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Chapter 11

Deklan loved that Lucy planned on staying the night, didn’t even mention going home. He didn’t want her to leave. Having her there, with him, made him happier than he’d been in a long while.

He got up, extended his hand towards her. She clasped it and got to her feet, followed him upstairs. In his room she slipped out of his grasp, headed over to her side of the bed, started to undress.

‘Her side.’

He smiled at that. Liked that he was already thinking of that side of the bed as her side.

On his side of the bed, he stripped off his jeans and socks, then pulled off his top, dropped it on top of his Levi’s. When he looked back over at Lucy she was in his T-shirt, crawling onto the bed.

He joined her on the mattress, the two of them meeting in the middle, Lucy coming to lay pressed up against him, her head on his chest.

A warm sense of satisfaction stole through him as they snuggled close.

Draping an arm around her, he traced his fingertips lightly up and down her arm, drawing invisible designs on her skin. A contented, little sigh slipped from her and she shifted her cheek on his chest. One of her smooth legs slid over his much hairier one, and her knee nudged his length a little.

His dick twitched - all, ‘hello to you, too’.

Lucy’s hand settled on his sternum and she pressed a kiss to his pec, moved her mouth over an inch, pressed another kiss to his skin. When her hand started slowly moving down his stomach, heading towards his stirring cock, he opened his eyes, tucked his chin in, looked down at her.

When he’d come in from his studio, seen her weary expression, he’d assumed she wasn’t going to be up for sex. He’d figured the only thing she’d be wanting was sleep.

Judging by her signals, he’d figured wrong.

His wolf rumbled with hopeful anticipation.

She tilted her head up, met his gaze from under her lashes. The way she look at him, it was clear, she was up for it.

“I thought you might be too tired.” he murmured.

“I thought I was.” she admitted with a little smile. “But I seem to have gotten a second wind.”

He got in on the smiling, and her hand slipped under the waistband of his briefs, wrapped around his cock.

He groaned when she stroked him, his cock quickly springing to full, hard life at her touch.

Lucy hummed in appreciation as she scuttled her hand up and down his length, her fondling getting him humming too.

The need to touch her, to pleasure her as she was pleasuring him, had him rolling onto his side, towards her, urging her from her side onto her back with a hand at her hip. She let go of his erection, settled in her new position, promptly took a hold of him again with her other hand.

A man on a mission, he skimmed his fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties, dipped down into her folds, wet his fingers with her cream, then found that bud at the top of her sex.

Lucy let out another ‘hum’, this one deeper, longer. His wolf growled lustily at her pleasure sounds.

He shifted his gaze up, from watching what they were doing to each other, to meet her gaze. Their eyes met briefly before hers drifted closed.

Fuck, she was beautiful aroused.

She was beautiful, period.

For several delicious moments, they lay there, slowly masturbating one another, his hand circling her clit, her hand stroking him.

He barely blinked as he watched Lucy’s muscles twitch and clench in response to the pleasure she was feeling, the pleasure he was bringing her.

Her breaths came quicker, her body started to twist and arch and he knew she was close.

Her hand tightened around his cock. Tugged.

“Faster.” she gasped, pushing her mound up into his caress.

Yes, ma’am.

He circled faster, applied more pressure.

Fuck! She squeezed his cock like it was a stress relief toy. He was gonna come right behind her.

He dropped his mouth over hers, needing her kiss, muffling her moans of pleasure with his lips and tongue. Her thighs suddenly clamped down on his hand, trapping it where it was.

A second later, she ripped her mouth out from under his, her head jerking to the right as she groaned her way through an orgasm.

Seeing her come, hurried him along to his own climax.

She gripped his cock as she came, not stroking again until she was on the other side of her peak. All it took was a few jerky tugs and he erupted, creaming the front of his briefs.

With a sigh as she floated back down, Lucy released her hold on him, pulled her hand out of his briefs.

He puffed out a breath, blinked the room back into focus.

“Mmm.” Lucy hummed, drawing his gaze to her.

“You’re really good with your hands.” she smiled at him, all sleepy and satisfied.

He smiled at the compliment.

“So are you.” he replied.

Her movements lazy, she snuck the hand she’d pleasured him with down to her core, gave herself a fondle, and started his motor up all over again.

Seeing her touch herself was fucking hot.

He shucked the covers off of the both of them, got rid of his sticky underwear, bunching them up and tossing them to the floor. In the next moment, he was crawling over her.

She smiled up at him, lifted her hips, allowing him to tug her panties down and off. Those went over his shoulder and he hunkered down between her thighs, smiling up at her as he lowered his mouth to her core.

Now he’d show her how good he was with his mouth.

He watched her across the length of her delicious, toned body. At the first swipe of his tongue through her folds, she bit her lip, her eyes drifting closed.

Mmm. His first taste of her went straight to his head. His cock filled quickly as he watched her, tasted her sweet, sweet honey.

Her eyes flickered opened, found him, the heat in them building as he lapped her up her. He flicked her clit, circled, fiddled his tongue back and forth across it. She liked it all. But she especially liked the back and forth action, judging by the jumping of her stomach muscles. So he did that most. He hummed, and she bit her lip at the vibration. So he kept that up too.

His wolf rumbled with pleasure, as addicted to Lucy’s taste as he was.

Lucy’s hands moved to his head, her fingers grabbing in his hair. A series of cries escaped her, each one higher, more breathy, than the last. He had to press a hand across her hips to keep her from twisting away from him.

He never let up, and finally, he pushed her over the edge, pulling what sounded like a laughing cry from her.

Did he stop?


He kept at her until she urged him away - that was when a man should stop pleasuring his woman, and not a moment before.

His woman.

He liked that.

He definitely had that caveman gene.

Would she come to think of him as her man? In her mind, were they just hooking up, or were the same feelings brewing inside him, stirring inside her?

He kissed her right thigh, her left, as she settled down. She pulled at his shoulders, urging him up over her.

What she wanted, he delivered.

“Hi.” he murmured when she opened her eyes, looked up at him.

“Hi.” she smiled.

Propping himself up on his forearms, holding most of his weight off her, he smiled back.

“You taste fucking delicious.”

“Glad you like.” she replied with a chuckle.

“You ready for more?” he asked.

She huffed out a little laugh.

“I don’t know.” she replied. “You just blew me away. Twice.” she said, flashing two fingers at him. “I don’t know if I have another in me.”

Oh, she did.

She smiled. “But you go ahead and knock yourself out. See if you can get me there a third time.”

He snorted.

“Challenge accepted.” he said with a nod.

She chuckled.

Shifting his weight to one forearm, he reached his free hand down between their bodies, grasped himself. Pulling his hips back just enough, he aimed, positioned and penetrated, gritting his teeth at the pleasure that bombarded him as he pushed his way up into her swollen channel.

“Oh my god,” she murmured, “you feel so big!”

He groaned as he seated himself inside her balls deep.

And she felt so tight!

“You feel amazing.” he breathed.

He pulled back slightly, pushed forward. Pulled back, thrust forward.

A few strokes and Lucy turned into a cat, rubbing her foot along his calf, grazing her face along his neck, kneading his ass with her fingers.

Fuck yeah, she could rub and knead him all night.

He tucked his face into her neck, threw in one quicker, harder thrust, among the slow and smooth, which made her gasp, had her fingernails stinging his ass.

He swivelled his hips, hitting different spots inside her and she moaned with pleasure.

God, he loved making her come apart.

Sex before Lucy had been fun.

Sex with Lucy was the only way to have sex.

He was ready for the rush to the finish, but he wanted to make sure Lucy was with him, wanted her to come for a third time, with him.

He lifted his head, stared down at her.

Her hair was fanned out haphazardly on the pillow around her head, her lips were parted, her skin flushed. Her eyes were closed, but her lashes lifted as he looked down upon her, and she met his gaze.

She was definitely with him. She was as lost in the pleasure as he was.

Thank god, because he was bearing down on that finish line.


Lucy stared up into Deklan’s silver gaze.

She couldn’t believe it. She was coming up on a third orgasm. She really hadn’t believed she had it in her to come again so soon after already coming twice.

She’d never been happier to be wrong.

She wrapped her arms around Deklan’s ribs, her legs around his hips, hugged him to her. He shifted on his forearms, lowering himself closer and she welcomed his weight.

Just his ass moved up and down, his pelvis thumping against hers.

Oh, god.

His pace quickened and she tightened around him like a boa constrictor.

“Lu... cy - ” he panted.

Hearing him breathe her name like that was such a turn on.

She was really close, right on the cusp of her orgasm... and then she was in it.

Conscious thought blinked off and she blissed out for several sweet moments. Deklan rutted against her, his thrusts coming fast and hard, rhythm tripping, until finally, he fell over that edge. His back bowed, his head went up, the veins in his neck standing out. His hips pressed into hers, and he shoved against her, not really moving in and out, but thrusting nonetheless.

Groaning and grunting, he emptied himself inside her, shooting his seed into her channel, until there was nothing left and he finally collapsed down on top of her.

Okay... she frowned... now he was a little too heavy.

But, she could take his weight for a bit. As long as he moved once he came back to himself - which he did, a few moments later. He shifted off her and over, laying on his stomach beside her.

“We should always be doing that.” he said, eyes closed, voice muffled by his pillow.

She chuckled.

“You’re not wrong.” she replied, and he smiled, opened his eyes, met her gaze.

He turned onto his side, facing her, shifted closer. Draping an arm over her middle, he placed a kiss on her shoulder, then relaxed beside her.

Moments later, soft snuffling sounds near her ear let her know he’d fallen asleep.

That hadn’t taken long.

Shutting her eyes, Lucy realized something else wasn’t going take long, either...

... falling for this man.

If she was honest with herself, she’d admit she was already half gone.


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