Going on the date

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Going on the date the best first date ever

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 2

Going on the date

Cree walked up to me nervously scratching the back of his head and said he would like to take me on date. I was shocked and speechless, I asked him again to make sure I heard him correctly. I said hun me you want to take me on a date, he shook his head and said yes. I said ok while blushing and he said how about Saturday how’s that sound and I said that’s fine. He asked me if I needed any help with my next class I said yes he grabbed my schedule and looked at it luckily we have biology. So we walked together in class and took a seat in back. We reach the end of the school day, yes we have most of our class together I’m so happy I get to spend half the day with him. yayyyy today is Saturday my mom is helping me getting ready for my date she curls my hair and do my make up. Me and my mom are super close because it’s been only me and her I don’t have any other friends but I’m fine with that. Even we’re struggling she did the best she could to give me everything that I needed and I’m happy with what I got. I just finished getting ready when I heard my door bell ring, my mom went downstairs to answer the door. She called me and said my date it’s here I yelled I’m coming in a minute. When I walked downstairs I saw him I was speechless he looks so fine. He saw me checking him out he smirked and I turned red omg I’m so embarrassed, I got caught. He asked me if I’m ready to go I said yes let’s go and we walked outside to the car he opened the passenger door for me and I got in and seat down he walked around the and got behind the wheel and started driving to our destination.

Today it’s Saturday and I’m ready for my date with briah I’m so excited and it’s time to get ready. I took a shower and I got dressed I wore a black dress pants with a blue dress shirt I double checked myself in the mirror When I’m done and satisfied I got in my car and drove to the address she gave me during in class yesterday. When I got get there I ring the doorbell nervously and waited with a bouquet of red roses in my hand, someone opened the door I’m guessing it’s her mother. I greeted her and introduced myself. I said hi my name is Cree and I’m here to pick up briah for our date she said hi my name is brianne Briah’s mother nice to meet you Cree she opened the door wider for me to get in. I got and stand by the door she called briah and she yelled back said she’ll be downstairs in a minute. When she was walking downstairs I saw her wow I was speechless she’s so beautiful she has a blue blouse on and a blue skinny jeans and a black heel she curls her and wore light makeup omg I’m in love I was drooling. Lucky for me she didn’t see me drooling over her but I caught her checking me out and I smirked and she turned red she’s cute when she blushed. I gave her the flowers she thank me and said red roses is her favorite I smile and do the happy dance in my head and said yes score one for Cree. I asked her if she ready to go and she said yes, we walked outside to the car I opened the passenger door for her and she got in and seat down. I go around and got behind the wheel and started driving to our destination. I took her to Olive Garden because she said she never been to any of those restaurants. We got there the hostess greeted us and gave us a table for two. The sever came to our table introduced herself as Chantelle and said she will be our sever for tonight and gave to menu. We took it she asked us what do we like do drink I said sprite And she said ice tea please. The said ok she will be back with our drink while we think about what we want to order, after ten minutes the sever came back with our drinks and asked if we are ready to order and I said yes I see she’s still looking I asked her if she needed helped ordering she shook her head and said yes. I ordered stuff ziti fritta and calamari for appetizer for the main course I ordered chicken and shrimp carbonara and steak Alfredo when I’m done ordering the sever took the menu and said she will be back with our order. Briah said thank you for ordering for because I didn’t know what to order and I told her I was my pleasure because I’ll do anything for her. The server brought the appetizer we thanked her and we started eating. When we done with appetizer I started telling her about me. I told her I’m the quarter back of the football team to the school she looks at me and said interesting.
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