Playing with the Wolf

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Chapter 9

______________ Deklan ___________

Male satisfaction fills me.

Lucy’s eyes are hazy with pleasure after I school her on goodbye kisses. Her gaze drops to my mouth. Brushing her hair back, I frame her face with my hands, lean in, and set my lips on hers. Her hands slip around me and flatten against my back and pull me closer.

This is more what I’d pictured our first time being like. We’re still not in a bed - but whatever.

I run my hands down her body to her waist, pausing to wish her breasts good morning along the way. She hums into my mouth as I caress her tits, and arches, pushing them into my palms.

Smiling against her lips, I finish my trek down her torso, grasp her waist and hoist her up onto the counter behind her. She immediately parts her legs and makes room for me. I step forward, accepting the invitation, and find the hem of my borrowed shirt and slip my hands underneath. The cotton bunches over my hands as I find the sides of her panties and tug.

Lucy’s hands go to the counter on either side of her and she lifts her hips so I can pull off her underwear.

So helpful.

I slide them down her legs, off her cute little feet, and find another tattoo. There’s a cherry blossom flower on the inside of her ankle.

I make a mental note to paint it with my tongue sometime.

I let her panties slip from my fingers and fall to the floor.

“Lift up again,” I tell her.

She lifts again and I pull my shirt out from under her bum. The garment goes over her head and gets tossed aside and I see that I’ve found another masterpiece for my tongue to paint. My fingers go to the inked design on her torso. I trace a fingertip over a line of the intricate mandala that covers her skin just below her breasts.

“That’s beautiful,” I murmur.

“Thank you.”

Her hands slowly inch up my forearms and travel up to my biceps. She leans forward and starts pressing kisses along my shoulder, up my neck, and across my jaw. When her mouth is inches from mine, I turn my head and capture it with mine. At the same time, Lucy’s hand finds me and squeezes me through my jogging pants. That squeeze makes my eyes roll back in my head.

So that’s what the back of my head looks like.

She squeezes me again and my wolf voices his pleasure.

I open my eyes and watch her watch herself touch me.

After a moment, she raises her eyes to mine. As she stares at me, her hand slips away from me and she tilts her head and raises her brow.

“Why do your eyes do that?” she asks.

My voice is gravel when I speak.

“Change color?” I ask.

She nods and strokes a hand over my chest, petting me.

“Werewolf thing. Our eyes change with heightened emotion,” I tell her. “When we’re angry, really happy... excited.”

“Horny.” she corrects, one corner of her mouth lifting.

“Horny.” I grin.

She cups my jaw and runs her thumb along my cheek.

“They’re beautiful,” she says and I smile wider.

That she thinks so makes me very happy.

After a beat, I move in for another kiss. Lucy scoots her bum closer to the edge of the counter and widens her legs. Her tongue swirls against mine as she starts pushing my pants down. I take over and shove my pants down over my hips. My dick springs up as my pants drop to pool around my feet. I step out of them and kick them aside.

Lucy immediately fists my cock. Her hand is so small - or I’m so big - her fingers and thumb don’t meet.

“I should get a condom,” I say.

We didn’t use one last night and I hope she’s not upset about that.

A stroke of her hand has me sucking in a breath. She has a good grip.

“It’s okay,” she replies. Her eyes lift to meet mine. “I’m on birth control. Magical. Hundred percent proof. And I’m clean.”

I swallow.

“I’m clean too.” I tell her. “Tested last year. Haven’t been with anyone since.”

“Then I’m good without if you are,” she says.

That would be a ‘hell, yes’.

Apparently, that comes across in my gaze, because she grins and then drops her gaze to her hand on my cock. She points my tip at her center and guides me in. I look back and forth between her face and my entry, watching for signs of discomfort. She seems to accept me a little easier, a little quicker than she did last night.

“Okay?” I ask when I’m seated deep.

She drapes her arms around my neck and circles her legs around my hips and waist.

“Oh, yeah.” she smiles contentedly.

I smile back, wrap my arms around her and step as close to her and the counter as I can. My knees knock against the cupboard below, but I don’t feel it. I pull my hips back and push forward, sliding back into her tight channel.

Being inside her is fucking glorious.

I keep my rhythm slow for as long as I can. I want the pleasure to last.

Lowering my face to that lovely spot where shoulder becomes neck, I inhale her scent until it reaches every minuscule pocket of my lungs.

Lucy’s legs tighten around me and pull me closer. Her hands trail down my back, reach my ass and her fingers dug in. The slight sting of her nails spurs me on and I shift into second gear. Things blur as the tempo of our joining speeds up.

Energy gathers in my lower back. Sparks shoot up my spine.

Aroused beyond belief, I’m unable to resist the urge I feel and I bite Lucy’s shoulder.

I don’t break skin. I just give her a love bite. I press my teeth to her shoulder and apply some pressure.

At the action, my wolf growls with satisfaction in the back of my mind.

If I wasn’t so caught up in the moment that sound would have registered with me as significant, but I am caught up and I pay that growl of satisfaction no mind.

Lucy moans with pleasure at my love bite.

Her reaction revs me up. More energy shoots up my spine.

My wolf growls again.

Bombarded with pleasure as I am, I can’t hold myself back. I have to go full out. Raising my head, I meet Lucy’s gaze and shove my hands under her ass so I can hold her steady for what’s coming.

“Stop me - ” I manage to grit out. “Stop me, if I get too rough.”

A throaty moan is my response.

The energy in my lower back reaches its limit. I’m about to blow. My eyes squeeze shut as I thrust. I move faster and faster until my hips are pistoning.

Oh, god.

I feel Lucy reach orgasm. Her core contracts around me, milking me, and that’s that. I throw my head back and rocket into the stratosphere. My cry of ecstasy blends with hers. Shot after shot, I spill inside her until I have nothing left.

Now that was satisfying.


Once I have the strength to do so, I lift my head off Deklan’s shoulder. He steps back from me a second later, disengaging our bodies.

My eyes take a tour of his body. Every inch of him is gorgeous.

I should probably beat feet before we try for a third ‘goodbye’ kiss.

Our first was too short, our second overshot the mark - maybe our third would be just right?

Deklan clasps my waist and my hands go to his shoulders as he helps me off the counter.

“Thanks,” I murmur.

“Mm-hmm,” he hums in reply.

He looks so dopey and cute with the afterglow he has going on.

He bends down and picks something up off the floor. When he straighten up, I see he has my panties and borrowed shirt in his hands.

He stiffens when he goes to hand them to me and his eyes lock on my shoulder.

“What?” I ask.

He blinks and his eyes shift from my shoulder to meet mine.

“Nothing,” he replies and finally hands me my panties and top.


I’m curious what made him tense there for a moment, but I let it go.

I throw his shirt over my head and pull my hair through. When my head pops through the top, I see that he has his pants pulled up.

I wad my panties up in my hand. I’ll put them on upstairs when I change into my own clothes.

“See the difference between your ‘goodbye’ kiss, and mine?” Deklan asks with a waggle of brows.

A snort escapes me.

“That was a little more than a ‘kiss’,” I point out.

He just grins.

I hop off the counter.

I don’t really want to leave now, but I do. I head upstairs and into his room where I tug my panties on, ditch Deklan’s shirt, and get back into my own clothes. With a smile still stretching across my face, I teleport home and appear in my bedroom. It takes all of two fucking seconds for my energy to drop, for my smile to slip, and for that ‘just had sex’ sparkle to dim.

Now alone, the events of the last twelve hours hit me hard.

Hannah’s alive. My sister’s alive? She’s been alive all these years and I had no idea.

Jinx comes around the corner from the hallway into my bedroom and meows, interrupting my thoughts.

“Hey buddy,” I murmur as he trots up to me. He rubs himself against my leg.

“You miss me?” I ask.

I bend over and pick him up.

He probably didn’t miss me. He probably just wants his food.

I bring him with me to the kitchen, where I set him loose and grab his bag of food out of the cupboard. I fill his bowl, give him fresh water, then refresh his kitty litter. When I leave the kitchen, he follows me, but when I go into the bathroom, he hightails it into my bedroom.

He’s not a fan of the bathroom. That’s where his baths happen.

“Chicken,” I call after him.

I turn on the shower, strip, and set my clothes and my phone on the counter by the sink. Turning my back to the mirror, I look over my shoulder at my reflection. I undo my glamour, remove my bandages and check my back. The scrapes there are healed. They don’t need to be bandaged or covered up again.

I face the mirror, undo the glamour hiding the gash at my temple, and remove the butterfly bandages. The gash is better. It’s healing nicely and doesn’t need to be re-bandaged, but I’m still going to cover it up with a glamour again.

After checking my wounds, my eyes fall to my neck. Where my skin is smooth, Hannah’s is marred with a healed cut.

I wonder how she got hurt. Was she in a fight with another demon? Did she get slashed by an innocent she attacked?

Worry grips me. Worry over what Hannah’s done over the last nineteen years.

If she’s been with demons ever since that night that Zolark killed our mom, she’s spent more time with them than she has with me.

Deklan’s words from last night echo in my head now.

Maybe he’s right.

Hannah may be alive, but the sister I loved may be, for all intents and purposes, gone.

Maybe whatever has happened to her can’t be undone.

That hopeless thought doesn’t sit well with me and I berate myself for even thinking it.

Deklan can’t be right.

I have to be able to undo whatever was done to Hannah. If she’s under a spell, I’ll remove it. If she’s been brainwashed, I’ll un-brainwash her.

Filled with determination, I turn away from my reflection, step into the shower, and under the warm spray. While I wash up, I start making a plan.

If Hannah’s under a spell I’ll have to find a way to lift it.

I have a feeling she’s not under a spell, though. I have a hunch she’s suffered some kind of mind manipulation. If my hunch is right and that’s the case, I’m going to need to perform a mind restoration on her. I’ve never done a mind restoration, but I’ll figure it out.

Hannah’s not going to be amenable to coming with me, so I’m going to have to capture her and contain her in a crystal cage.

I’ll have to make a trip to Zareena’s for crystals. While I’m there, I’ll ask my friend for tips on how to perform a mind restoration.

Turning off the water, I get out of the shower, dry off, and head to my room. Jinx raises his head from licking his hindquarters and eyes me warily from my bed.

No, buddy, no bath for you today.

“You’re safe,” I assure him. I go over and pull a bra and panties out of my dresser and slip them on.

Turning to my closet, I pull black pants and a white top off hangers and throw them on. I throw my wet hair back into a low ponytail, then shoot off a text to Deklan.

I gotta pick up a few things. Shouldn’t take too long. See ya soon.

I send that off, tuck my phone in my back pocket and teleport myself to the alley behind the shop Zareena owns. She runs an occult shop called ‘The Source’. I’ve been getting my supplies there for years.

The bell dings over the door as I enter, and the pungent smell of patchouli greets me. It’s a good thing I like that smell.

“Hey, Lucy,” Zareena greets me when she sees me.

Her shoulder-length brown hair is loose today and she’s dressed in a form-fitting top and a long dark skirt.

“Hey, Zareena,” I say and cross the room to her.

“How’s it going?” she asks.

I huff a humorless laugh as I come to a stop across the counter from her.

I’m about to shock the hell out of my friend. I’ve never shared my past with her. I’ve never mentioned I had a sister.

“Actually, I’ve got some interesting news,”” I begin. “I’ve never told you this, but I have a sister.”

Zareena’s eyebrows go up at this information.

“I’ve never mentioned her because I thought she was gone. I thought she was killed years ago. I just found out she’s alive.”

Zareena’s eyebrows go higher and her eyes widen.

“Yeah...” I chuckle softly, in response to the expression on her face.

“Wow.” she breathes.

That about sums it up.

After dropping my bomb, I provide more context. I relay a clipped story of the night the Zolark attacked, then jump to last night and coming face to face with the sister I thought long dead.

“She’s either under a spell or had some kind of mind manipulation done on her,” I tell Zareena. “She doesn’t remember me. I’m gonna need four crystals for an energy cage. I’m going to have to cage her and try to undo whatever was done to her.”

Zareena nods and heads over to a shelf holding large fluorite crystals.

“You’ll want fluorite clusters,” she recommends, looking back over her shoulder at me. “Fluorite enhances memory and clusters radiate beneficial energy into the environment and absorb detrimental energy at the same time.”

Awesome. Perfect.

Zareena collects two large purple crystals, takes them over to the checkout counter, goes back, collects two more and brings them over to the counter, and places them with the first two.

The crystals are almost the size of cantaloupes. This is gonna be pricey.

“How much for the four?” I ask.

“Normally I’d charge two hundred each, but I can do one hundred each for you.” Zareena offers kindly.

Even with the generous price cut, it’s still steep, but considering it’s for my sister, nothing’s too steep.

“Thanks, Zareena,” I reply and pull out my phone. My credit card is tucked inside the case.

Zareena rings up my purchase and then tucks the crystals into a white, cardboard box with dividers, so they don’t shift too much and bang into one another.

“Come get me once you’ve got your sister,” she says as I pick up my box. “I can help you lift the spell if she’s under a spell. Or, if she’s had some kind of mind manipulation done on her I can help you with a mind restoration.”

Gratitude and relief fill me.

I’d hoped Zareena could help me with some tips. This is better.

If I have to do a mind restoration, I’ll take all the help I can get.


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