His Little Lavender

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Bonus Chapter 4

Carlos’ PoV

Lavender had asked to go to a club tonight. I was completely shocked. I had no idea she would ever want to go to one. I wasn’t properly prepared for that. She looked so desperate and was pouting. There was absolutely no way I could say no to her. I hated saying no to her and she knew that. And when she pouted it was impossible. So tonight we’re suppose to be going to the club with Braydon, Scotty and Raven.
I was glad that if she was going to go to a club, I would be with her.

I had no idea what she was going to wear and that scared me the most. I knew she’d looked sexy in anything she wore but that was the problem. It was a club. A club is full of horny men especially the high-class one we’re going to. I don’t want their dirty ass eyes looking at my Lavender’s body. She wasn’t getting changed at the apartment either so I wouldn’t see until she came.

All the guys had been kicked out while the girls got ready. Me, Scotty and Braydon were literally lounging around in mine and Lavender’s apartment because Scotty wasn’t allowed in his. Lavender and Raven were getting changed there. Braydon just came as he had nothing to do at his apartments. It was silent. Braydon wore a white tee with a denim jacket. He had black jeans and white shoes.

Scotty wore a pair of black jeans with a black white and brown shirt. The first two buttons were undone and he had slicked his hair back a little.

I had a red shirt on with some black suit pants. My first three buttons were undone. I had a bit of stubble on my face that I hadn’t shaved. My hair was messy and I wore a pair of black shoes. I had my rings on and a chain lavender had got me for my 20th birthday.

We just sat with each other. Scotty was typing on his phone and would smile from time to time. He must be texting someone interesting. Braydon was inspecting his nails. I had no idea why the fuck he was doing that but it’s Braydon: no one knows why he does half the shit he does.

His eyes widened and he looked up.
“Hey Carlos. You and Lavender have been together 3 years when are you proposing?”

I stared at him with a raised eyebrow. He stared back at me actually intrigued. Scotty looked up from his phone and at me. I rolled my eyes and placed my arms on the top of the coach.
“I’ve already been looking at rings.”

Braydon’s eyes widened and he leaned in closer. Scotty turned his phone down and looked at me.
“Seriously. How long?”

I shrugged my shoulders.
“Since the start of the year. I need to get her the perfect ring so it may take a while.”

Braydon smirked and Scotty rolled his eyes. I looked between the two.
“What? I’m not gonna give her some shit ass ring. Come on. She’s my darling. She deserves a proper ring and plus her father and brother would legitimately kill me if I did that. So would my mum.”

They laughed and I smirked.
“So do you want child?”

I smiled and looked into the distance.
“Definitely. After Lavender lost our first one and how sad I was about that, I definitely want kids and so does she.”

Scotty choked on air and leaned closer to me.
“Lavender was pregnant before?”

I frowned and looked down.
“Yeah when she was 17. Did she tell you about Jonas?”

Scotty’s eyes saddened and he nodded his head. I took a deep breath and looked up at the sky to keep myself from crying. This always was a sensitive topic to both me and Lavender.
“Yeah ,because of the trauma her body had been put through and the fact she didn’t get enough food and water, the baby didn’t survive. It was only about a week old so it wasn’t strong enough and we lost our first child before we got to meet it.”

I took a deep breath to hold back my tears. Scotty exhaled deeply.
“Damn. I’m sorry dude that must have been hard.”

I frowned and looked at him.
“Yeah it was especially on Lavender. She thought it was her fault she lost the baby and thought I wouldn’t love her anymore because she supposedly ‘killed our baby’. She took it the hardest.”

Scotty shuck his head sadly. Braydon walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sure you’ll have kids one day. No I’m not sure. I’m certain. The way you two go at it there’s no possible way that you couldn’t.”

I laughed and threw a pillow at Braydon. He chucked it back at me.
“Don’t be jealous I get more action than you.”

He stared at me with a straight face.
“That is incorrect. Ask Scotty.”

My eyes widened and I turned to Scotty. He was whistling a tune and looking around the room avoiding my eyes.
“Noo. You two slept together.”

Braydon laughed and sat back down. Scotty turned a light pink and I smirked.
“I never said that.”

I turned to Braydon with a look of disbelief.
“The way you two are acting right now says it all. How many times?”

I looked at Scotty.
“I’m not answering that.”

My eyes widened. Scotty glared at Braydon. He sent kisses and Scotty turned pink again.

“Damn I would have never thought.”
We all laughed.

The door to the apartment opened and we stood up. I waited for them to come in the room. My hands were folded in front of me and I was tapping my foot nervously. Raven came in first. She wore a white dress with puffy sleeves. It was quiet short and stuck to her body.

Scotty’s eyes widened when he saw her and he shook his head.
“Nope Nope. You’re not going out in that. Absolutely not get changed.”
Raven rolled her eyes.

“You’re not my dad. I can wear what I want.”
Scotty’s face turned red in angry and frustration.

I heard the clicking of heels and turned my head to the door. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped when I saw her. She wore a red sparkly dress that glistened under the light. It came not even to mid thigh. She had flimsy bands on her shoulders that would snap easily if I hugged on them and it was loose above her breasts so you could see the top of them. Her back was completely bare and it only covered her ass. Her ears were bearing multiple earrings and so was her nose. Fucking hell.

I walked up to her and her eyes got big. She looked down my body and blushed. I gripped her chin and lifted she head up.
“You will not be going to a club in something like that when there’s men there that will look at you like your their next meal. Do you hear me?”

Lavender pouted and stomped her foot.
“I am and y-you can’t stop me.”

I raised my eyebrows and leaned in closer.
“Wanna bet?”

She gasped when i ran my thumb across her lip. Her eyes got sad and she pouted. My facial expression softened.
“Baby p-pleaseee. I’ve never been to a club b-before. I want to g-get the full experience and wear something a-sexy. Pleasee”

She made her eyes bigger to make herself look even more adorable. She jutted out her lower lip and fluttered her eyelashes at me. Her voice was softer and made her sound almost like a baby.

I groaned and rolled my eyes.
She smiled and clapped her hands. I tightened my grip on her chin and pulled her face closer to me.
“But you will not leave my side at all. You will not talk to other men that you don’t know. You will not take a drink from someone you don’t know. If you are separated from me, find one of the others or call me.”

She nodded her head and I smiled.
“Good girl.”
I pecked her lips and let her chin go. She blushed and I smirked.

I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her into me. She wrapped her hands around my arm and smiled up at me. I smiled back down at her and then turned to the others. They were just staring at us. Scotty and Raven turned away when I looked and Braydon just fanned his face.

“Is it just me or is it hot in here?”
He let out a huff of air. I glared at him and Lavender giggled. He winked at her and then walked out of the room. Scotty looked at his ass he as walked. I smirked at him knowingly and he blushed. I’m betting they’re going to get together in the future. Raven and Scotty walked out of the room next.

I grabbed my keys and car keys and walked out of the apartment. I locked the door and then put them in my pocket. I looked at Lavender and she was smiling excitedly. She looked so darn cute.

I walked us to the elevator and we got inside. It went down and binged. We all got out and walked through the lobby. Lavender was already getting stared at by men in the lobby. Jesus we’re not even at the club yet.

I held her close and glared at every man that dared to stare at my darling. They would usually look away but some brave souls would continue looking. They were the ones that made me grit my teeth to try control who I would punch.

Braydon walked up beside me and whispered in my ear.
“Think about this. It doesn’t matter how many men are staring at her ,when the only man she’s staring at, is you.”

He nodded his head down at Lavender and I looked down at her. She was smiling up at me brightly. My eyes softened and I kissed her. She kissed me back and blushed. I guess he was true.

The drive there wasn’t long. It was only about 20 minutes. We all drove separately. Me and Lavender went together and Raven, Braydon and Scotty went together. Lavender would hum to the songs and play with my finger the whole way there. She never stopped doing that. I love all the cute little gestures she does. It makes her even more adorable and pure.

We got to the club and the line outside was long. Luckily, I knew the owner of the club and were able to get vip passes easily. We got out and walked up to the bouncer. I kept Lavender close to me at all times. I had already given the other their passes. As I walked past the people in line, they would shout at me. I simply ignored them. Lavender seemed to be more affected by their harsh words. I kissed the top of her head to calm her.

When I got to the front, I showed the bouncer the passes and my identification. His eyes widened when he saw who I was. I gave him Lavender’s as well and he looked down at her shocked. Lavender waved up at him shyly.
“Right in Mr Reid and Miss Rose.”

I nodded my head at him.
“Thank you.”

Lavender smiled at him kindly and waved goodbye. He waved back. Raven and the others were also able to get in easily when I said they were with me. The music was loud. I felt as if my ear drums had just popped. The many lights shining across the hall made me literally feel like a blind man.

Lavender’s smile got bigger and she looked at Raven excited. Raven looked at her with an expression with just as much excitement. Darn this two are going to have us chasing them all night.

We walked up to our vip booth. It was quieter there and not as crowded. I sat down and pulled Lavender down on my lap. She moved her hips a little teasingly with a smirk on her face. I gripped her hips and sent her a warning look. He blushed a little and bit her lip. God darn this girls gonna be the death of me.

Lavender’s PoV

I was so excited when we entered the club. My ears were completely filled with sound. It sounded so lively. Many people were dancing and the music was so loud I could hardly hear myself think. It was hot but I expected that with the amount of people here.

I was so glad that Raven had brought up the idea to come to a club. I’ve never been to one of these before. Carlos didn’t seem to like the idea at first but after a few pouts and me batting my eyelashes he finally agreed. I knew he could never say no to me if I did that.

He walked us over to a vip section and pulled me into his lap. I blushed and an idea bopped into my mind. I wasn’t sure if I should do it but did it anyway. I moved my hips a little on Carlos’ lap. Carlos’ tightened his grip on my hips and the evidence of his arousal began to dig into my bum. He gave me a warning look and I blushed darker.

Raven came over to us with a tray of glasses. I smiled and clapped my hands. I jumped in Carlos’ lap excited. He dug his fingers into my hips and kept me still. I looked down at him confused. He was breathing heavily and he used his hands to move his hair from in front of his face. I blushed harder when I felt his dick get harder. He glared at me and I looked away shyly.

Raven placed a glass in front of me and I looked at it weirdly. I didn’t know what it was. I went to get it but Carlos grabbed my hand. He looked at me with stern eyes.
“Lavender you and I both know you’ve never drank before. You can’t drink straight tequila on your first time.”

I glared at him and pulled my hand out of his grip.
“I can and I-I will.”

I grabbed the cup and poured it into my mouth. I burnt my throat a little but it was alright. It didn’t taste that bad. I shook my head a little and placed the cup back down on the table. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes. I shrugged my shoulders.

Raven laughed.
“You’re crazy.”

I flipped my hair over my shoulder and smirked.
“I know.”
I grabbed another glass and downed it. That one made my head go all fuzzy and my body to buzz like bee. It felt funny. I liked it.

She smiled and downed her glass. Her reaction was way worse than mine. She stuck her tongue out and began to fan her throat. Was that how I was suppose to react?

I looked behind me. Carlos was staring at me with a burning passion. His eyes were in slits and his mouth in a straight line. I shivered a little and squeezed my thighs together. Carlos noticed that and placed his hand on my thigh. He moved it up a little and my breath hitched. He got so close to my heat and I had to bite my lip to contain a moan.

His eyes suddenly hardened and he pulled me closer to him.
“Lavender where the fuck are your underwear?”

I blushed darkly and smiled at him shyly.
“I d-don’t have any on.”

His grip on my hips tightened so much that I became painful. I whimpered a little and Carlos looked up at me concerned. He softened his grasp and let out a deep breath.
“I’m sorry darling. I didn’t mean to hurt you but why aren’t you wearing underwear?”

I bit my lip and looked down.
“They d-didn’t look right w-with the dress and would leave a mark on it.”

Carlos lifted my chin up.
“Why didn’t you put a thong on then?”

I blushed harder and slowly looked into his eyes.
“You-you ripped them all.”
I whispered.

Carlos eyes widened and then he smirked. Suddenly, Raven appeared in front of me and held my hands. She pulled me out of Carlos’ lap. I heard Carlos groan and looked behind me. His eyes were staring at my bum and I blushed brightly. He looked up at me and winked. I turned around quickly so he wouldn’t see the raging blush on my face.

“Come on Lavender. We’re going to dance.”
Raven had a large smile on her face and I could tell she was a bit drunk.

“No she’s not.”
Raven threw her head back and groaned. Carlos had put his hand around my hip and pulled me back to him.

I turned around and leaned into him. His breathing got heavily and he looked down at my breasts. I lightly tailed my hand down his chin to the area of his chest that wasn’t covered.

I got closer to his ear and whispered.
“Come on d-daddy. Pleaseee. I promise I W-won’t go far.”
I bit his lobe and Carlos lightly moaned.

He pulled back and looked at my face. My lips were in a pout and I had widened my eyes. Carlos’ features softened and he groaned again.
“Fine but stay where I can see you and listen to what I said earlier.”

I smiled and nodded my head eagerly. I kissed his cheek and was about to pull away when he grabbed my cheeks with one hand while the other was over the sofa. He pulled me into a hot kiss. I moaned into it when he bit my lip. I pulled away with swollen lips and harsh breathing. Carlos smirked at how flustered I was and pecked my lips one last time.

I turned around and began walking. He smacked my bum and I glared at him. He just laughed and shook his head.

Me and Raven had found a spot on the dance floor that wasn’t as crowded and was in Carlos’ line of sight. The music playing had a good rhythm and sounded amazing. I began to move my hips and Raven laughed. She moved hers with me. She came up to me and put her hands around my shoulders. We danced together. I didn’t care that people were around us and most probably staring. I blame that on liquid courage.

One of my favourite Rihanna songs came on and me and literally nearly every girl around me screamed.

“We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place”

The beat dropped and everyone began to jump. I nearly fell over but gripped onto Raven. We both looked at each other shocked and then burst out laughing. I’ll never understand why I never came to a club before this. They’re so much fun.

A Spanish song came on and I smirked. I looked up to where Carlos was to see him already staring down at me. There was a man talking to him but all his attention was on me. I bit my lip and began to sway my hips a little. His eyes snapped down to them and he licked his lips. I used my hands to flip my hair. Carlos’ eyes darted up to mine and I could see the hot intensity of them from all the way down here. I winked at him. I turned around and continued to sway my hips.

A felt a body appear behind me and became startled. I turned around to see a dude I didn’t know. He smiled down at me and then leaned into my ear.
“I saw you trying to tease a man up in the vip box. Want a little help from a gay man?”

I looked at him shocked and then looked up at Carlos. He was gripping his glass so hard I thought it would break. His eyes were glaring at the man behind me as if he thought if he glared hard enough the guy would suddenly disappear.

I smirked and turned to the guy.
“Sure. W-What’s your name?”

He smiled down to me.
“Marc how bout you?”

I giggled and swayed my hips more.

He sent me a flashing smiled that showed of his white pearly teeth.
“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. So how’s the man up in the box doing?”

I looked to the side. Carlos seemed to be even angrier now. His eyes held such a ferocious anger that even I was an ounce scared. One of his hands were gripping the purple coach in a tight grip. The other still held his glass cup.

I smirked a little and turned back to Marc.
“No too g-good. He looks as if he’s a-about to smash the glass cup he’s h-holding and tear that couch apart.”

Marc laughed and placed his hands on my waist. I turned to Raven. She was looking at me with an amused face. I shrugged my shoulders. Her eyes became wide and I looked at her confused.

Marc moved from behind me and came in front of me.
“It was nice meeting you Lavender but unfortunately it’s my time to go. Mr vip guy looks as if he’s about to rip my head of. Bye.”

He walked away with a wink. I laughed and waved at him. I was about to go back to dancing on my own when I felt another body appear behind me. I turned to them shocked. My eyes grew twice as wide when I saw Carlos stood there with a dangerous glare. I turned back to Raven. She had a scared look on her face and raised her eyebrows. I shrugged my shoulder and softened mine. She shook her head and walked back to the vip area.

I gulped and continued to move my hips. I could feel Carlos’ hot breath fanning against my neck and then travelling down my back leaving multiple goosebumps in its tracks.

He bite my neck and I gasped.
“You fucking tease. Moving your hips like that as if every man in this club wasn’t staring at you. And then you have the audacity to actually dance on another guy. Do I have to remind you who the fuck you belong to slut?”
He bite my lobe and I whimpered quietly.
“Your in so much trouble little girl. I’m going to punish you soo hard that you won’t dare to sway them hips like that again in front of any other man. That you won’t dare to rub your beautiful ass on another guy again. That you won’t dare to try tease me again. You fucking belong to me Lavender. Your Daddy’s little slut. No one else’s.”

I turned to him and he gripped my chin. My hips were still moving. He leaned down to my face and his hot breath made my hairs stick up in anticipation. He got so close to my lips that I could literally taste his minty breath.
“I’m going to devour you when we get home but now you better move those hips you slut.”

I was blushing so hard I thought my face was on fire. My eyes were wider than Jupiter and my lust for what he was going to do to me was unbelievable. I turned back forwards just as another Spanish song came on. I grinded my bum against Carlos. He gripped my hips and pulled me in further. I could feel his boner sticking into my bum. I leaned my head against his shoulder with an open mouth. Carlos looked down at me. I changed the movement of my hips and began to go side to side. Carlos groaned quietly in my ear and the grip he had on my hips was painful but I didn’t care. I was too overcome with the sensational feeling pumping through my body.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. Carlos lightly kissed my neck and I moaned. He took in a deep breath and moved his hands off my hips. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards an exit. I stumbled over my feet a little surprised. I looked up at the others to see they had knowing smirks on their face. Braydon winked at me and I blushed.

We got out into the cold air and I shivered a little. Carlos wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his body. He was hot and my body warmed up not just because of the heat coming from his body. He walked to a car we didn’t arrive in. There was a driver and I suspect he had called one since both of us had been drinking.


He opened the door for me and I got in. Carlos got in too without a word. He pressed a button and the divider came down. I looked at him with wide eyes. Carlos grabbed my hips and placed me on his lap so I was straddling him. He strengthened his grip on my hips and pulled me into him. I placed my hands on his shoulders so i wouldn’t fall face first onto his chest.

I could feel Carlos’ boner digging into my bare entrance. I gasped when he moved a bit. Carlos just smirked at me. I rocked my hips a little to get more friction. Carlos moved one of his hands from my hips to my hair. He pulled it back and began to kiss my neck. He paid special attention to my sweet spot and that made me moan more. The driver went over a speed bump and I bounced on Carlos’ lap. That made me moan louder and Carlos quietly groan into my neck.

He moved his hand off my hip to my bum. He squeezed it and then slapped it. I moaned loudly and gripped his shoulders tighter. Carlos did it again and I felt the familiar feeling build up in my stomach. The little butterflies that appeared made me moan louder. Carlos suddenly gripped my hips and stopped me. I whimpered and whined.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face down.
“Don’t fucking whine little girl. It’s not going to get you anywhere.”

Carlos placed me down on my seat and then opened the door. I could still feel the buzzing in my kitty and rubbed myself against the seat to get some friction. Carlos opened my door and his eyes hardened when he saw what I was doing. He pulled me out and I whimpered. He grabbed the back of my neck again and pushed my body so it was on his. He tilted my head up and leaned down.
“You fucking slut. You couldn’t wait a few minutes until we got to the apartment to get the pleasure you wanted. We have rules Lavender. What was rule number 5?”

I looked up at him with pleading eyes.
“Never m-masturbate or give myself pleasure unless D-Daddy says so.”
I whispered while looking at the floor.

He lifted my head back up.
“Exactly now you are going to walk yourself up to that apartment and strip naked when I get into out bedroom I expect to see you wearing nothing and standing by the mirror. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head.
“Yes Daddy.”

He kissed my lips.
“Good girl. Now let’s go.”

He grabbed my hand and walked us towards the building. We went in and the hot air made a shiver run down my body. He walked us over to the elevator. It was silent the whole way up. I could still feel anger rolling of Carlos in waves. If I knew his reaction would be like this, I wouldn’t have done what I did.

That’s a lie. I would have down it earlier. The anticipation on how he’s going to punish me is way greater then the regret I will probably feel after he does it. The amount of pleasure he can cause my body to feel makes me feel out of this world. I’m glad Carlos was my first and will be my last. I wouldn’t want anyone else to do the things to my body that he does.

The elevator doors opened slowly. Carlos walked out and pulled me along by my hand like I was a dog on a leash. I’d be on a leash anytime for him.

He opened the door and let go of my hand. He made his way to the kitchen without even glancing at me. I walked towards the bedroom and slipped out of my heels. I heard the tap and the running of water. I walked towards the mirror and pulled the straps of the dress of my shoulders. I let it fall down to the floor and then stepped out of it. I used my feet to kick it the other side of the room. I heard footsteps and heard the door to the bedroom open and then closed. My breathing was heavy and the need in my stomach was unbearable. I shuffled on my feet and looked down at them.

I felt Carlos’ hot body appear behind me. He slowly ran his hands from my hand, up my shoulder, down the curve of my breast, to the little dent of my waist and then to my hips. He grabbed them and pulled me into him roughly. His other hand lifted my head up by my chin. I looked at him in the mirror. He had taken his shirt of and was only in a pair of black suit pants.

He pulled my chin down so my mouth was open. He stuck two fingers down my throat and I lightly gagged. I closed my mouth and sucked them. His eyes turned from a light green to a dark forest green. He rubbed his hand on my hip and moved down to my thigh. I whimpered a little at the hot trail he was leaving in his path. He placed his hand on my inner thigh and squeezed it. I moaned on his fingers. Carlos squeezed harder and slowly moved upwards.

I looked at his eyes in the mirror. He looks so dangerous and dominating. I loved it. He pulled his fingers out of my mouth and brought them to his. I continued to look into his eyes. He put them into my mouth and licked them. I gasped a little when he cupped my kitty.

I looked down at his hand and bit my lip. Carlos put his other hand on my throat and lifted my head up. He squeezed gently and used his finger to spread my wetness. I moaned and leaned my head back on his shoulder. He smirked and pinched my clit. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. The air was filled with my heavy breathing.

Carlos tightened his grip on my neck and my eyes flew open. I looked at him in the mirror. His fingers had moved to my entrance and he was prodding it. I looked at myself. My face was flushed a deep red. My hair was messy and my eyes half closed with lust.

Carlos placed his head next to mine and whispered in my ear.
“Who do you belong to slut?”

I moaned breathlessly when he entered his finger in my entrance a little but not the whole way. He squeezed my neck again.
“You daddy. I b-belong to you daddy.”

Carlos smirked.
“Good girl. Now you will look into the mirror while I fingerfuck you senseless. You will see how much of a desperate slut you are for me. How pathetic and needy your are for Daddy.”

He shoved two fingers into me suddenly. I screamed and moaned at the same time. I looked down at his hands in the mirror. Carlos used his hand in my neck to lift my head back up.
“What did I just say slut?”

I gulped a little and looked at myself. Carlos had slowed the movement of his fingers. I whimpered a little and laid my head down on his chest. Carlos sped up and I moaned. I looked at myself. My mouth was wide open and moan after moan flooded out from it. My eyes were desperate for pleasure.

Carlos began to kiss down my neck and I leaned my head to the side. He bit my sweet spot lightly. I whimpered and tried to move my hips on his fingers. Carlos growled and squeezed my neck harder. I moaned and stopped.

He curled his fingers a little and I felt the knot in my stomach appear again. I bit my lip and continued to look at myself. Suddenly, Carlos slowed down. I shook my head side to side while whimpering. He chuckled and pulled his head out of my neck.

“Such a little slut. You really thought I’d let you cum that easily.”
His face suddenly lost all emotion and he squeezed my neck harder.
“I don’t fucking think so darling. You will be begging and crying before you cum. You will be screaming and pleading with me to let you cum. You will lose any support in your legs before you cum. You will see how much of a fucking slut and desperate you are for me before I let you cum. Now stand there like the good little slut you are and let me fingerfuck you until you can’t speak properly anymore.”

He sped up his pace and I became louder. The intense feeling down there was unbearable. He was rubbing my clit with his thumb and pressing down on it. I could feel his boner digging into my bum. I arched my back a little when I felt the feeling appear again. He slowed down and it began to disappear. Tears appeared in my eyes and I shook my head side to side.
“Please. Please daddy.”

Carlos chuckled darkly.
“Not just yet little girl.”

He started again and my legs felt as if they were about to give out. I was leaning into his fully. I looked into the mirror. My red lipstick had been smudged all over my lips. My mascara was running because of my tears. My hair was a state and going all different directions.

Carlos smirked and moved his hand further up my neck so my head tilted upwards.
“Look how beautiful you are darling. Begging and begging me. Makeup all over your face. Hair the equivalent of a birds nest. This is what you get for teasing me. For rubbing yourself on another man. For being the little slut that you are.”

Tears were falling down my face at the intensity of my pleasure. My legs had given out and Carlos was practically holding me up. I shook my head again.
“Daddy h-he was gay. I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. P-please. Please let me c-cum.”

I screamed again when he curled his fingers. My stomach was a whole zoo now. It was going wild. My legs were jelly and I couldn’t even feel my toes. I knew I was going to be sore tomorrow.

Carlos smirked at me again and moved to my neck. He kissed along my jaw line and left hickeys there. I moaned and whimpered and screamed so loud I’m sure the people below us could hear me.
“Daddy p-please. Please. I-I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. P-please let me cum. Please. I b-beg of you.”

Carlos looked at me in the mirror. His eyes were significantly softer than before and he gently rubbed my neck. I whimpered and laid my cheek on his chest.
“I know darling. I know you’re sorry. I’ll let you cum under one condition.”

I nodded my head instantly. I wanted to cum so bad that I didn’t care. I just wanted to cum.
“You will get on that bed after and take my cock under you cum again and are screaming my name.”

My eyes widened and I looked at him shocked. I didn’t think I could take anymore. I felt as if my body was broken. My legs had given out. I took a deep breath and nodded.
“Good girl. Now daddy’s going to let you cum and then your going to be the good little girl you are and take my cock as well on the bed.”

I nodded my head. Carlos began moving his fingers again and I moaned. The feeling began to build up and my mouth opened wide. I gasped and moaned when he curled his fingers and roughly began to hit my g-spot. I felt my thighs shaking and I screamed. I screamed so loud while I came on his fingers. Carlos smirked and continue to move his fingers. I was screaming and moaning so loud that my throat hurt.

I fell against Carlos’ body when I finished. He smiled at me lovingly and put his hands under my knees. He picked me up bridal style and walked us over to the bed. He laid me down on the bed and began to undo his bottoms. I looked up at him and bit my lip. He pulled them down and I saw his boner. I blushed and Carlos laughed again.

Carlos’ PoV

I looked as she laid down before me. Her body completely naked and the aftermath of her first orgasm covering her thighs. I smiled and got on top of her. I placed one of my hands on her cheek and I used the other one to grab my cock. I slid it up and down her folds and she bit her lip. I groaned as I felt her wetness coating my tip. She laid her head down on the bed. I slowly eased myself into her and she moaned. I pressed her hip down further and pulled her into a kiss. She kissed me back and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I massaged her tongue with mine. I tasted every crevice of her mouth and she tasted amazing. She laced her fingers through my hair and pulled at it. I moaned into her mouth.

I went further and grinded my hips on hers. She pulled her lips of mine and laid her head back. Her back arched of the bed and I smirked. I sped up my pace and went harder. Lavender moaned louder and her eyes rolled back. I smirked and began to kiss her tits. I kissed around them and bit and sucked. Red marks covered her breasts and then I moved to her nipples. I bit it and rolled it between my lips. She dug her foot into my back.

I felt her clench around me and I went deeper. I moved my hips and began to hit her g-spot. Lavender became louder and grounded her hips on my cock. I could feel myself become hard and moaned as she gripped my harder.

I moved my hand down to her clit and began to rub it. She moaned loudly and came. I came with her and continued to fuck her through it. I loved the feeling of her milking my cock. The feeling of her pulsating around me made me moan into her ear. I felt as her cum slicked my cock and groaned. She gripped onto me until I didn’t have anything else in my cock.


I placed my hands beside her head to keep myself from falling on her. She was panting beneath me and struggled to keep her eyes open. I slowly pulled myself out of her pussy and she whimpered.

I switched our position and placed her on top of me. We were both too tired to get cleaned up and just laid there. I knew I really should get her cleaned up but didn’t have the strength to. Her breaths became softer and I stroked her hair. She wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled in closer. Her breath against my neck made my hairs stick up.
“I love you C-Charlie.”

I smiled and pulled her closer.
“I love you too darling.”

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