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Chapter 9

Male satisfaction filled Deklan.

Lucy’s eyes were hazy with pleasure after he’d schooled her on goodbye kisses. Her gaze dropped to his mouth, his dropped to her bee-stung lips.

He brushed her hair back, framed her face with his hands, leaned in, set his lips on hers. Her hands slipped under his arms, around his sides, flattened against his back, pulled him closer.

This was more what he’d pictured their first time being like - they still weren’t in a bed - but whatever.

He ran his hands down her luscious body to her waist, pausing to wish her breasts good morning along the way. She mmm’d into his mouth as he caressed her full mounds, arching, pushing her breasts into his palms.

Smiling against her lips, he finished his trek down her torso, grasped her waist, hoisted her up onto the counter behind her. Her legs parted, making room for him, and he stepped forward, accepting the invitation. Finding the hem of his borrowed shirt, he slipped his hands underneath, the cotton bunching over his hands as he found the sides of her panties and tugged.

Lucy’s hands went to the counter on either side of her and she lifted her hips so he could relieve her of her underwear.

So helpful.

He slid them down her legs, off her cute little feet - found another tattoo... a cherry blossom flower on the inside of her ankle.

Pretty. He’d have to paint it with his tongue sometime.

He let her panties slip from his fingers, fall to the floor.

“Lift up again.” he told her, his lips a breath from hers.

She lifted up again and he pulled his shirt out from under her bum, lifted until he’d pulled the garment off over her head and raised arms.

He smiled appreciatively. He’d found another masterpiece for his tongue to paint.

His fingers went to the inked design on her torso, tracing lines in the intricate mandala that covered her skin just below her breasts.

“That’s beautiful.” he told her.

She was beautiful.

“Thank you.” she smiled, her hands slowly inching up his forearms, travelling up to his biceps.

She leaned forward, pressed kisses along his shoulder, up his neck, across his scruffy jaw. He turned his head, captured her mouth and...

... groaned, his eyes rolling back when she found him, squeezed him through his jogging pants.

So that’s what the back of his head looked like.

She squeezed him again. His wolf rumbled his pleasure.

Opening his eyes, he found her, watched her watch herself touch him.

After a moment, she raised her eyes to his, met his gaze, her hand slipping away from him.

“Why do your eyes do that?” she asked, her gaze shifting to his mouth, back to his eyes.

“Change color?” he asked, voice gravel.

She nodded, petting his chest.

“Werewolf thing. Our eyes change with heightened emotion.” he told her. “When we’re angry, really happy... excited.”

“Horny.” she corrected, one corner of her mouth lifting.

“Horny.” he grinned.

Her hand lifted to his face, cupped his jaw, her thumb running along his cheek.

“They’re beautiful.” she said.

He smiled wider, moved in for another kiss.

Scooting her bum closer to the edge of the counter, Lucy widened her legs. She broke their kiss, her hands going to his untied pants and pushing them down over his hips. His dick sprang up as his pants dropped to pool around his feet. He stepped out of them, kicked them aside.

Lucy immediately fisted his cock. Her hand was so small - or he was so big - her fingers and thumb didn’t meet.

“I should get a condom.” he said.

They hadn’t used one last night, he hoped she wasn’t upset about that.

A stroke of her hand had him sucking in a breath. She had a good grip.

“It’s okay.” she replied, eyes lifting to meet his. “I’m on birth control. Magical. Hundred percent proof. And I’m clean.”

He swallowed.

“I’m clean too. Tested last year. Haven’t been with anyone since.” he shared.

“Then I’m good without, if you are.” she said.

That would be a ‘hell, yes’.

Apparently that came across in his gaze, because Lucy grinned, dropped her gaze to her hand on his cock. She pointed him to her center, guided him in. He looked back and forth between her face and his entry, watched for signs of discomfort. She seemed to accept him a little easier, a little quicker than she had last night.

“Okay?” he asked when he was seated deep.

She draped her arms across his shoulders and the back of his neck, circled her legs around his hips and waist.

“Oh, yeah.” she smiled contentedly.

He smiled back, wrapped his arms around her, stepped as close to her and the counter as he could, his knees knocking against the cupboard beneath... and pulled his hips back, pushed forward. He slid back into her tight channel, luxuriating in the feel of her heat and cream.

Being inside her was fucking glorious. Had he ever experienced anything better?

He kept his rhythm slow as long as he could, wanting the pleasure to last. Lowering his face to that lovely spot where shoulder became neck, he inhaled her scent until it reached every minuscule pocket of his lungs.

Lucy’s legs tightened around him, pulled him closer. Her hands trailed down his back, found his ass, her fingers digging in, spurring him on.

Hell, yeah.

He shifted into second gear... things blurring as the tempo of their joining sped up.

Energy gathered in his lower back, sparks shooting up his spine.

Aroused beyond belief, unable to resist the urge, he bit Lucy’s shoulder. He didn’t break skin, just gave her a love bite... pressed his teeth to her flesh, applied some pressure.

His wolf growled with satisfaction in the back of his mind - if he hadn’t been as caught up in the moment as he was, that would have registered with him as significant.

Lucy moaned with pleasure at his love bite.

More energy shot up his spine, Lucy’s reaction revving him up.

He released her, kissed and licked his way up her neck, bit down again.

She moaned louder, threw her head back.

Shit. His bite affected her as much as it did him.

His wolf growled again, very satisfied.

Bombarded with pleasure, he couldn’t hold himself back, had to go full out. Lifting his head, meeting Lucy’s gaze, he shoved his hands under her ass, holding her steady for what was coming.

“Stop me - ” he managed to grit out. “Stop me, if I get too rough.”

A throaty moan was his response.

The energy in his lower back reached its limit. He was about to blow. His eyes squeezed shut as he thrust faster and faster, until his hips were pistoning.

His ass clenched, his back arched.

Oh, god.

He felt Lucy reach orgasm, her core contracting around him, milking him... and that was that. He threw his head back, rocketing into the stratosphere, his cry of ecstasy blending with hers. Shot after shot, he filled her up with his seed, until he had nothing left.

Now that, had been satisfying.


Lucy lifted her head off Deklan’s shoulder once she had the strength to do so, sighing with pleasure in her post orgasm haze.

That had been bloody amazing.

Deklan raised his head from her shoulder a second later, stepped back from her, disengaging their bodies.

Her eyes took a tour of his body, enjoying every gorgeous inch of him.

She should probably beat feet before they tried for a third ‘goodbye’ kiss. Their first had been too short, their second had overshot the mark - maybe their third would be just right?

Deklan lifted his arms to her, clasped her waist, her hands went to his shoulders as he helped her off the counter.

“Thanks.” she smiled.

Deklan ‘mmm hmm’d’ with a smile in return.

He looked so dopey and cute with the after glow he had going on.

He turned away, bent over, picked something up off the floor, straightened up and turned back to her, handing her her panties and borrowed shirt.

“Thanks.” she said again, taking both off his hands.

She threw his shirt over her head, pulling her hair through. When her head popped through the top, Deklan had his pants pulled up. She wadded her panties up in her hand, she’d put them on upstairs when she changed into her own clothes.

“I’m gonna go.” she said, pointing in the general direction of the stairs.

Now she had a dopey smile on her face.

“Alright.” Deklan replied, his blue eyes still swirling with silver.

“See the difference between your ‘goodbye’ kiss, and mine?” he asked with a waggle of brows.

A snort escaped her.

“That was a little more than a ‘kiss’.” she replied.

Deklan just grinned.

He was too cute for his own good.

Turning away from him, she padded down the hallway, headed upstairs and into his room where she tugged her panties on, ditched Deklan’s shirt and got back into her own clothes.

A smile still stretching across her face, she teleported home, appeared in her bedroom.

It took all of two fucking seconds for her energy to drop... her smile to slip... that ‘just had sex’ sparkle to dim.

Now alone, back in familiar surroundings, the events of the last twelve hours hit her square in the sternum.

Hannah was alive. Her sister was alive. Had been all these years. And she’d had no idea.

Like a broken record, or a child that just kept asking ’why?’, the same questions she’d been asking since laying eyes on Hannah, ran through her head again.

How had she not sensed her? How had she not come across her sooner?

She’d heard of Malek - his reputation preceded him - but she’d never crossed paths with him... she’d never heard anything about Hannah.

She frowned when another question ran through her mind.

What if she had found Hannah sooner?

Her mind grabbed onto that thought, flipped through her Rolodex of memories, inserting Hannah, playing with scenarios.

Imagining how things could have been had her sighing heavily. Deklan’s words ran through her head - what if’s and wishing for things to be different were a waste of time.

Sucking in a breath, she stopped reviewing the past, both real and fictional.

Jinx came around the corner from the hallway into her bedroom, meowed.

“Hey buddy.” she murmured as he trotted up to her, rubbed himself against her leg.

“You miss me?” she asked, bending over and picking him up, her hair falling forward, getting in her face.

Probably not.

He probably just wanted his food.

She brought him with her to the kitchen, where she set him loose and grabbed his bag of food out of a cupboard. She filled his bowl, gave him fresh water, then refreshed his kitty litter.

Jinx followed her out of the kitchen, but when she went into the bathroom, he hightailed it into her bedroom. He was not a fan of the bathroom - that was where his baths happened.

“Chicken.” she called after him.

She turned on the shower, stripped, piling her clothes on the counter by the sink, setting her phone beside them. Turning her back to the mirror, she looked over her shoulder at her reflection, undid her glamour, removed her bandages and checked her back.

Her scrapes were healed, didn’t need to be bandaged or covered up again.

Thank goodness she healed faster than the average human.

She turned, facing the mirror, undid the glamour hiding the gash at her temple, removed her butterfly bandages. It was better, healing nicely, didn’t need to be re-bandaged, but she’d cover it with a glamour a little longer.

Her eyes fell to her neck, and she pictured the slash she’d seen on Hannah’s neck. Where Hannah had once had smooth skin, her sister now had a scar.

How had Hannah gotten that? From a fight with another demon? From an innocent she’d attacked?

That latter possibility was concerning. What had her sister done over the last nineteen years, while not herself?

Lucy lifted her gaze, met her eyes in the mirror. She hadn’t needed Deklan to tell her she might not be able to save her sister.

She knew.

If Hannah had been with demons ever since that night, she’d spent more time with them than she had with Lucy.

Maybe Deklan was right... maybe her sister was just... evil now.

Lucy frowned at her reflection, at the bleak turn of her thoughts.

Deklan couldn’t be right.

Hannah wasn’t evil. The sister she’d known was sweet and funny and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She had to be able to save her... she just had to undo whatever had been done to her.

Lucy firmed her lips, determination entered her eyes.

She’d do a mind restoration on her sister... and it would work. She wouldn’t entertain the possibility that it wouldn’t.

She was going to save her sister.

Head back in the game - at least for the moment - she turned away from her reflection, stepped into the shower and under the warm spray.

The plan was to go back to Deklan’s and scry for Hannah. Obviously her sister wasn’t going to be amenable to coming with her - Hannah didn’t remember her, was currently ‘evilized’.

She’d have to capture Hannah and contain her in a crystal cage so she could perform the mind restoration. A procedure she’d never done.

She’d have to make a trip to Zareena’s for crystals, pick her friend’s brain for tips.

Turning off the water, she pushed aside the curtain, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her hair. Grabbing another towel, she dried off, stepped out of the shower. The second towel went around her body. Collecting yesterday’s outfit off the counter on her way out of the bathroom, she brought her clothes with her, tossed them, and her towel, on the floor of her bedroom.

Jinx raised his head from licking his hindquarters, eyed her warily from her bed.

No, buddy, no bath for you today.

“You’re safe.” she assured him, pulling bra and panties out of a dresser drawer and slipping them on.

Turning her back to her cat, she pulled black pants and a white tunic style top off hangers in her closet and threw them on. Returning to the bathroom, she grabbed a hair elastic, threw her wet hair back into a low ponytail, then grabbed her phone off the counter where she’d left it.

Dek, gotta pick up a few things... shouldn’t take too long... c ya soon she texted.

She sent that off, tucked her phone in her back pocket and poofed herself to the alley behind Zareena’s shop.

A fellow witch, Zareena ran an occult shop called ‘The Source’. Lucy had been getting her supplies there for years.

The bell dinged over the door as she entered and the pungent smell of patchouli greeted her.

Good thing she liked that smell.

“Hey, Lucy.” Zareena greeted from behind a display case, looking up from whatever she’d been doing.

Zareena was a beautiful woman. She had shoulder length brown hair, wore minimal makeup -rocking that natural look. She was trim and tall, and had a grace about her movements and character.

“Hey, Zareena.” she replied, crossing the room.

“How’s it going?” Zareena asked, walking towards her, her lips stretching into a kind smile.

Lucy huffed a humourless laugh, came to a stop beside her friend. She’d never shared her past with the woman, never mentioned she’d had a sister, so this was going to come as a bit of a surprise.

“Well.” she said. “I just found out my sister, who I’ve thought dead for years... isn’t.”

Zareena’s eyebrows went up and her eyes widened.

“Yeah...” Lucy said with a soft chuckle, in response to the expression on the woman’s face.

“Wow.” Zareena breathed.

That about summed it up.

Lucy provided context, relaying a clipped story of that long ago night, then jumping to last night and coming face to face with the flesh and blood ghost of her sister.

“She seems to be a friend of Malek’s.” she grimaced. “How close of a friend, I don’t know.”

Were they ‘colleagues’? Lovers?

“She doesn’t remember me.” she continued. “I’m hoping a mind restoration might work on her.”

Zareena nodded.

“It would have been easy to bury her memories as a child.” she mused, frowning.

Lucy nodded.

It would have.

Demon bastards.

“I’m gonna need some crystals for a cage.” she said, turning her gaze towards Zareena’s display.

She’d need four large ones to create a cage to hold her sister.

Zareena headed over to a shelf holding large fluorite crystals.

“You’ll want fluorite clusters.” she recommended, looking back over her shoulder at her as she spoke. “Fluorite enhances memory and clusters radiate beneficial energy into the environment and absorb detrimental energy at the same time.”

Awesome. Perfect.

Zareena collected two large purple crystals, took them over to the check out counter, went back, collected two more, brought them over to the counter and placed them with the first two.

This was gonna be pricey.

“How much for the four?” Lucy asked, lifting one of the heavy crystals.

“Normally I’d charge two hundred each, but I can do one hundred each for you.” Zareena offered kindly.

Even with the generous price cut, it was still steep, but considering it was for her sister, nothing was too steep.

“Thanks Zareena.” she replied and pulled out her phone. Her credit card was tucked inside the case.

Zareena rang up her purchase then tucked the crystals into a white, cardboard box with dividers so they didn’t shift too much and bang into one another.

“Come get me once you’ve got your sister contained.” Zareena said as she picked up her box. “I’ve done a few mind restorations. I can help you.”

Lucy had been worried about doing a mind restoration. Zareena wasn’t the first witch to tell her they could be tricky. She’d hoped Zareena could help her with some tips... this was better.

The brain was such a complex organ. She was going to have to put her sister under while she scanned her mind. If she was able to find her buried memories, which she may not, she’d have to take her time pulling them up and restoring them. If she moved too fast, her sister’s brain could feel overwhelmed, attacked even, and put itself in a coma state in defense.

Obviously, she wanted to avoid that.


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