RYDER (Antagonist to Lovers)

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Only one thing mattered to him, at least until she came into his life. And what will she choose when she might lose it all? Antagonists to Lovers. Forbidden Romance. Brooding Male Lead. One Hell of a Challenge to Overcome Julie Stevens is a sports therapist at Rhino MMA--a mixed martial arts gym--when an infamous MMA fighter named Joey Ryder walks through their doors. He is seeking to enter the high-stakes, winner takes all MMA Warlord Tournament, offering its largest cash prize ever. This is the break that the gym needs, and it's a momentous moment for Julie. The gym is her brother's legacy and it's also all she has left of him. It's made all the more challenging when she realizes that Ryder is rude, hostile, and has his eyes only on the cash prize. How can she possibly manage being Ryder's sports therapist when every encounter with him seems to go wrong? It all changes when Ryder brings Julie a coffee one morning to make peace, and the tension between them changes to something as steamy as the latte he brought her. But neither should be feeling this way -- Ryder needs to win for his own hidden purposes, and Julie cannot lose the gym. If the co-owner finds out, who is also the new coach of Ryder, it's all over for Julie. ... Friendly for all readers who enjoy a steamy, tension filled romance with drops of humor. Knowledge and/or interest in MMA not required. ...

Romance / Drama
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Author Note

Welcome to my first pure Romance novel! It’s not my first rodeo with romance, but this is my first attempt at a contemporary romance!

You do not have to like MMA or sports to enjoy the story, as it’s all about Julie Stevens and Joey Ryder, with the setting happening to be at an MMA gym. It’s more about the energy and the dedication to train (and the strength that comes from that) that’s important. It’s also a great excuse to pair these two near each other

If you like a brooding/crass guy, who also loves fiercely once those walls are down, then here’s your place! Ryder is all of that and he has been noted by offline readers as being very realistic and reminding them of men that they know.

Julie—our leading lady—is also a pretty normal chick with flaws, strength, and determination, but is also lost on where her hopes and dreams are. We all get in a rut, right? Poor Jules is there too, and Ryder showing up doesn’t help at all!

.............................w a r n i n g.......................................

This story contains lots of mature material. There is a lot of crass language (c’mon, it’s a bunch of MMA fighters!), a few nerve wracking scenes involving physical threats (that never go too far! That’s not the point of the book) and then finally, quite a few erotic scenes, with steam gently rolling off of them...

This book is Rated M

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