Playing with the Wolf

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Chapter 7

_____________ Lucy _____________

“Hey!” I yell at Malek for the second time.

Maybe the asshole doesn’t realize it, but I’m yelling at him.

I shoot him with my powers again, but the dude barely pauses in draining the life and powers out of the witch under him.


That punch of energy should have knocked him off the woman.

I blast my powers at the demon again. This second punch of energy gets his attention and earns me a glare.

Hello, asshole.

Make that, ugly asshole.

Malek is a Jogon demon. Jogons can alter their looks and make themselves look human but when things get violent, their true demon selves are revealed.

A Jogon’s natural form is not cute. Malek’s skin is pasty pale and crawling with spidery black veins. His eyes are black where a human’s would be white and his irises are cloudy and grey. His teeth look like they should be in a shark’s mouth, and his hands are tipped with heavy-duty black claws.

He snarls at me. Even though I’ve got his attention, he keeps his claws around the witch’s throat.

I’m about to hit him with my powers a third time when Deklan shifts and charges forward, launching himself at Malek.

The demon has no choice now but to release his hold on his victim’s neck and defend himself. He pushes up off her, squats over her legs, and braces for impact.

Deklan slams into him and the two crash into the wall.

Teeth snap. Claws swipe. Snarls and growls fill the air.

Get him, wolfy!

While the boys have it out, I turn my attention to the witch laying on the floor. The young woman isn’t moving and I have a bad feeling she’s gone.

I hurry over, grab her under the arms, and drag her out of harm’s way over to the opposite side of the bed as Deklan and Malek. I press my fingers to the side of her neck and hunt for a pulse.

I’m not surprised when there’s no life-affirming thump.

“What the fuck is going on?” a female voice calls.

My head snaps up at the question shouted from the hallway.

Someone else is here?

I move away from Malek’s unfortunate victim. It feels wrong to leave her but the woman is already gone. There’s nothing I can do for her. Her loved ones will take care of her when they discover her body.

Right now, what I need to do is keep my wits about me and take care of Malek’s friend while wolfy takes care of Malek.

I peer over the corner of the bed at the woman that appears in the doorway. The stranger’s attention is drawn to Malek and Deklan’s fight on the other side of the room. She comes further into the room and I get a better look at her face.

It’s a real fucking OMG moment.

My breath catches. The hairs on the back of my arms stand up. My mind stutters with shock.

What the hell? I can’t be seeing who I think I’m seeing. My eyes have to be glitching. The woman standing a few feet away can’t be my sister. Hannah is dead. Whoever this is must just look a lot like Hannah.

Don’t they say everyone has a doppelganger?

I trail my gaze over the woman’s long brown hair, her familiar facial features.

I’m not buying that she’s a doppelganger. I know those eyes. That mouth. That nose that’s a little longer than my own.

There’s a scar marring the right side of her neck, a horizontal slash a few inches long. That slash is the only thing not familiar to me. Hannah didn’t have that when we were kids.

I blink. And blink again.

Maybe if I blink enough times, what I’m seeing will seem real.

How is this possible? All these years, I thought Hannah was dead.

I must be dreaming. My sister can’t have just walked back into my world very much alive.


Hannah’s attention turns to me. The malice in her gaze clashes with the confusion I know must be filling mine.

It’s been nineteen years since I’ve seen her. My sister has changed, sure, but I recognize the child I knew in the woman before me.

My sister’s alive! Hannah’s alive!

My brain flounders, computing this discovery with great difficulty. A loud rushing noise sounds in my ears. My body feels like a foreign object, heavy and strange to manipulate.

How can this be? Where has Hannah been all this time? What the hell is going on?

“Hannah,” I repeat. I raise a hand to my chest as if that’s going to keep my thundering heart from beating its way out of my body.

“Who the fuck are you?” Hannah snarls at me.

I slowly get to my feet in a world suddenly upside down.

“It’s me, Lucy. Your sister.” I reply.

Hannah looks at me like I’m fucking crazy. Maybe I am crazy. I’m looking at my long-dead sister. Maybe I’m hallucinating.

“I don’t have a sister,” she scoffs.

She dismisses me like I’m nothing and shifts her attention to Malek and Deklan.

I stand there in a daze, my eyes glued to her and do nothing as she throws her powers at Deklan with a swift hand motion. He comes flying over the bed and slams into the wall behind me. That kicks me out of my stunned daze.

“Deklan,” I cry and hurry over to him.

He shifts to human as I crouch beside him. I check him over cursorily then help him prop himself up against the wall.

His lip is bleeding, his cheek’s swelling and his torso has several slashes where Malek clawed him.

He looks at me briefly before looking behind me at Hannah and Malek. I look over at them, too. They’re standing side by side, glaring over at me and Deklan.

Deklan grabs my hand.

“Get us out of here,” he demands.

Getting out of there is a good idea. Deklan’s banged up and I’m stupid with shock, but I don’t want to leave Hannah.

“Lucy. Get us out of here,” Deklan insists when I don’t teleport us.

I still don’t move. I stare at my sister, questions racing through my head.

What the hell happened to her? Why doesn’t she remember me? Why is she with Malek? Why is she acting like she is?

I figure she must be under a spell. Or a demon must have messed with her mind somehow.

As I stare at her, she raises a hand and a ball of energy comes to life over her palm.

It kills me to leave, but I don’t have my faculties together and I don’t want to fight Hannah.

“Lucy,” Deklan calls again.

Yeah, yeah, I think at him, I’m getting us out of here.

I squeeze his hand and teleport us back to his house. Seconds later, we appear in his living room on the floor behind his sofa. Once we’re safe at his place, he lets go of my hand and carefully gets to his feet.

“I’ll be right back,” he tells me.

I nod mutely.

Holding a hand to his side, he leaves the room.

As he goes upstairs to get dressed, I struggle to digest the fact that Hannah’s alive. It’s unbelievable. It’s a miracle. I’m overjoyed. But I’m also full of questions. If Hannah wasn’t killed that night our mom was killed, what happened to her? I feel like such an idiot. I assumed the Zolark killed her. It was a safe assumption, sure, but apparently, it was wrong.

Regret and anger fill my being.

I should have made sure Hannah was right behind me when I ran from the house that night. I should have made sure she was dead. I could just kick myself for failing to do either.

Instead of doing that, I march into the kitchen where I snatch up my crystal and start scrying for Hannah.

I have to find her. Now. What I’m going to do when I find her, I have no idea. She obviously isn’t in her right mind, but I have to go get her.

A few minutes after I start scrying, I hear Deklan coming down the stairs.

“Lucy,” he calls.

I don’t bother answering him.

“Lucy,” he calls again. A few moments later he enters the kitchen.

He comes over and joins me at the table.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

I don’t reply.

Wolfy has eyes. He can see what I’m doing.

He doesn’t say anything else. He just remains at my side, quietly watching for several minutes. I try to keep my increasingly foul mood to myself, but anger builds and thickens inside me until it leaks out of my mouth without my permission.

“All those years. All that time,” I fume. “I could have been looking for her.”

I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to break something. I want to break all the things. But that won’t help anything. So, I grit my teeth and keep scrying.

“Lucy,” Deklan murmurs.

I ignore him.

My thoughts may have slipped out, but I didn’t mean for them to, and I don’t feel like talking. If he knew what was good for him, he’d leave me alone. I’m barely holding it together.

His hand lands on my arm and urges it down. I huff out an irritated breath at his touch and look over at him. He’s thrown on jeans and a T-shirt. His cheek and lip already look improved. The gouges on his torso are probably well on their way to being scratches.

He doesn’t say anything. He just gazes down at me for a moment, his expression solemn. The sympathy and worry I see in his eyes only make my self-reproach burn hotter. I don’t deserve sympathy. I let my sister be taken. I left her at the mercy of demons all this time. If I could kick my own ass, that’s what I’d be doing right then.

“Why didn’t I look for her?” I ask. “Why didn’t I sense she was alive? What good are my powers if I can’t fucking sense my sister is alive?”

Deklan remains quiet in the face of my anger. His eyes brighten a little as slivers of silver swirl into the blue.

I turn away from him and his stupid, sexy eyes and walk over to the back door and look out its window into the darkness.

“I should have fucking looked for her,” I seethe.

I will never forgive myself.


Deklan comes up behind me.

“Lucy,” he says, voice soft. “You were just a kid. You didn’t have the resources to look for her.”

True as that is, I don’t care.

He steps closer and I feel the heat of him at my back. I want to growl at him to go away, to give me some space.

“You thought she’d been killed,” he continues.

Yeah, well, clearly, I’d thought wrong, hadn’t I?

The weight of Deklan’s large hands settles on my shoulders. I shrug them off, turn, and face him.

“I have to go get her.”

Deklan frowns at my words.

I can see in his eyes that he wants to say something that he knows I’m not going to like.

“What?” I snap.

If he has something to say, he needs to spit it out.

His voice is full of apology when he speaks.

“Lucy,” he says. “You can’t go get Hannah,” he says quietly, slowly, as if he’s talking to a child.

My anger amps up. I’m not a damn child.

“Hannah’s with Malek,” he says. He grimaces as if it hurts him to say what he’s saying. “She may not be dead, Lucy, but the sister you knew and loved… is gone.”

My blood goes instant boil.

Hannah’s alive. It’s a fucking miracle. She may be buddies with the bad guys at the moment, but she’s alive. And as long as she’s alive, I have a chance of saving her. Deklan can take his opinion and eat shit.

Glaring daggers at wolfy, I swing a hand up to slap him. Wolfy’s reflexes are good. He catches my wrist easily in his large hand. My other hand comes up. Jerk catches that one too.


Our gazes clash and the space between us becomes heavy with my anger and Deklan’s frustration. As our little stalemate of sorts stretches on, a new tension slowly creeps in at the edges. Our emotions are running so high that it doesn’t take much for lust to hijack the moment.

Sex offers us a different way to resolve our emotions other than fighting.

Deklan steps into my body, crowding me, and I swallow thickly. His gaze is bright as he forces me back. Those large hands of his clamp tighter around my wrists. He keeps right on advancing until I have nowhere else to go and I’m trapped between his chest and the wall, my arms pinned on either side of my head.

I open my mouth, suck in a good breath so I can blast him, and completely lose my train of thought when he swoops in and claims my mouth with a hard kiss. Pumped full of anger, unable to let him have it verbally, I quickly adapt to his weapon of choice.

Our tongues spar. A couple of worthy adversaries.

We’ve barely started kissing when he pulls back. He releases my wrists and presses his palms flat against the wall.

I narrow my eyes on him.

He better not walk away from me like he did earlier. That’d be a good way to get a knee to his junk.

His eyes are almost full silver now, just a hint of blue. He stares at me for a moment, as if searching for something, then his mouth crashes down on mine again. I take the aggressive onslaught that is his kiss and unleash my own assault.

Desire drives every thought out of my head. Thank fuck. I really don’t want to think anymore, I can’t handle it.

My hands find Deklan’s fly, pop the button and lower the zipper. He takes over and shoves the Levi’s down his thighs. I break our kiss and look down, and discover the boy has gone commando. I practically purr at the sight of him. He’s full and thick and long.

I was impressed with his size when I saw him at rest. Now, seeing him erect? I’m gobsmacked.

That thing is Herculean.

Are all werewolves so well endowed?

I reach for him, not hesitating at the chance to fondle and squeeze such an impressive example of manhood, but before I can learn the feel of his length, he stops my hand.

That’s not cool. He started this. He better follow through. I’m not ready to go back to thinking yet or feeling anything other than the haze of passion.

“Turn around,” he instructs and I blink at the command.

In the next second, I comply with his demand. I don’t care which way he takes me as long as he gets inside me pronto. I feel the void in my core like a missing limb.

I turn and face the wall, undoing the fly of my jeans faster than I managed Deklan’s. Before I can shove them down, he does it for me. He yanks my pants and panties down to my thighs.

Turning my head to the side, I watch Deklan behind me out of the corner of my eye. He pulls me back a few steps from the wall with his hands on my hips, then urges me to bend forward with a hand on my shoulder. Submitting to his direction, I bend, tilt my hips, lift my ass, and spread my legs as wide as I can with my pants the way they are.

Deklan steps into me and trails his hand down my back, from my shoulder to my hip, and over my ass. I arch my back, tip my ass higher, eager to be entered. When he keeps me waiting, I frown.

What’s the holdup?

I look over my shoulder, meet his gaze and what I see in his eyes rattles me. His gaze is full of heat, but there’s something else. Something more. After the events of tonight, I’m already rattled enough. I don’t need him looking at me the way he is. We’re having sex. Nothing more.

I break eye contact and face forward again.

He slides himself through my folds, gliding easily thanks to how wet I am. I hum at the tantalizing opening salvo.

A bump at my entrance has me swallowing. I close my eyes, brace for penetration and groan when Deklan slides through my slippery folds again.

Does that feel as good to him as it does to me?

That’s a silly question.

At some point, I must have straightened up a bit, because Deklan presses me back down with a hand between my shoulder blades. Once I’m repositioned and he has a better angle, he sets his tip at my entrance and slowly starts feeding me his length like a good boy.

I suck in a breath.

He’s also a big boy.

I tense as he goes deeper, expecting pain to join the stretching going on.

“Relax,” he murmurs.

Pah. Easy for him to say. He’s not the one being invaded.

Finally, we reach the end of the line and his pelvis meets my ass.

I appreciate the time he gives me to adjust to him. I need it. It’s been a while.

He bends over me until his chest meets my back. His hand slides under my shirt, up my belly, finds a breast, and starts fondling me through my bra.

I’m ready for more friction so I shift myself forward slightly, off his cock, and back. Since he doesn’t take the hint and start moving, I do it again.

Forward. Back.

Another slide forward and back and he finally starts moving with me. He slips his hand out from under my shirt, back to my hip, and straightens up behind me. We thrust against each other and I close my eyes as pleasure demands repetition.

Closing my eyes is bad. As soon as I do, Hannah is all I see. I open my eyes again and stare at the wall in front of me, willing away the thoughts that try to surface. They can just fuck right off.

Deklan sets a slow, steady pace, but I don’t want slow and steady tonight. I need fast, hard, rough.

“Faster,” I demand.

He picks up the pace.


That’s better.

But not enough.

“Harder,” I order.

He wraps an arm around my waist, pulls me tighter into him, holds me firm, and fucks me harder.

Fuck, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.

More of my muscles are called on to help brace myself. My body starts doing whatever the hell it wants. My back arches. My hands fist. The muscles of my face contort with pleasure into what probably looks like expressions of pain.

I’m definitely not thinking anything anymore. I’m nothing but moans and gasps.

I barely register Deklan’s groaning in my ear.

I’m so close. Apparently, he is too.

I mewl, desperate to reach that high.

The arm around my waist shifts and a hand slides down my front. The fingers of that clever hand find my clit and start circling.

Oh. Yeah.

With a cry, I come. Hard.

My legs shake. My thighs press together.

Fuck. Yes.

Deklan keeps thrusting against me, his rhythm slipping, his grip on me tightening.

Finally, he comes.

Sounding like the werewolf he is, he growls and grunts his way through the maelstrom. His breath huffs at my ear, warms my neck, and sends tingles down my spine.

I blow out a breath when the fun is over.

Holy shit.

That was insane.

Deklan presses a kiss to my neck, murmurs something I don’t catch, then steps back, slipping out of me and leaving me empty.

I shut my eyes and rest my cheek against the wall. The coolness feels nice against my overheated skin.

Post-release, thoughts start to piece together again. Everything I was feeling moments ago crashes down on me once more.

Shit, shit, shit.

I open my eyes when Deklan settles a hand on my hip and shift away from him. Reaching down, I pull my jeans and panties up and redo my fly. Beside me, Deklan pulls up his own pants and tucks himself away.

I turn from him and redo my ponytail. It doesn’t need redoing, but I need something to do.

“Lucy, ” Deklan murmurs behind me.

I lower my hands from my hair but keep my back to him. He takes my elbow gently, and with a slight tug, urges me to look at him. Bracing myself to meet his gaze, I reluctantly oblige.

“Lucy,” he repeats and I tense a little. There’s a lot more emotion in those two syllables than there should be.

“I’m sorry for what I said,” he murmurs.

I look down at my feet and then back up at him.

My cheeks prickle with heat. I should be apologizing to him. Now in my right mind, I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe I tried to slap him.

“I’m sorry I tried to slap you,” I say sheepishly.

He smiles softly.

“It’s okay,” he murmurs

It’s not, but I appreciate him saying that.

“I hope you’re not sorry about...” he murmurs and leaves the words ‘what just happened’ unsaid.

I probably should be sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. But, I’m not sorry.

“No, not sorry,” I murmur and the small smile on his face grows.

“Good,” he says. “Me neither.”

He steps into me and his hands settle on my waist. His expression turns serious.

“If you’re going after your sister, you’re going to need help,” he says.

I nod.

“Thank you.”

He pulls me even closer, his arms going around me even as mine snake around his back. I settle my cheek on his chest and let out a tired sigh. It feels nice being in his arms, surrounded by his warmth and strength. I’ll worry about how nice it feels later. Right now, I’m just going to take the comfort offered.

I need it.

Tonight was a tough night.


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