’t want to see him right now. My eyes were clouded with tears that I refused to let fall. I didn’t want to cry. I’ve cried too much. He’ll think I’m a crybaby if I cry anymore like Jonas did.

I ran past Jessica in the way to Carlos’ room. She tried to talk to me but I just ran past her. I felt guilty for ignoring her but I didn’t want to talk to anyone right now.

I opened Carlos’ door and the cold air that escaped the room made goosebumps appear on my skin. I ignored my shivers and ran into his bathroom. I shut the door and locked it after me. I slid my back down it and just stared at the ceiling with an emotionless expression.

I wanted to feel better. I wanted it to all go away. I didn’t want to feel like this anymore. I lost my baby. My baby. The one thing I was suppose to protect with my life and I was the reason it died. I killed my own child before I even got to meet it. I always wanted to have kids. Sure it wasn’t my plan to have them this young. But I didn’t care. That baby was a part of me. My flesh and blood. I would have treasured it with my whole being. Carlos would have to. He would have been a great father. And I took that away from him. I took the opportunity to have a child away from him. How was he suppose to truly love me now?

I heard heavy footsteps come in the room. I could hear Carlos’ heavy breathing. He was probably running. Or maybe he was just mad at me.

The footsteps approached the door and he knocked on it.
“Lavender, darling. Open the door please.”

I bit my lip and shook my head.
“Go a-away Carlos.”

He banged on the door harder and i could hear the pain in his voice.
“Come on angel. Open the door. Please. I don’t know what I did wrong. Was it because I hurt that reporter? I’m not going to apologise for defending you Lavender.”

I let my tears fall and laid my head back on the door.
“You h-hurt someone that w-was only speaking t-the truth C-Carlos.”

He stopped banging on the door and I could hear him walking away.
“W-What’s that suppose to mean?”

I stood up and ripped the door open. Carlos stood there shocked at my angry teary face. I stepped out of the bathroom and into his room. He tried to approach me but I held my hand up. He stopped and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Don’t p-pretend you d-don’t know what I mean Carlos. Y-You’ve seen the way I-I look now. I-I’m ugly.”
Carlos’ posture tensed and his eyes got sharp.


“No you l-listen. S-Stop lying to me Carlos. I-I don’t need you to repeatedly t-tell me how p-pretty I am because y-you pity me. I-I don’t need that. I k-know you’re only lying t-to make me feel better. I k-know I look ugly. I’ve seen how I look. Do y-you want a little r-reminder?”
I pulled the hoodie I had on off so i was only in my bra. But I’d didn’t care right now. I pointed to the scar on my stomach.
“Do y-you want to know w-why I got that o-one? Because I-I wouldn’t stop c-crying. I wouldn’t shut u-up so he punished m-me for it.”
I pulled the joggers I had on down and pointed to the one on my inner thigh.
“I got t-that one after it-tried to get o-out of the chair. I r-rocked it all n-night and that disturbed his sleep so h-he pundished me.”
I pointed to the one in between my breast and laughed through my tears.
“Ahh m-my favourite one o-of them all. I g-got that one after I r-refused to moan w-while he was f-fingering me. I b-believed I was cheating o-on you so I-I refused to. He didn’t like t-that and sliced me right in that moment.”
Carlos’s eyes widened and he looked down at where I was pointing.

“But do you want t-to know w-what hurts the m-most? You lying. YOU s-saying you love m-me when I know y-you don’t. I k-killed your child. H-how am I suppose to e-expect you to e-ever love me after that?”
He stood up straight and stared at me with lifeless eyes. I walked closer to him and pointed my finger into his chest. He walked backwards a little.
“YOU c-calling me all these names because y-you feel bad for me. I don’t w-want you to pity me Carlos. I want you stop lying t-to me.”
I began to punch his chest. He restrained my hands and made me looked up at me. His eyes were hard and I couldn’t help but burst out into tears. He instantly pulled me into a hug.
“I want y-you to stop l-lying. Please stop l-lying to me. I can’t t-take it anymore.”

He picked me up and I let him. He walked us over to the bed and laid me down on it. He got on top of me and gripped my cheek. I looked up at him through my tears. His eyes were hard but I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me. He wiped my tears away with him thumb.
“Little girl. I am not lying to you. I’m not lying when I say you’re beautiful. I don’t care how many scars you have. You will never be any less than beautiful in my eyes.”
He rubbed my cheek affectionately.
“You did not kill our baby. That bastard did. You have to believe me. You once told me that there was nothing I could do to save that little boy from that fire without getting hurt myself. You couldn’t have saved our baby without getting hurt yourself. I don’t and will never blame you for something that was out of your control. And I will certainly never stop loving you for it. You are the girl I plan on loving forever. You are the girl I plan on marrying. And ,in the future, the girl I plan on having kids with. So please believe me when I say I love you with my whole heart.”

I looked up at him shocked. My tears had dried up now and I was just staring up at him with massive eyes. He was rubbing my cheek with his hand. I looked into his eyes and he looked so vulnerable. They were soft and kind and held such a strong emotion that even I was intimidated by it.

I placed my hand on his cheek and brought him down to my face. I connected our lips and kissed him. It was a sweet and slow kiss. My body instantly heated up and I could feel a sensationally buzzing from my toes all the way to my head. Carlos licked my lips and I opened my mouth. He slowly massaged my tongue and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I gently gripped his hair and pulled it. He growled into my mouth.

He placed his hands on my hips and picked me up. He placed me back down on the pillow and then pulled away. He looked down at me lovingly. He moved a piece of hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear. I bit my lip and his eyes darted down to it. He began to kiss beside my mouth. He moved down to my neck and lightly kissed me there. I moaned softly. It wasn’t rough like how he would usually do. He was being gentle with me.


I wrapped my legs around his waist and brought his body closer to mine. I could feel his boner digging into me and blushed. I grinded on him to try relieve the feeling down there. He pinned my hips down to the bed and brought his face back up to mine. His eyes were dark and he stared down at me intimidatingly. I blushed.
“Little girl stop it.”

I looked into his eyes and leaned my face up to his. I took his lip into mine and licked it. I let it go.
“Make m-me Daddy.”

His eyes got darker and he pulled my hair back. I arched my back a little and moaned lowly. He leaned down into my ear.
“You little brat. I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but I’m going to show you who’s the daddy here. And what daddy does to little brats that want to be naughty.”

I pulled his head up to me and smirked.
“G-go on I dare you.”

He growled and He got up of me and pulled me up. He sat at the end of the bed and bent me over his lap. I placed my hands on his thighs and tried to push myself up. He held me down and leaned into me.
“You little brat. Testing me. I think you need a little remover of who the daddy is and what daddy does to naughty little brats.”

He pulled my hair back and I moaned.
“Daddy spanks little brat and what have you been Lavender?

I blushed and looked at his thigh.
“A naughty little b-brat?”

He hummed and pulled my panties down. They fell to the floor and he began to gently rub my bum cheek. I sighed a little because of how good it felt. Suddenly, a loud smack came down onto it and I whimpered. I gripped his thigh harder and placed my cheek on it.

“Count Lavender.”

I pouted.
“One D-Daddy.”

He hummed and rubbed my bum cheek. He spanked me and it began to feel good. I moaned a little and bit my lip.
“Two Daddy.”

He rubbed my cheek and I was waiting for him to spank me. He drew out the wait and when I thought he had stopped he spanked me. I could feel my wetness running down my thigh and I moaned.
“Three Daddy.”

He did this about another 7 times until I was a tired moaning mess on his lap.
“Ten Daddy.”

I could tell that he could see how wet I was but I was too tired to care. I was panting and my cheek was laid on his thigh. My arms were hanging down beside me and I didn’t have the strength to get up.
My bum cheeks both felt as if they were in fire but that made me feel even more pleasure.

I could still feel his hardness against my chest. It felt like it was straining in his pants. I built up all the energy I could and got off his lap. I kneeled on the floor and moved my hands to his joggers.

He placed his hands on mine and I looked up at him. His eyes were soft now but held a dominating intensity behind them.
“Lavender you don’t have to.”

I smiled at him and shook my head.
“No i-I want to.”

I could see he was hesitant to agree. I pouted my lips knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist me if I did. He sighed and let go of my hands. I hooked my thumbs into his waist band and pulled them down to his ankles. His boner was sticking up proud and I blushed.

I slowly put my hand on it and rubbed the tip. Carlos put his hands behind him and leaned on them. His head was back and I could hear him breathing heavily. I could feel his wetness on my fingers.

I pulled his boxers down and looked at his cum-covered dick. It was as big as I remembered. It stood up tall and the veins running up it were bulging. I looked up at Carlos to see him already looking down at me. His eyes were hard and I blushed. I put my hand on his dick and leaned down. I licked from the bottom to the top while still making eye contact with him. He groaned and placed his hand in my hair.

I continued to lick it and then began to suck his tip. Some cum came out and I moaned. He moaned with me and his grip on my hair tightened. I sat up and arched my back a little so my bum was sticking out. Carlos groaned at the view of my bare red bum.

I went deeper and placed my hands on the bit I couldn’t fit in my mouth. I twisted them. I began to lick his veins and suck his dick. Carlos moaned loudly and pushed my head in deeper. I gagged as it hit my throat but continued to suck.

His other hand pushed his hair back and he looked into my eyes.
“You little slut. Sucking daddy off and taking him deep like that. Daddy’s little slut that’s what you are.”

I moaned a little and he pushed my head deeper. I could feel him getting harder. Some cum came out of his tip and i lapped all of it up. I used my hands to fondle with the two balls. He moaned loudly and released into the back of my throat. It stung but I swallowed it with pleasure. I released him with a pop and then opened my mouth showing him I had swallowed it all. He smirked and gripped my chin i between his index finger and thumb. I was still kneeled between his thighs ,half-naked, drool down my chin, bum in the air and staring up at him with tired eyes.

He used his thumb to wipe my drool away before putting it in my mouth. I sucked it and then released it with a pop again.


Carlos’ eyes got darker and placed his hands on my armpits and picked me up. He sat me on his lap and i hissed because of the pain in my bottom. He seemed to be having a battle within himself. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes. He opened them and they were now back to his normal light-green colour. He stroked my cheek and I laid my head on his shoulder tiredly.

“You did so good darling. I’m so proud of you. You looked so beautiful.”
He cooed while rubbing my cheek. I tiredly smile and blushed.

Carlos picked us up and walked over to his drawers and got a bottle out. I couldn’t see what it was. Carlos sat us back down on the bed and placed me on his lap. I tried not to sit on my bum as it still hurt. I used my thighs to lift me up. Carlos squirted something on his palm and then began to spread it on my bum cheeks. I moaned at how cold and soothing it was. My mouth was open and I was moving my hips with his hands. He chuckled at my eagerness and continued to rub the moister on my bum.

Eventually, I became tired again and stopped moving. Carlos wrapped his arms around my back and laid us down. I laid on top of him and placed my arms around his chest like I used to. I placed my thighs on either side of him and laid my head on his chest. I didn’t care that we were both naked and that my kitty was practically not even 2 metre away from him. He stroked my hair and rubbed my back. I smiled a little and closed my eyes.

“Lavender I love you.”
I tiredly looked up at him.

“I love you too Charlie.”
He smiled and pecked my lips. I blushed and placed my head on his chest again. I closed my eyes and listened to his heart beat. I used it as a little melody to help me go to sleep.

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