His Little Lavender

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Chapter 8

Carlos’ POV

Driving through the pristine gates of the house, I must say I was shocked. If I thought my house was something, the house we are pulling up to right now is out of this world. It’s massive. Bigger than mine.

It’s clean white walls gave it a modern and wealthy vibe. The grass surrounding it was the greenest I’ve ever seen even in autumn. How they did that, I’ll never know. The lights illuminating the side made it look welcoming.

I wonder if he bought it just to flaunt it off like my father. Most rich business men do that.

Damn it’s clear Mr Rose is a wealthy man. To have a house like this, you’d need to be. Does he have any kids or servants? A man can’t live in a massive house like this all by himself ,can he? It would frankly be too lonely in my opinion.

“Okay Carlos. You have to be on your best behaviour and please don’t fuck this up. Mr Rose and Mr White are very important friends and clients.”

My father pestered before getting out the sleek black rolls Royce. He drove it himself as he didn’t really trust anyone else after and accident 4 years ago with my mother and I

I’ve heard him say this speak to me about 6 different times on the way here. It’s like they expect me to somehow accidentally set the house on fire or kill someone. I k ow for a fact I’m not that stupid.

I opened the door and got out on the same side as my mother. ” I’m not a kid anymore. I know how to behave myself and respect everyone. You don’t need to tell me every 10 minutes father.” I rolled my eyes.

What I said, earned me a smack on the back of the head by my mother. “Jesus woman. No need to hit me. I was only telling you that I’m a grown ass man now. You don’t need to baby me at every meeting.” She smacked me again.” Ow stop it.” Why on earth is she so violent? How does my father put up with her?

“You won’t speak to me or roll you eyes at me like that young boy. I’m your mother. Now do as you’re father says or-”
Before she could finish, I heard the door open,. Thank goodness. I was sure she was going to smack me again. That woman has a hard slap. My heads still has a pounding feel from the first one.

“Mr Reid, Mrs Reid and Mr Reid Junior. Welcome to the Rose residence. I’m Mrs Greyson. We are glad you could join us. Now, if you’ll follow me, I’ll take you to Mr Reid and Mr White.” An elderly woman announced while holding the door open. The fact she called me Mr Reid junior irked me. Who says that?

Despite that, she looked friendly. She had light brown hair with a few grey wisps scattered around the front. Her smile was large and very warm making me feel safe and welcomed. She looked to be in her late 50s but you could tell she’s had a lovely life because of the laughing lines that adored her face.

“Thank you Mrs Greyson. We’re honoured to have Mr Rose and Mr White invite us here.”

My father replied while holding his arm out for my mother. She looped her arm through and they both walking up the steps to the door. They looked like a perfect married couple. Like they had absolutely no problems which they didn’t. I just followed behind them like an obedient little lap dog.

“Right this way.” Mrs Greyson closed the door as we all entered and began walking to what looked like a living room.

The foyer was extremely... well lavish. The polished walls reflected the light from the overly-large crystal chandeliers above us. The little accents of gold that lined the top of the room proved to me exactly how rich Mr Rose is. Two curved staircases twisted into a second floor. It looked like you’d be able to fit a 2 whole buses side by side in here.

(Just a whole lot bigger) ;)

“Ahh Damien how lovely it is to see you again. How have you been my friend?.”

A blonde man that looked to be about 40 walked up to us. He wore a blue suit with a matching tie. His hair was slicked to the side and there was hardly any grey pieces appearing.

Beside him, there stood an equally as old but good-looking man with Max and Josie behind him. Wait a moment-Max and Josie. I had to double-look to make sure I was seeing properly. It is the twins.

It looked like they had to do the same as well. They didn’t expect me either. What are they doing here? Are they Mr White’s or Mr Rose’s children?

“Christopher. Nice to see you too. I’ve been doing fantastic. It’s wonderful to be back. How about you?”

The man ,I now know as Christopher, pulled my father into a man hug. So they are close friends. Looks like their bloody best friends if I must say myself.

“I’m doing fabulous. As you know, that’s Robbie White and behind him is his son and daughter Max and Josie-” so they are Mr White’s children.
“It’s nice to finally meet your son. I’ve always wanted to. He looks just like you as if your were twins.”

My father just laughed. Told you at least one person would say me and my father looked like twins.

He stuck out his hand and me ,being the perfect gentleman I am, shook it. Lord he has a firm grip for a 40 year old. He could practically squeeze my hand off or stop the blood circulation.

“Nice to meet you Mr Rose, Mr White. ” I said with the nod of the head.

“Please just call us Christopher and Robbie. Mr Reid and Mr White make us feel like we’re in our 60s. We’ve got a couple years until then.”

I laughed and so did everyone else. It wasn’t a particularly good joke. But my father says ‘always laugh at their jokes even if they’re fucking shit’.I guess it makes them feel better and doesn’t humiliate them.

“Christopher, I see your son isn’t here. Mind me asking where he is?” My father inquired while looking around the room as if this ‘son’ would suddenly appear out of the air. Mr White had a large smirk on his face. Why is he smirking?

“Ahh my son. Well I’ve put him on a certain.... mission. He should be here any minute.”

As if he heard him, a man almost identical to Mr Rose came running into the room. I suspected he’s Mr Rose’s son. He wore the exact same suit and had his hair the exact same. His features were the exact same and so was his build. He’s definitely Mr Rose’s son. There’s no doubt about it.

“I did it father. I did it. Now you’ve got to protect me. She’ll kill me.”

He went up to his father and hid behind his back. What the fuck is going on? Who will kill him? Who’s ‘she’? I looked towards my father expecting an answer but he just shrugged his shoulders.

“You hid her apple juice, didn’t you? You know she’s going to kill you for that, right? Might as well say your last words now while you still have a chance.” Josie stated while Max burst into laughter.

What the fuck are they talking about? Who’s going to kill him? Jesus this family is strange. I just met them and apparently Mr Rose’s son is about to get killed for hiding someone’s apple juice. What the fuck?

“She won’t kill him. She’ll just... She’ll kill him.” Mr White or Robbie said before laughing. Okay I’m seriously confused. Who’s going to kill who?

I heard the sound of heels echo of the walls of a dark hall way behind me. I turned around. Is that the person who’s going to kill Mr Rose’s son? I wonder who it is?

I heard everyone but me and my family hold their breath. The atmosphere was tension. I felt suffocated. Everyone that knew what was going on was as stiff as a board

Okay now this scary. Am I actually going to witness a murder? Maybe some person will appear from the shadows and massacre everyone leaving only me alive to run. Maybe I’ll even die.

My hallucinations were diminished when I saw the soft, innocent face of the girl that had been clouding my thoughts. The girl that had me wanting to do things that I wouldn’t have ever imagined. The girl that made me pull over earlier because the thoughts of the things I could do to her sexy body made me too fucking sexually frustrated. Lavender. My sweet Lavender.

She was sucking the straw from a apple juice box. The motion itself made my trousers compact. Imagine her doing that to my cock. Her soft plump lips around me sucking and sucking until I combust. The feeling of her throat closing up as she takes my whole length fast and hard. The saliva running down her chin as her adorable large eyes look up at me. Her ,on her knees ,with her back arched making her fat ass perch out for only me too see.

I have to stop. Seriously Carlos stop. She’s just fucking drinking apple juice. You will not cum to the sight of a girl drinking apple juice.

A girl in a lavender tight dress that hugged her perfectly. A girl that looked sexy as fuck but innocent and cute at the same time. A girl that had voluminous tits and a large ass that would shake soo much if I- Okay stop. Don’t even imagine that. I cleared my throat. I swear to God Carlos don’t even imagine that. You know you won’t last long if you do.

Suddenly, Mr Rose’s son began choking. What the fuck is he choking on? Air. There’s nothing else he can be choking on.

“Where the fuck did you get that Rosie? I hid them all. That’s impossible. Who gave you that?” He began questioning.

Lavender looked at him trying to glare but just looked cute. “Antonio d-don’t swear. D-Daddy tell T-Tony s-swearing is bad for h-him.”

Wait a moment. She’s Mr Rose’s daughter. How the fuck didn’t I know that? Her name is fucking Lavender Rose. And the fact she has a personal driver and is rich makes it clear as daylight. How stupid can I be?

“Okay okay I won’t swear. Just tell me. Where did you get that apple juice from? I just chucked the ones from all the fridges in the outside bin and set it on fire.” He fucking set it on fire. This man is crazy. Why did he throw away all the apple juice? Is she not allowed it or something?

“I’m n-not stupid Tony. I k-knew you w-were gonna t-throw the apple j-juice away t-tonight b-because apparently i-it makes me t-too hyper. S-So I took s-some from t-the kitchen fridge a-and put t-them in my s-secret fridge so you w-wouldn’t f-find them.” She smirked at him. Damn this girl just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

“You have a secret fridge. Where?” Lavender just giggled.

Her giggles travelled on the breeze and found there way to me. They were music to my ears. Melodies that I would fall asleep to. Fuck all that Kanye shit. I’d rather listen to her giggles for the rest of my life. At least then, I’d be at peace.

“It’s a-a secret. I-I can’t tell y-you T-Tony.”

“Okay. Okay you two. Calm down. How about you argue about this when our guests have gone? How about that?” Christopher interrupted.

As if a switch had just turned on in my angel’s brain, she began to blush, obviously embarrassed she had just done that in front of us.

“Okay D-Daddy.”

She turned towards us and saw my father first. She smiled and shyly waved. She did the same with my mother. But when she saw me. She froze. Her mouth hung agape and her blush intensified about 100 percent.

“C-C-Carlos.” She muttered

“Hello angel.” I wiggled my fingers and smirked at her.

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