Finding the Real Thing

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Does love-at-first-sight exist? That's the question Claire is asking herself after meeting Luke while on vacation in the Caribbean. ~~~ Luke doesn't question the connection he feels with Claire. He knows they've found something special. How does he bide his time, waiting for Claire to come to the same realization? He lavished her with pleasure, of course. (Finding the Real Thing is an early attempt at writing a short, erotic romance. I thought it was fun, so decided to share, even thought it’s not my best ;) )

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

She was just about at the part in her book where the main characters were going to quit pussy footing around and get down and dirty. For ten chapters they’d teased, they’d flirted and they’d had some fun kissing and fondling, and finally it looked like they were going to get to the good stuff.

Claire was so in to her book, living vicariously through ‘Raquel’, as ‘Frederic’ stared at her with hooded, lust filled eyes, that she didn’t hear the warning.

“Heads up!”

‘Frederic’ was slowly peeling off ‘Raquel’s’ sexy dress, when...


Something smashed into the back of her head.

“Damn!” she cursed as she rubbed at the back of her head while simultaneously looking around to find out what had hit her.

“Sorry. Sorry.” she heard from behind her.

Twisting in her lounge chair to see who was speaking, she accidentally dropped her book into the sand. Quickly retrieving it, she brushed away any grains.

“Didn’t you hear me call ‘heads up’?”

Claire looked up at the voice, her gaze travelling over slightly furred, very nicely formed calves and thighs, a firm stomach and a lovely smooth chest. All very attractively tanned. Even in her irritation she could appreciate the view.

Shading her eyes as she looked up into his face (sure, she was wearing sunglasses, but the sun was right behind the guy’s head and it was freakin’ bright), Claire started to answer, but was interrupted when someone tossed a volleyball at the guy standing over her.

So that’s what had hit her, she thought.

“Thanks.” he called, before looking back down at Claire.

“Sorry. I shouted ‘heads up’, but I guess you didn’t hear.” His gaze roved over her, and Claire imagined he might be looking for earphones or some other device that would explain her not hearing his yell. When he got to her book, which was lying in her lap face up, the corners of his lips quirked up.

Claire quickly flipped the book over, so the back was showing, but it was too late. Volleyball boy had read the title of her book, ‘Seduction of an Innocent’, and seen the cover image which was on the steamy side, and left no question as to whether this was a romance novel or not.

Heat moved up into Claire’s cheeks as his eyes moved up to her face.

“That must be a distracting book.” he said with a cute smirk.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Claire agreed and inwardly thanked the gods for sunglasses. They helped her feel a little more masked, like he couldn’t really see her and couldn’t tell she was uncomfortable. Plus his eyes being masked by his own pair of Ray Bans kept her from seeing how amused he really was. Although she wasn’t sure about that a moment later when she was still being gazed at by volleyball boy.

She didn’t know what he was looking at. It’s not like she was much to look at. She was average size with a few extra pounds around the middle. Her hair was boring brown and she was wearing a one piece – not the bikinis all the hot, skinny girls were sporting.

But look he did, for one long moment.

What was he looking at?

Luke felt an instant attraction for the woman he’d hit in the head. He’d felt bad for hitting her, but now, standing in front of her, he was also secretly glad he’d hit her because if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have seen her lovely face. And lovely it was. He wished he could see her eyes though.

“Hey, Luke, c’mon.”

Looking over her head at whoever had addressed him, Luke called back, “Coming” before looking back down at Claire and saying, “Sorry again. Hope that bump didn’t hurt too much.”

Claire politely replied, “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”

With a head tilt toward her book, Luke left with a sly, sexy grin and the parting remark, “Enjoy your book.” in a tone that said ‘I know what you’ll be doing later.’

Claire sank lower in her seat as Luke trotted back to his buddies, feeling her cheeks heat even more because she figured he was going to tell them all about the chubby chick with the porno book. Just what she wanted on her vacation in paradise - immature, incredibly hot guys, thinking she was a horn-dog and probably an easy lay. If one of them hit on her, she’d...

... she’d probably get flustered and hide in her hotel room the rest of her vacation. She was living vicariously through books like ‘Seduction of an Innocent’ for a reason - smooth with men... she was not.

So thank the gods for romance authors and their books. Without them, she’d be a lot more sexually frustrated.


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