Playing with the Wolf

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Chapter 8

_____________ Deklan _____________

So, I didn’t mean to have sex with Lucy tonight. (I’m not complaining, mind you. I just had the best sex of my life.) But I didn’t intend for that to happen just now.

I pictured our first time being more romantic. Less combative.

Again. I’m not complaining. I enjoyed myself. Immensely.

I blame my wolf.

He just huffs and takes the credit gladly.

“We should get some sleep,” I suggest to Lucy. “We can start looking for Hannah tomorrow.”

Lucy pulls back from me and nods.

“Right,” she agrees and steps away from me. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I blink at that while my wolf lets out a little whine.

“You don’t have to go,” I say. “You can stay here. With me.”

At first, she seems surprised at the invite, then she seems pleased. Her expression softens and a sweet smile comes to her lips.


My wolf relaxes when he hears her agree to staying the night.

Smiling, I lower my mouth to Lucy’s for another kiss. I have to. Her kiss is one of my new favorite things. She meets me halfway and our lips press together. After the frenzied joining we enjoyed moments ago, this soft meeting of mouths is no less delicious.

Slowly, I pull back, then take her hand in mine and lead her upstairs and into my room. The shirt she wore the other night is still on the end of my bed. She lets go of my hand, goes over by the bed, and starts to undress.

We just had sex but I feel like I should give her some privacy, so I go over to my bedside table and plug my phone into its charger while she changes into my shirt.

“Which side is yours?” she asks after she’s dressed.

“Right side,” I reply.

She starts around to the far side of the bed and I watch her from across the king-size mattress while I quickly undress. My wolf huffs at how cute and sexy she looks in my shirt. My dick twitches.

Okay boys, easy.

I hope she doesn’t notice the effect she’s having on me. If she gives me a sign she wants more sex, sure, I’m on board. But I don’t want her thinking sex is the only thing on my mind, or the only reason I asked her to stay. I asked her to stay because I simply want to be with her. I like her. A lot. I like her more and more, the better we get to know one another.

Aside from what just happened between us and the way I feel about her, there’s another reason I asked her to stay tonight. She just had quite the shock and I don’t think she should be alone.

I drop my jeans, grab the jogging pants I wore last night off the bed, pull them on and climb into bed. Lucy lays down facing me and adjusts the pillow beneath her head.

Am I already wrapped around her little finger? Because I love that my pillow is going to smell like her.

She reaches back and pulls her elastic out of her hair and slips it over her wrist, then snuggles into her pillow. She looks like she’s comfortable and ready to go to sleep, but something changes. Her expression becomes shy, almost embarrassed.

She starts to ask me something, but hesitates.

“Would you - ” she says and pauses. Her gaze drops from mine and lowers to my chest. “- hold me?” she finishes.

I shift closer and reach for her, and she tucks herself against me and rests her head on my chest. A breath sighs out of her when I start stroking her hair.

It takes her a while, but I know when she’s fallen asleep because her body relaxes, and her breath flows soft and smooth.

Once she’s asleep, I let myself drift off too.


After last night’s shock, I didn’t expect to get any sleep, so I’m a little surprised when I wake up in the morning to realize I did end up falling asleep.

As soon as I’m awake, my thoughts are all about Hannah. Of course, they’re all about Hannah.

I open my eyes and look over my shoulder, and see that Deklan’s side of the bed is empty.

Sitting up, I rub my eyes and go over what I need to do. I need to go home, check on Jinx, wash up, change, then come back here and scry.

I know it’s probably a waste of time looking for Hannah during daylight hours - she probably won’t come out and play until darkness has fallen, if she adheres to demon’s ways - but I’m going to scry for her anyway.

Throwing off the covers, I get on my feet and head out of Deklan’s bedroom and downstairs. Just before I reach the kitchen, my feet stutter to a stop. An uncharacteristic case of nerves overcomes me and I start worrying if Deklan woke up with morning-after regrets. Last night was a bit of a crazy night. If I hadn’t been such a mess, we wouldn’t have ended up having sex.

After a moment’s hesitation, I shake my head at myself. Wolfy and I had sex. That’s what adults do when they’re attracted to each other. I’m a big girl. This wasn’t my first rodeo. I can deal with the fallout.

Kicking back into motion, I enter the kitchen. Deklan’s over at the stove, with his back to me. He’s got a mug in one hand and a spatula in the other. I don’t smell coffee, so I assume he’s drinking tea.

He’s a delicious sight first thing in the morning. He’s still in the jogging pants he wore to bed. He doesn’t have a shirt on and his feet are bare. He turns when he hears me and I get treated to a view of his front.

Hello, man nipples. Hello, six-pack.

“Morning.” he smiles.

I smile back at him, and my nerves fade away. The way he’s smiling at me isn’t the smile of a man who has any regrets.

He takes a sip of his drink and watches me over the rim of his cup as I cross the room to him.

He hasn’t shaved yet and he looks sexy as hell with his thicker scruff.

“Morning,” I reply. “Smells good.” I stop at his side and check out what he has going on.

Scrambled eggs are in the pan on the stove, bacon is plated, and bread’s in the toaster.

“Can I help?” I offer.

“Would you take care of the toast when it pops?” he asks and sets his cup on the counter.

“Of course.”

“How are you feeling today?” he asks as he moves the eggs around in the pan.

I shrug in response to his question.

What aren’t I feeling is probably a better question. Between finding out my sister is alive, and things between me and wolfy getting intimate, I have a bouquet of emotions vying for my attention.

“I don’t know.” I sigh. “I think I’m still just stunned.” I shake my head. “I can’t believe Hannah is alive. That she has been all this time.”

Deklan lifts his spatula from the pan and eyes me thoughtfully.

“And you’re still kicking yourself - ” he guesses correctly. “for not looking for someone you thought was dead.”

I shrug again.

Well, when he says it like that, I sound foolish.

Setting his spatula on the stovetop to the side of the burner in use, he turns to me, and lifts a hand to my cheek.

“Beating yourself up isn’t going to help your sister,” he murmurs.

He’s right. That’s true. But still, it’s hard not to beat myself up.

I sigh.

“I’ll work on it,” I promise and then I lean into him for a kiss.

“You do that,” he smiles and bends towards me.

A swipe of his tongue across the seam of my lips has me opening for him. Our tongues greet one another with lovely strokes and lazy swirls.

When the toast pops a moment later, we slowly pull apart. We share a smile before I turn to the toaster and he turns back to the eggs. A second later, he turns off the burner and scoops the eggs from the pan onto two plates. I slather the toast with butter, set two more pieces of bread in to toast, and butter them after they’re browned.

“What do you want to drink?” Deklan asks over his shoulder as he takes our plates over to the table.

“Do you have juice?” I ask.

“Orange,” he replies.

“I’ll have that,” I say. “I’ll get it,” I add when he starts my way to get it for me. “Sit. I’ll bring your tea,” I add.

He turns back to the table, and I get out the orange juice.

“Glasses are...” I ask and point toward the cupboards.

Deklan points to the cupboard above the toaster. I get down a glass, pour myself some juice, return the jug to the fridge then grab Deklan’s tea and join him at the table.

We chat as we eat breakfast. (Lunch, really, given the time.) It doesn’t take us long to empty our plates.

“So,” Deklan says after he finishes the last of his food. “You going to start scrying now?” he asks.

He’s finished his tea and steals a sip of my juice.

I nod as I chew on my last mouthful.

“I have to go home and take care of my cat first,” I tell him. “I’ll grab a shower and come back here and scry.”

He hands me back my juice when I reach for it.

“Alright. I’ve got some work to do, I’ll be in and out of the studio,” he says then pushes back from the table.

He grabs the dishes and takes them to the sink while I chug the last of my juice.

“I’ll go change and head out,” I tell him when I’m done.

“Alright,” he says.

I go over to him and smack my lips to his then turn to go, only to have an arm hook around my waist and reel me backward.

“I don’t know what that was, but as far as kisses go, it wasn’t very satisfying,” he complains.

I turn in his embrace and look up into eyes brightened with silver.

“Let’s try that again.” he grins and claims my lips.

I chuckle into his mouth as he kisses me.

A higher level of satisfaction is achieved with this kiss, sure, but a desire for full-body satisfaction is ignited.

After several long moments, Deklan lifts his mouth off mine and licks his lips.

Did our kiss taste like bacon to him too?

After that kiss, I’m not thinking about Hannah anymore. I should be, but I’m not. I’m thinking that since I don’t really expect to get a hit on her until after nightfall, why don’t I let Deklan have his way with me?

My lips spread into a lazy smile.

Or better yet - why don’t I have my way with Deklan?


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