The Story Of a Loser Girl

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Alex Oliver has always dreamed of starting her own band, however her dreams started to change the day she saw her old friend. Alex has to start high school with just the help of her best friends Nate, Louise and Spade. 'The Foolish Four', 'The Nerd Alerts' ’The Loser Clique’ they were called by the kids in middle school. They never understood all the names they were called, yes they were smart but they weren't top of the class or anything. They were all weird, all something out of the ordinary and some kids liked to pick on them for it. Spade, was always jittery; she could never stop moving. Louise, was anti-social; if her head wasn't in a book you would know something was wrong. Nate, was so tall he hit his head on the ceiling in most rooms in the school. Alex, had a stutter that send teachers who had to talk to her through the roof with anger. But this isn't a story about a group of misfit friends, no this is the story of how Alex met Danny and why she fell for Danny like her life depended on it. This is the story of a loser girl.

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Third Person
"Come on Al, lets go to my place. We can play with my dads guitars!" Nate swooned trying to persuade Alex as the last bell rang for school. Nate was very tall for a 15 year old, heck he was tall for an adult. The 6.4" boy with a striped shirt and ripped, black jeans was laughing while swinging his backpack over his shoulder.

"Okay, okay N-Natey, lets just wai-" she stoped. Nate was confused at first but quickly noticed his best friend was looking at Daniela Lynch, though everyone called her Danny now a days Alex had always had a special place in her heart for the little quiet blonde girl named Daniela from the first grade.

She was talking with she friends, Jake and Annie over by their lockers. Jake was great, don't get her wrong. They were science partners all last year, great guy, very smart she was just jealous he got to spend so much time with Danny. And then there's Annie. Annie was so sweet and relatable but got really loud at times it was almost unbearable but her and Annie would still chat here and there when Danny wasn't around.

"What!?!" Nate laughed trying to cover up that he knew exactly why she stoped.

"O-oh sorry, I uh l-lost my train of th-thought." Alex sighed, there were many things she lost over the years but her constant thoughts of Danny were not one of them.

He walked up to the girl in black leggings and a loose black sweater that didn't cover her right shoulder with a red plaid shirt tied around her waist. "Danny again?" He whispered. Alex nodded, frowning.

"Hey girlie!!" Spade yelped jumping onto Alex's back. Spade was wearing a black and white plaid skirt and a grey shirt. Spade spooked her a little but she still caught her while laughing. Louise walked up behind the three of them and waved, finally looking up from out of her book for the first time today. Once again, Louise was in all black from her beanie hat and short, brown hair to her old converse sneakers and cuffed black jeans. Other than Nate, these two were Alex's best friends. Alex met Spade Williams in the third grade one day when Nate and Louise dared her to go make a friend with the first person to pass Alex's house during a sleepover. Of course once they got to know her, they loved her as one of the group. Alex, Louise and Nate grew up together through their families. Nate and Alex had always been like brother and sister but when they met Louise Bates, they instantly knew they had to talk to her. They've all changed so much over the years but Spade's love for fashion and Louise's book obsession were some of the things they never thought would change.

"Hey Spade, hi L-Louise." Alex said.

"Oh hey Al, hey Nate." Louise said quietly.

"Yes, yes we get it hello, hello. Can we go to my house now?!?" Nate pestered making Spade laugh.

"Yeah okay," Alex said pushing up her glasses. The four kids walked over to the bike racks, grabbed their bikes and started over to Nate's house.
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