Playing with the Wolf

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Lucy Talk about an ungrateful wolf. You’d think the guy would have appreciated it when I saved him from a bunch of demons. But did he thank me? No. He got pissed at me. Apparently, he wanted one of the demons alive to interrogate. How was I supposed to know that? It looked to me like he needed help, so I helped. The guy was such a jerk about everything. And that’s a shame. He was smokin' hot. But hot or not, I don’t waste my time on jerks. *** Deklan I've been hunting, Malek, the demon that killed my best friend, Tuk, for months. I finally came across a couple of demons that might lead me back to Malek and what happened? Some witch with a Rambo complex swooped in and dusted the demons. Talk about an annoying witch. Before I could really blast her, little miss witch took off on me. That's fine. I have her scent. If we're ever in the same vicinity again, I'll smell her and I'll be in her face so fast she won't know what hit her. And I'll blast her. I won't hit on her. I don't care how gorgeous she is. I don't have time for sassy, annoying witches.

Romance / Fantasy
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Copyright, Synopsis and Author's Notes

Original work by Louisa Vincenza

Copyright ©️ Louisa Vincenza 2020

Originally Titled: Magic & Mayhem

This book has been altered from third-person POV to first-person.

All rights reserved.

No part of this ebook may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means - except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews - without written permission from the author.

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

Intended for mature audiences only. 🔞

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She’s a witch who has lost her family. He’s a werewolf who has just lost his best friend. Both now hunt the demons that killed their loved ones. When their paths cross one night, they don’t hit off, but a dangerous threat has them teaming up.

Will love spark between witch and wolf while they work to take out their enemies? Or will they take care of business and go their separate ways?

Meet Lucy. She’s a badass witch who isn’t afraid to take on demons.

Something else she’s not afraid to take on?

A pissed-off werewolf.

Meet Deklan. He’s a werewolf bent on revenge.

And he doesn’t have time for annoying witches who stick their noses in where they don’t belong.

When this witch and werewolf meet, sparks fly - and not in a good way.

Their opinion of one another doesn’t matter though when a dangerous situation arises.

All that matters is survival.

When witch and wolf set aside their disdain for one another and team up against their enemies, they learn a valuable lesson.

Sometimes, first impressions are dead wrong.

And sometimes, you find love where you least expect it.


Author’s Notes:

Dear reader,

Just a heads up... this book contains the following:

1. foul language 🤭

2. violence 🗡

3. sex scenes 💋

4. a sexy werewolf 🐺

5. a badass witch 🔮

6. magic & mayhem 🔮🐺

~ ~ ~

Fair warning 1: If you’re looking for a werewolf story, where the male MC is very ‘alpha’ (as in condescending, arrogant, etc) this isn’t it. Deklan is cocky, but not in your face arrogant or bossy.

Note: This book was formerly titled, Magic & Mayhem. The story hasn’t changed. Just thought Playing with the Wolf was a more apt title.

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