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Chapter 8

Deklan hadn’t meant for things to go the way they had. He wasn’t complaining, mind you. He’d just had the best sex of his life. But, he’d had no intention of pursuing his interest in Lucy until after he’d avenged Tuk.

Not to mention, he’d pictured their first time being... more romantic.

Again. Not complaining. He’d enjoyed himself. Immensely.

He blamed his wolf.

His wolf huffed, taking the credit gladly.

Deklan smiled to himself at that.

He pulled back from Lucy, his hands shifting to her waist, looked down into her face.

“We should get some sleep.” he suggested. “We can start looking for Hannah tomorrow.”

She nodded.

“You’re right.” she agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


He frowned, held her to him when she made to step away.

His wolf whined at the possibility she might leave.

“You can stay here.” he invited, letting her see his hope that she would. “With me.”

Lucy blinked up at him, seeming surprised at the invite. Her expression softened, a sweet smile coming to her lips.

“Okay.” she agreed after a moment, voice quiet.

His wolf practically purred.

He smiled, lowered his mouth to hers for another kiss, her kiss one of his new favourite things.

She lifted up to meet him, her head tilting to the side slightly, and their lips met in a gentle, easy touch. He breathed her in, savoured her taste. After their frenzied joining, this soft meeting of lips was no less delicious.

Slowly, he pulled back, then took her hand in his, quietly lead her out of the kitchen, down the hall, up the stairs and into his room. The shirt she’d worn the other night was still on the end of his bed. She let go of his hand, went over, started to undress.

They’d just had sex, but he felt like he should give her some privacy. As she changed into his shirt, he went over to his bedside table, plugged his phone into its charger.

“Which side is yours?” she asked.

“Right side.” he replied and pulled off his shirt.

She started around to the far side of the bed.

He looked at her across the king-size mattress. He hadn’t really seen her in his shirt the other night. She’d been under the covers.

His wolf huffed at how cute and sexy she looked. His dick twitched.

Okay boys, easy.

He hoped she didn’t notice the affect she was having on him. If she gave him a sign she wanted more sex, sure, he was on board. But he wasn’t going to have her thinking that was the only thing on his mind, the only reason he’d asked her to stay.

He’d asked her to stay because he simply wanted to be with her, enjoyed her company. He liked her. A lot. More and more, the better they got to know one another.

On top of that, she’d had quite the shock tonight. He didn’t think she should be alone.

He dropped his jeans, grabbed the jogging pants he’d worn last night off the bed, pulled them on and climbed into bed. Lucy got in on her side, laid down facing him, adjusted the pillow beneath her head.

Was he already wrapped around her little finger? Cuz he loved that his pillow was going to smell like her.

She reached back, pulled her elastic out of her hair, slipped it over her wrist. Her eyes found his.

She looked... shy all of a sudden, almost embarrassed.

“Would you - ” she paused, her gaze fell to his chest.

Whatever she wanted, he would do.

She lifted her gaze back up to his. ” - hold me?” she finished, letting him see her vulnerability.

His heart squeezed at the pain in her eyes, the hesitancy in her demeanor.

He shifted closer, and she tucked herself against him, rested her head on his chest, let out a tired sigh.

He lifted a hand to her hair, slowly stroked the silkiness.

Yep. Definitely wrapped around her little finger.

The night had not gone as hoped - Malek still lived, Lucy’s dead sister was alive - but evil.


... he was ending the night lying here with Lucy in his arms.

Guess you had to take the bad with the good...?

It took her a while, but he knew she’d fallen asleep when her body relaxed, her breath flowed soft and smooth.

He shut his eyes. Now that she was asleep, he let himself drift off too.


Lucy surfaced slowly. She hadn’t expected to sleep well after last night’s shock, but she had, and she was grateful.

As she became more aware, her thoughts quickly focused on Hannah.

She had to find Hannah.

She opened her eyes, her gaze landing on Deklan’s bedside table. He wasn’t wrapped around her anymore. Sometime in the night, she’d rolled over and they’d spooned, Deklan warming her back. The guy was a furnace when he slept.

She looked over her shoulder, found Deklan’s side of the bed empty.

She pushed herself up to sitting. She needed to go home, check on Jinx, wash up, change, then she’d come back here and scry.

She wished she had the power to find someone in the demon plane, but she could only scry for someone in this world. She knew it was probably a waste of time looking for Hannah during daylight hours - her sister probably wouldn’t come out and play ’til darkness had fallen, if she adhered to demon’s ways - but she’d scry for her anyway.

Just in case.

Throwing off the covers, she got on her feet, headed out of Deklan’s bedroom and down the stairs.

A few feet from the door to the kitchen, she paused, an uncharacteristic case of nerves overcoming her.

What if Deklan had woken up and had morning after regrets? Last night had been a bit of a crazy night. If she hadn’t been such a mess, they wouldn’t have ended up having sex.

At least, not yet, not last night.

She’d been resisting her attraction to him, but she probably would have lost that battle sooner or later.

She shook her head at herself, annoyed with her nerves.

They’d had sex. That was what adults did when they were attracted to each other. She was a big girl. This wasn’t her first rodeo. She could deal.

She lifted her head, straightened her shoulders, entered the kitchen. Deklan was over at the stove, a mug in one hand, a spatula in the other, his back to her. She didn’t smell coffee, so she assumed he was drinking tea.

He was a delicious sight first thing in the morning. He was still in the jogging pants he’d worn to bed, no shirt, feet bare. He turned at her entrance, treating her to a view of his front.

Hello man nipples. Hello six-pack.

“Morning.” he smiled.

He hadn’t shaved yet, looked sexy as hell.

She smiled back at him, her nerves fading away. The way he was smiling at her, wasn’t the smile of a man who had any regrets.

He took a sip of his drink, watched her over the rim of his cup as she crossed the room to him.

“Morning.” she replied. “Smells good.” she told him, stopping at his side, checking out what he had going on.

Scrambled eggs were in the pan on the stove, bacon was plated, and bread was in the toaster.

“Can I help?” she offered, tipping her head up and meeting his gaze.

“Would you take care of the toast when it pops?” he asked, setting his cup on the counter.

She nodded, glanced at the clock on the stove. It was almost one thirty.

“How are you feeling today?” he asked, looking at her as he moved the eggs around in the pan.

She shrugged in response to his question.

What wasn’t she feeling was probably a better question. Between finding out her sister was alive, and things between her and wolfy getting... intimate... she had a bouquet of emotions vying for her attention.

“I dunno.” she sighed. “I think I’m still just stunned.” she shook her head. “I can’t believe Hannah is alive. That she has been all this time.”

“And you’re still kicking yourself - ” Deklan guessed correctly, lifting his spatula from the pan. “for not looking for someone you thought was dead.”

She shrugged again.

Well... when he said it like that... she sounded foolish.

Deklan set his spatula on the stove top to the side of the burner in use, turned to her, lifted a hand to her cheek.

“Beating yourself up isn’t going to help your sister.” he murmured, his thumb stroking her cheek.

She nodded.

That was true. But still...

She sighed.

... it was gonna be hard to not do.

“I’ll work on it.” she promised and lifted up on her toes, her mouth seeking his.

He bent towards her, a swipe of his tongue across the seam of her lips had her opening for him. Their tongues greeted one another with lovely strokes and lazy swirls.


The toast popped and they slowly pulled apart, shared a smile.

She turned to the toaster and Deklan turned back to the eggs. He turned off the burner a moment later, scooped the eggs from the pan onto two plates. She slathered the toast with butter, set two more pieces of bread in to toast, and buttered them after they’d browned.

“What do you want to drink?” Deklan asked, taking their plates over to the table.

“Do you have juice?” she asked, going to put the butter away.

“Orange.” he replied.

“I’ll have that.” she said, “I’ll get it.” she added when he started her way to get it for her. “Sit. I’ll bring your tea.” she added.

He turned back to the table and she opened the fridge, found the jug of orange juice on the top shelf near the back.

“Glasses are...” she asked, jug in one hand, pointing in the general direction of the cupboards with the other.

Deklan pointed to the cupboard above the toaster as he sat down. She got a glass, poured herself some juice, returned the jug to the fridge, grabbed Deklan’s tea, joined him at the table, sitting beside him.

He’d waited for her to start eating, but once she sat down he wasted no time shovelling a forkful of eggs into his mouth.

She tucked into her own breakfast - lunch, really, she supposed, given the time - alternated between bites of eggs and bites of toast, leaving the best for last - the salty, greasy, crispy goodness that was bacon.

“So,” Deklan said after he’d finished the last of his food, pushing his plate aside. “You’re going to spend the day scrying?” he asked looking over at her.

He’d finished his tea, so stole a sip of her juice.

She nodded, chewing on the last bite of bacon she had in her mouth, swallowed.

“I have to go home,” she replied. “take care of my cat. I’ll grab a shower and come back here and scry.”

He nodded, handed her juice over when she reached for it.

“Alright. I’ve got some work to do, I’ll be in and out of the studio.” he said.

He pushed back from the table, stacked her plate on his own, grabbed his cup and took the dishes to the sink. She chugged the last of her juice and brought her glass over, setting it on the counter with the other dishes.

“I’ll go change and head out.” she told him.

“Alright.” Deklan replied.

As naturally as if they’d been boyfriend and girlfriend for months, she reached up, smacked her lips to his, turned to go, only to have an arm hook around her waist, reel her backwards.

“I don’t know what that was, but it wasn’t very satisfying.” Deklan complained, his mouth by her ear.

She smiled, turned in his embrace, looked up into eyes brightened with silver.

“Let’s try that again.” he grinned and claimed her lips.

She chuckled into his mouth.

A level of satisfaction was achieved with this kiss, sure, but desire for full body satisfaction was ignited, which successfully distracted her from thoughts of her sister.

Deklan lifted his mouth off hers, licked his lips.

Had their kiss tasted like bacon to him too?

Since she didn’t really expect to get a hit on Hannah until after night fall, she reasoned, why not let Deklan have his way with her?

Her lips spread into a lazy smile.

Or better yet - why not have her way with Deklan?


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