RYDER (Antagonist to Lovers)

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C H A P T E R | 34


Ryder kissed Julie with a hungry passion that was fueled from a mixture of how sexually pent up he was, and how badly he wanted to make this woman moan. He didn’t have a plan when he entered here, only knowing he just wanted to kiss her.

He admitted that for a fleeting second, when those girls from earlier wanted him to go with him, the thought crossed his mind. And not even because he wanted to, but just out of habit.

But standing next to Jules? It surprised him how easy it was to tell them to go away. Maybe it’s because he’s already had women like them, and he’s also had more than one night with more than one girl.

But damn, it didn’t hit home the way this did. Julie was gorgeous, and getting her wet felt like a prize he wanted to win, whereas he didn’t care about the others.

Tasting her, he kissed deeper and she was just as hungry, his nose pressing against her cheek. Her hands roamed him and she moved where she touched him time, his erection throbbed. He ran his hands down her back, feeling her bra through her shirt, going over bare skin near the dimples of her back, and cupping her ass cheeks to hold her close to him, spreading her legs as far as those tight jeans would allow.

She moaned deeply into the kiss, and pleasant shivers quaked through him, wanting to bury himself into her and fuck her with everything he had. He just wanted to make her orgasm and bury so deeply that no one else mattered to her.

It wasn’t the plan to make-out with her, or press his erection against her for this long, but he did not want to part. He let his desire take over his better judgement and broke the kiss, placing possessive kisses on her neck, breathing her in.

He knew better than to do this -- how else would they stop? But he couldn’t just fucking not touch her.

Gripping him harder, and undulating her hips to press further into him, she breathed out, “Joey...”

Ryder moved to her ear, pressing his head against hers, his voice low and grovely. “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

He held her still, and she breathed heavily into his ear. He wanted to make her shudder, to see her get off just from him fucking her.

Then she whispered, “How about now?”

She pulled back and showed she wanted down. He raised a brow, not sure where this-- she squatted.

“Oh shit,” he grumbled, breathing heavier. He knew the look in his eye was probably heavier and darker than he actually felt for her, but fuck was this a turn on.

This woman wouldn’t stop surprising him, and that made him want her more. In every way.

She went for his belt and he helped her undo it in silence, save for the clinking of metal. He didn’t remember the rest, only the way her warm mouth felt as she took him in, his erection as hard as it could possibly get as he looked down at Julie with his cock in her mouth.

With those other girls, he’d just see it as a fun time and a good fuck. Seeing her look at him with hallowed cheeks...he wanted to lay claim to everything about her, take her back and hold her tight. To get her as wet as he could and also make her feel safe. Maybe it’s because he liked that he was the one she wanted, or that she’d be willing to get down and dirty just for him, but the last thing he wanted was for this to end.

Then, she took him in deeper, and he shuddered, placing a hand on the wall and trying not to groan too loudly. “Fucking hell, Jules...” he whispered.

She sucked harder, his hand tangled in her chestnut hair. It was incredibly fucking hot to see her work hard to accommodate him, her tongue sliding on his skin in just the right way.

He was ready to explode, and looked down at her eyes as a wave of pleasure overcame him when he saw how ravenous she was.

Oh, he was going to fuck her so long and hard that he’d be the one that would have to tend to her the next day. “Fuck,” he said, tensing, hating having to be silent in here.

She didn’t seem to want to back away, and if anything, she moaned.

Holy shit did she have to moan with his dick in her mouth? That was enough to send him over, coaxing him to his climax.

There was no reason to wait, and they couldn’t be in here for long. “I’m there, babe,” he warned, hoping she’d let him fill her, but he wanted to give her the chance to do whatever she had to -- they hadn’t quite gone over this shit yet.

She didn’t move, and so he let everything out and she took it, swallowing quickly.

In that moment of clarity after, as his climax rippled through and into her mouth, he knew this went way deeper than whatever tension they had. She was down and dirty, fucking gorgeous, smart, funny, passionate...

He pulled back and she got up and rinsed her mouth out with a dark look in her eyes as she stared at him in the mirror. He even had to get toilet paper to clean himself off, finding it erotic there was a shit ton of slobber. With a hint of a smile, he shook his head. This fucking woman...

She turned around to face him as he buckled his belt, feeling like he could finally sleep for once. Except the look in her eye told him that she was still charged. He leaned in and without hesitation, kissed her forehead, then moved down to her ear to stay quiet in case someone was outside.

He wasn’t going to leave his girl hanging. “Let’s go back.”

“But everyone...”

“I don’t care,” he said and pulled back, placing his hand on her hip, gripping it tight, enjoying how her eyes revved with desire at his touch.

He could easily go again, especially if he had at least a half hour in between.

She didn’t answer and seemed lost in the possibility of it too. He ran his hand over her curves, pulling her closer and kissing the skin just below her ear. He didn’t even remember the last time he was so handsy with a woman after he came.

“Joey, if they follow us...Tony--”

He pulled back once again and looked her in the eyes, close enough to see her eyeliner had smudged a little. “They can get fucked. I’m the one fighting through Warlord and letting them ride my coattails, so if I want to spend my spare time with you, then that’s my business.”

Her eyes darted back and forth, something deeper in there. He was about to kiss her, with the intent to be more sensual rather than like the animal he was earlier, but a knock came to the door.

“Fucking occupied,” he said, glancing at the door.

“I know. I watched you walk in,” said a voice that grated on his ears.

Julies eye’s went wide, and everything in him went cold. He rolled his eyes and leaned in, hesitating before he knew what he had to do to keep this drama off of Julie. “I’ll lead her away.”

He hated parting like this. It even bothered him more than he thought it would. Especially after she did all of that for him, and now he was bailing to deal with his ex...he just wanted to take Julie with him.

She nodded and was clearly disappointed. Before he reached for the door, he leaned back in and kissed her warm, soft lips, holding it for longer than a few seconds before parting, groaning to himself.

He opened the door, shutting it behind him right away. He eyed the blonde before him and removed all warmth from his voice before he said, “Let’s go talk somewhere else.”

Heather looked behind him at the closing door, her arms crossed, her low-cut shirt displaying her cleavage.

Ryder glared at her, taking his hand off the handle and coldly warned, “You can either choose to look in there, or come with me. But not both. So choose carefully.”

He knew which one she’d choose.

Her brown eyes looked directly at him in contemplation. She blinked and looked away. “Fine. I choose you.”

Those were the words he wanted to hear, but not from this woman. He hated leaving Julie behind, but what else was he supposed to do? He wasn’t going to let Heather confront her. Not now. And while he truly meant it when he said that he didn’t care what Tony or Andrew thought, Julie and him were in no state of mind to make such bold decisions on their feet.

“You know, some men make a habit of dating nurses. I can see what yours is,” heather quipped as they passed the bouncer, entering the crowded room once more.

He glared at her, the lighting dark once more. He had to speak a little louder, saying, “You gonna tell me what you want to talk about or just make pointless observations?”

“We deserve a second chance, Joey,” she said, not wasting a second. “And I’ve been trying to get a hold of you, but you won’t answer. So I had to stalk you down to the bathroom.”

He put his hands in his pockets. “It’s called giving you a fucking hint.”

She wasn’t fazed. Initially, it was something he liked about her. She was tough and resilient, but that was before he learned how far she’d go with her vindication.

Heather said, “Look, I am the one that helped with your case. If it weren’t for me, then you could have been behind bars for a lot longer. I gave you space with your sister, but now that you’re back in the game, I really want to give this another try. Don’t make me the enemy.”

He leaned in, just so he’d make sure she heard him. “I spent time behind bars because of shit you told your brother. He’s the one that got me in there, but your words made him attack me.”

He thought to the scar on his back, remembering how that crazy motherfucker came at him with a fucking butcher knife. All because Heather thought Joey cheated, when in reality a girl -- much like the ones here tonight -- kissed him at an after party He had pushed her off, but Heather didn’t see that part.

“I didn’t know. I just told him what I saw. You let that kiss linger longer than it should have, but that’s behind us. As soon as I realized I was wrong, I worked endlessly to get you out. I still care for you, Joey. I had no idea Alex would do that to you.”

Her brown eyes showed the depth to her statement, but they just looked like a stranger’s now. “That’s called accountability for your actions, not a fucking reason to string me along in something I don’t want.”

“I can start rumors about you and your new friend,” Heather said, her eyes widening with a crazy edge.

It was that edge that didn’t rear it’s head until two years in.

He didn’t respond, and instead glared at her before looking around, hardly anyone paying attention to them.

“You’re killing me here,” Heather pleaded.

God he wished this was fucking over with.

“That’s not my problem anymore.” He looked around once more, wondering if Julie had escaped by now. He went back to the bouncer, and Heather cried out, “Fuck you, Joey!”

“No thanks,” he mumbled to himself with a sigh, approaching the ginormous man, who watched on with a raised brow. Ryder asked, “That girl with me earlier, did she come out?”

“Yup,” was all he said.

“Thanks,” Ryder said, looking around for Julie. He sniffed and ran his hand over his face. He couldn’t even remember the last time he wanted to disappear away with someone so badly.

He thought about texting her to see if she wanted to meet at the hotel, not even for what they planned earlier, but to explain his shit with Heather and set it straight. But he spotted Tony nearing him.

Tony waded through the crowd and leaned in. “You seen Julie?” he asked. “We are heading back and don’t want to leave her alone here.”

“Don’t know where she went.” Glancing around, he worried about her. What if something happened to her, or the wrong man approached her? He went to his messages, figuring it was worth a shot.

Ryder 8:45 P.M. Just making sure you’re alright

Tony said, “So who the fuck is the blonde?”

“Does it matter?” Ryder asked, cold and off-putting, but he didn’t care. Ryder could deal with Andrew, but this Tony guy? Media men were a dime a dozen.

“Just asking, man,” Tony said, shrugging his shoulders.

“You know the deal. I don’t do small talk,” Ryder warned. “And I am not in a good mood right now--”

His phone vibrated, and he clicked the side button to show the messages on his screen.

Julie: Yeah. Bout to head back. Waiting on Uber. Ran into Andrew and told him I am going back to the hotel. Figured it was best with them heading back.

He sighed, hating that she was going back, alone. He messaged back: Good call...don’t think I forgot about you.

Pocketing his phone and looking around at the dim-lit social scene, he looked back at Tony. “She’s good. Heading back.” He narrowed his eyes on him. “By the way, she said she spoke to Andrew, so why you talkin’ to me about it?”

“Oh, I didn’t know that” Tony said with a placid face that Ryder didn’t like, nor trust.

He ran his hand over his face and sighed through his fingers, his thoughts and heart stuck between Warlord and Julie Stevens.

Then a thought crossed his mind.

That weekend, he was sharing a cabin with an old friend and his wife. Andrew allowed Ryder one week to go be with family and friends, having planned to spend Monday through Thursday with Sarah, then the weekend in a cabin. Obviously, he planned all of that before he and Julie crossed their line.

He wondered if he should take her with him to the cabin, as his plus one. The woman could definitely use a weekend to get away from all of this shit.

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