His Little Lavender

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Bonus Chapter 5 pt1

Lavender’s PoV

It’s been 4 years since we started at Columbia. Carlos graduated not too long ago. I was so happy for him. He worked so hard to get to where he is now. We have had some ups and downs during those 4 years. But eventually we work it out. I can’t imagine my life without him.

I’ve been really sick lately. I’ve been at Raven’s apartment that she shares with Scotty for the few days that Carlos hasn’t been here. I’ve thrown up about 5 times within the past 3 days. I feel so tired and my body is literally killing me.

“Lavender. Have you thought about the possibility that you’re may be pregnant?”
I was laying in Raven’s bed groaning in pain.

My head darted up and I gasped.
Raven’s eyes widened and she stood up.
“Did you get your period this month Lavender?”

I blushed and looked down. I tried to remember. My eyes widened and I looked up at her.
“Oh donuts.”

Raven squealed and jumped up and down. I sat there shocked.
“Omg omg omg. You might be pregnant. My best friend might be pregnant.”

I got up and put my hand over her mouth.
“Shhh Scotty might hear you. We don’t even know if I am yet.”

She rolled her eyes and took my hand off her mouth.
“There’s literally no other explanation for your sickness. It’s obvious you’re prego.”

I nervously bit on my lip and sat back down on the bed. Raven sat down beside me and placed her hand on my shoulder. I looked up at her with sad eyes.
“What if h-he’s not ready? I l-lost his first child. W-what if he hasn’t gotten over that?”

Raven’s features softened and she pulled me closer to her so my head was on her shoulder.
“Lavender. Carlos absolutely loves you more than life itself. He took two bullets for you. He’ll be overjoyed at the fact you’re pregnant don’t worry. He doesn’t blame you for losing his first child. It’s not your fault.”

I nodded my head and wiped away my tears. Raven got up.
“Now how about you stay here while I go get you some pregnancy tests from the pharmacy around the corner?”

I nodded my head and laughed a little.
“Thanks Raven. For e-everything.”

She shook her head and smiled.
“What are best friends for?”

She exited the room and I sat on the bed looking at the wall. What if I was actually pregnant? How do I tell Carlos? Is he really ready? Am I ready?

I heard the buzzing of an object in my pocket. I pulled my phone out to see Carlos calling me. I took a deep breath and answered it.

“Hello my darling. How have you been?”
I smiled at the sound of his voice.

“I’ve been good B-Baby. I just miss you.”
Carlos sighed and I heard movement on his side of the phone.

“I know I know. I miss you too Angel. I’ll be home tomorrow and then we can spend all day together. How does that sound?”

I smiled and nodded my head.
“That’s sounds nice. Be home qui-”

I could feel my stomach move and bile coming up my throat. I dropped my phone and ran into the bathroom. I kneeled on the floor and puked in the toilet. I pulled my hair to the back and took a deep breath. I puked again and then put my head on the seat. I took deep breaths. That taste horrible.

I could hear Carlos shouting on the phone. I got up and stumbled over to my phone. I picked it up.


I took a deep breath.
“I’m o-okay Baby.”

He let out a sigh and the footsteps on his side stopped. I guess he was pacing.
“What happened darling?”

I sat back down on the bed and laid down.
“I’m j-just a little sick. It’s n-nothing Carlos.”

He sighed.
“Lavender it isn’t nothing. Have you been to see a doctor?”

I shook my head and placed my cheek on the bed when I heard the door open. Raven came into the room with a bag. She smiled at me and then looked at the phone. Her eyes widened and she walked into the bathroom.
“No C-Charlie. It’s probably just
food sickness. I’ve got t-to go. I’ll see you soon.”

He began to talk but I hung up on him. I dropped my phone on the bed and walked into the bathroom. There were 4 pregnancy tests on the side. I walked up to them I looked down. Raven placed her hand on my shoulder and smiled at me through the mirror.
“Take your time. I’ll be outside.”

I nodded my head. She smiled once again and then walked out of the room. I took a deep breaths and opened the first one. And then the second. And then the third. And then the fourth. I peed on them all and then cleaned my hands. I walked out of the bathroom. Raven was sat on her bed nervously biting her nails.

She looked up at me when the door opened and stood up.
“How long do you have to wait?”

I smiled and sat beside her.
“5 m-minutes. I’ve set a timer.”

She sighed and sat back down.
“Okay. Lets wait.”

I sat down beside her. My knee was shaking the whole time. I kept looking at the clock on her wall. Raven was just as nervous as I. She was pacing around and biting her nails.

I heard the alarm go off and shot up from the bed. Raven stopped her pacing and looked at me with wide eyes. I slowly walked to the door. I put my hand up to open the door.

“Go in Lavender. Open the door.”
I placed my hand on the door.

“I don’t k-know. I’m scared.”
Raven sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Just open the door.”
I pushed the handle door but stopped.

“But what if-”

“Lavender fucking open the door.”

“Okay okay. I’m d-doing it.”
I pulled the handle down and opened the door. I cautiously walked towards the counter. I looked down at the tests.


I stood there just staring at them. I was pregnant. Me. Having a child. I was going to have Carlos’ child. I was pregnant.

I turned to Raven and she looked identical to me. We bursted into smiled and hugged each other.


I jumped up and down smiling like mad.

Me and Raven began to squeal while jumping up and down. We were so excited. I was going to be a mum. A mum. Carlos is going to be a dad.

The door burst open and Scotty came in. He looked alarmed.
“Why are screaming? What’s wrong?”

He looked at us and then at the counter. His eyes widened and he looked back up at us.
“Raven I swear if you’re pregnant I will kill you.”

I giggled and pulled away.
“No dumby I-I am.”

His eyes widened and he looked at my stomach. He looked at my face and then back at my stomach. He broke into a large smile and walked up to me. He pulled me into a hug.
“Congratulations Lavender.”

I hugged him back.
“Thanks but don’t t-tell Carlos.”

He pulled away from me with a confused face.

I giggled and shook my head.
“I want to tell h-him.”

He smiled.
“Of course.”

For the rest of the afternoon, we were full of excitement. I couldn’t believe I was pregnant. I didn’t even notice I had missed my period. It completely went over my head. I went back to my apartment that night. Carlos was scheduled to arrive in the morning and I wanted to be there when he was. It’s was nearly Christmas and we were suppose to go back to the city for it. Raven and Scotty were coming with us too so they could meet my family and friends. I learnt they had no family and were orphans. I knew the perfect idea how to tell them all I was pregnant.

We were suppose to be leaving today. I had everything packed. My sickness had gone down but it was still bad. I was starting to get a little baby bump as well. Carlos didn’t know yet. I’ve been keeping it a secret for 2 weeks. It’s been hell. Carlos knows somethings up but he’s giving me my space.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay? We don’t have to go. We can stay here.”
I shook my head and zipped up my last bag.

“I’m f-fine baby. Don’t worry.”
He looked at me unsure. I gave him my bag and walked to the door.

He followed behind me.
“If you feel sick, just tell me okay?”

I smiled and nodded my head.
“Yes baby.”

He smiled back and kissed my lips. We walked to the car. Scotty and Raven were riding with Braydon. They left earlier. We had to leave late as I was feeling a little sick and couldn’t ride. I feel better now.

I literally hate this sickness. I thought it would only be in the morning. I went to the doctors the other day. She told me it was perfectly normal during my first semester. I got my first picture. I made Raven go with me. She took a video of the heart beat so I could show Carlos since he wasn’t with me for the first ultrasound.

The ride was about an hour. It wasn’t long. Me and Carlos talked through most of it. I sang a bit and played with his fingers the whole time. That’s a habit I’ve never been able to break. I did feel a little sick near the end but I was fine when we arrived.

It was like how I remembered. The walls were a perfect white. We haven’t been here for a year since it’s been a business school term. I could see Scotty and Raven just stood there staring up at it. Braydon was beside them smiling. I got out of the car and walked to them. Carlos was getting our bags out. I offered to help him but he denied.

I stood beside Raven and they both turned to look at me amazed.
“You grew you here.”

I giggle and looked up. It really was an amazing place to grow up. I was lucky.
“Yes I did.”

They gasped and I heard the door open. I turned to it just as someone ran out. I smiled and walked towards them.

I giggled as she hugged me. She wrapped her legs around me and I nearly fell over. She always does this. I can hardly hold her weight half the time. Not saying she’s fat but I’m not exactly very strong either.

“Jo. I missed y-you.”
She got off me and held my face in her hands.

“I’ve missed you too Lavender. So much. It’s a nightmare without you. I’ve got to find entertainment with Max. I can’t believe you left me with him.”

I shook my head and laughed. Someone else came out of the house.
“Hey. I’m not that bad.”

Josie rolled her eyes.
“You are Max. You literally nearly drowned me the other day.”

He made a face at her and then smiled at me.
“Lavender. How much I’ve missed you.”

I smiled and walked up to hug him. He hugged me back. I pulled away and turned to Raven and Scotty. They stood there stiff and looking at us awkwardly. I smiled and ushered them over. They walked to us slowly. They sent a look to each other that told me just how uncomfortable they were.

“Josie Max. This is Scotty and Raven my friends. Scotty Raven these are Josie and Max. Be nice.”

Josie smiled and walked to Raven. She pulled her into a hug. Raven’s eyes widened and she looked at me now knowing what to do. I used my hands to tell her to hug her back. She awkwardly wrapped her hands around Josie. She pulled away with a large smile.
“I heard so much about you Raven. You’re just as beautiful as Lavender described. Your hair is beautiful.”

Raven blushed a little and shuffled on her feet.
“Thank you. I really like your eyes.”

Josie blushed.
“Thank you. Come on let’s show you around.”

Josie took Raven’s hand and pulled her into the house. Raven looked at me concerned. I waved goodbye to her. She glared and I stuck my tongue out. Max and Scotty introduced themselves to each others. They seemed to get on wonderfully. It was awkward between Braydon and Max. I don’t know what happened but something did. I will find it out. Max came out as bi last year. Me and Josie were so happy for him. So was everyone else.

I helped Carlos bring our bags up to my room. My dad and Antonio didn’t arrive until the evening. We all had dinner together. Jennifer, Damian and Jessica came at lunch. It was so good to see them again. Jessica told me all about her friends and school. She’s such a pretty girl now. She took up football like Carlos. They’re so alike it’s ridiculous. I found out she was actually friends with Nathaniel. I haven’t seen him in years. He and Cody were coming tomorrow with Vanesia and Jeremiah’s family. I heard Vanesia was doing amazing. They guy her a tutor and speak therapist. We talk at least once a month. She sounds so much happier now.

It was a fun evening. We talked about everything everyone was doing. Jessica had just been through a break up. She told me all about the guy. His name was Kai. He seemed like a decent guy. They had been dating for a year but they weren’t working out. They broke up but are still friends somehow.

Max had stayed single the whole time. He was focusing on his studies. Antonio was still sleeping around. I hated that. It’s looked like Josie hadn’t gotten over him yet either. Maybe that’s why her and Kai broke up because her heart belonged to another man.
I wished they’d just see how much they loved each other. I’m tired of waiting.

We all went to sleep before 12. I was excited for tomorrow. It was Christmas and I was going to tell everyone I was pregnant. I had an amazing. Raven had helped me get a bottle of wine that had a label saying Baby Rose for my dad and Antonio and one saying Baby Reid for Jeniffer and Damian.

For Carlos, I’ve had a box made. It has little stuff toys inside and a a outfit saying hello daddy. My pregnancy test was in it and inside in the lid was an letter saying we were pregnant.


Carlos’ PoV

I woke up to Lavender moving in the bed. She was trying to get of me. I groaned and tightened my grip on her. She giggled and pulled my arms of. She got up and walked somewhere. I turned back onto the bed not ready to get up. It was too early.

Lavender came and sat down on the bed. She didn’t say anything and wasn’t moving. I pulled my head out of the pillow and looked at her suspiciously. She was nervously smiling down at me. In her hands, there was a box. I sat up and looked at her. She held the box out to me.

“Merry Christmas Baby.”
I sat up in the bed and smiled at her.

I took the box out of her hand.
“You didn’t have to darling.”

Lavender moved a piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear. She smiled up at me.
“I did. Open it.”

I looked at her confused. What does he mean she did? I pulled the lid of the box and was confused by what was inside. I pulled the outfit out and held it up. It was a baby outfit. I stared confused for 10 seconds. I gasped and dropped it. I looked at the letter and tears came to my eyes. I held the tests and looked at them.

I looked back up at Lavender with tears in my eyes. She had her hands on her stomach. I let a tear fall and looked back up at her. She smiled at me.
“You-You’re pregnant.”

She nervously laughed and turned red.
“Yes. A-Are you happy?”

I looked at her in disbelief. I put the box to the side and pulled her to me. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her too me tightly. I smiled proudly.
“Of course I am darling. You’re going to be having my child. My child.”

She looked up at me with a large smile. I cupped her cheek and kissed her. She kissed me back. I smiled into the kiss. I pulled back and held her face in my hand.
“Oh my lord. You’re actually pregnant.”

She laughed.
“Yes b-baby. I’m actually pregnant.”

My smile got bigger and I kissed her all over her face. She giggled. She was pregnant again. We were going to have a child. She’s pregnant. Oh my god. She’s pregnant.

I looked down at her stomach in awe. My baby was growing in there. My baby. Lavender lifted the shirt she had on a bit and showed me her stomach. I moved down to it and kissed it. Lavender giggled a little but continued to smile at me.

“Hello little one. I’m your daddy. You’re going to have a wonderful life. I’m going to spoil you so much. You better be good for mommy or we will be having problems when you get out of there.”
Lavender shook her head and laughed. I kissed her stomach again and then moved back up to her face. I kissed her lips slowly. She kissed me back.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me closer. I groaned and looked down at her. “Let’s take this to the shower.”

Lavender blushed and nodded her head with a large smile. I picked her up and walked to the bathroom. I opened the door and locked it behind us. I pulled her shirt off and then her panties. I placed her on the side and pulled my boxers and joggers off. Lavender blushed harder and I smirked. I walked towards the shower and turned it on. I could feel Lavender’s eyes on my body and I could guess what she was staring at. I turned around and she diverted her gaze.


I laughed and picked her up. I walked us into the shower and got right to it. I began to kiss her neck and Lavender moaned. She leaned her head back. I pushed her into the wall and she moaned louder.

I put her down and turned her body around. She placed her hands on the wall and used her one hand to move her wet hair back. I gripped her neck at the front and pulled her head back. She looked up at me with dark eyes and a deep blush. I smirked and kissed her lips. She moaned. I grabbed my cock and directed it to her entrance. I shoved it in and she moaned into the kiss. She looked back at the wall and moaned louder. I gripped her hips with one hand and used the other to push her head into the wall. I fucked her from the behind while standing up.

I grabbed her neck and turned her head around. I smashed my lips onto hers and kissed her roughly. Lavender kissed me backs with just as much intensity. Her hands came to my head and she gripped my hair. I growled and went harder. She pulled away and placed her hands on the wall. I could see her legs shaking and her walls began to tighten around me. I fucked her harder and she came. She moaned loudly and squeezed my cock like a vice. I smirked.

Lavender bent over a bit so her ass was sticking up in the air. Her hands were against the wall and I gripped her hips. I was going harder as I felt my orgasm draw closer. I smacked her ass and she whimpered a little. Lavender placed her head on the wall and leaned against it with a open mouth and closed eyes. I leaned over and used my hands to play with her breasts. Her moans and whimpers got louder. I pinched them and she came again. I came with her. I placed my hands on her hips and came inside of her. I shot my cum into her warm little pussy and groaned as I felt her milking my cock.

I was breathing heavily and so was she. She was using the wall to support her. I slowly pulled out of her. Lavender whimpered a little and I saw her legs give out. I placed my hands around her before she could fall. I turned her around and put her on my hip. She laid her head on my shoulder with closed eyes.


I moved some hair from her face.
“Was I too rough darling?”

She smiled lightly and shook her head.
“No you w-were perfect. That o-orgasm was amazing.”

I chuckled and Lavender blushed. I turned the shower off and grabbed both of us towels. I wrapped one around her body and then one around my waist. I sat her down on the bed. She yawned and stretched out. She sat up and then walked to the suitcases. She bent down and opened one. I smiled at the amazing view I was getting. I walked up to her and smacked her ass. Lavender squealed and looked back at me with wide eyes.

I laughed and walked to my suitcase. I pulled out my Christmas outfit Lavender was forcing me to wear. It was a crush velvet red shirt with black jeans. I had a pair of red reindeer ears which I thought were unnecessary but whatever makes my darling happy. She wore a crush velvet dress and the same reindeer ears. She and little red heels on.

She looked absolutely ravishing. I knew she had a pair of red lingeries underneath that as well and I was ready to destroy them tonight. She blow dried her hair and out red lipstick on. I towel dried my hair and sat on the bed waiting for her to come out. I had her gift in my pocket that I was going to give her later. Her proper Christmas gift was under the tree along with the rest. She came out and went back to a bag that I didn’t bring in.

I looked at it confused.
“What’s in there?”

Lavender smiled at me shyly.
“Everyone’s presents.”

She picked it up and put it on her shoulder. I walked up to her and took it of her. It was a bit heavy.
“Why aren’t they under the tree?”

Lavender blushed and moved a piece of hair out of her face.
“Because there s-special ones. To tell them a-about the baby.”

My eyes widened and I nodded my head.

She smiled and giggled. I kissed her cheek and she blushed again I love her blush. It’s so cute. I knelt down and kissed her stomach as well. Lavender burned even redder and smiled adorably. I can’t wait until she gets a baby bump. She’s going to look adorable.

We walked down the stairs hand in hand. Everyone was already in the living room. Me and Lavender sat on a coach with Scotty and Raven. Raven was animatedly talking to Josie and they were both laughing. Scotty was scrolling through his phone and smiled when he saw us.

“Okay since everyone’s finally here.”
Braydon looked at us knowingly. I flipped him off and Lavender just blushed.
“Let’s open presents.”

Braydon’s mother shook her head.
“Braydon you do realise your 22 right?”

He glared at her. She glared at him and his face showed panic. I laughed and everyone began to give presents. My parents gave me some new pieces of clothing. My mother thought it would be a great idea on getting me a book on how to propose to my girlfriend. Lavender blushed at that and everyone else laughed. I blushed and rolled myself eyes. I don’t need that book.

I had gotten Lavender a necklace that had a picture of us in it. It also had angel wings on the other side for the baby we lost. She cried at that and hugged me. I also got her an outfit I knew she was looking at.

Everyone had opened their presents and Lavender opened the bag.
“So I’m going t-to give you a-a present but you can’t open it I-until I say so.”

Everyone nodded there head with confused looks. Lavender handed out presents and then gave one to me. It was a box. Raven and Scotty didn’t have one. They both looked so excited about it. Did they already know? I looked at Raven. She seemed to about to burst from excitement. She was bouncing in her seat with a large smile. Scotty was leaning backwards with his arms over the side. He smirked at me. I raised my eyebrows. He shrugged his shoulders.

“Okay open them carefully.”
My mother, father, Antonio and Christopher opened what looked like a wine bottle. They stared at it for a while confused. Josie, Jessica, Cody, Braydon and Max got a card. They opened the envelope and pulled the message out.

My mother was the first to react. She began squealing and then so did Josie. Jessica began to fan her eyes but was squealing. My father, Christopher and Antonio looked shocked.

“You-You’re pregnant.”
Lavender nodded her head and Christopher looked as if he was about to cry.

“Oh my baby’s pregnant. I’m going to have a grandchild.”
Lavender got up and hugged him. I could see a tear fall.

Antonio stared at her amazed. He started down at her stomachs
then back up at her. He got up and hugged her too. They all looked as if they shed a few tears.

Lavender pulled away and went to my parents. My mother pulled her into a hug.
“Oh sweetie. I can’t believe it. You’re going to make me a grandma. Thank you so much.”

Lavender giggled and smiled.
“It’s no problem Jen. I’ve always wanted a child.”

My mother fanned her eyes a little and took a deep breath. My father pulled Lavender into hug.
“Thank you Lavender.”

Lavender let a tear fall again and smiled.
“It’s no problem Damian.”

He kissed her cheek and she blushed. Josie and Jessica attacked her next. They pulled her into a hug. Both of them were squealing.

“I’m going to be an aunt Josie. I’m going to be an aunt.”
My sister screamed.

Josie turned to her with tears in her eyes.
“Me too Jess. Me too.”

They hugged each other and I laughed. Lavender laughed to. Max and Cody pulled her into a hug.
“Congrats Lavender.”

She smiled up at them
and giggled.
“Thank you.”

She sat back down next to me. I still hadn’t opened my present. Lavender looked at me.
“Open it Carlos.”

I looked at her uncertain. I unwrapped it and it was a box. I opened the box and it was a teddy bear. I was confused. On the teddy bear’s shirt was a picture of a sonogram. I gasped and looked up at Lavender with tears in my eyes.

“Press its paw Charlie.”
I looked back down at the teddy bear and pressed it’s paw. A thumping sound came out. My eyes widened and I pulled the bear closer to my ear.

“Is that my baby’s heartbeat.?”
Lavender nodded her head. I stared at her and a tear fell. Her eyes softened and she pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back and quietly cried into her shoulder. I didn’t care that everyone was watching. Lavender rubbed my back and let me cry. I just heard my baby’s heartbeat. That was my baby.

I took a deep breath and pulled away. She smiled up at me and wiped away any tears left over. I smiled down at her and kissed her lips. She kissed me back.

“Okay okay that’s enough. We don’t want a full porno.”
Everyone groaned and began throwing pillows at Braydon. He laughed and ran out of the room.

I smiled down at Lavender.
“Merry Christmas baby.”

I laughed.
“Merry Christmas darling.”

The rest of the day was amazing. Nathaniel, Vanesia and Jeremiah’s family came around for about 2 hours half way through the day. I still hated that kid. I can’t believe he proposed to my darling.

Lavender kissed his cheek and hugged him. He looked at me smugly. I stuck my middle finger up at him. She pulled away and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and put my other one on her stomach. Nathaniel looked at it confused for a while before his eyes widened.
“You’re pregnant.”

Lavender smiled and nodded her head. Nathaniel smiled brightly and turned around.
“Veve. She’s prego. Omg she’s prego.”

Lavender blushed. Vanesia and the rest of Jeremiah’s family looked at us confused. Vanesia’s eyes widened and she ran over to us.
“You pregnant. Are actually pregnant?”

I notice she still happened to stumble on her words sometimes. Lavender nodded her head. Vanesia and Jia squealed. They hugged her. Jeremiah, Nia and Jerome stared at her shocked. Nia joined what her mother was doing not really knowing what was going on.

Jerome stared at me with a glare. He walked up to me.
“That’s my Lavender. She may be pregnant with your baby but if you hurt her I will kill you.”

The kids like 9. I nodded my head with a smile. Jeremiah finally smiled and walked up to us.
“Congratulations you two. You deserve this.”

I smiled at him.
“Thank you Jeremiah.”

He patted my back and hugged Lavender. He kissed her cheek and then turned to his wife. She was still overjoyed. The girls all pulled Lavender away. She looked back at me desperately. I smiled at her and kissed the air. She caught the kiss and then sent one back. I laughed and so did she.

Antonio and Christopher both appeared beside me. They put a hand on my shoulder. I jumped surprised by their sudden appearance.
“Congrats Carlos. But where’s her ring, huh?”

He tilted his head and I gulped. That man is still as intimidating as the day I met him. I pulled a box out of my pocket and handed it to him.

Antonio’s eyes widened and he took it. He opened the box and stared at it. Christopher stared at it too.
“I actually want to a ask for your blessing before I propose.”

He looked up at me shocked. He looked back down at the ring and broke out into a smile.
“Of course Carlos. I give you my blessing.”
I smiled and took the ring back. I put it in my pocket.
“But if you hurt my baby I will do worse than kill you. I will torture you until you are begging me to stop. I will go on and on until you are no longer human and then I will kill you.”

I looked at him with wide eyes. He was still smiling. I gulped and nodded my head.
“Of course sir.”

He patted my shoulder and congratulated me again I was left with Antonio. He didn’t talk to me for a while.
“I don’t like you.”

I looked at him not really bothered.
“I know but that won’t stop me.”

Her turned to me with a smile.
“I know and I don’t want that to stop you. Treat her well Carlos. She’s my baby sister and always will be.”

I smiled and nodded my head.
“I will I promise.”

He nodded his head at me and then patted my shoulder. I stared at where Lavender was. The girl were all surrounding her. She had a large smile on her face and was laughing. She was so beautiful. She’ll be an amazing mother.

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