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Summer and Jack have been fast friends ever since they met at a mutual friend's party. Burned by love in the past, Jack isn't interested in anything serious so Summer keeps her attraction to him on the down low, not wanting just a fling with him. After time has healed his heart, Jack starts seeing Summer in a new light. What will happen if feelings are revealed? Is a chance at love worth the risk of losing their friendship? (Worth the Risk is an early attempt at writing a short, erotic romance. I thought it was fun, so decided to share, even thought it’s not my best ;) )

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Author’s Note! Please be aware, while this story was posted in its entirety, it no longer is because I’ve published it on Amazon.

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Summer was just stepping out of the tub when she heard a knock at her door. Not expecting anyone to stop by tonight, her brows drew together as she quickly dried herself off, curious as to who it could be. In her haste to make herself semi-presentable, she knocked over her now empty wine glass, which she’d left on the edge of the bathtub, sending it to its smashing end on her bathroom floor.

“Shit.” she cursed, watching her footing as she pulled on her robe. Tying the sash at her middle as she left the bathroom, she fast-walked down her hallway. Another knock came just before she unlocked the door to her apartment. Pulling it open, she was delighted to see who was standing on the other side bearing Thai takeout and a medium sized white box.

“Jack!” she smiled, reaching to help him with his load, relieving him of the Thai takeout containers.

“Hey, birthday girl! Thought I’d stop by.” he smiled, following her into her place, kicking his shoes off by the door.

Summer led him into her kitchen, where she set the takeout on the counter then got out plates and silverware. “I told you I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday.” she reminded him, throwing him a smile.

“I know. But too bad.” he said, setting the white box on the counter. “It’s your birthday and I want to celebrate it. So you can just suffer along.” he teased, as she opened the containers of delicious smelling Thai food.

Summer chuckled and handed him a plate and utensils then watched him spoon himself a large helping of pad thai. Following suit, she spooned herself her own helping of the tasty dish.

“Want some wine?” she asked as she got down a new wine glass for herself.

“Sure.” Jack answered, taking both their plates and heading into Summer’s living room. Summer followed him a moment later with two glasses of red wine, setting them on the coffee table before excusing herself.

“I was just getting out of the tub when you knocked,” she explained, “and I knocked over a glass. I’m just going to go sweep it up and throw some clothes on. I’ll be right back.”

“You want me to get the glass?” Jack asked, changing his trajectory mid-sit, straightening up and stepping towards Summer.

“That’s okay. Sit.” she said, gesturing with a hand. “I’ll just be a sec.”

She disappeared down the hallway, stopping at the linen closet and grabbing her broom and dustpan before proceeding into her bathroom to clean up the shattered glass. It only took the work of a moment, the small clear pieces clinking into the dustpan, then Summer opened the cupboard under her sink and dumped the pieces into the garbage with a clatter. She put her broom and dustpan away then padded into her bedroom. Since her guest was Jack, she didn’t feel the need to dress up. He’d seen her sweating up a storm more than once whenever they hit the gym together and he’d seen her dolled up for special events. He knew her spectrum of looks. He wouldn’t care if she threw on some ratty, but comfy, pj’s.

Summer pulled panties out of a dresser drawer, and grey leggings and an overlong T-shirt out of another drawer. She tossed the clothes on her bed, slipped out of her robe, tossed that on the bed and got dressed. Heading back out to the living room, she rejoined Jack who was sitting on her dark blue sofa, hunched over her coffee table, slurping some noodles off his plate. He was wearing his go-to outfit, jeans and a T-shirt.

Easy. Laidback. Effortlessly sexy.

Summer sat beside him on her sofa and picked up her own plate, sitting back and digging in.

She should have expected Jack would come over, he was so thoughtful. She knew him well enough after almost ten years. She should have known he wouldn’t let her get away with staying home alone, doing nothing on her birthday.

Stupid birthday.

She was turning thirty-seven and she wasn’t happy about it. She was too close to forty, which was too close to fifty. She’d just found her first gray hair the other day, which she had plucked unceremoniously. She figured her metabolism must be slowing down too because she hadn’t changed her eating or exercise habits, yet she’d gone up a dress size from a size 12 to a size 14.


Summer was distracted from her aging complaints when her gaze landed on the white box sitting on the kitchen counter. She wondered what Jack had brought. A present? They didn’t usually buy each other birthday presents.

“What’s in the box?” she asked with a mouthful of noodles, turning her gaze on Jack.

“I stopped over at your favourite bakery and picked up a cake.” Jack replied over his shoulder between bites.

“You didn’t have to do that.” she answered in an ‘awe aren’t you the sweetest’ tone, glad he hadn’t listened to her and left her alone on her birthday.

“I didn’t have to, I wanted to.” Jack answered, spearing a piece of tofu before glancing over at her. “We gotta celebrate your birthday. And I know you’re not happy about turning 37,” he continued when he saw her nose crinkle in a cute grimace, “but we’re going to acknowledge it anyway. So there.” he said with mock authority.

“Yes, sir.” Summer replied with a chuckle and slurped some more noodles into her happy mouth.

Jack always made her laugh and put her in a good mood. Even on this day when she was feeling kinda depressed over the whole aging thing. Seriously, where did the time freaking go?

She and Jack had been fast friends ever since they met at a mutual friend’s party. They’d started hanging out, easily combining their small group of friends into one big group of friends. Summer had always thought Jack was cute with his brown hair, puppy-dog brown eyes and nice physique, but she’d kept her attraction to him close to her chest. When they’d first met, he’d been attached. He and his girlfriend, Lara, had lasted a couple of years and then crashed and burned when she cheated.

The bitch.

Her betrayal had hurt Jack deeply, knocked him off balance. As a result, one-night stands had become his preferred form of romantic relationship.

And while Summer couldn’t help but be interested in spending a night between the sheets with Jack, no way was she going to risk their friendship for one night of what she imagined would be unforgettable passion.

No, if she was going to risk their friendship, she wanted the whole kit and kaboodle. She wanted at least the possibility of forever.

So she and Jack had stayed firmly in the friendship zone. Which she’d been fine with. For the most part.

After they finished, Summer shifted forward in her seat, setting her plate on her coffee table.

“Wanna watch a movie?” she asked.

“Sure.” Jack replied, setting his fork and knife on his plate. He pushed both their plates to the far side of the table, a little more out of their way.

“What are you in the mood for? Comedy? Horror? Action?”

“Birthday girl’s pick.” Jack replied, elbows on his knees, hands hanging down between his legs.

“Okay.” she said, getting to her feet.

Bending over, she opened the cupboard in her tv stand and looked through her selection of DVD’s.

Jack enjoyed the view Summer presented him, watching her nicely shaped ass sway a little from side to side. They may be best friends, but that didn’t mean he didn’t notice her body. In fact, he found Summer supremely attractive, not just in face and form, but in personality too. She was funny, sweet, honest, and....real.

Lately he’d found himself wanting more from her than friendship. And not a one-night stand.

He wouldn’t admit it, but the fact that he wanted more, scared him. After Lara, he hadn’t thought he’d ever be able to trust another person enough to consider getting into a serious relationship. But he trusted Summer. He wanted Summer. He’d actually been trying to get out of chicken-shit mode, and talk to her about his feelings, but so far, he hadn’t accomplished that.

“Here it is.” he heard Summer exclaim, and snapped his attention to her face as she straightened up and turned around. He wasn’t sure if he was fast enough though because a funny face crossed her features when she met his gaze before she smiled at him and announced her pick.

“Chances Are.” Summer smiled over at Jack, who she could have sworn she’d just caught ogling her ass like it was a juicy steak. But that couldn’t be right. Jack had never shown interest in her in that way, just like she’d been careful never to show her interest in him in that way. Reassuring herself she’d misread the expression she’d seen, Summer cracked open the DVD case, took out the disc and set it in the DVD player.

Inwardly, Jack groaned. ‘Chances Are’ was a good movie. He and Summer had gone to the theatre to see it. It had been worth the over-priced ticket and popcorn. But it had a rather hot sex scene. Normally, he would enjoy watching soft-porn, but how was he gonna watch it sitting beside the woman he’d started lusting after?

Grabbing the remote off the coffee table, Summer skipped through the trailers and straight to the movie. Before sitting back, she grabbed Jack’s wine glass off the coffee table and handed it to him, then grabbed her own, taking a sip as she settled back to watch the movie.

They were almost half way through the film, and very close to the steamy sex scene, when Summer picked up the remote and paused it, announcing, “I need a bathroom break.” After downing the last mouthful of her wine, she added, “and a refill.” Getting up from the couch she asked, “Would you like some more wine?”

Happy for the delay, Jack stood up too, taking Summer’s glass from her, and said, “You go to the bathroom, I’ll top us up.”

“Okay.” Summer replied and turned for the bathroom. She stopped after a step, turned and smiled at Jack who had their glasses in one hand and their plates in the other.

“I’m glad you came over tonight Jack.”

“Me too.” Jack smiled back, watching Summer turn and head for the bathroom. Once she was out of sight he disappeared into the kitchen, moving quickly. He rinsed their plates and left them in the sink, filled up their wine glasses then opened the white box he’d brought and pulled out the chocolate cake he’d purchased, knowing Summer’s love of anything chocolate. Pulling a lighter out of his pocket and a small box of candles, both of which he’d picked up at a nearby drug store, he stuck half a dozen candles in the top of the cake and lit them. He turned out the kitchen lights, went into the living room and turned off the lights in there too, went back to the kitchen and was just bringing their refilled wine glasses out to set on the coffee table when Summer reappeared.

“Whatchya doing?” she asked him, throwing a curious glance towards the glow coming from the darkened kitchen.

Smiling, he handed Summer her wine glass and ushered her over to the sofa.

“Have a seat.” he told her, gesturing with a hand. “I’ll be right back.”

He bee-lined it back into the kitchen and a moment later he returned carrying the cake and singing Happy Birthday.

He is so friggin’ sweet, Summer thought, watching him set the cake down in front of her on the coffee table. He finished the song and said, “Make a wish.” sitting beside her on the sofa.

Summer quickly thought up a wish, took a breath and blew out her birthday candles.

Jack clapped and cheered, smiling over at her.

“I’ll go get plates and forks.” he said, as Summer waved away the smoke from the candles. He turned and headed back into the kitchen. The light went on and Summer heard drawers and cupboards opening and closing. She heard silverware clinking on dishes and then Jack was coming through the doorway, heading towards her with two small plates, and two forks in one hand and a knife in the other. He set the plates and utensils down on the coffee table and passed her the knife.

“How big a piece do you want?” she asked as she made the first slice then angled the knife for the next cut. Jack indicated the size he’d like, and lowered himself to the sofa and Summer cut his slice, plopping it onto the plate he held out, then cut a piece for herself, setting that onto her own plate. She grabbed the remote and restarted the movie then sat back with her dessert and dug in.

Jack had bought a 6" round chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Summer savored every morsel.

Yep, she was very glad her friend had come over, she thought, licking her fork clean. Leaning forward, she set her plate down and plucked her wine glass off the coffee table. Jack had already swapped his plate for his wine glass, having inhaled his cake. In companionable silence, the two of them watched the movie, sipping at their wine.

When they reached the R-rated scene and the moaning and kissing started, Jack wished for a pillow to cover his lap.


He hoped Summer didn’t notice his body’s response to the movie. If she did, and she probably would since it was kinda hard to miss, at least she wouldn’t know it wasn’t so much what he was watching that was arousing him.... it was what his brain was doing with the images - the characters becoming him and Summer in his head.

Damn, did he ever want to be doing with Summer what the actors were doing on screen.

Summer shifted in her seat, trying to ignore the tingling and heaviness going on in her lady areas. Damn, she’d forgotten this part of the movie. It didn’t last long, but it was effective. She was turned on. It didn’t help that she was with the one guy she wanted to get frisky with.

Hoping Jack wasn’t noticing her affected breathing, and, based on the heat in her cheeks, blushing, she looked at him out of the corner of her eye. Relieved to see he wasn’t looking at her, she started to avert her gaze and almost did a double take when she noticed the growing bulge in his lap. Her eyebrows lifted and she must have made some kind of noise because Jack turned his eyes on her.

Like a deer in headlights, she stilled. She didn’t want to give away how much she wished that hard-on was because of her and not because of the two actors going at it hot and heavy.

Jack smiled slowly.

“You’re blushing.” he informed her.

Of course, that only made her blush harder.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush.” Jack mused.

“I know I’ve never seen you hard.” Summer quipped back.

The words had come out of her mouth without her permission.

Of all the times for her filter to fail.

Her blush reached fire engine red levels.

Jack let out a bark of laughter at Summer’s comment. Nope she’d never seen him hard, but she’d made him hard before. If he weren’t such a chicken-shit, he’d have broached that subject with her by now.

So broach the subject now, he told himself, stop being a chicken-shit.

Girding his loins, he did it. He broached.

“What if I told you this isn’t the first time I’ve been hard for you?” he dared to ask, pushing himself to act while he had the nerve and opportunity.

Summer stammered. “I’m sorry, what?” she finally asked after clearing her throat.

Jack swallowed hard. His heart was racing like he’d had ten espressos. He probably should have kept his mouth shut, but it was too late now.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been hard for you.” he stated outright, clear as day.

Summer replied with silence.

Shit. Cue beads of sweat rolling down his back.

After a moment, Summer smiled and shifted her body, facing him.

“I have a confession.” she announced.

“Do tell.” Jack murmured.

“I may have thought about you and me... doing stuff. Once or twice.” she shared.

Happiness sang through Jack’s body, like he was a tuning fork just struck.

“Why didn’t you say something before?” he asked.

“Why didn’t you?” Summer countered.

“I asked you first.” Jack said.

“I guess I knew you weren’t looking for anything serious and I didn’t want to risk our friendship for just sex.” Summer explained and then waited, eager to hear Jack’s explanation.

Jack nodded.

“I wasn’t looking for anything serious.” he agreed. “But lately, I’ve been thinking of you and me... and I’ve been wanting more.” he admitted. “I wish I’d said something sooner, but I was too scared.”

“And you’re not scared anymore?” Summer asked, trying to play it cool, which was difficult when she was ready to bust loose with happiness.

“Oh, I’m still scared.” Jack chuckled.

“So, why did you say something tonight?” she asked.

Jack shrugged.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m tired of being scared.”

Summer nodded. Silence fell.

She couldn’t believe it. Jack wanted her and she wanted Jack. What she had been trying to accept would likely never happen, was happening. Her stomach fluttered with nerves and excitement. Her body no longer tingling just in her lady areas, but everywhere.

The two of them gazed at one another. The silence stretching on until Summer cleared her throat.

“You’re not saying anything.”

“Neither are you.”

Fair enough, she thought.

“I’m nervous.” she admitted.

“Me too.”

Knowing he was nervous too made Summer feel better. Braver.

“I want you...” Summer said. “...but what if having sex, trying for more... what if it doesn’t go well? What if it ruins our friendship?” she asked.

Jack reached for her hand, twining their fingers together.

“I know. I don’t want to lose what we have.” he said. “It’s a risk. But, what if we try for more, and we end up with everything?” he asked.

“Everything, eh?” Summer asked. “That’s pretty damned tempting.”

“Tempting enough to take the risk?” Jack asked.

“Is it tempting enough for you?” Summer asked.

“I asked you first.” Jack grinned.

Summer rolled her eyes. “You answer first this time.”

Jack squeezed her hand and got serious.

“I think we should take the risk.” he said.

Summer smiled softly.

“Me too.”

Jack’s lips turned up in another smile. The movie rolled on, not that he or Summer noticed. They were lost in each other’s gaze, the desire revealed between them blinding them to any distractions. Leaning into her, drawn towards her, Jack’s gaze dropped to her lips. Her sweet, pink lips. A little closer and he wouldn’t be wondering how soft her lips were anymore. He’d be feeling their softness.

Summer’s mouth parted and the tip of her tongue peaked out and licked at her lips, readying for his kiss. Jack flicked his gaze up to Summer’s, but her eyes were already closed. Closing his own, he pressed his lips to hers, initiating a slow first meeting. A gentle introduction. Feeling Summer kiss him back was heady. She tasted like the wine and chocolate they’d had. Jack wanted to eat her alive.

Summer opened for Jack, welcoming him in when he licked at the seam of her lips. His tongue stroked against hers, his head angling to take their kiss deeper. Summer was all for that. Her hands found their way to the back of his head, her fingers slipping through his hair. She thought she heard Jack purr... but maybe that noise had come from her?

The feel of Summer’s fingers in his hair, her tongue sparring with his... Jack was a happy, happy boy. But they needed to get horizontal. Breaking their kiss, he urged Summer gently back and followed her down, blanketing her body with his. They shifted until Summer’s hands were gripping his shoulders and her legs were spread with Jack cradled between them.

Yes, horizontal was much better.

Jack braced himself on his forearms on either side of her and lowered his mouth to hers, ready for a second helping of those lips. Their breaths quickly became shallow, their bodies shifting and rubbing. Summer’s hands went on a journey, exploring the muscles of his back. Petting him. It was one thing to see and appreciate the eye-candy that was his body. It was quite another to finally get to touch. For the record, she liked touching a thousand times more than just looking.

Getting in on the touching, Jack shifted to take his weight on one forearm so his other hand was free to travel her body. He started at her hip, slowly coasting up her torso until his hand reached the side of her breast. His thumb brushed over the underside.

Once. Twice.

Finally, he palmed the soft orb, Summer’s plump bounty overflowing his hand.

Summer arched her back, pressing her breast more firmly into Jack’s hand. Accepting her invitation, Jack started kneading and squeezing, drawing a moan of pleasure from her. He broke their kiss and pulled back to watch Summer as he fondled her breast. Her nipple was a hard bead against the cotton material of her top. He strummed that nub, mesmerized by the look on Summer’s face.

Summer couldn’t help rocking her body against Jack, her panties wet and then some. That bulge he was sporting was going to have no problem sliding home. Her hands slid down the slope of his back to the waist of his jeans and lower. Curving over his ass, they squeezed, urging Jack closer. He thrust a little harder against her. She met his gaze, smiling sensuously and he smiled back, lowering his mouth to hers.

The way Summer sucked on his tongue sent tingles down his spine and straight to his cock. The kiss spiraled out for long minutes. Long, decadent minutes. Eventually, he left Summer’s mouth to nip his way down her jaw to her throat, which he covered in open mouth kisses.

Summer’s eyes shuttered open and closed. Each time they opened she found herself gazing sightlessly up at the ceiling. Oh my god, she thought, Jack and I should have done this years ago. Jack made any more thoughts shoot out of her head when he started nuzzling her breast through the cotton of her T-shirt. She tilted her head to look down at him, watching his mouth play with first one nipple then the other. His hand kneaded and fondled the breast he’d left behind as if he didn’t want it to feel abandoned.

“God, I want you.” Jack said after releasing her nipple.

His hand snaked down to her waist, found the hem of her top and snuck under it. A quick trek up her torso and he had her breast in his hand once more, no cotton barrier separating them. Summer’s lips parted on a pleasured little sigh.

Happy Birthday to me, she thought.

Sneaking her hands from Jack’s ass around to his front, she stroked a hand over his erection then gave it a squeeze. Jack growled. She grinned, squeezing him again. Suddenly his mouth was on hers again, hot and passionate and wicked. She went for the hem of his shirt, grabbing it and dragging his shirt up over his body. He pushed back off his forearms to rest on his knees and pulled the offending garment off over his head. Hello muscles, she thought.

Instead of lowering himself back over her, Jack stood, pulling her to her feet with him. It was time to move this to the bedroom. Summer bent over for the remote, turning off the DVD and then the TV. Once she and Jack were out from between the sofa and coffee table, she took the lead, hurrying them down the hallway.

In her bedroom, she flicked on the light then dimmed it to a softer setting. A clink behind her told her Jack was undoing his belt. She turned to him and watched as he ditched his jeans. The sight of him, naked but for his briefs?

Oh. My.

Evening the nakedness score, Summer pulled her top off over her head and stripped out of her leggings. Then they were both standing there, naked but for their underwear.

Jack soaked up the sight of her near nude form, his brown eyes darker than she’d ever seen them. His long perusal didn’t make her feel self-conscious, it made her feel hungry and needy. She knew she had a few extra pounds, despite her exercise routine, but she was proud of her size C boobs and womanly shape. So she stood there, proud, confident, letting him look his fill. His heated stare also allowed her time to appreciate his near nude form. He was all lean muscle and tanned flesh. The only thing wrong with what she was viewing was that his briefs were hiding his manhood. And he appeared to have a very generous manhood. Annnd, her panties were even wetter. Time to lose them.

Done with the looking and not touching, Summer pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them.

“Your turn.” she said with a siren’s smile, when Jack didn’t move.

Jack blinked and she smiled. Getting with the program, he sent his briefs to the floor, setting his impressive erection free. He stepped out of them, his erection bobbing with his movement and Summer’s mouth went dry as she took another turn staring. He seemed to point higher and higher as she watched, coming to point almost straight up to his belly button. He stepped toward her, his cock bouncing, and took her hand, wordlessly leading her the last few feet to the bed.

Summer released his hand and moved to climb onto the mattress but Jack stopped her, pulling her in for a kiss. It was a slow kiss, their tongues stroking rhythmically. She loosely wrapped her arms around his neck, while his warm hands settled on her hips. Their bare bodies pressed together, chest to hip. The skin-on-skin connection both satisfying and not enough. When they broke apart moments later, they both smiled softly before Jack gave her lips one more quick nip and urged her to climb onto the bed.

She needed no encouragement. She crawled up the bed on hands and knees before dropping to her back. A pout came to her face when she saw that Jack was still standing at the foot of her bed.

What was he waiting for?

She patted the mattress beside her and smiled, but Jack didn’t join her right away. She watched as he picked up her left foot and began massaging, pulling a moan from her.

“That feels good.” she told him, watching him work.

Jack smiled seductively and continued kneading at her sole until her eyes fell closed and she sighed. He switched to the other foot and gave it the same treatment. When he stopped, she opened her eyes, smiling at him and patting the mattress beside her again.

Jack crawled up her body on hands and knees. Holding himself above her, he lowered his mouth to take hers in a quick hard kiss before peppering kisses across her face, down her throat, down the valley between her breasts, moving down to her navel and coming to a stop just above her mound.

Keeping his lips hovering just above where she wanted them, Jack lowered himself to the bed. He snaked his arms under Summer’s splayed legs, his hands moving up to cover her generous breasts. He gazed up at her through hooded eyes as he slowly lowered his mouth to her pussy. She watched, spellbound, as his tongue licked up her bare cleft. He did it once. Twice. Three times. And she was ready to come from the sight and feel of him eating her. When he began tongueing her clit in earnest, her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arched, her breasts pushing up into his hands and her ass pushing back into the mattress. Jack’s tongue didn’t lose contact with her pussy. He lowered an arm across her hips, ensuring she didn’t get away from him.

She moaned, her hands finding purchase in Jack’s hair and gripping. He licked up her cleft again, faster this time, before his tongue rimmed her entrance. Her eyes popped open with a gasp, her hips thrusting at the suggestion of penetration. When he stabbed into her with his tongue she exploded, crying out with her sudden release, writhing against Jack’s tongue, her hands releasing his hair to slap into the bed and fist in the sheets.

Jack tongued Summer through her climax, enjoying her honey. Bringing her back down gently.

“Wow.” she breathed, surprised at how quickly she’d shot off.

Eyes closed, she felt Jack stroking her body, as if he was memorizing her shape with his hands. She stretched like a cat, enjoying his touch. When he settled his weight on top of her a moment later, she opened her eyes to gaze dreamily up into his face and wrapped her noodle arms around his back.

“That was amazing.” she whispered.

“You’re amazing.” Jack replied before sipping at her lips.

His weight pinning her to the mattress felt delicious and Summer reveled in the feel of him.

“Do you have condoms?” he asked against her lips.

Please let her have condoms, he thought. Moron that he was, he didn’t have one.

“In the bedside table.” she informed him, mourning the loss of his weight and his kiss as he stretched to the side, reaching into the drawer of her bedside table and retrieving a condom. Once he had one in his paws, he shoved back to sit on his heels before he ripped it open and rolled it down his length. Dressed for the occasion, he settled his weight back over Summer, lowering his mouth to hers and kissing her soundly.

He didn’t penetrate her, even though Summer knew he must be ready to burst. He made love to her with his mouth and his hands, igniting her passion all over again, until they were both at the point where their need to be joined was undeniable.

“Jack.” Summer urged, wrapping her legs around his waist and squeezing his hips with her thighs. The message was clear. She wanted him inside her.

Jack obliged, raising his hips until the head of his penis notched at her entrance. He looked between them and watched as he joined their bodies, his cock disappearing inside her sheath.

What a delicious sight that was, he thought. A sight he would have locked in his memory forever.

When he was fully seated inside her, his gaze travelled up the length of her beautiful body to her eyes, which were closed.

“Look at me.” he entreated softly.

Only after Summer opened her eyes and found his gaze did he start moving. He pulled his hips back slowly, taking in the look of ecstasy on her face, then pushed back up inside her just as slowly, watching her eyes fall closed and her lips part on a moan.

“Jack.” she breathed.

“Summer.” he murmured back.

He’d never felt such pleasure before. His head was swimming with it. If he’d known making love to Summer would feel like this, he would have been able to overcome his fear ages ago. When he felt her inner muscles tighten on him his eyes squeezed shut.

“God Summer,” he groaned, “you feel so good.”

“So do you.” she replied, “Unhhh!” she moaned, as he thrust forward a little more forcefully. He was the biggest she’d ever had. He was hitting spots that were new to her.

“Do that again.” she said.

Jack thrust forward again, hard.

“Like that?” he asked.

“Yes!” she moaned, “Again.”

Jack did as she asked, thrusting into her, slow and hard, over and over again. He pushed from his forearms to take his weight on his palms, holding himself in a half-plank position above her, his gaze alternating between watching her face and her beautiful, bouncing breasts. Moving his weight to one hand, he squeezed a breast with the other before dropping to both hands once more.

He kept his thrusts controlled and paced for as long as he could, finally giving in to the inevitable when his hips picked up speed of their own accord.

“Yes!” Summer cried out, passion overwhelming her. “Yes!”

“Oh yeah.” Jack groaned, head thrown back. “Fuuuuck.”

The muscles in his back and ass clenched and unclenched with his movement. His body glistened with sweat and his arms tired from their exertion. He lowered his body to hers, her breasts pillowing his chest. When her hands grabbed at the pillow under her head, her fingers twisting in its cover, he grasped one then the other, threading their fingers together and resting their joined hands on either side of her head. Her hands squeezed his until her knuckles were white, her finger nails leaving little half moon marks on the back of his hand.

Her bed squeaked as he took her fiercely. Their moans and sighs of pleasure grew louder and more urgent until finally, finally, Summer climaxed, her inner muscles milking Jack and tipping him over into his own release. Their hands squeezed even tighter, Jack dropped his head into Summer’s neck groaning. Summer’s thighs became a vise around his hips.

Long moments later, as they gradually came down from their erotic high, Summer’s legs loosened. He thrust against her slightly, a few more times, his penis twitching inside her.

“That was unbelievable.” she said, turning her head so she could kiss his neck.

“Fucking unbelievable.” Jack agreed, finding the strength to lift his head and smile down at Summer. He untangled their hands, and framed her face with his palms. “Why didn’t we do that years ago?” he asked.

“I was wondering the same thing.” she chuckled, bringing a finger up to trace over his bottom lip. Jack nipped at it, making Summer smile bigger, then pressed his lips to hers for a post-coital bliss savoring kiss.

When they finally pulled apart, Jack reluctantly pulled his spent cock out of Summer’s warm sheath and got up to dispose of the used condom in the bathroom. When he returned, Summer had rolled onto her side and closed her eyes, tucking her hands up under her head. Jack would have thought she’d already fallen asleep except for the huge grin plastered across her face. At the sound of his approach, her eyes opened and she rolled to her other side, giving him room to crawl in behind her. They settled together, spoon-like and when Jack settled his hand around her middle, Summer rested an arm over it, her palm coming to lay flat on the back of his hand, and their fingers lacing together. She felt Jack press a lingering kiss to her shoulder before his head settled on the pillow beside hers.

“Night, birthday girl.” he murmured.

“Night.” she replied, her smile evident in her voice.

She fell asleep in Jack’s warm embrace, thinking how this had been the best birthday ever.

Jack woke her a few hours later with kisses and caresses in sensitive places, and made it even better.


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