His Little Lavender

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Bonus Chapter 2

Lavender’s PoV

Even though we spent the rest of the year being home schooled, me and Carlos graduated with some of the best grades. I had a lot of time on my hands so I studies a lot. I got As in every subjects which is amazing. Carlos also got As even though he never studies. I guess he’s one of those people that just remember everything. I wished I was one of those people. It takes me ages to remember anything. I was so worried when we had to sit our exams. I swear I’ve never been more nervous in my life.

We both applied to Columbia college. He wants to study business while I want to study medicine. I’ve kept to my dream and want to become a doctor and one day open my own hospital. Doctor’s have done so much for me and I want to be that person for someone else.

I still remember the day we got in so vividly.


I was sat in my kitchen nervously bouncing my knee and biting my nails. The university of Columbia had emailed back but I was to scared to open it. What if they had rejected me? I wouldn’t be able to go to the same university as Carlos. We would be separated. Many long-distances relationships don’t work out. What if we break up? I don’t want us to wake up. I won’t be able to survive being away from him.

A warm hand was placed on my bouncing knee and it stopped. I looked up at Carlos. He had a small smile on his lips and he took my fingers out of my mouth.
“Darling don’t worry. I know if I got in so will you.”

I looked back at the computer nervously and bit my lip.
“But y-you also h-had football too not just your g-grades. ”

Carlos shook his head and gripped my chin. He pulled my lip out and rubbed his thumb over it. I blushed.
“And you had track. Now open that email before I fucking bend you over my knee in this kitchen and spank you.”

I blushed darker and my eyes widened. Carlos chuckled. I grabbed my computer and put it on my lap. I closed my eyes and opened the email. I reluctantly opened my eyes and read through it with a straight face which was difficult. I placed the computer back on the side and stood up without saying anything. Carlos stood up in front of me with a worried look. I looked up at him. He raised his eyebrows.

I burst into a smile and jumped onto him.

He laughed and put his hands under my knees. I wrapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He spun me around while we were laughing. He stopped and I looked at him. I grabbed his cheeks and kissed him. He kissed my back and placed his hands on the back of my neck. He pulled back with a smile.
“I think this deserves a little celebrating.”
I smirked.
“In the bedroom.”

I blushed and began to kiss his neck. Yeah and you can imagine what happened next.

Flashback over

We decided it was best if we got an apartment together close to the university. It was hard to convince my father and brother though. But eventually they came around when I reminded them I stayed in the same house with Carlos for 3 months. They still didn’t like the fact that I would be staying with my boyfriend for the next 5-6 years of my life. Carlos will only be studying for 4 years to get his bachelor degree in business so he can take over his father’s business. I hate the fact that he won’t be with me the whole time but I’m happy for him.

Josie and Max are going to Yale. Josie’s going to study law to become a lawyer. She wants to be a Defense lawyer for many different categories. He main ones are civil rights and divorce. Max is going to study veterinarian medicine. He wants veterinarian.

Luckily, Braydon’s coming to Columbia with me and Carlos. I’m so excited. He’s going to study engineering. He wants to be an engineer and after he’s going to study mechanics. He’s doing the same amount of years as me so I won’t be totally alone. He’s given up boxing after he fainted in February because his heart was too weak. He still swims.

Actually, I’ve taken up swimming with him. We go ever Saturday. I do get some strange because of the scars on my body but I’ve learnt to ignore them. I’ve also learnt to love my body for what it is.

Our first day of university was interesting.


When we first arrived at the university, there were a lot of stares. The news about what had happened to us had cooled down but was still in the media. There was a whole court case about Carlos punching that guy but he won luckily. I was so worried. I knew he would win but there was still a chance he could go to jail. The case drew more attention to us and there was paparazzi outside of our house for a while after that.

I stuck as close to Carlos as I could. We eventually had to separate as we had different classes. I was scared a little. I knew absolutely no one here and people were staring at me. I didn’t like people staring at me. It made me uncomfortable. I could see some were judging me. I wants covering my scars. I was welcome them. I wore a off the shower light yellow dress. It had little branches on it with flowers. The top was a little frilly and so were the sleeves. I went out at the bottom and I had learnt from past mistakes and put some white shorts on underneath incase there was an accident and my free went up. I had a strapless bra on so you couldn’t see my straps.

I was walking down the corridor and at my locker. I turned to the side to could see a girl coming my way. She must have been going to her locker to. She had a large stack books in her hand and a bag in her shoulder. She was fussing with the books doing something with a concentrated face. Some boy walked past her and hit the bottom of her books. They flew up and fell on the floor. He began to laugh and the girl looked up at him with angry eyes. She let out a sigh and kneeled down to get the book.

I was angry. How dare he do that to her. Who does he think he is. I don’t like bullies. I stomped towards them and squatted down to help her pick her books up. She looked up at me shocked. She had really pale skin. Her eyes were a dark blue and her hair a deep black. She looked beautiful. Glasses were perched on her nose.

I stood up and handed her books back to her. The guy that had flipped them out of her hands glared at me. I turned to him and smiled.
“Take a picture I-it might last l-longer”

His cheeks turned red and his eyes hit wide.
“You’re Lavender Rose.”

I smiled at him.
“Yes I-I am. Now keep walking.”

His cheeks turned redder in embarrassment and he walked away cursing under his breath. I waved goodbye to him and heard laughter behind me. I turned around to see a guy. He looked exactly like the girl. Dark black hair and deep blue eyes. He approached us and swung his arm over the girl’s shoulder. She smiled up at him.

“I’ve got to admit that was hilarious. You put that dick in his place.”
I blushed and played with the ring Carlos and given to me. I hadn’t taken it off since I got out of the hospital.

The girl smiled at me shyly.
“Thank you for doing that. You really didn’t need to.”

I waved my hand in the air and smiled back.
“It’s really no p-problem. I u-used to have bullies of my o-own and they didn’t stop until s-someone put them in their place.”

I laughed and looked at the clock on the wall. I still had about 10 minutes until class. I turned back to the girl and boy and they looked shocked. My smile dropped and I looked over myself.
“What d-do I have something o-on my dress?”

They shook their heads.
“How did you ever have bullies? You’re so nice.”

I smiled again.
“It wasn’t a-about how n-nice you were in my old s-school. It was about h-how pretty you were and who y-you had slept with. And as you c-can see they didn’t really believe t-that scars were that pretty so I was bullied and I wasn’t one o-of those girls to sleep around.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled a lollipop out of my pocket. I had stolen it from Carlos’ car earlier before we left. He wouldn’t let me have sugar as it was too earlier as he said. But I wanted the lollipop so I took it. I hoped he wouldn’t find out as he would punish me if he did. Well I wouldn’t mind if he did either. I liked his punishments. I unwrapped the wrapper and popped it in my mouth. I turned back them.

The boy laughed and shook his head.
“You really are a unique one. My names Scotty. This is Raven.”
The girl underneath his arm waved shyly and lifted her glasses up.

I waved back.
“Are you siblings?”

Scotty laughed.
“Yeah. This is my second year and Raven’s first. She’s studying medicine. I’m studying engineering.”

I smiled brightly at Raven.
“I’m studying m-medicine as well. What d-do you want t-to be?”

She smiled back at me.
“I want to be a surgeon. Can I ask what your name is?”

I gasped.
“Oh yeah I-I forgot to introduce myself. My names L-Lavender Rose.”
I stuck my hand out. Raven took it with a large smile. I shook. her hand.

Scotty looked down at his watch and then back up at us.
“Well I’ve got to go. Have fun Raven and don’t do anything stupid until I see you again at lunch.”

Raven rolled her eyes.
“Yeah yeah TT.”

He stuck his tongue out and she giggled. I smiled at their relationship. Raven turned back to me and smiled shyly. I took her hand in mine and began our way to classes. He eyes widened and I smiled down at her.
“I’m guessing you h-have the s-same classes as mine s-so we need to go before w-we’re late.”

She nodded her head and walked with me. The rest of the morning was with me getting to know Raven. She was a shy girl. Her voice was soft. But when I began to peel down her walls she seemed like quite a loud and energetic person.

I looked at her schedule and we literally have every class together. When it was time for our lunch break, we walked to a tree on the Far East side. Hardly anyone was here and the people that were seemed to indulged by their conversation or work to notice us walking past them.

I sat down and pulled out a sandwich I had packed. Raven took some strawberries out and began to eat them. She was telling me about her hometown when Scotty walked to us. He sat down beside Raven. He groaned and fell on the floor. I laughed and so did Raven.

“Why are you so moody TT?”
He sat up and rolled his eyes.

“There’s this dude in my class that just seems to annoy the fuck out of me. He’s hot and all but annoying as shit.”
My eyes widened and I choked on my sandwich. Raven looked at me concerned.

“You’re g-gay.”
Scotty nodded his head.

“Is there something wrong with that?”
I shook my head and smiled.

“T-Two of my best friend are g-gay. It’s n-no problem at us.”

Scotty smiled and nudged Raven’s shoulder.
“I like this one.”

I blushed and looked down at my lap. I felt someone sit behind me. I was sat in between their legs. They put their hands over my eyes so I couldn’t see and leaned into my ear.
“Guess who?”

I smiled at the sound of his voice and put my finger to my chin as if I was thinking.

He chuckled and shook his head.
“Nope. Try again.”

I giggle.

He groaned and I laughed.
“We do not talk about that kid. I can’t believe he proposed to you. He’s like 15. Try again.”

I smiled brightly and took his hands off my eyes and turned my head to the side. I kissed him and he kissed me back.

He hummed and pecked my lips again.
I smiled and leaned back into his chest. He grabbed my sandwich and began to feed me. It usually does this and I don’t stop him either. He would take occasional bites too.

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.”
I looked at Raven. Her eyes were wide and Scotty was half way drinking his water. They both seemed shocked. I could feel Carlos tense behind me at the sight of a man near me. I placed my hand on his thigh and rubbed it to calm him down.

“Yes t-this is Carlos. He’s my Boyfriend. Carlos this I-is Raven. I met her first period. She takes the same c-course as me. That’s her b-brother Scotty.”
He hummed and i jabbed him in the ribs. He sent me a glare and I blushed.

He forced a smiled.
“Nice to meet you both.”
I smiled up at him and kissed his cheek. He grunted and continued to feed me. It was silent after that. I knew Carlos didn’t necessarily like the presence of a man near me.

I heard footsteps approach us and a head laid down on my lap. I looked down shocked and then smiled.

Braydon placed his hand to his head and groaned.
“Lavender I’m dying.”

I smiled and moved his hands.
“B-Braydon why are y-you dying?”

He rolled his eyes and looked up at me.
“Okay. First of, my feet hurt. I haven’t done this much walking since you were in hospital and I took up boxing. I miss my partner in crime Max. Like who the fuck-”

I interrupted. He sent and apologetic smile.

“Sorry. Who the flip am I suppose to do dumb shi-stuff with if he isn’t here. Lastly, I missed you. Can I have a kiss?”

I laughed and shook my head. Carlos wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him.
“Absolutely not Braydon. Go find yourself a boyfriend instead of hitting on my girlfriend.”

He pouted and threw his head in the air.
“But there’s not hot dudes here-”
He turned his head to Scotty and Raven and sat up.
“Ohh helllo.”

He waved his finger and eyed Scotty up. I smirked and shook my head. Scotty looked him up and down before shrugging his shoulders.
“Don’t think so pretty boy.”

Braydon’s smile dropped and he groaned.
“See it’s either their ugly or are pretty and aren’t interested. I might just turn back straight. Do you think that will work?”

I leaned into Carlos’ chest and smiled. He began to play with my hair.
“No B-Braydon that will n-not work.”

He rolled his eyes and laid on the grass liked a starfish. I giggled and so did Raven. Carlos shook his head.

The rest of the day was fun. I didn’t see Carlos again until the end of the day. Me and Raven had learnt so much about each other. I was so ready to go back home and relax my feet. Carlos was waiting by his car. There was a girl talking to him. She was way to close to him for my liking. Carlos seemed uncomfortable and was trying to get as far away from her as possible.

He made eye contact with me and sighed. I walked way my up to them with an intent face. I wasn’t going to let this girl near my man’s. I wanted her as far away from my Carlos as possible. I grabbed Carlos’ arm and pecked his lips. He smiled down at me knowingly. The girl looked at me shocked.
“Who are you?”

I looked at her with a fake smile.
“I’m Lavender R-Rose. His girlfriend.”
I waved my fingers at her and tilted my head a little.

Her eyes widened and she eyed me up. I tightened my grip on Carlos’ arms to keep myself calm. This girl. Why is she still here?

I continued to smile at her. She looked into my eyes with a sorry look.
“I’m sorry. I would of left him alone if I knew he had a girlfriend. I’m gonna go now.”

I smiled at her. My anger cooled down and I relaxed my grip on Carlos’ arm. She was actually pretty nice.
“Okay thank you.”

She smiled and waved at me while walking away. I waved back at her. Carlos chuckled and opened the door to the car.
“Only you would make friends with the girl that was hitting on your boyfriend.”

I shrugged my shoulder and got in the car. I looked up at him with a smile.
“She seemed nice.”

He laughed.
“Yeah and then you should of heard what she was saying to me.”

My eyes hardened and I looked up at him.
“What d-did she say Carlos?”

He laughed and shut the door. I watched as he made his way to his side and got in. I asked him again and he just laughed. He started the car and pulled out of the car park.

I didn’t like that he was laughing at me. I wanted to know what she said. What if it was something inappropriate? What if it was something mean? What if she said that she wanted to have sex with him? I wanted to know. Only I could touch my Carlos.

I asked him one last time and he shook his head. I turned away from him with my arms crossed. I pouted and huffed. Carlos placed his hand on my thigh but I pulled away from it. He glared at me and I stuck my tongue out at him. His eyes got harder and he looked back at the road. I knew I was in trouble but didn’t like that he was laughing at me. I just wanted to know what that girl had said.

The rest of the ride was silent. The tension in the air was thick. I still wouldn’t talk to Carlos and whenever he would try to touch me I would move away from him. He seemed to be getting angrier and angrier by the minute. I smiled at that thought. He deserved to be angry. He shouldn’t have laughed at me.

We pulled into the underground parking at the place we were staying. We had the top floor all to ourselves. It was a 5 star building and owned by my father. Carlos parked and I got out of the car before Carlos could help me out. I didn’t want his help.

. I heard Carlos slam the car door behind him and what I had just done finally registered in my brain. I was in real trouble now. I continued on my way knowing I might as well not stop now.

I got in the elevator with a angry face. My arms were still crossed and my lips in a pout. Carlos got in and stood behind me. I could practically feel the anger radiating of his body. I didn’t stop though.

I could feel him staring at me through the mirror but I refused to make eye contact with him. The elevator binged and Carlos grabbed me by my arm. He pulled me towards the door and pulled his keys out. I tried to get my arm out of his grasp. He glared down at me and my eyes widened. He was so mad.

He opened the door and pulled me in. He slammed me against the door proceeding to close it as well. I looked up at him with wide eyes. He wrapped his hand around my throat and lightly squeezed I turned red and used my hands to grip his wrist. He wasn’t hurting me; I was just surprised.

He used his other hand to pull my hair back. I looked up at him with my mouth open and eyes wide. He leaned down to my face and glared at me.


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing huh? Ignoring me. Giving me attitude. It’s like you just want to be punished.”
I widened my eyes.
“Your such a little brat. If you really want to know whats she said so much, hear you go. She told me how hot she thought I was.”
My eyes hardened and Carlos smirked. Her ran his finger down my cheek.
“She asked me if I wanted to go back to her place and have a little fun.”
I could feel tears welling up in my eyes and turned my head away from him. He gripped my chin and pulled my head back. He looked me into the eyes and leaned in further. He was smirking.
“How much she could pleasure me. How she could make me feel like no one could before.”
I let a tear fall and continued to glare at him. He wiped my tear away and cupped my cheek roughly. He swiped his finger across my lips also smudging my light pink lipstick as well.
“You wanted to know. Was it worth it?”

I glared at him and struggled to find what to say. I spat out the first thing that came to my mind.
“Fuck you Carlos.”

He pulled away with a furious look on his face. I widened my eyes at what I just said.
“Excuse me. What did you just say to me you brat?”

I struggled to look into his eyes. He tightened his grip on my neck. I looked up at him and my eyes felt as if they were bulging out of their sockets.
“I s-said f-fuck you.”

Carlos picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I squealed and punched his back and kicked my legs. He restrained my legs with his arm and peeled my shoes of my feet.

He walked us to our room and threw me on the bed. He got on top of me and I kicked my legs. He held them down. He reached for the draw and took something out. He grabbed my hands and put them to the headboard. He wrapped them up with some silk rope. I tried to pull them off. He grabbed my feet and tied them to the bottom. I was spread out for him like a starfish.

I looked at him with wide eyes and a open mouth. He stared down at me with feral eyes. He walked to the closet and came back with a black duffel beg. He placed it on the vanity and took something out of it. He walked up to me and put something on my clit. It was cold and made me shiver.

Carlos grabbed a chair and put it at the bottom of the bed. He had what looked like a remote in his hand. He pressed a button and i arched up of the bed. Vibrations appeared on my clit and I moaned loudly. He pressed another button and it stopped.

I took a deep breath and looked at him with wide eyes. He looked into my eyes with a wild passion.
“You ,little girl, are going to lay on that bed, tied up, being denied your releases until you’ve learnt you’re lesson. You can scream and cry as much as you want. Until I think you’ve learnt you’re lesson, you will not cum.”

I wide my eyes and tried to pull my hands and feet off the bed. Carlos chuckled and walked up to me. He placed his hand on my cheek.
“That won’t work. Stay still. The quicker you learn what you did wrong the quicker you’ll be able to cum. Am I clear?”

I just stared up at him. His eyes turned darker and he gripped my cheeks.
“Don’t ignore me little girl.”

I nodded my head.
“Yes daddy.”

He smirked and pecked my lips.
“Good girl. Now I need you to give me a safe word incase it gets too intense for you. If you want to stop say it okay.”
I nodded my head. He lifted my chin up.
“Okay what’s your safe works darling?”

I thought about and then smiled.

Carlos chuckled and pecked my lips again.
“Okay darling don’t be afraid to use it.”

I nodded my head shyly. Carlos pecked my lips one last time. He walked away from me and back to the chair. He sat back down and pressed another button on the remote. I moaned loudly when I felt vibrations go through my body. I arched my back of the bed a little and gripped the robe bounding my arms. He put it on a higher setting and I moaned louder.
“Oh daddy.”

Carlos growled and I looked down at him. His shirt was thrown behind him and he had taken his jeans off. He was rubbing himself while looking at my body. I blushed harder. His eyes snapped up to mine and the intensity in them made me shudder.

He pressed the button again and I could feel myself tightening. I moaned louder and then felt the vibrations go slower. I whimpered and shook my head.
“No no. please daddy.”

Carlos smirked at me and rubbed himself faster.
“Not just yet slut.”

I was breathing heavily and was coming down from my high when I felt the vibrations again. I opened my mouth and multiple moans filtered out. This happened another 7 times. I would get close to cumming but he would deny me of it. I had tears down my mouth and saliva was running onto my chin. My head was to the side and I was a moaning, whimpering mess. I was getting close to my high again.

“Daddy please. I’m s-sorry. I’m sorry D-Daddy. I’ve learnt m-my lesson. Please let m-me cum daddy. Please.”
Carlos got up of his seat and walked towards me. He roughly gripped my chin and moved my head to the other side to look at me. His eyes softened at the sight of my tears but he didn’t relax his grip.

“Are you sure little girl? What was the lesson?”
I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Don’t I-ignore daddy. Don’t w-walk away from Daddy. Don’t give daddy a-attitude. Don’t curse at Daddy.”
He smiled down at me lovingly and stroked my cheek.

“Good girl. I think you have learnt your lesson.”
I nodded my head excessively.

“Y-Yes I promise. I’ve l-learnt my lesson Daddy.”
He smiled.

“I know you have.”
He moved his hand down to my kitty and pulled the vibrator out. I whimpered when I felt my high go down.

Carlos stroked my cheek.
“Don’t worry. I’ll let you cum. Just be patient my little girl.”

He untied my arms and I sighed. I laid them in the bed. He moved down to my legs and untied them. I moaned at the feeling of them touching the bed. Carlos rubbed my ankles and wrists were they had been tied. I moaned at the feeling of his cold skin against my warm one.

He got on top of me and didn’t waste anytime in shoving his dick into my kitty. I moaned and gripped his hair. He grabbed my hips and began to go harder. I threw my head against the bed and moaned loudly. Her began to go father and harder and I could hear the bed hitting the wall. It rocked and I didn’t care if the people below could hear.

“You feel so good little girl. Your so tight. Fuck.”
Carlos groaned into my ear whilst he used his finger to play with my already sensitive clit. He squeezed it and I came. I moaned so loudly and scratched his back harder than I have before. I was sure I had drawn blood. Carlos pulled out and released onto my stomach. I relaxed onto the bed and could feel my eyes shutting because of how tired I was. That was one of my best orgasms yet.


Carlos got up off my body and I whimpered. I wanted him to stay with me. Water began to run and soon Carlos had come back to me. He placed his hands under my knees and head and picked me up bridal style. He walked us to the bathroom and sat me in the toilet. He turned around and put bath salts into the bath. I leaned my head against the wall too tired to sit up right.

Carlos came back to me and picked me up. He walked us to the bath and sat in. Her placed me in between his thighs and I moaned at how soothing the hot water was against my kitty. Carlos got a rag and cleaned my body off. He gently rubbed any cum from my thighs and kitty. I whimpered because of how sensitive I was.

“Shh my darling. I know it hurts. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so rough.”
I shook my head and lightly smiled up at him.

“No it’s a-alright Charlie. I needed to b-be punished. It’s a-alright.”
He smiled down at me and pecked my lips. I slid my head back on his chest and he cleans my body. He sat me up so he could wash my hair. He used a jug to wash out the shampoo and conditioner. I offered to clean him even if I was really tired and sore. He shook his head and said he showered yesterday.

He picked me up and wrapped both of us in our own towels. He walked back to our room and slid me down on the bed. He went to the closet and came out with some boxers on. He had my moisturiser in his hands and soothing cream. He first spread moisturiser all over my body. He put soothing cream on my red wrists and ankles. Her gently rubbed it on my sensitive clit. I whimpered at the cold feeling.

He pulled one of his shirts over my head. I smelt it and sighed. It smelt like him. Carlos chuckled at me and picked me up. He laid himself down on the bed and then put me on top of him. He wrapped his arms around my back and placed his hand on my ass. He put his other hand in my hair and stroked it. As soon as I closed my eyes, I was out like a light.

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