His Little Lavender

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Chapter 50

Lavender’s PoV

It’s been two week since I started living with Carlos’ family. They’re all so kind to me. Jeniffer and Jessica have been amazing. They helped me learn how to cook lasagne the first two days when Carlos had to go to work. It’s sad when he has to leave. It’s also scary. I never know if he’s going to come back either.

The news about what he had done to that paparazzi was wild. It was everywhere. Some were saying that what he did should get him put in jail. Others say what he did was justified. Either way I don’t like it. It’s also caused a lot of paparazzi to gather outside. You can literally hear them from all the way in the house.

Damian told me not to worry about them. The extra security has been able to keep them out. I hardly go out and if I do I have Ronny with me. He’s become my best friends. He’s so energetic and such a cute little fur ball. He may not be able to talk to me because he’s a dog but he’s some good company when Carlos isn’t here.

Carlos has helped me so much. He’s made me look at myself better and I don’t totally hate my scars now. He would kiss them and tell me how beautiful I am. Everything he does makes butterflies appear in my stomach.

I talk to Josie everyday when she’s done with school. We talk about everything. I’ve missed being able to talk to her like that. She’s my best friends and it was excruciating not being able to contact her. Max and Braydon have called a few times. They usually interrupt mine and Josie’s calls. It’s funny to talk to all three of them. Josie and Max still fight like cat and dog. Braydon’s still the hilarious boy I grew up with.

The most interesting thing that Josie told me is that she caught Max and Braydon kissing in his room the other day. We squealed about it for a whole half and hour. I kind of suspected that they had a thing for each other. Max hasn’t told us he’s gay or bisexual yet so I don’t know if they’ll end up together. I kind of hope they do.

Carlos spends as much time with me as he can but this weeks he’s been spending a lot of time at the office. I miss him a lot. He tried to call at least every hour but he usually has meeting so it’s turns into every 2 or 3 hours. The only time I do have him to myself is at night and even then he’s too tired to properly talk. I hate how much he’s ignoring me. I want attention.

I decided today that I would try to get his attention. I had Josie bring me over some of my pretty underwear yesterday with all my other clothes before she went to school. I told her it was just so I had more underwear. I don’t know if she believe me but I’m guessing she didn’t.


I picked out a lacy revealing body suit. It was red since I knew red was Carlos’ favourite colour.

I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a bit hesitant to do this. I don’t know if he would like that or was I overstepping boundaries. Maybe he’ll get mad at me. Should I really do this?

I took a deep breath and shook my head. No Lavender you will do this. You will take those pictures. And you will send them to Carlos.

He had a full length mirror on his bathroom door and I sat down in front of it. I went in my camera app and put it on the back camera. I got on my knees and spread them. I leaned forward a little so he could see my breasts. I used one hand to balance myself and the other to take the picture. I looked at it and smiled. It actually looked good.

I went back on my camera and did another pose. I went to the side and stayed on my knees. I put the tip of my index finger in my mouth and bit it. I looked at the mirror and smirked. I took the picture and then got in another pose.

I decided to take a video this time. I put it at the mirror and started. I was on my knees but facing the side. I slowly trailed my hand down my body while biting my lip. I began to rub my kitty and you could hear my harsh breaths. My mouth was open and I arched my back. I entered the bodysuit and used my finger to play with my clit. I moaned and threw my head back. My eyes were closed and my mouth was open.

I cut the video there but didn’t stop. I took the bodysuit off so I had more room. I dropped my phone on the floor. I didn’t know how good this felt. I went down lower and entered a finger. I gasped. I imagined it was Carlos’ fingers. The roughness he uses while playing with me. I began to move it and my hips moved with it. I leaned my head back and moaned. I kneaded my breast with my other hand and began to squeeze my nipples.

“Oh d-daddy.”
I could feel the familiar feeling appearing in my stomach. I added another finger and moaned louder. I went faster and then curled my fingers. I moaned as I felt myself cum. I stopped my finger and just came.

I was panting heavily and my hair was all over the place. I blushed at what I had just done. I just fingered myself.


I picked my phone up and walked towards the toilet. I pulled the body suit back on and peed. I went to my messages with Carlos and was beginning to wonder if I should really send them to him. I closed my eyes and hit send. I opened my eyes to see they had sent. I let out a breath. There’s nothing I can do now. They’re already sent.

I turned my phone off and placed it on the side. I pulled the bodysuit back up and then walked towards the sink. I turned it on and washed my hands. I looked at myself in the mirror. My cheeks were red and my hair was all over the place. I can’t believe I just did that.

I heard my phone ring and I turned the tap off. I dried my hands and then went to pick up the phone. I looked at the caller. and gulped. I answered and brought the phone to my ear.

“You naughty little slut. What did you think you were doing sending me pictures and a video like that? Were you that fucking desperate? Did you want to make me hard because I can assure I am hard?”
I blushed and walked out of the bathroom. I sat on the bed crossed-legged.
“You fucking slut. Daddy’s going to fucking punish you. I was in the middle of a meeting. You sent me those pictures and I instantly became hard. Your perfect little body in something so sexy and revealing. You showing your tits and ass off like that made me want to fucking tie you to the bed and take you.”
His voice was deep and made my body shudder in want.
“Did you do it?”

I cleared my throat and looked down at the duvet while picking at it nervously.
“Do w-what daddy?”

“Finger yourself. Did you finger yourself?”
I didn’t speak. I had no clue what I was suppose to say. Do I admit it? Do I lie? Will he be mad if I say I did? My mouth was opening and closing while I struggled to find something to say.

Carlos’ breathing got heavier.
“A car will be coming for you in 10 minutes. I expect you to be in my office in under 30 minutes. Am I clear?”

I sat there with a wide mouth. He wants me to go to his office.
“I said am I clear little girl. Don’t ignore.”

I blushed.
“Yes daddy.”

He hummed.
“Good. Now stay in that outfit and put something over it. When the car comes, get in without a question. When you get to my office, go in and take all your clothes off except that red bodysuit. I want you to be on my desk.”

My eyes widened.
“Yes d-daddy.”

He hummed again.
“Good girl. I’ll see you soon”
He hung up the phone. I gulped.

I’m in big trouble now.

Carlos’ PoV

I was sure to turn any cameras off that were in my office. The room was sound proof so I didn’t need to worry about anyone hearing my little girl’s perfect sounds of pleasure. I had taken my jacket off and rolled up my sleeves. I pushed my hair out of my face and groaned.

I looked down. Fuck. My dick was straining against my suit bottoms and it was painful. I could feel it throbbing. I gritted my teeth. What the fuck did she think she was doing? Sending me pictures of her like that? She looked so sexy in that little red lace bodysuit. The way it hung to her ass and breasts made me want to leave the office right now and go home to teach her a lesson. The sounds of her moan when she began to play with her clit made me lean my head back and groan.

I pulled my phone out and looked at the pictures again. The way her hair looked so sexily messy makes me just wanted to pull on it. The way her back was arched so deep I had memories flooding through my mind from when we first had sex. The way she bit her lip and closed her eyes. The way she smirked at the camera. Just everything about her made me hard.

I could hear a knock on my door.
“Come in.”
I huskily said.

The door opened slowly and the girl I had been fantasying over for the last hour walked into the room. She was looking at the ground but I could still see the blush on her face. Her hair was up in a ponytail and it flowed down her shoulders. She was wearing a cute little white dress with a blue cardigan over it. I could see the faint colour red underneath it and it made me bite my lip.

“Lock the door”
She turned around and quickly locked the door. I signalled her to come closer with my finger. She obliged and walked up to my desk and stood at the front. I smirked at her sudden shyness.
“Come closer.”

She blushed harder but came closer. She was stood beside me. I looked at her from head to toe. She looked absolutely ravishing. Her head was still bowed low and it made me happy to see how much of an affected I have on her.


“Take it off.”
She looked up at me with wide eyes. I sent her a warning look and she hesitantly took the blue cardigan off her shoulders. It fell to floor and I leaned back in my chair with my arms folded. She next pulled her skirt down and it also fell to the floor. I groaned at the sight of her thick thighs and wonderful skin. She lifted the white shirt off and my eyes darkened. She was stood before me in that sexy red lace bodysuit and it made me want more. I licked my lips.

“Get on the desk.”
She lightly walked to the desk and sat on it. I moved my chair so I was facing her.

I grabbed her feet so they were on the desk and then spread her thighs. I could see her wetness around her lips and I groaned. I looked up at Lavender and her face was red. Her eyes were lidded and she was biting her lip. My eyes focused on that.

I got up from my seat so I was face-to-face with her. I pushed her down on the desk and hovered over her. She looked up at me with wide eyes.
Her eyebrows furrowed at my question and I asked again.
“Why did you sent me those pictures little girl?”

Her eyes got even wider and ,if possible, her blush got deeper. She tried to look anywhere but me. I gripped her cheeks roughly and moved her to look directly in my eyes.
“Answer me Lavender or I promise you will regret it.”

She took a deep breath and looked in my eyes.
“I-I wanted to get y-your attention.”

I smirked and gently caressed her cheek.

She pouted her lip out.
“You w-weren’t paying me any a-attention at home s-so I thought-”
She cut herself off.

I brought my face closer to hers.
“So you thought you’d get it while I was in the office. You thought it would be a wise idea to get back at me by sending such sexy pictures like that. Well guess what Lavender. You’ve got my attention.”

Her mouth opened and I shoved a finger in. She looked shocked for a moment and then closed her mouth. She began to suck and my eyes darkened.
“But do you know what else you’ve got?”
She shook her head and licked my fingers.
“You’ve got yourself a fucking punishment. You were being a little bratty slut and do you know what daddy does to brats?”

She unwrapped her lips from my fingers and pouted.
“Daddy p-punishes brats.”

I smirked.
“Yes he does. Now lay on that desk and don’t say a thing. You moan. You whimper. You scream and I will bend you over my knee and spank you again.”

Her eye widened and she shook her head.
“I c-can’t do that d-daddy.”

I slammed her hips on the desk and she whimpered and the pleasure in her eyes got more intense.
“You can and you will unless you want daddy to punish you harder.”

She shook her head and I smiled. I pecked her lips lightly and stroked her cheek.
“Good girl.”

She blushed and smiled at me. I slowly moved the straps of the suit off her shoulders. She shivered a little at my hot touch. I pulled it down so her breasts were out. I licked my lips and leaned down. I gently kissed the scar running down the middle. Lavender shivered again. I kissed around her nipple before taking it in my mouth. I heard Lavender’s breath hitch and she bit her lip.

I used my other hand to play with her other breasts. I rolled her nipple in between my finger and Lavender leaned her head back on the desk. She was breathing heavily and I smirked against her skin. I moved my mouth to her other breast and lightly bit around it leaving hickeys.

After I finished attacking her breasts, I kissed down her stomach while pulling the body suit fully off her body. I lightly kissed the scar running across it. I loved her scars. That reporter was wrong. They don’t make her less beautiful. They make her even beautiful.

I moved further down and kissed her thighs. I was going slowly so she would get hotter and wetter and more desperate. Lavender was a panting mess. I licked from the bottom of her thigh to her pussy lips. I breathed on it and Lavender bit her hand to keep herself quiet.

I placed a small kiss on her lips and her body shook. I smirked and continued to placed small kisses on her. My eyes got darker at the sight and smell of her wetness. I licked my lips and groaned at her taste. I moved to her clit and began to suck. Lavender arched her back a little. I began to use my tongue to flick her clit. I could tell she was struggling to keep quiet. She had both her hands over her mouth to keep any sound in. Her breathing was heavy.

I placed my hands on her knees and pushed them further apart. They touched the desk and I growled at the sight of her glistening pussy. Lavender shivered at the sudden cold air. I didn’t waste anytime and began to lick her up. I moved my tongue quickly against her clit and could see her hole clench. I smirked and moved down to it. I entered my tongue and began to fuck her hole. I brought my finger up to her clit and pinched it. Lavender began to grind her hips against my mouth. I used my other hand to keep them still.

She arched her back further and that made her ass stick out. I moved my finger off her clit and moved it to her ass. I squeezed it and then began to knead it. Lavender tightened around my tongue and I could tell she was about to cum. Her thighs were shaking. I slowed down my paste and Lavender’s body stopped moving. She shook her head side to side and looked down at me with wide eyes. Her face was flushed red and her hair was now in a messy ponytail. I smirked and then sped up my paste. Her eyes widened again and she laid back down.

I could feel her tighten again and this time I went faster. I fucked her hole faster with my tongue. She arched her back off the desk and I could hear her muffled moans. I smiled and lapped all her juice up. I licked my lips and moved up to her face.

I moved some hair out of her face and then cupped her cheek with my hand. She leaned into it and smiled tiredly.
“You did so good little girl.”
She blushed harder and hid her face in her hands. I chuckled and removed them.

I pulled her into a kiss and she wrapped her hands around my neck. I put one of mine on the back of her neck and pulled her closer. The other one moved to her thigh and I pulled it up. I put it over my waist and rubbed my covered cock on her bare pussy. She moaned into my mouth and I smirked against hers. I moved to her clit and began to fuck it with my cock.

She leaned her head back and bit her lips. I pulled her lip out from between her teeth and leaned into her.
“Moan for me you little slut. Be Daddy’s slut and moan.”
Her eyes widened but she moaned anyway. They were so loud that if the room wasn’t sound proof everyone on the floor would hear her.

I smirked and kissed down her neck. Lavender’s hands moved to my shirt and she began to undo the buttons. I got impatient and ripped it open. She gasped but began moving her hands all over it. She placed them on my shoulder and squeezed them.

I sucked on her sweet spot and she whimpered. I smirked and bit and licked it. I covered her neck in hickeys. Lavender grabbed my cheeks and pulled my face back up. She smiled at me before smashing her lips on mine. I smiled against her lips and began to undo my pants. I let them fall to my ankles and then stood out of them. Lavender wrapped both her thighs around my waist. I put my hands on her waist and picked her up of the desk. She gasped and then laughed. I laughed too.

She kissed down my neck and I moaned. She’s placed her hands on the back of my neck and I could feel her leaving hickeys. I laid her down on the sofa in my office. She let go of my neck and looked up at me. I placed my hand in her hair and angled her head.
“Lavender are you sure?”

She blushed and nodded her head.
“I’m s-sure daddy.”

My eyes got darker and I pulled my boxers down. We were now both naked. I grabbed it and put it at her entrance. She moaned and I slowly pushed myself into her. Lavender whimpered and she closed her eyes. I kissed her neck to try distract her. I began to move and eventually her whimpers turned into moans. I went faster and she moved her nails down my back. I knew she was leaving scratch marks but didn’t really care.

I gripped her hair and pulled it back. Lavender opened her eyes and looked me in mine. They were darker than usual and she leaned closer to me.
“Harder d-daddy. Fuck me h-harder daddy.”

I smirked at her new confidence and kissed her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she immediately submitted to me. She placed her hands in my hair and pulled at it. I moaned and turned us over so she was straddling me. I placed my hands on her hips and moved them up. She released my lips and leaned her head back. She bounced on my cock and I began to suck her breasts.

She moaned louder and placed her hands on my shoulder.
“Oh daddy.”

She pushed her hips further to mine and took me whole. I moaned into her ear as I felt her warmth all around me. She tightened around me. I placed my hands on her ass and smacked it. She whimpered and took her hair out of the bobble. She shook her head side to side to even it out. I pushed her closer to me and moved my hips up so I was fucking her. She continued to bounce on me and I felt her cum on me. She was panting but didn’t stop. She went harder. She placed her hands in my hair and pulled at it. I moaned and gripped her hips. She began to rock back and forth and I threw my head back.

Lavender smirked and leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear.
“Spank me d-daddy. Smack m-my ass while I ride your b-big dick daddy. Treat me l-like the slut I am.”

I growled and placed my hands on her ass. She smiled at me before bouncing again. The slapping of skin and out moans were all that could be heard in the room. I squeezed Lavender’s ass before smacking it. She moaned and began to kiss and bite my neck. I smacked it again and she came.

She continued to go and I continued to smack her ass. She cummed another 3 times.

I moved us on the floor so she was on her knees. I took her from behind. She was laying her head on the floor and moaning loudly. I gripped her hips and pounded into her hard and fast. I would sometimes smack her ass just to hear her moan louder and see it move.

I could feel myself become harder. I knew I was about to cum. Lavender used her hand to play with her clit and I pulled out of her. I came on her back and threw my head back and moaned. I took a deep breath. Lavender fell on the floor panting. I smirked and pushed my hair out of my face while licking my lips at the sight beneath me.


I slapped her ass and she jumped but moaned at the same time. I carefully picked her up. She was leaned against my shoulder holding me tighter. Her eyes were closed. I walked us into the bathroom in my office picking up our clothes on the way. I sat her on the side and walked away from her. She whimpered and raised her hands out when I left her. I came right back and kissed her cheek.
“Don’t worry darling. Daddy’s still here. He’s not going anywhere.”

She smiled again. I cleaned her up. I wiped my cum off her back and then cleaned her thighs. I wiped down my legs and saw Lavender blush. I chuckled.

I sat her on the toilet and stroked her hair.
“Darling I’m going to leave for a moment. I need you to pee so you don’t get an infection.”

She pouted her lips a little but nodded her head. I smiled and kissed the top of her head. I pulled my boxers and pants on. I walked out and closed the door half way to give her privacy. I cleaned the sofa and then my desk. I wiped it down.

I heard the toilet flush and then little soft footsteps on the floor. A small figure ran into my one and hugged me from behind. I was pushed forward a bit and then looked behind me. Lavender had her face squished into my back and was hugging me tightly. I smiled at her in awe and turned around to hug her back. She snuggled into me more and I stroked her hair.

I picked her up again and walked into the bathroom. I put her clothes on but not the bodysuit. She clung onto me the whole time. I loved how much she depended on me. How much she loved to have contact with me after sex. It was cute.

I held her close to me and sat us on my chair. I had put my shirt back on but not my tie or jacket. My jacket was over Lavender’s back so she wouldn’t get cold. She laid on my lap with her head in my neck and her arms around my torso. I placed one hand on her back and the other on my mouse. I kissed the top of her head.
“You did good my darling. Rest now.”

She hummed and snuggled her head further into me.
“Okay daddy. I l-love you.”

I smiled.
“I love you too little girl.”

I rubbed her back and cooed at how cute she was. I stared at her for a while before going back to work. I read through some emails and edited some pieces of work.

I could hear someone trying to enter the room but because I had told Lavender to lock it, they couldn’t. I heard knocking. I placed my hands on Lavender’s back making sure she wouldn’t fall when I stood up. I walked to the door and unlocked it. I kept Lavender hidden behind it. I groaned when I saw who it was.

He smiled brightly and pushed the door open as if he owned the place. I rolled my eyes.

“Dear cousin. How good it is to see you again?”
He turned to me and his eyes widened when he saw he sleeping girl attached to me. I walked past him and back to my chair and sat down. Lavender moved a little and stuck her ass out a little. Archer’s eyes moved down to that and mine darkened. She wasn’t wearing underwear. I placed my hand on her ass and rubbed it showing him who it belonged to. Lavender lightly moaned against my neck so only I could hear. I bit my lip and squeezed her ass not caring who was in the room.

Archer cleared his throat and looked away. He sat on the chair opposite me. It was silent. I stared at him while he looked anywhere but me.

He took a deep breath and then looked at me.
“So. I heard what happened with you getting shot and all.”

I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

Her nervously laughed.
“Well my cousin just got shot. I wasn’t just going to sit around. I want to know if you’re okay?”

I rolled my eyes and began to play with Lavender’s hair to calm myself down. Archer’s head looked at her and he looked down her body. They stayed on her hips and ass way to long. I pulled her closer to me.

“If you really want to know, I’m doing perfect but tell me. Why are you really here?”
He sighed and looked back up at me.

“Well I want to know who the lovely lady you got shot for, punched a paparazzi for and walked out of the hospital with was-”
My eyes hardened and I glared at him.


He nervously chuckled.
“Well she looked beautiful and I wanted to know who she was but now I know who she is.”

I held Lavender closer and tried to cover her body with my hands.
“And who may she be Archer?”
I spat his name out with so much venom.

He looked anywhere but at me.
“Taken. That much is obvious.”
He mumbled under his breath.

“Yes, now get the fuck out of my office before I punch you too.”
His eyes widened and he went to talk again but I sent him a glare.
“Who the fuck do you think you are coming here and asking me who my darling is like you don’t want to fuck her and then dump her like one of your other playthings? She’s mine and always will be. If I ever see you around her, taking to her or even looking at her, I will punch you. Now fucking go back to the whores you have at home and leave my darling alone.”

His eyes widened and he fled out of my office like a scared animal.

I let out a deep breath and slumped into my seat when he had gone. I looked down at Lavender and brushed a piece of hair out of her face. She looked gorgeous. I kissed her forehead and then tucked her head back into the crook of my neck. She yawned a little. I smiled and stroked her hair.

I went back to my work and for the next 2 hours did that while occasionally taking glances at the sleeping beauty on top of me. She would move sometimes but never wake up. She was a true angel. I was lucky to have her. I’m gonna marry her one day and she will carry my child again. I’m never letting her go. Never.

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