His Little Lavender

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Bonus Chapter 5 pt2

Lavender’s PoV

The day was perfect. We had so much fun. It was lovely to catch up with some of my old friends and family. The love and support they all gave me of my pregnancy was amazing. They congratulated and gave their love to me on multiple occasions. It was amazing to see how much they cared and were excited for the new addition to the family.

I got to talk to some of the younger ones too. Cody was happy for me. He congratulated me and said that he was so excited to meet his new niece or nephew. Jessica was the most happy. She had asked me loads of times what I was going to name it? What I thought it would be? When I thought it would be due? Jeniffer literally had to pull her away from me so I was so overwhelmed. I was glad she was excited for her brother.

I had missed Vanesia, Nia and Jerome so much. They brought so much positivity and happiness into my life that it always seemed to light up whenever they were around.

Vanesia was doing much better. She looked so much happier and healthier. She got along with both of her new sibling so well. They laughed and all had so much fun together. It warmed my heart to see how much they both had helped her without even fully knowing it. She had gotten better at speaking and surprisingly good friends with Cody, Jessica and Nathaniel. I loved the fact they were all best friends with each other. It was sweet.

Nathaniel was both upset and happy about my pregnancy. He said the now I was pregnant there was no way I’d leave Carlos and go with him. He was so funny and cute. I saw how he would wind Carlos up by hugging and kissing me. I loved it. He was just an amazing person in general.

It was coming to the end of the night and Carlos was acting strange. He would just stare into the distance and his knee would bounce which I knew he hated so it confused me to see him doing it himself. He would sometimes look down at his phone multiple times in a minute just to see the time. He would bite his nails and look around nervously.

I would try talk to him but he would act nervous and awkward. I honestly didn’t know what was going on with him. He has never been like this. He’s always so confident. Was it because I was pregnant? Was he starting to regret it now? Did he not want a child with me now? I hope not. I thought he wanted kids. He said he wanted three. Did he not want them with me? Was that it?

That thought made me sad for the rest of the night. What if he was actually regretting it? I didn’t want him to do that. He seemed so happy this morning. Why did his mood dip so fast? Did something happen? Maybe he got a bad phone call or Antonio said something to him when I saw them taking earlier? I hoped it was one of those two rather than the first.

It was reaching the end of the night when Carlos turned to me.
“Lavender come with me for a moment.”

I gulped down the big lump in my throat. I was anxious and also scared for what was about to happen. This was the moment he would tell me. I nodded my head and got up from my seat. He held his hand out for me and I slowly took it. He was going to tell me he didn’t want a kid. I knew it. I could feel it in my gut.

He walked us out of the house and towards a big tree at the edge of the garden that had been there since I was a child. The remains of a robe swing hung from it and I remember all the good memories I had here with the twins and Josie. I remember the time Braydon had broken his ankle trying to climb up it. It was a funny and sad moment.

Carlos stopped us in front of it and looked down at me. I struggled to look at him and looked down. I didn’t want to see the look in his eyes when he told me. I wouldn’t be able to take it.

He lifted my chin up and his face softened and he saw the tears glistening in my eyes. I was trying so hard to not cry. I didn’t want to seem weak at the thought of what he was doing. He hadn’t even told me yet.

He cupped my cheek and rubbed his thumb under my eyes.
“Why are you crying my darling?”

I let a tear fall and looked into his eyes. My lips were shaking and I bit it to contain them.
“You-You’re going to tell me y-you don’t want a child a-anymore aren’t you?”

His eyes widened and he released my hands. I turned away from him so he couldn’t see my tears. I knew it. He was going to tell me. He looked so shocked that I knew. What else would he be telling me? I let my tears fall like a waterfall. What was I suppose to do now? This baby was apart of me and I refused to lose it like my last one. I refuse even if the means losing Carlos.

I turned back around to tell Carlos my thoughts when I saw he was knelt on the floor. I looked at him confused. Why was he on the floor? Did he lose something?

He took a hold of one of my hands and held it in front of him.
“Lavender first of, get that silly thought out of your head. I want as many kids with you as we can. I want a whole family with you no matter what happens to us.”

I gasped and looked down at him confused.
“W-Why did you bring me out here if not to t-tell me that?”

He chuckled and his hand disappeared into his pocket.
“You really are a naive woman darling.”

He pulled a purple velvet box out and I looked at it strangely. Why did he have a box in his pocket? Was it another Christmas present for me? Why didn’t he give it to me earlier? Why clumsy he give it to me inside instead of bringing me out here and scaring me half to death with the possibility he was going to tell me he didn’t want a kid with me anymore?

I gasped and my eyes grew double the size when I realised why he was doing. He held the box in front of him and smiled up at me.
“Lavender you are the sweetest and most amazing girl I have ever met. You care and love for everyone you meet even if they have hurt you in the past or present. You don’t have a single bad bone in your body that I have witnessed. When we met, it was one of the most magical moments of my life. For more than a few reasons.”
I blushed and giggled at the memory of him seeing my thong the first time we ever met.
“You were so gorgeous and I was instantly mesmerised by the angel that I had just stumbled upon. You were like a legitimate angel. You were kind, innocent and all around amazing.”
Tears found there way to my eyes and I put my hand over my mouth to contains sob.
“You introduced me to so many amazing people that now mean a lot to me. You made me one of the happiest men on this earth just by smiling or laughing. We have been through some good times and bad times but no matter what happened you were always there smiling and trying to make everyone happy. That’s what I love most about you. So will you ,Lavender Rose, do me, Carlos Damien Reid, the honour of being your husband and marrying me?”

I was full on crying and I nodded my head immediately.
“Yes. Yes yes. A hundred percent yes.”

I removed my hand from my mouth and showed him the massive smile my face harboured.
It was nearly painful to be completely honest.

“Is that a yes?”
I nodded my head and hugged him.

“Of course you idiot. I will marry you.”

He lifted me up off the floor and spun me around. I clung to him and laughed. I still had tears falling from my eyes. He had just asked me to marry him. I was getting married. I was engaged. Omg the others are going to be so happy.

He put me back down and held my hand out. He put the beautiful silver ring ,that was encrusted with tiny diamonds and held a massive Lavender stone in the middle, on my left ring finger.

I stared down at it in awe and hugged him again. He hugged me back and rubbed my back. He pulled away and I placed my hands on his cheeks. I pulled his face down and kissed him. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer. I wrapped mine around his shoulder and put them in his hair. I moved my lips again this roughly and he placed one of his hands in my hair. He tilted my head a little and then bit my lip. I moaned into his mouth before pulling away for air. My lips were swollen and I was breathing heavily.

Carlos placed his forehead on mine and sighed.
“We’re getting married darling.”

I giggled and smiled up at him.
“We’re getting married baby.”

“You’re getting married bitches.”
I looked towards the tree beside us to see Braydon. He stood there with a phone in his hand and a massive smile on his face.

He walked up to us and patted Carlos on the shoulder.
“Well done man. I took you about a years to find the perfect ring but it was worth it.”

Carlos blushed a little and looked away from me. He had spent a whole year on finding me a ring. He was planning to propose to me for a whole year and waited until now to do it.

“How d-does it take you a whole year to find a ring Carlos?”
He scratched behind his neck nervously.

“It had to be perfect darling. I had to find you a ring that was just as amazing and perfect as you which was practically impossible.”
More tears found there way to my eyes.

He nodded his head and I could see a light pink of his cheeks. He was blushing.

I kissed his cheek and then pecked his lips. He smiled again.
“Thank you b-baby.”

He lightly stroked my hair and pecked my forehead.
“Nothing as perfect as you darling so I went with nearly as perfect instead.”

I giggled and looked back down at my ring. It really was beautiful. I was in love with the lavender stone on it. It was gorgeous and was like me. Lavender. The little diamonds glimmered under the fairy lights surrounding us and mesmerised me.

“You two are the epitome of a perfect relationship.”
I blushed a little and giggled.

I turned to Braydon to see him still recording us. I hugged Carlos’ chest and hid my red face into it. Carlos stroked my hair and chuckled. I could feel him begin to walk and walked with him. I was content. Content with how my life was going. Content with how I saw my future.

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