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I'd known Malich Rothbard since we were kids. He and Derek, the spoiled prince from the neighboring kingdom used to chase me up and down the halls. But then one day Malich entered my personal royal chambers in the dead of night. A sacrilegious crime for a simple mage. My father banished him but it didn't take Malich long to find me on an abandoned stretch of road, after all, who knew better where to find me? The part I don't understand is why he's cursed me. Why he won't let me go... By night I am me, able to wander the woods near the lake surrounding the abandoned castle. But by day...I'm Malich's...Captive in his castle or out on the lake...As his bitter swan.

Romance / Fantasy
Manda May
Age Rating:

Dark Captor

"Come in, Odette. Don't stay out here in the cold." Malich coaxed.

I turned my back to him and stepped further behind the tree. "I won't go back in there with you. I know what you want."

"I'm sure you do." He didn't bother denying it. "But warming my bed is far better then being out here in the cold, is it not?"

"Not." I didn't even look back at him. "It'll never happen again. You can keep me here for an eternity and I'll never lay with you again!"

"The hell if you think so, Odes." He tossed his waving black hair back from his face. Making his green eyes snap. "Don't forget who and what I am."

"What is that supposed to mean?" I looked over my shoulder but I felt like my stomach was sinking.

"I could have a potion mixed in minutes that would you have creeping through the dark corridors of my castle to come to me in my chambers, just remember that."

"You wouldn't?" I turned to look at him.

But his face was hard, jaw tight and green eyes flashing. "Do you honestly think you know what I would or wouldn't do anymore?"

I didn't.

I'd never have thought that the boy I thought of as a friend would've taken me captive to the middle of the Warwood in the dead of night and turned me into his pet.

"Don't make me do things I don't want to do, to be close to you..." He whispered. Clear warning in his voice.

I rounded and stalked toward him until I stood nose to nose with him. "Why are you doing this to me? I never hurt you, never wronged you!"

I'd only ever wanted him.

"I know you didn't." He was staring down his nose haughtily at me as he said the words so coldly.

"How can you be the same boy that 'always knew your place'?"

"My place changed when you and your father wouldn't listen."

"Listen to what, Rothbart?" I only called him by his last name now. Refusing to give him the same familiarity we'd favored all those years.

He's not the same man now.

He's my enemy. It was a sad fact I was going to have to remember. Because with him standing so close to me. I could smell the earthen scent of him. Trees, dewy grass...That smell that meant he was something half wild.

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