His Little Lavender

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Chapter 9

Lavender’s POV

Carlos. What was Carlos doing here? And why do i keep embarrassing myself in front of him? First, he sees my underwear. Then, I kiss him on the cheek. And now he’s just witnessed me argue with my brother about apple juice. God Lavender can you get anymore weird and awkward. Keep acting this way and he won’t want to be your friend anymore? He’ll run away like everyone else does.

“So you know each other. How exactly do you know each other?” Daddy questioned suspiciously. He began eyeing Carlos up like he wanted to know if he had to fight him.

Oh fudge. I forgot about that. Daddy and Antonio don’t like it when I’m around men except Max, Braydon and Smithy. What if they don’t let me be friends with him?

“W-Well I uh I met C-Carlos at school t-today.”

I became a stuttering mess and started to panic. They’ll get mad at me. I don’t want Daddy and Antonio to get mad at me?

I’m not allowed to have male friends. That’ll get mad at Carlos too. I don’t want that. Daddy is scary when he’s mad which isn’t often making it even scarier when he is.

He gets this terrifying fire in his eyes that could burn you. If you’ve really angered him, his lips turn up into a dangerous snarl and that’s when you know he’s about to shout or most probably murder you. I’ve only seen it 3 times. One time with my mum when she tried contacting me when I was 13. One time with Antonio when he ended up in hospital for drunk driving. And one time with Jonas before he went to jail.

Carlos must have sensed the fact I was apprehensive and scared to tell them as he flashed me a reassuring smile and the turned to my father.

“You have a lovely, friendly daughter Mr Rose. She helped me get to my classes as we have most of them together and let me sit with her and her friends at lunch. She made my first day at school much easier.”

I subconsciously began blushing. His words were so nice. He thinks I’m lovely and friendly? I didn’t really do that much. I was only being a decent and normal human being. Nothing lovely about that.

I was thankful he told my dad the rest. If I did, I would of accidentally blurted out about the Blake accident.

I didn’t want to tell Tony and Daddy about that. They would have done something extreme about it like getting him expelled or even getting him arrested. He could do that because if the influence and power he had in this City. Even if Blake’s father was a lawyer. And a good one at that.

However, by doing that, it would only bring more attention to me. And I didn’t want that nor Blake getting expelled or arrested because he made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. Even Daddy does.

“Ahh thank you Carlos. I’m lucky to have such a caring girl as my daughter-”
Daddy pulled me towards him and put his arm around my shoulder. He had such a adoring and loving look on his face. My face heated up again and I looked down at my small white polished heels.
“-I’m glad she made you’re first day easier. Hopefully, you two will be good friends in the future.”

What? My body froze under my dad’s arm. Did my overly-protective father just say I can be friends with Carlos? A boy? No an attractive man? There’s no way.

My eyes were as large as saucers. My mouth was agape and I’m sure if we were outside I would have a caught a few flies. “R-Really” I questioned.

Daddy looked down at me and had a very hesitant look in his eyes like he wasn’t sure if he was making the right decision? Why wouldn’t this be a good thing? Carlos is a nice person. Surely daddy knows that.

“Yeah Rosie. From what Damion has told me about Carlos, he seems like a nice boy. He’ll be good for you to be around.”

I was shocked. So was Tony, Max and Rosie. This was soo out of Dad’s character. He would usually warn me about staying away from boys. Now he’s saying that I can hang out with one. A extremely handsome one at that.

Mr Reid must have said some really nice stuff about Carlos to convince Daddy that he’s good for me too be around. Not that he’s not. It’s just that Daddy has made sure any males that have tried to befriend me are safe and a good influence. Especially after the Jonas incident. So this is quite surprising.

Before anyone could respond to what Daddy had just announced, Mr Greyson came into the room and told us all Dinner was ready to be served. We left the conversation at that and made our way to the dining hall.

On the way, I made eye contact with Carlos and he winked at me. I instantly turned a dark shade of pink and scurried away up next to Josie who just laughed when she saw the way I looked. She’s mean.

Carlos’ POV

She looked so shocked when her father allowed her to be friends with me. Does she not want to? That would be awful. If she doesn’t want to even be friends with me, how am I supposed to get her to be mine.

However, all ideas of that subsides when she blushed after I winked at her. She has to have at least some attraction to me for her to react like that. And I will use that attraction she has to make her mine. Even if I takes my whole lifetime too.

We approaches a large pair of white polished double doors. A man I assumed was Mrs Greyson’s husband pushed the doors open. We were welcomed with the aroma of roast chicken floating around the air.

The room itself was beautiful. A massive chandelier hung from the ceiling with about 25 candles perched on top. On the left side, there was a fireplace the burnt as bright as the sun on a hot summer day with candle holders on top.

Above it, there was a painting of what looked like a man similar to Christopher. Maybe his father or brother or something?

On the right side, there was a door that led to a large kitchen with Mrs Greyson and 3 other staff members going in and out carrying new food every time they came out.

Right in the middle that was a sleek mahogany table with an arrange of yellow, orange and white flowers on. Mrs Greyson removed them before placing a large rosy chicken in the place they used to be.

The carpet was a light blue colour with golden coloured flowers scattered around it. There was a large golden framed mirror at the far end with a table holding two sticks of golden candle holders on .

“You have a lovely place here Christopher. I must say I’m impressed.” My father said before I could. Has he not been in here before?

“Thank you Damon. Actually my late brother designed it. He was an architect before he passed. We decided to have an artist paint his picture and we hung it in here. That’s him up there.”

He pointed to the painting above the fireplace. So he was his brother. It must have been hard to loose your brother. I can’t imagine losing Jessica. It would hurt too much.

Christopher lowered himself into one of the head chairs while Robbie sat in the other one. Beside Robbie, there was Max and Josie and next to Christopher, there was Lavender and Antonio.

“Ahh yes I remember you telling about him. He sounded like an amazing man. I wish I could have met him before he passed.”

“He would of liked you.-”
He had a distant and sad look in his eyes. I can’t imagine the pain he felt or is feeling.
“-Anyway, moving on from that. Carlos how about you take a seat next to my daughter seeing as you two are already friends.”

Lavender looked at her lap and I could tell she was trying to shield the blush on her face with her hair. But because of the braid it didn’t really do anything.

I smirked. “I would love to sit next to her.” Her blush intensified.

I walked up to the seat next to her and sat down. She looked up at me and I winked making her look down again and play with the end of her very short dress.

My father took at seat across from me next to Antonio and gave me a very stern look. He was telling me not to fuck this up and not do something stupid with my angel. As if I would do that. She means more to me than most people in my life. My mother took a seat next to my father and then dinner was served.

I placed my hand on Lavender’s vacant hand and she blushed again before looking at me confused.

This is going to be a fun dinner or should I say night.

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