His Little Lavender

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Bonus Chapter 1

Lavender’s PoV

“Lavender are you sure? You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to”
I looked away from the building and back up at Carlos.

We were sat in Carlos’ car currently staring up at the large white building before us. It had to be at least 30 ft tall and have 4 floors. The windows were polished and had no spot of dirt on them. The walls were a rich white and the glass door at the front had the company name on it.

I sighed and smiled up at him.
“Charlie it’s alright. I-I want to see a therapist. How am I s-supposed get over w-what I went through if I don’t talk a-about it?”

His eyes softened and he placed his hand on my cheek. That made heat spread through my body like a wildfire. He rubbed it lovingly.
“Okay darling.”

I kissed his cheek and then exited the car. Carlos got out to the same time as me and walked towards where I was stood. He placed his arm around my waist and I wrapped mine around his bicep. He lightly kissed me on top of the head and I felt my cheeks heat up again. Carlos chuckled and walked us towards the door. It was a fancy glass one with a metal handle. In the middle, it was painted with the words ‘RAIN’S THERAPY’. That was a peculiar last name. Rain. Where have I heard that before?

Carlos gripped the handle and pulled it open. The inside was just as posh and well-kept as the outside. It had the new fresh smell to it that was boring but not disgusting. The walls were a light blue and to my left there was a waiting room which contained multiple white sofas and chair that were currently occupied by people.

We walked over to the receptionist desk and rang the bell. After about 10 seconds, I saw a woman come around the corner holding a box of files. She looked up and her eyes widened. I gasped and pushed myself closer into Carlos’ embrace. He tightened his grip around me.

“Lavender. Carlos. Fancy seeing you here.”
She placed the box she had in her hands on the next and fixed her hair and clothing. She didn’t seem to be looking too good. Her face was slimmer than usual and she had lost a lot of colour.

I took a deep breath and smiled genuinely at her.
“Hello Candice.”

She looked down at me and smiled. Like genuinely smiled at me.
“How can I help you two today?”

Carlos pulled me closer to him.
“Do you work here?”

She blushed a little and looked down almost ashamed that we had seen her working.
“Yes my mother owns the building and I work every weekend whenever I can to help her out.”

I was actually shocked. It wasn’t because I didn’t think she was a nice. She was nice but just didn’t know how to be. I just didn’t expect her to work in such a... depressing place. I thought she’d work in a boutique or fashion shop or something. Not in a therapist office.

I smiled up at her.
“That so n-nice. That you help your mother out like t-that.”
She looked up at me shocked. I moved away from Carlos and walked closer.
“We’re actually h-here for an appointment at 1:30 pm with Mrs R-Rain who seems to be your mother.”

Candice laughed and shook her head. She may seem mean but inside she’s a nice girl that just needed a little help to come out into the light.
“Yeah my mothers a good woman. You’ll be good with her. I don’t mean to pry or anything but why are you two here? You just don’t seem like the couple to need couple’s therapy.”

I began to cough and I shook my head immediately. Carlos came up to us.
“No were not here for couple’s therapy. We’re doing perfectly fine in our relationship.”

I blushed. Candice smiled at us brightly. As if she was happy that we were still going strong.
“Well why are you here?”

I looked down at the ground for a minute and then back up at Carlos. He rubbed my back a little and that soothed my nerves. He sent me a brief reassuring smile. I looked back up at Candice to see she had a confused look on her face.
“Well not t-to long ago I was kidnapped again and I just c-came here to talk about it and g-get what happened to me off my chest.”

Candice gasped and placed her hand above her heart.
“Really. I thought all that they were saying in the media was a lie. I heard about Carlos punching that reporter but I don’t know you had actually been kidnapped.”

I smiled up at her and nodded my head. Her eyes softened a little and I could see a speck of pity in them. I hated pity.

She was about to speak again when a sophisticated woman walked around the corner towards us. She held herself highly and wore a white suit that made her blonde hair shine. She scanned her eyes over the waiting room like an eagle looking for its next prey. When her eyes landed on me and Carlos, they lit up and she smiled at us. I could hear the clicking of her heels echo through the halls as she made her way over to us.

I turned towards her and wrapped my arm around Carlos’ bicep scared of the new woman even though I didn’t like to admit it.
“Miss Rose and Mr Reid lovely to see you two today. I see Miss Rose has an appointment at 1:30 pm shall we get going?”

She looked down at me and signalled with her hand behind her. She was way to happy. Way too happy indeed. I looked up at Carlos nervously and he softened his eyes.
“If wanted, Mr Reid can come with us?”

I smiled at her and nodded my head. I wanted Carlos there.
“Thank y-you Mrs Rain.”

She laughed and shook her head.
“No problem dear now follow me and we’ll get started.”

She walked back down the hall she came from and me and Carlos followed behind her. I sent Candice a little wave goodbye and she sent one back whilst laughing kindly. She wasn’t really as bad as she was at school. She was nice.

The walls were a plain as the rest of the building. Pictures hung on them of different therapists currently working here and historical buildings that are located in New York. We appeared outside of a red door that had the number 1 on it. It had a golden handle on it and stood out from the rest of the building like a black sheep in a flock of white sheep.

Mrs Rain pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the door. It open with a click and she pushed it open. A light draft came at us and I shivered a little. Carlos brought me closer to him I only wore a denim blue skirt that came to mid thigh and a white shirt ,with a little quote on the middle, in black, saying BE HAPPY, tucked into it. I had black converses on my feet and my hair natural.

Mrs Rain walked us over to the black sofa in the middle of the room. She sat down on a seat opposite it. We had a small marble table in between us. I looked around the room. The walls were a plain white and on them held Mrs Rain’s degrees. There was a picture of her, Candice and a man I suspected to be her husband and Candice’s father. She looked to be 9 in that picture.

“So Miss Rose. What would you like to talk about today?”
I looked back at Mrs Rain.

“Please call me Lavender.”

She smiled and nodded her head.
“Okay Lavender. Call me Kim.”

I smiled back.
“Okay Kim.”

I was leaning back on Carlos’ chest. He had his hand around my waist. Kim looked at our embrace and her face lit up.
“How long have you both been together?”

I blushed a little and looked down
“5 months.”

I looked up at Carlos to see his eyes already directed on me. They were soft and held so much love that I could feel myself melt. I turned back to Kim with a dark blush. She smiled at my reaction and write something down in her book.
“Now Lavender. I’ve heard quite a lot about you in the media. They’re a nasty thing. You never know what’s true or not. Now would you mind telling me a little about your situation.”

My smile dimmed a little and I looked down at my fingers.
“Well. I used to be friends with this g-guy named J-Jonas Williams.”

“Williams? As in Mayor Williams?”

I nodded my head.
“Yeah they’re half brother’s. That’s actually how we met.”


“Lavender it won’t be that bad. It’s only dinner with the William’s Family. Don’t stress to much. What could go wrong?”
I looked up from my mirror at Josie. She was lying on my bed like a starfish. I let out a huff of breaths and straightened out the light pink dress I was wearing.

“I just don’t like going to dinner parties that’s all.”
She got up from my bed and looked at me sympathetically.

“Don’t worry Bumblebee. Me, Max and Braydon will be there. Nothing we happen to you.”

I nodded my head and out my flats on. I was only 14 and had no clue how to walk in heels. I tried but nearly snapped my ankles in the process. I approached the door just as I heard a knock. I opened it. Max and Braydon stood there in Tuxedos. Max wore a black tie while Braydon wore a purple. I love purple ties. They’re so pretty.

They smiled at me and I smiled back.
“You look beautiful Lavender.”
I blushed a little at Braydon’s words. He always complimented me.

“Thank you. So do the both of you.”
They blushed a little too and I laughed.

“Aren’t I beautiful? Where’s my compliment douches?”
They looked behind me at Josie.

Braydon’s eyes ran up and down her body.
“There’s nothing to compliment Jo.”

We all laughed at her frustrated face. Thankfully, we were able to arrive at the William’s house undamaged. Josie wasn’t talking to Braydon and he was doing everything he could to apologise. I stood beside my dad holding his hand. He always made me feel safe.

We walked towards the door and they opened before us. Mr Williams was a politician. He was currently running for president. I hadn’t met him before but my dad and brother had. He was really popular among the media despite his young age of 23.

The inside of the house was beautiful. It was a marble designed house. The walls were shining under the large chandelier that hung from the ceiling ,which contained multiple crystals, causing me to look at it in awe. Everything was polished pristinely and I could practically see my reflecting in the walls and floors. It was beautiful.

We walked towards a large black door. It was a double door and just taller than my dad. The door opened and I looked up to see an unknown man. He had a dashing bright white smile. His eyes were a soft brown and he looked quite young.
“Mr Rose welcome to my home. I’m glad you could be here tonight.”

My dad smiled at him and shook his hand with the hand I was currently keeping hostage. Mr William’s eyes flickered down to me and he smiled larger. I smiled back and waved at him.

“Hello. You must be Lavender. You are such a pretty girl.”
I blushed and moved further into my dad’s embrace. He chuckled and ruffled my hair.

“Well come inside. Dinner’s about to be served.”
Mr William’s moved out of the door and we all filtered in. At the table, I could see a woman. She had soft features and a wonderful red dress on. I could see the shimmer of a diamond on her finger. That must be Mr William’s wife. She was holding a child that looked no older than 6. He wore a little tux and a fake red tie. Maybe that’s his son.

There was another man at the table. He looked as if he wasn’t too much older than any of us. He wore a tux and a blue tie. His eyes looked ancient and his face was stoic. I took a seat opposite him. Josie was on one side of me and then Braydon was on the other. Max sat beside Josie. My dad was at one head of the table and Mr William’s was at the other. Beside him was the beautiful woman I had seen earlier. Opposite her was the baby in a high chair. Beside my dad Robbie sat and then Braydon’s mother. My brother sat next to the unknown man opposite me.

He looked up from the table and made eye contact with. He seemed shock. His eyes were unusually wide and his mouth was open a little. My dad says people catch flies doing that. His eyes travelled all over my face. My eyes. My mouth. My nose. My cheeks. Everywhere. I blushed a little and waved shyly. He seemed to break out of his gaze and waved back with a mischievous but friendly smile.

People began filtering into the room with dishes in their hands. One was placed in front of me and it looked mouth-watering. It was a pasta that was coated in cheese. I smiled enthusiastically at it and my body was buzzing with joy. I loved pasta. A cup was placed beside my food and I clapped my hands in excitement. Apple juice. I loved apple juice.

Josie, Max and Braydon all laughed at my unusually weird excitement at the sight of apple juice. I just loved it so much. My cutlery was placed out accordingly beside my dish and I looked around the table. I knew I had to wait for everyone to get there food before starting. It was only polite.

I looked at the guy again and he was still looking at me. I thought I’d introduce myself.
“Hi. I’m Lavender Rose.”

His eyes softened significantly and he smiled at me.
“Hi I’m Jonas Williams.”

Flashback over.

“So Jonas? How did you become friends with him?”

I looked up from my fingers at Kim. She had a pair of glasses on now and a pen in her hand.
“Joans was t-two years older than us. So we didn’t have that m-much of an age gap between us. W-we began hanging out outside of school. We would go swimming with my friends. Go g-get food or he would even go s-shopping with me and Josie.”

Kim nodded her head along with me. I shivered a little at what I was about to say. Carlos rubbed my waist and I placed my head on his chest so I could hear his hair beat.
“But h-he changed.”

Kim looked up at me.
“What do you mean by ‘changed’ Lavender?”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
“H-He’d get angry if any other male would talk to m-me. There was o-one incident whilst we were eating at a pizza place.”


Me, Max, Josie, Braydon and Jonas were sat around a table. I was between Jonas and Josie. Jonas had his arm over my chair and was laughing at a joke Braydon had just told us. We were waiting for our pizza to come out. Me and Josie were sharing a large cheese as that’s the only one we liked. Max and Braydon had gotten a medium one with onions and mushrooms each. Jonas had ordered a Hawaiian one.

A man approached out table. I recognised him from school. He was in Jonas’ grade. I would tutor him in maths. He smiled at me when he saw me. He carried two pizzas in his hands.

“Lavender. Lovely to see you here.”
I smiled at him as he placed one pizza on the table. It looked to be mine and Josie’s cheese one. The other looked to be one of Max or Braydon’s.

“Nice to see you too Leon. Do you work here?”
He nodded his head and threw a rack over his shoulder. His apron was covered in stains of tomato but I didn’t mind. I like the fact he worked for his money and don’t rely on his parent’s money like most people his age would.

“Well I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you on Monday.”

I laughed and waved goodbye to him.
“See you on Monday Leon.”

He waved back at me just as he entered the kitchen again. I turned to my pizza but I caught Jonas’ eyes on the way. He was staring down at me intensely. It made me a little nervously. I laughed trying to defuse the tension that had formed between us.

“How do you know him Lavender?”
I looked at him confused. Why did he want to know that?

“I tutor him every Monday and Thursday. He’s a funny and good guy. He actually asked me out once but I said no.”
Jonas’ eyes went hard at that and his body seemed to tense. I looked at him with wide eyes.

The rest of our time there was awkward. Jonas seemed to be angry the whole time. He wouldn’t talk to me and it was beginning to make me upset. I didn’t know what I had done. Was he angry because I was tutoring Leon? Or because he asked me out? Was he not allowed to do that?

Flashback over

“The n-next day Leon came into school with a broken n-nose and black eye. He said that my c-crazy friend had done it and told him t-to stay away from me. I never b-brought it up to Jonas scared he’d get mad at m-me.”

A tear slipped from my eye and Carlos wiped it away. He stroked my hair and rubbed soothing circles into my hip.
“How did that make you feel? Jonas hurting one of your friends?”

“It made m-me feel guilty. I thought it was my thought a-as that wouldn’t h-have happened if I h-hadn’t told Jonas he was m-my friends. I was also confused. I didn’t know why he h-had done that.”

Kim hummed mad wrote something down on her book.
I looked up at Carlos. He smiled down at me proudly. That made me smile to. I was happy he was proud of me. That’s all I ever wanted. And for him to marry me. And for him to have kids with me. And for him to take me to bed-yeah one of the only things I wanted.

“What happened next Lavender?”
I looked away from Carlos and back at Kim.

This was the part I was regretting. I didn’t like this part of the story. I took a deep breath and placed my head on Carlos’ chest again.

“Well one day me and Jonas were hanging around in one of our favourite spots. It looked over the city and was a little mountain side-”


The wind was chilly. It blew my hair in all different directions and nipped at my face like a bird pecking at its food. Over and over again. I shivered a little and hugged myself to keep warm. I had multiple layers on but still couldn’t seem to keep warm. It’s like the winds ultimate goal was to make it so I was going to freeze to death.

I tuned to Jonas to ask him to leave but he had already beat me to it.
“Lavender can I ask you something?”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion but nodded.
“Of course Jonas.”

He took a deep breath and looked into my eyes. He looked so vulnerable and that edged my confusion more.
“Will you be my girlfriend?”

I gasped and stood up surprised. He asked me to be his girlfriend? His girlfriend? I didn’t know he liked me like that. Has he always liked me that way? I thought we were just friends. Did I accidentally lead him on?

Jonas got up to and looked at me expecting an answer. He had a desperate look in his eyes and I felt guilt for what I was about to say.
“I can’t Jonas.”

I could see the physical look of distraught on his face. I felt as if I could feel his heart break. His eyes held tears and his face was sunken. Suddenly it all changed and he turned angry. His face changed from its usual chocolaty colour to a more reddish colour. He took a step closer to me and I took one back.
“Why? Why can’t you be my girlfriend Lavender? Do you already have a boyfriend?”

I continued to walk backwards until he backed me up into a tree. My back hit the hard wood and I looked behind me scared. I was holding my breath and I could feel my heart beating against my rib cage. I felt as if it had leaped into my mouth. Jonas placed his hands on either side of my face proceeding to cage me like a useless bird in a zoo.

He punched the tree and I jumped and screamed.

I could feel little hits of saliva on my face when he shouted at me. I squeezed my eyes closed tight trying to stop myself from showing him how scared I actually am. I held my breath. Jonas was heavily breathing and I could feel his breath attacking my face in fast movements.

I slowly opened my eyes again and looked at him. He was still angry. I could tell. I took a deep breath.
“I don’t have a-a boyfriend J-Jonas.”

His face softened and he placed his hand on my cheek. I flinched a little and he didn’t seem to like that. He lightly tapped my cheek and tears fell. I was scared. I was so scared of him. For the first time ever, I was truly petrified.
“Why won’t you be my girlfriend then?”

I relaxed my body and looked up at him regretfully.
“I don’t like y-you like that Jonas. You’re my f-friend.”

He look out a huff of and air and closed his eyes. When he reopened them, he had a guilty and sad look on his face.
“I really don’t want to do this Lavender but you leave me no choice. If I can’t have, you no one can.”

My eyes widened and I looked at him confused.
“Wh-What do you mean?”

He moved his hand to behind him and pulled something out of his pocket. I saw a cloth in his hands and I widened my eyes. He brought it up to my face and I shook my head.
“No no. Please d-don’t do this. No no”

I used my hands to push his aside but he wouldn’t budge. He had put his knee in between my legs so I couldn’t move them. I was shaking my head frantically. He put the cloth over my mouth and my eyes got wider. I tried not to inhale the chemicals on it but soon I need air. I breathed it in and didn’t feel anything. I thought that I was fine and he was joking with me.

Eventually, my eyes felt heavy. My head was hurting me and I felt weak. I looked at Jonas pleadingly.
“No no please.”

My body dropped and I couldn’t feel anything after that.

Flashback over

I had silent tears falling down my cheek. It hurt to remember what happened. It hurt a lot. I trusted Jonas. I trusted him so much. I thought we were friends. We were friends. For a whole year, I laughed, I smiled and I played with him. And he threw all that away. He broke my trust. He snapped it in half like a piece of wood. He broke it. I guess that’s what I get for breaking his heart.

Carlos pulled me closer to him. I hid my face in his chest and let my tears fall. There weren’t many. I’ve cried about this a lot. They all eventually run out. They all eventually go.

Carlos stroked my hair a little trying to calm my nerves. He leaned down to my ear.
“Shh. It’s okay darling. Shhh.”

I took a deep breath and held my tears back. I closed my mouth trying to contain a sob. Come on Lavender. Be strong. For Carlos. Be strong for Carlos.

I moved my head from his chest and opened my eyes. Carlos was gazing down at me with a sad but comforting smile. It made me smile back. That just the type of person he is. No matter the situation ,sad or happy, his smiles always make me smile and I love him for that.

“Lavender. I get that in that moment you were scared. But can you specify to me what exactly you were scared of? Were you scared of what he would do to you? Scared you’d never see your family again?”

That question made me think. Long and hard. (Like Carlos sorry I had to 😂) What was I scared the most about? I was terrified of what he was going to do to me for sure. I had no clue and had heard all about what happens to people that get kidnapped. Scared that I’d never see my family again? Of course. My father would never get to see me go to prom and grow up. I’d never get to say my goodbyes and thank yous to the people that had helped and watched me grow my whole life. But what was I truly scared of?

“I was s-scared of what would happen to me after he w-was done with me. What would happen to m-my body? My soul. I-I didn’t want to be one of those souls that wander t-the earth forever. I w-wanted to be at peace. I was also s-scared of what would happen to Jonas. He may h-have hurt and broke my trust but I had l-learnt to care and love him ,like a friend, f-for over a year. I w-was scared that he would get sent to prison b-because I r-rejected him and he g-got jealous. I was scared that he’d get a life of m-misery.”

I looked down at my fingers ashamed but my sudden confession. I was ashamed to admit that ,even though he had kidnapped and hurt me, I still cared about what would happen to me. That ,even though he had broken one of the most important things to me, my trust, I still saw and remembered him as the man that would make me hot chocolates when we had movie nights. The guy that would walk around a shopping centre for hours with my best friend just to keep me company. I was ashamed that I couldn’t see him for the bad he had done ,and he had done a lot of bad I can tell you that. I could only see him for the good he had done because ,if I didn’t, well then I’d chose to never remember him at all but I didn’t want that. I wanted to remember as he caused so much rubbish to happen in my life. He ruined me. Hurt me. Sexual Abused me but he was still the guy I had spent a whole year of my life caring for and I couldn’t forget that. I clumsy just through that away as if it was nothing. That was what I was ashamed of most. The fact that I still cared for what happened to the man that kidnapped me.

It was silent for a while. No one spoke. The only sound was our breathing. The sharp and gentle intakes and outtakes of breath coming from out mouth. The occasional sniffle from my runny nose and the moving of a coach from time to time whenever any one of us moved.

“Lavender. How about you tell us a little about what happened after you were taken?”

I nodded my head and played with the ring on my finger.
“Well erm. I w-was taken to this b-building. I had no clue where I was. It was just a room. I h-had my own. It w-was exactly like the one I had at home at that t-time. The walls were a l-light pink, my bed was white w-with pink covers. T-The usual young girl room. It was completely t-the same. I wasn’t bound to a chair. I wasn’t t-tied up. I had complete freedom but I couldn’t l-leave that room. I d-don’t know how long it was but Jonas came b-back in. I was b-begging and begging for him to let me go. Let m-me go back home. Back to my family. Back to m-my friends. But he didn’t l-let me.”
I dryly laughed and a few tears escaped. I wiped them away frustrated.
“He didn’t h-hurt me much until about a f-few weeks later.”


I was sat on my bed. All my tears had dried out. I couldn’t cry anymore. I don’t know how long it has been. I don’t have a clock or any windows. I know it’s been a while. I can just feel it in my gut.
I had the familiar electrical feeling behind my eyes as i felt my skull pounding and my rhythm of blood throbbing against my temples. My eyes were closed tiredly and I lay on the bed bored out of my mind.

I heard the loud click of the door sound in the silence of the room. I sat up straight and looked towards it. He walked in with a dress. It was a light pink one and looked like the one I had wore when I first met him. He walked towards me and I cowered away. I pushed my back in the headboard of the bed and hugged my knees tightly to me.

Jonas tensed and glared at me. He stomped up to me and I could see the anger stirring within him like molten lava. He grabbed my wrists in a tight grasp and yanked me off the bed like a rag doll. I tried to get away with him. I twisted my arm but he wouldn’t let go. I could feel a flash of irrational spike in me and rage flowing through my veins like a savage stream.

I stopped moving and spat in his face. Like literally. I could see he was taken aback by my actions. I thought of what to say to him. What would Tony say? Think. What would Tony say? What does dad say not to say? It came to my head.
“Fuck off you bastard.”

Jonas stopped his moving and stared down at me. Every part of me went on pause when what I said finally registered. A heavy feeling took its place in my stomach and I gulped down a large lump in my throat. I could see a new wave a fury roll through Jonas. He eyes sparked ferociously and he tighten his grip on my wrist.

He pulled me into him and I gasped.
“You ungrateful little bitch. I try and give you a gift and you spit in my face and tell me to fuck off and then call me a bastard. Who the fuck do you think you are huh? I believe you need your first lesson bitch.”

He used his other hand to undo his belt. My breathing accelerated and my body began to tremble. He pulled his belt throw his trouser lopes and held it in his hands. I tried to get away from him again. I knew what he was going to do. I knew. I didn’t want that. No no. I didn’t want that.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees. I moved and moved trying to get out of his grip. Tears had now started flowing down my cheeks like soldiers charging into battle. He folded the belt and walked behind me.

I looked up at him.
“Please don’t do this Jonas. Please. I’m sorry.”
My voice was wavered and you could physically feel the fear in it.

Jonas just smiled down at me menacingly and tilted his head a little.
“Should of thought of that before you decided to be a little bitch.”

He lifted the belt up and I felt it come down on my shoulders. I screamed so loud that my ear drums hurt. He did it again and my tears gained speed and fell faster. He did it again and again and again. I could feel my skin tearing open. I could heard the sound of the belt whipping and torturing my shoulders and upper back. I screamed until my voice was hoarse. I cried until my eyes were red and sore. I knelt until I couldn’t no more.

Flashback over

I stared blindly at the white wall behind Kim. I had identified one little bit of dirt on it. It was a tiny speck but could still be seen by the observant. It was a little smudge of black that I couldn’t seem to take my eyes away from.

I felt someone place there hand on my shoulder and I jumped a little. I peeled my eyes from the one interesting speck of dirt and looked up at a concerned Carlos. His eyes were soft but I couldn’t see any sign of pity. He never did pity me. He just empathised with me.

I laid my head on his chest and once again listen to the quiet thumping of his heartbeat. I took a deep breath. In and out. In and out. Carlos was here. Your Carlos was here. There’s nothing to worry about. He’ll never let anything happen to you ever again.

I smiled lightly at my thought. I hummed in delight when he began stroking my hair. I loved that. It was so calming and lovely.

I opened my eyes to look at Kim. She was staring at me and Carlos lovingly. I smiled at her and she smiled back.
“How did you get out of that place Lavender? Did you escape yourself or did someone save you?”
I think she had actually forgot she was suppose to be my therapist right now and just wanted to know what happened. I didn’t mind. I wanted to talk about it.

I thought back and laughed.
“It’s actually q-quite funny how I got o-out.”

Kim tilted her head a little.
“How so?”

I smiled.
“Well w-when Jonas had whipped me he had left his belt in m-my room. I don’t t-think he had meant to but he did. I kept i-it under my b-bed the whole time. O-One day Jonas came in b-but he wants a-alone. Jeremiah was with h-him. I don’t know how h-he had convinced J-Jonas to let him go there but he had. I could t-tell it pained him to s-see me how I was. I-I still had blood on my clothes. I hadn’t changed. Y-You could clearly see m-my wounds. W-When Jonas had left the room for a call, Jeremiah walked up to m-me. I knew there was no cameras as I c-couldn’t see them and Jonas had told m-me himself while he was drunkingly rambling to me one night. Jeremiah t-told me to get any type of weapon and tonight ,w-when Jonas comes in to give me food, attack him. I was h-hesitant at first. J-Jonas was d-double my size. I was like 5 foot w-while he was 5′9. But I a-agreed.-”


I stood beside my door with the belt in my hand. I was completely petrified of what was going to happen. I had no clue if it would work. He’s way stronger and talked than me. This wouldn’t work. What was I thinking? He’s going to kill me.

I shook my head. No. This is your only way of getting out. Don’t back out. You will get out of here. Don’t be scared. Just hit him with the belt. But that will hurt him. Shut up. He’s hurt you way worse. Hit him and bolt out the door. It doesn’t matter where you go. Just go.

I heard the click of the door open and I opened my eyes. It’s now or ever. Jonas walked into the room with a tray. I took a deep breath and lifted the belt above my head. I hit his neck with the belt. I hit his head, his back, his shoulders, behind his knees, everywhere. I don’t have any mercy. The tray in his hands now was sprawled all over the floor like a disgusting piece of art. He fell on the floor beside it groaning and holding his head. I looked down at him still for a moment. I had done it. I had done it.

I finally realised what I was suppose to do and bolted out of the door. I ran through corridors and corridors until I found a group of stairs. I could hear Jonas’ footsteps behind me and my eyes widened. I took two steps at a time and fell on the last one. I had split my knee open. I moaned and groaned as I felt a new wave of pain sprout through my knee. Donuts that hurt so bloody much. Hey that’s a joke. Bloody. Bloody knee. You get it. Okay Lavender. Now is not the time to be joking. Run.

I could hear his footsteps getting closer. Thump. Thump. Thump. I got up and limped out of the house not looking back. I looked around me to see tress. Trees and more trees. There was no where for me to go. Where the bloody hell was I suppose to go?

I shook my head and then heard someone shout my name. I turned around to see Jeremiah. My eyes widened and I felt anew sense of hope burn within me. He was running towards me. I limped towards him. When he saw my injury, he instantly picked me up and ran as fast as he could. Twigs snapped and leaves crunched under us. I had laid my head on his shoulder but my breathing was still abnormal.

We got to a black car and Jeremiah sat me in the back seat and done my seat belt up. He closed the door and then got in the driver’s. I had tears falling down my cheeks. I didn’t think that was going to work. I was out. I was actually out.

I looked out of my window just as Jeremiah drove away. I could see Jonas just at the outskirts of the trees. He was on the ground with muscly men on top of him. He was looking directly at us. We made eye contact and I could feel his rage. I could taste it. It was bitter. It was sour. It was spicy. It was venomous and something I didn’t want to taste again.

I turned back towards the road and let out a laugh. I laughed and laughed until they turned to sobs. My body racked with sobs. I didn’t know why I was crying. Maybe because I had finally escaped?Maybe because I could finally see sunlight? Maybe because I would finally see my family again? I couldn’t stop it though. They came and came and came. It’s was like a never ending puzzle. I couldn’t stop it. This was frustrating.

Eventually, I had cried myself to sleep and that was the best sleep I had had in many nights. I was free finally free.

Flashback over.

I smiled at the memories of that day. The day that I had escaped. I was so proud of what I had done. I was so proud that I had got out. That I ,and Jeremiah, was the reason why I didn’t rot in there for my entire life.

I saw Kim look down at her watch and her eyes widened.
“Dreary me. It’s seems our time has ran out.”

I smiled up at her sadly.
“It’s s-seems it has.”

She sat up and dusted off her suit. I sat up to with a smile. I looked down at Carlos to see him looking up at me in awe. I lightly kissed his cheek and his face lit up. He pulled himself up and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I wrapped mine around his chest and nuzzled my head into his side.

“I hope to see you two again if you ever need to talk about anything.”
I smiled and waved goodbye as me and Carlos walked out of the building.

“Don’t worry we will.”
Carlos replied. The door closed and we walked towards the car. I had a faint smile on my face.

We got in and Carlos just sat there. He was looking out. I sat there with a smile on my face. I feel..lighter.

“Are you alright my darling?”

I turned to him with a smile.
“Yes. Yes I am. B-Better than I ever have b-been before. Thank you baby.”

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