His Little Lavender

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Chapter 7

Lavender’s POV

“Sweetheart you need to stop drinking that god-forsaken horrid drink and go get dressed. The dinner is in an hour.”

Daddy complained as he took the cup of apple juice out of my hand just as I was about to put it to my mouth. I was drinking that.

I looked at him and saw he was wearing a neat, pretty blue and white suit with a blue tie. His hair was swept to the side and he was wearing shiny black shoes. On his wrist, there was a golden watch that I had gifted to him 2 years ago for Christmas; Daddy barely took it off. It had “The Best Daddy” engraved at the bottom.

He looked really handsome and not a day over 40 and more relaxed and not as smart as usual. Maybe this client is nice and good friends with daddy. I sure hope so.

I arrived home about an hour ago and all I’ve done is shower and drink my apple juice. I’ve also watched some television but that was only one episode of Brooklyn 99. Daddy and Tony don’t let me watch shows that are really gory and too mature. They’re apparently too scary for me. Why are they allowed to watch it though? I’m only 3 years younger than him.

“Apple j-juice isn’t horrid D-Daddy. It’s l-lovely. Just try s-some and y-you’ll enjoy i-it.”

He peers at me with a look of disbelief on his face.

He’s tried it loads of times and each time he finds it more disgusting than the last. I don’t know how. It’s a fantastic drink.

“He’s got a point Rosie. It’s horrendous. You’ve made us try it about 600 different times and each time we had to spit it out because it is so disgusting. Plus, it makes you really hyper and when you’re hyper you’re hard to handle sometimes.”

Antonio entered the room looking exactly like daddy with his blue suit and blonde hair swept to the side. He also had a gold watch that I gave him 2 years ago for Christmas. The same as Daddy’s. But he had “The Best Brother” engraved at the bottom.

They looked like twins in my opinion. Always matching and wearing similar things. It’s quite cute.

However, you could tell they weren’t twins as Tony had more youthful eyes while Daddy’s looked wise and old. That was understandable though. Daddy was older than Tony by 22 years.

“No it d-doesn’t. I’m j-just a r-really happy and e-energetic person. M-My poor apple j-juice has a-absolutely nothing to d-do with it. He doesn’t l-like it when you b-blame such obscure t-things on him. He h-has feelings too y-you know.”

Antonio and Daddy both looked at me with a weird face. One of their eyebrows were raised and the side of their mouth was titled up. I knew what that face meant. They didn’t believe me and thought I was crazy. I’ve seen it too many times to count.

They looked at each other for 5 seconds before bursting out laughing.

“Stop l-laughing at m-me. I only s-speak the t-truth.”

I whined before stomping off up the stairs making my way to my room.

They always laugh at me when I say stuff like this. I can’t help it. My imagination is just too much sometimes.

“Whatever you say Rosie. Whatever you say.”

Antonio shouted before bursting into another fit of laughter. Stupid banana.

I entered my room. It had lavender walls with flowers painted along the bottom and a large white queen size bed in the middle. The bed contained loads of pillows and blankets. I couldn’t sleep without them and my special panda teddy. Max gave it to me a couple of years ago and I haven’t been able to sleep without it since.

On the left , there was the door to the bathroom. Every room in the house had its own bathroom. On my right, there was the door to my closest. Only the master rooms had them while the others had drawers. Up against the back wall, there was a desk with a laptop and all my school stuff on. My bag was thrown on the floor near the bed and so were my shoes.

I walked into my closest and tried to decide what to wear. It was between a pretty pink frilly dress and gorgeous lavender dress with pink and white flowers

I chose the lavender dress because a couple of weeks ago, I got it with Josie when I went shopping for her birthday and I can’t let it go to waste. She was so happy when I bought it and I wanted to show her tonight. I was happy I bought it too even if I wasn’t and didn’t feel comfortable wearing it.

The reason I didn’t necessarily like the dress was because it looked a bit tight and probably stuck right to my skin which would show people how fat I was.

My boobs were really big and so were my thighs and bum. My hips were wide and my small height only made me look fatter. I’ve always had a larger figure and ,even though many people have said I looked fine, I just couldn’t help criticise myself.

I grabbed a white cardigan to put over the top to hide myself a bit and snatched some matching panties and bra from my hidden drawer. Daddy and Antonio don’t know about these as they are apparently too revealing. I also bought these with Josie from a shop called Victoria Secret. They make me feel and look prettier and that helps make me feel better about myself.

The underwear set reminded me of what happened earlier today with Carlos. The fact he had seen my barely covered kitty made my body flush with embarrassment and.... excitement. Why was I excited?

He made me feel things I’ve never felt before. The tingles I would feel dance down my spine whenever he touched or spoke to me. His manly aftershave that spelt like the forest. His dominant and intimidating presence which made me want to kneel down to him and let him have full control over me.

I imagined him doing the things to me that the men in my books would do to the main character. I’ve read a lot of dirty and seductive books over the last year.

Daddy and Antonio would go mad if they found out. They want to keep me as pure and innocent as possible.

I just couldn’t help it. I kept having these funny suffocating feelings down below and when I read them books, I feel more free and.... well ecstatic. Like I would be letting something go and relieving myself of it.

After, my panties would feel wet and heavy and ,when I would go to the toilet, there would be a white substance in them. I was too scared to ask anyone about it as they would find out what I had been reading and I didn’t want them to find that out.

I couldn’t search it up on google as Daddy looks at my search history every month and would find out. I didn’t want that.

I couldn’t ask him directly. I still remember when I first got my period when I was 14. It was soo awkward. Daddy and Antonio were a stuttering mess and in the end they had Braydon’s mum tell me. So that was a no-no.

I just decided to forget about it and hope it was nothing serious.

I walked out of the closest and went into my bathroom. I closed and locked the door before stripping of all my clothes so I was now naked. I put my panties and bra on and then wiggled into my dress.

Like I expected, it clung to my skin like ivy to a tree. My hips gave me what looked like an hour-glass shape. I turned around and saw that my bum and boobs could clearly be seen. Because of my large bum, the dress came up higher than near my knees; the end was at the middle of my thighs.

I don’t like this dress. Neither will Daddy and Antonio. I couldn’t change though. I only have about 20 minutes left.

Just as I was about to apply some mascara to enhance my eyelashes, someone barged into my room making the door hit the wall. I jumped nearly getting the mascara all over my eyelid.

“Bumblebee where are you? It’s Josie and Max.”

I sighed and continued applying my mascara.

“In t-the b-bathroom.”

I replied, beginning to spray myself with some lavender perfume. I love Lavender. It just smells so nice and pretty.

“Are you decent?”

Max questions. I giggled and shook my head. Such a gentleman.

“Yesssss M-Max. I’m d-decent. C-Come in.”

The door handle moved and soon two twins replaced the door. Josie’s mouth was wide open and Max’s eyes looked like they would bulge out their head.

“You look lovely”-“You can’t wear that.”

They said at the same time. Me and Josie looked at Max. Oh lord, I look horrendous. That’s why I can’t wear this.

“Why can’t I wear this? D-do I Look bad? Oh nugget it m-makes me look b-bad, doesn’t it? I k-knew I was t-too big for this dress. Stupid Lavender. Stupid. N-now I have to get changed and I o-only have 20 minutes. I c-can’t get changed in 20 minutes. Oh nuggets. W-what am I going t-to do?”

I started pacing back and forth. I knew I shouldn’t have worn this. It was too tight on me. Thank god Max told me. I would have humiliated both Antonio and Daddy in front of their partner. Imagine that. They wouldn’t have ever forgave me.

My negative thoughts were interrupted by Josie’s harsh voice and a light slap to the cheek. I stared at her with shocked eyes and so did Max. Why did she slap me? That was mean.

“Never and I mean never say anything like that about yourself again. You’re one of the most gorgeous people I know. You’re not fucking stupid Bumblebee. Sure you have bigger breasts and an ass I would absolutely die for. But that makes you look even more sexy and desirable. Do you understand?-”

my eyes had begun to tear up and so had hers.

“I said Do.You.Understand? If I ever hear you say something negative about yourself again, I’ll do more than just lightly slap you.”

I just broke down into tears and hugged her. She wrapped her hands around me and cried on my shoulder. We were such emotional clutzs. We’ve got to be downstairs in 15 minutes and here we are crying in each other’s arms. Damn.

I felt Max wrap us both up and press us into his chest.

“I’m so sorry Rose. I didn’t mean it like that. You just look so pretty and the people that are coming have an older son. I didn’t want him to get any ideas about you. You’re very precious to me and I don’t want anything happening to you.”

He mumbled in my hair and began stroking it.

“It’s o-okay Max. I u-understand. Sorry f-for what I said a-about myself J-Josie.”

I pulled back and wiped away my tears. Darn it! I’ve ruined my mascara. I turned to look in the mirror and saw I was a goddamn panda. I turned to Josie and saw she looked the exact same.

I tried to stifle my laughter but when I saw Max grimace a bit, I couldn’t hold it anymore and laughed. So did Josie. We laughed for a whole minute before it hurt too much and new tears had begun spilling out my eyes.

“You girls are weird. I’m going downstairs to the men. Hopefully, they’re not crying.”

We stopped laughing. Josie glared at him before picking up a random shoe near the sink and throwing it at him. It hit him right at the back of the head and he groaned. His hand began rubbing back and forward and he gave Josie the middle finger before walking out the door.

“Now Bumblebee. Let’s get you and me looking fabulous before we go downstairs.”

She pulled out a bag and did last minute touches on my faces and reapplied her makeup.

She did a braid in my hair and left some of it loose. It started at the front and went around to the back. Then, she tied it up and put some hairspray in to keep it in. My waves were left untouched. How she did this in 4 minutes I’ll have no idea.

“You look lovely Bumblebee. About earlier, I’m sorry I slapped you.-”

She rubbed the back of her neck.

“-You’re just one of the most beautiful people I know and to see you degrade yourself hurt me. You shouldn’t do that to yourself. No matter what you or other people say, always remember you’re fucking gorgeous just the way you are.”

She pulled me into a hug and began rubbing my back. She’s the best friend I could ever have asked for. How did I deserve her?

“I’m s-sorry J-Josie.”

I mumbled before pulling back and looking at the floor. I played with my hands and my hair shielded my face.

“It’s okay bumblebee. Jus don’t ever do it again.”

I looked up with a smile and nodded at her. I can’t promise her that but I’ll try. Just for her.

“Now come on. There’ll be here in 10 minutes and we need to be downstairs”

she dragged my hands while I was giggling. I love Josie. She’s the best.

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