RYDER (Antagonist to Lovers)

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C HA P T E R | 39

_____________________________It didn’t take much time for her to think this through. Throwing caution to the wind, she just couldn’t find it in her to tell him to back off. She needed him. “I didn’t bring condoms. I’m on the pill, though,” she said, wanting to spend no time on that, but knew they had to quickly address it.

“I brought some,” he said, his demeanor changing to a more focused one. Ryder was so close to her, the two of them breathing heavier than normal.

It was a pause of lust, the two gazes connecting as they revved up on the energy of knowing that there was nothing stopping them now.

She pressed her lips into his, not withholding any of her hunger. The energy was even more raw than at the hotel, where they both knew they were being watched. Especially since they heard the front door of the cabin close, signaling that Kyle and Carla had left.

Julie’s excitement was like a kaleidoscope of hormones, with desire and greed all spinning in her mind and heart as she unbuttoned her jeans, wanting to be close to him. She wanted to be pressed tightly against him, to be overcome by him. And not only was it just sexual, because something romantic spurred in her heart, adding the most vibrant of colors to her kaleidoscope.

Ryder was quick with his belt and jeans. She wasn’t sure how it all happened, but through a series of kissing and tongues carelessly pressing against skin and lips, they had both lost most of their clothes, save for Julies bra and underwear, and Ryder still in his boxers.

Her hands roamed the valleys and hills of his muscles. She had seen him so many times in the massage room, but this was entirely different. She had access to all of him, to touch him how she wanted. And he absolutely returned the fervor, his rough hands either fisting her hair or roaming her hips, breasts, and rear. His erection pressed firmly against her stomach, Julie groaning with need.

She was aware they were moving, but wasn’t completely aware—nor did she really care—where he directed her.

His lips trailed down her jaw to her neck, the man sucking and nipping at her skin. The back of her thighs hit the bed, and she flinched, to which Ryder quickly compensated, his exploratory grip turning to guidance as he steadied the two of them.

His hands reached for her bra once they were stabled, and it surprised her how adept he was at removing it. In a way, it also just turned her on, as she liked being the woman in his life.

With her breasts free, his rough, warm hand quickly found the exposed skin, gripping one. He looked her in the eye, one of his ticks coming out where he swiftly made what could be similar to a sneer—but rather, was more like an expression of the carnal energy that brewed in him—and he said, “Lay down. Take off your underwear.”

She didn’t need to be told twice, her hands already reaching for the removal of her underwear, trying to sensually remove it, although giving up and just decided to take them off, tossing them at his chest before crawling onto the bed, propped up on her elbows.

Naked and exposed, she lied on the bed, only self concious for a small moment, as it had been a while since a man looked at her in such a strong lighting. His erection was clear through his boxers, and she breathed heavily, taking him in.

He took his time to look her over, the expression in gaze of pure carnal desire, and she had to admit that the lack of sensuality turned her on even more.

Esepcially when he leaned over and his hand reached down to grip her hip, his eyes lingering on her center.

His gaze flicked up at her. “Please tell me you like being eaten out.”

Pleasure washed over her, especially with that damned look of his. She gave him a look of ′of fucking course I do’ but then quickly added, “Do we have time?”

“I work well under pressure,” he languidly said with a deep husk to his voice.

She quivered at just the thought of it, as now that he was here, she could feel the bed take his weight, feel the strength of his hands on her.

This was truly going to happen.

Like he promised, he didn’t take long and quickly kissed her ribs, then her navel. She was ready for this pressure and friction. He slid his fingers through her folds, his middle one sliding into her. “Holy fuck, you’re smooth and wet.”

She didn’t get a chance to response before he dove in, sliding his other hand to grab her rib area, his warm tongue and lips causing all of Julie to utterly collapse in a wave of pleasure, her head lulling backward on the bed as she let out a single, deep moan, biting her lip hard.

Her mouth opened with a shudder when he made a sound between a grunt and growl, right into the most sensitive part of her body, pulling on her as if to tell her he liked when she moaned and that he needed more of it.

She wasn’t aware of the time that passed, in which Ryder fingered and pleasured it. The only thing she was aware of was easy she was to coax to the edge of orgasm, but then again, her body was already so close to the edge.

Through a haze of ecstasy, she whimpered through her breathing, and that seemed to only excite him more.

The idea of him getting off on her getting off pushed her over, and she made sure to whine out, “Fuck, Joey.”

His breathing against her folds increased, his grip tightening so hard on her hip that it almost hurt, but that only excited her all the more. Then, the build up increased to the point that she wouldn’t be able to turn around. “Oh shit, don’t stop, Joey.”

He absolutely did not stop.

Arching her back, her body tensed and shuddered hard against his face, whimpering as the wakes of her pleasure lapped at her body.

She breathed heavily as he milked her orgasm. “My god, that was amazing,” she said, replaying the way his lithe tongue ran through her.

“You’re not done yet,” he said, moving away from the bed. He wiped his face, and she still throbbed between her legs. She was so damn ready for this man, and after that, she didn’t care what position they were in.

“Which way do you want me?” She asked, eyeing him as he went to his bag to grab a condom. She wanted whichever position made him the most insatiable.

He walked back over, condom in hand, the corner of his mouth curling. “I’m not going to be picky.”

“I like it on all fours,” she quickly said, surprised at her forwardness. Then again, she just wanted those damn hands on her hips.

“You’re some kind of woman, Jules,” he said with a chuckle as she turned around, getting up on her knees so her back was to him, “wanting it doggy style and shit,” she heard the soft sound of the condom go on, then felt his hand on her left hip, his right hand coming up and gripping her breast, his lips grazing her neck, his breath in her ear, “while also being gorgeous as shit,” he wrapped his arm around her and pulled their naked bodies together, his erection sliding between her thighs so she straddled it, “Fuck it, I want you as mine, Julie.”

“Joey,” she said, overwhelmed, locked in his strength and melting into him. “Yeah,” she breathed out, leaning her back into him. “Yes. Yes, I want that.”

“Good, ’cause I’m a competitive fucker. And I’d fight like shit for you.”

Julie’s heart and body filled with so much emotion at those words that she became speechless. She fought in his grip to turn around, and he loosened it. Once facing him, she kissed him hard, to which he returned it. His erection, once again, slid between her legs in a semi-straddle.

“I want that, Joey. I want you,” she said, kissing him again as she wrapped her arms around him.

Her hips undulated, and that was all it took to get Ryder to lay her down. He didn’t break the kiss, however, and instead held onto one of her legs, just under the knee, while her other spread outward.

Her slippery core spread wide open, his erection finding her with ease as the tip slid in. He parted from the kiss to hover over her face, watching her as he filled her. She couldn’t imagine what kind of sexually enthused look crossed her face, but she knew it must have been stark, because he gently growled and began to gently thrust in and out, the motion extremely controlled.

His own expression was taken over with desire, his breathing growing heavy, his blinking languid and his jaw clenched.

They kissed and he slid out, then back in, groaning into her mouth. She loved how he filled her, how he’d go so deep that her clit pressed against his skin. When he was as deep as he could go, he undulated and held his position, quickening his rhythm.

She moaned when her body synced with his rhythm, feeling Joey Ryder filling her. There was something to being pinned against the bed, her legs spread around him, and him deep inside of her, that filled her body with ecstasy.

“You fit so fucking good, Jules,” he said, leaning in and kissing her.

He moved quicker, hovering his lips over once more hers as he fucked her, looking into her eyes with a wave of concentration and energy took over. She returned the look before kissing him, his tongue just as hungry against hers.

He spread her legs further, going deeper and faster. The air smelled like sweat, sex and fresh sheets. She couldn’t get enough of watching this muscled man use her body to get off, his weight securely over her as the bed gently moved.

He gripped her thigh even tighter, his veined hand indenting into her skin. Her hands roamed his shoulders, gripping him all the same as she fell deeper into his rhythm. She squeezed her core, hoping he felt it.

“You like that, baby?” he growled.

She sucked in a breath with a faint “ah” as he slid even deeper, enough that his thighs pressed firmly against the back of hers, not an inch of his erection visible.

“Mmm, god yeah,” she said as he moved more.

He pounded hard, flesh smacking against flesh. She glanced down and could see him clearly, pounding her. His movements roughened, Julie moving back and forth on the covers, although Ryder made sure to never fully lose control.

Their eyes connected and she moaned when the look in his eye was nothing but power. Her moan seemed to push him over the edge and he stiffened, sighing deeply and sucking in air through partially parted lips as he clearly came.

He looked back down at her, the two of them panting, Ryder still deep inside of her. Most of the intensity drained from his eyes, and he dropped her leg, leaning down and sliding an arm underneath her as he leaned on the forearm of the other one, laying his weight onto her, his lips brushing against hers in a sensual kiss.

She pulled her thighs together as if to embrace him with her legs, and the moment was so intense and emotional. She breathed in his sweat, holding him close to her.

I’m falling for this man so quickly.

“We should probably get dressed,” he said as he parted his lips .

“Yeah, you distracted me.”

He laughed and it was so sweet and genuine, crinkling his eyes, and she returned the humor . He got off of her, pulling out and discarding the condom. She could watch that man walk around naked all day.

He laughed and said, “Mirin’ your view?”

“Was just thinking I’d probably never get tired of watching you walk around like that.”

“That sounds like something I’d say,” he said, putting his clothes back on.

She got up and went to the bathroom but left the door open, going to clean herself. “This is what you get for,” she paused, not sure what they themselves as, “being with someone who co-runs an MMA gym. Been around too many men.”

“Yeah, well, don’t fucking lose that. I like the shit out of it.”

She went to put her clothes back on, and it was his turn to admire her as he looked her over. They both became alert when they heard the sound of the front door opening.

Ryder snickered, shaking his head, and said, “Got PTSD from Andrew or Tony always busting in.”

Julie was emboldened, and more confident, with Ryder officially at her side now. “Well, Andrew can go fuck himself. Him and I have a lot to talk about when I get back. I’m not dealing with his drama anymore.”

He looked her over like he was going to say more, but seemed to drop it as he put his jacket on. “Well, I really fucking like you, so I’ll deal with whatever.”

Her heart couldn’t expand anymore than it already did as she watched him near her to Peck her forehead before leaving the master as she finished putting her shirt on.

Her body seemed to float, caught on a high with Ryder, wondering just where this would take them.
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