His Little Lavender

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Chapter 6

Carlos’ POV

I couldn’t get over the fact that my innocent Lavender had just kissed me. She just bloody kissed me. KISSED ME.

Sure it was only on the cheek but I couldn’t forget the sudden feeling of bliss when her velvety lips connected with the skin of my cheek. The way my brain suddenly became a void of nothingness and the only thing my brain could process were the pleasurable shivers that rippled down my spine all the way to my toes. No part of my body was left unsatisfied.

I felt alight with contentment and need. I was sure there was even a hint of pink that rose onto my face the minute her addictive lips made contact with my skin.

What the fuck was happening to me? I am a man. Why the fuck am I a blushing mess after just being kissed on the cheek? Not even on the lips. This girl was going to be the death of me and I’ve only known her for a few hours.

She just makes me feel this strong pull towards her. The feeling that I have to protect and posses her. Jealousy coursing through my veins when any other man would look at her like they wanted to devour something that was mine.

Her short skirts drove me crazy. And her innocence and naivety made my desire for her grow even more. The need to give her everything she had most probably not have experienced before.

To be the first one to touch her in such a scandalous and sexual way. To be the first one to make her a moaning mess underneath me until she’s begging me to let her finish. To be the first one to experience the tightness of her pussy as I fuck her for hours on end.


I had to pull over the car as I was getting too distracted by my own sexual frustration. My cock was throbbing in my pants. There was a large tent that was begging to be touched. Luckily, I was on a deserted road so I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and took off my pants along with my boxers. I grabbed my dick and began to stroke thinking about my innocent Lavender

I can still remember the feeling of desire that clouded my senses when she was unknowingly grinding against me at lunch. The friction of her ass rubbing my cock made me instantly loose focus on everything but her.

I stroked faster.

The fact she didn’t even know what she was doing turned me on even more. I just couldn’t resist growling to the dirty things I would love to do to her in her ear. To nip at the skin on her neck just so I can have a taste of her.

I stroked even faster and began groaning and moaning while throwing my head back.

The way she tried to secretly squeeze her thighs together ,without me noticing, tells me she was turned on just as much as me. She enjoyed when I spoke like that to her. When I told how I wanted to fuck her from behind in the restroom, with nothing but her skirt on, and watch her wonderful voluminous tits bounce in the mirror and hear her moaning my name continuously .

I was so close. My cock was practically pulsating now. Ready to release.

How I longed to grab them curvy hips of hers so tight it would leave a bruise? To hear her scream until she lost her voice. To hear her whimpering from below me and feel her thick thighs tightened around my waist as my hand grabs her neck. To hear her call me daddy and release her cum around my cock gripping it as tight as a vice.

I couldn’t take it anymore and came all over myself. I was breathing heavily and my eyes were closed with my head resting against the top of my seat. My sticky release coated my hands and I grabbed some wipes I kept in my compartment in case I needed to clean my car like I did now. You can never be too cautious.


I wiped my hands and cleaned my thighs and the car seat. I grabbed my boxers and trousers and put them on as well as buckling my belt. I started the car and pulled out from the side of the street and headed on my way back home.

I had only known the girl a couple of hours and she was already affecting me in ways no one else has ever before. Never in my life have I jerked off just to the thought of fucking some girl. It was always to porn.

But she wasn’t some girl. She was my innocent lavender and she meant so much more to me than any other girl before. And there weren’t any.

I was going to make her mine and I was going to do it fast because I’m not sure I’ll last any longer without being able to fuck her.

Pulling up to my house, I parked my car in my designated parking space and got out. I live in a large mansion about a 45 minute drive away from school. Far too large for only a family of four to be living in. But my father preferred to show of his money by having luxurious things that he didn’t necessarily need. I typically think it is quite stupid but whatever makes him sleep at night.

I walked up to the door and tried to get the visions of earlier out of my head before I had a hard on once again for all of my family to see.

It was currently 5 pm. I took longer to arrive home than usual as I made a couple stops at places I needed to get business documents from for dinner.

Tonight I am required to go to a business dinner with my father to meet a close friend of his. If he was really that close, why hadn’t I met him before huh?

When I finish school, I’m going to take over my father’s business so he wants me to go to this stupid dinner ,with one of his closest and important clients, so I can get used to the ways of the business. He wants to be sure he’s doing the right thing by handing his business over to his only son after he retires. I’m pretty sure he think I’m irresponsible and too immature to handle the pressure and work because of the way I act which I think is quite fair.

In my opinion, it was unnecessary for me to be there as i have been going to these type of dinners since I was 16 years old. I knew every aspect of it and all the right things to say and all the bad things not to say.

I’m sure the only reason I’m going is because my father wants to make sure I have a good relationship with these clients. All I knew about them were they are really important and are two of the richest men in New York. This means if I make a good business deal and keep a decent relationship them, I’ll be able to expand and make the business better.

All I really wanted to do was go to bed and dream about the little angel I had met and gotten off to today. But I knew I had responsibilities and ,for me to take over the business, I needed to be present at the dinner meeting tonight unless I wanted dad to hand it down to my cousin, Archer.

He was a bit stupid and ,if he got the business, it wouldn’t last for more than a couple of months before going bankrupt and shutting down. He was also a really bad man whore and slept with any woman with boobs and an ass. I’m sure he’s slept with every one of his friend’s girlfriend even if he knew they were in a relationship or not.

So I’m going to sit through this torturous meeting not only because my father’s forcing me to but because I don’t want my families life work to be obliterated just because my father didn’t think I was reliable enough to handle the business and have to hand it down to some useless imbecile that will destroy it in seconds of having it in his possession.

I went to open the door but ,before I could grab the handle, it was ripped open by a brown-haired gorgeous woman with sparkling green eyes. The exact opposite of me.

“Where on earth have you been Carlos Cole Reid? We are expected to be at the Rose household by 6 pm and it’s currently 5. You’re not even dressed yet.” My mother complained as she usher me into the house and up the stairs.

“Well I was grabbing some documents from father’s business partners for tonight. So if you want to blame someone blame him not me.” I looked her dead in the eye before a smirk rose onto my lips.

Whenever my father had done something wrong, my mother would blow up on him. She wasn’t a very patient or lenient woman. She wanted everything to be perfect including her family. So when something wasn’t or someone had done something wrong she would get so angry, she’d go red in the face and her eyeballs would nearly pop out.

My father still loved her even though she was a lot to handle and she cheated on him. Aunt Loise says they were in a rough patch of their relationship and were close to a divorce.

I don’t really remember this time as I was still young. But my mother was sick of my father staying out most hours of the day and not having time for her. So she sought comfort in someone else for one night and that so happened to be the neighbour.

I see where she’s coming from but it was still a shit move to cheat on him. My father was heartbroken apparently, according to my aunt. He obviously moved us to New Jersey made sure to spent time with us so this would never happen again. I know what my mother did to him will forever be her biggest regret and she’ll never forgive herself for it but my father has.

“Well stop talking and go get changed. Make sure you shower too. You stink.” We arrived at my bedroom door and she pushed me inside before closing it. I heard the clicking of her heels echo through the hall before disappearing down the hall until I couldn’t hear them anymore.

I started to strip and then went into the bathroom and showered. The water felt relaxing against my skin and relieved all my aching muscles.

When I finished, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and went to grab some boxers from my drawers. I dropped the towel and put them on.

I walked into my closest and grabbed the freshly ironed suit my mother put there and wore it. I messed my hair up a bit to make it look good and applied some gel to keep it in place and I was done.

Walking down the stairs, I saw my father in a prestigious black and white suit. His slowly greying hair was slicked back. His arm was conjoined with my mother’s who was wearing a maroon coloured dress with a golden belt around her waist. Her hair was in a low bun and her ear were jewelled with diamond earrings.

My sister, Jessica, was still in New Jersey. She was scheduled to be arriving here in 2 days. She stayed back to look after our dog, Ronnie, until the driver that going to be driving Ronnie here gets there. He was late because there was an accident in Washington and he had to take a different route.

“Thank God you only took 20 minutes to get ready. We have 40 minutes to get to the Rose house. So we’ll be there on time. You look lovely as well dear.”

My mother let out a sigh of relief. I don’t know if it was because we would be there on time or because I actually looked decent. I never know with her.

She began dragging my father out of the house. Like actually dragging him like he was a dog. He looked back at me and made a crazy motion with his hands and rolled his eyes making me laugh.

I got most of my looks from my father. He had greying black hair that was thick and as a child it was nearly as midnight-black as mine. His jawline was as sharp as ever even as a 54 year old man. His eyes were a vibrant green and had a hint of blue in them. People would say I was an exact replica of him and I’m betting you tonight someone going to say that. I just know it.

“I can see you Damien. Don’t think I don’t have eyes at the back of my head.”

His eyes widened to the size of golf balls. All I could do was lowly chuckle. No matter what they’ve been through they still live each other more than anything in life. Maybe even more than me and Jessica. I’ll never know.

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