His Little Lavender

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Lavender's PoV

Once all our morning classes had finished, I took Carlos over to the lunch room. He hasn’t left my side since I met him.

I don’t really know how to feel about that. It brings a lot of attention towards me especially since he’s the new kid. I don’t like attention and it kind of makes me uncomfortable to have all these eyes on me due to me being with him.

But Carlos has been trying his hardest to make it easier for me. He talks to me and does things that just make me forget about my insecurities for a moment.

I appreciate that.

We make it to the lunch room and Carlos has just finished telling me a story from what it was like back in New Jersey. It sounds cool.

I’ve been there plenty of times but never not with my daddy or my brother. I wayyy too scared for that.

I look over towards our table and my smile widens when I see who’s sitting there. His eyes met mine and he smiled too.

“Lavender. Looking as beautiful as usual. Did you do something to your skin because you’re practically glowing?”
I felt my cheeks heat up and giggled.

“Braydon stop flirting with her.”
He rolled his eyes and just shot me a wink.

I’ve known Braydon most of my life. His mother has been my father’s assistant since I can remember. Whenever they went away on business trips, me and Braydon would always spend that time together and he’s one of the funniest and best people I know.

His father is a drunkard that Braydon and his mother no longer have contact with. It’s better that way.

He usually spends a lot of his time now swimming. It helps relax and relieve any stress he has.

I don’t really hang about with him in school because he hangs with all the jocks and they make me uncomfortable with their consistent stares and rude comments.

Braydon understands that makes it so some days he can be with us and some day he can be with them. I don’t want him to go out of his way just to spend time with us but he says it’s fine.

“Lavender. Have I said how cute you look today? That shirt is gorgeous.”
I could feel my cheeks getting hotter as I pulled a chair from out of the table.

Carlos did the same and I saw the way Braydon’s eyes flickered over to him. They seemed to light up and he smirked wider while travelling his eyes down Carlos’ body.

Carlos just seemed tos rare at him unimpressed. I don’t think he likes Braydon very much.

“And who may you be?”
Braydon’s tone was very light and ,if I may, flirtatious.

“Carlos Reid.”
Braydon let out an oh and nodded his head.

“Yeah I’ve heard about you. I mean you threatened to shove a pencil down Blake’s throat. That must have been hilarious to witness.”
Josie and Max’s eyes widened and they turned to Carlos shocked.

“Why did you do that for?”
I frowned and moved in my seat uncomfortably.

I felt a warm hand on my thigh and looked down to see it was Carlos’. I took in a sharp intake of air before moving my eyes up to him.

He wasn’t looking at me but I could see the smirk sat on his lips. He tapped his finger on my inner thigh and I squeezed my thighs due to the unfamiliar feeling that sparked down there.

Carlos’ grip on my thigh tightened and I saw his body tense.

I was brought out of that by Max’s worried voice.
“Lav why didn’t you tell me Blake tried to do something like that to you?”

My head snapped towards them.

Max looked at me strangely. I could hear Carlos snicker beside me before rubbing my thigh up and down causing sparks to erupt throughout my whole body.

“Why didn’t you tell me Blake tried to trick you to bed over so he could look under your skirt?”
My face turned full on red and I cleared my throat.

“B-Because I-I forgot and it’s r-really embarrassing.”
I could see Josie’s face sadden before the bell went off.

I quickly got up off my seat proceeding in Carlos’ hand slipping from off my thigh. I grabbed my bag off the floor and took in a deep breath before looking down at Carlos.

He had an evident smirk plastered on his lips that just made me blush harder. Stupid banana.

He got up off his seat and grabbed his bag then grabbed my hand that made my eyes widened.

Braydon looked at our hands and smirked before winking at us. Carlos’ hand tightened on line and it felt as if he pulled me closer to him.

Braydon’s smirk just widened and he blew me a kiss before turning around and walking out of the building. Josie and Max said their goodbyes before going over to Science.

It was just me andCarlos now.

I took in a deep breath willing my cheeks to go back to their normal colour before looking up at him. His face was hard and when he looked down at me he almost seemed mad.

My eyes widened.
“Wh-What’s wrong C-Carlos? You look m-mad?”

He turned around and pulled us over to the class we both now had. I could feel the confusion within me increasing. Why was he mad? Did I do something wrong? Was he mad at me?

For the rest of the day, Carlos seemed tense and he seemed angry. He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong and I had given up by the time 5th period came around.

School had ended and we were making our way out towards the parking lot. I caught sight of Josie and Max and they smiled when they saw us.

“Well Lavender. I’ll see you tonight.”
I nodded my head and gave her a hug before letting go.

I did the same to Max and then said goodbye to them. They made their way over to their personal driver. Unlike me, Max and Josie didn’t care what people thought of them. They didn’t care what people would say about them having a personal driver. Where I had Smithy park outside of the school, Josie and Max had their driver come into the school parking lot to pick them up as they didn’t want to walk too far to get to their car.

The car they got in started up and it drove away. I could feel my smile drip and I turned back to Carlos.
“Lavender. How are you getting home?”

I could feel my throat clogging up and I didn’t know if I should tell him or not. I didn’t want him to think of me like I was down snob like everyone else did. Like I was some privileged rich girl that had to have someone drive her around because she couldn’t do it herself and because she needed protection. I didn’t want him to think of me like everyone else did.

“I-err. I-I”
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he placed his hand on my shoulder before kneeling down a little so he was face to face with me.

“What’s wrong?”
I took in a deep breath at the sound of his voice.

I decided I was just going to tell him. He was going to find out one way or another.
“I-I actually h-have my driver W-waiting for me o-outside of the s-school”

I closed my eyes tightly waiting for him to insult me or something.

My eyes flew open and I looked at him shocked.

He nodded his head and stood up straight again.
“Okay. Where is he?”

He looked over the parking lot. I’m guessing he was trying to see which car looked as if it had a personal driver driving up.

I cleared my throat and he looked back down at me.
“He-He’s actually w-waiting outside of s-school.”

Carlos seemed confused.
“Why is he waiting outside? Why not come inside and make it so you don’t have to walk so far?”

I looked down and nervously shuffled on my feet. I can’t tell him I get bullied for it. He’ll think I’m pathetic. I mean who gets bullied. He won’t want to be my friend if he finds out I get bullied for something that I can’t help.

I felt a hand on my chin forcing me to look up just as I felt my phone go off. I took it out and my eyes widened when I saw it was Smithey texting me to see if I was fine. I instantly texted back and said I’d be there soon.

I put my phone away before looking up at Carlos.
“I h-have to go n-now. It was n-nice meeting y-you Carlos.”

I got on my tip-toes and kissed his cheek before making my way to the exit quickly not wanting to worry Smithy anymore.

I got to my car and saw him standing by my door. He smiled when he saw me and I smiled back.
“How was your day Ms Lavender?”

I could feel my cheeks burn up and I smiled.
“It was g-good Smithy. R-Really good.”

I saw his eyebrows draw together but he nodded his head at me. He opened the door and I put my backpack in before getting in myself with the help of Smithy.

He closed the door with a smile and I put my seatbelt on. Only then did I realise what I had done. I kissed Carlos. I kissed Carlos’ cheek.

Oh donuts.

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