A sheriff for Grace

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Grace moves in a small town in Koloranto after Finnish medical school because she want to escape her rich dominant family. She meet the sheriff a different man that everyone she has met. And he is that man that he changed her life.

Maria Malena
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Grace pov

Stanford University, my graduation day. Today I start a new life. I have already been accepted to a hospital in a town in Colorado. The only thing that I have to do is to tell to my family. As one of the richest families in the country, they expect me to go to the biggest hospital in the country. I want something more simple. I can go somewhere that I need to be there. I will be more helpful and useful.
“Grace we did it,” my best friend all these years Kayla tells me and she jumps to me
“Finally,” I say and I hug her
“With the others, we will go for drinks. You’ll come?”
“You know I have to meet my family. And to tell them that I’m leaving on Friday.”
“Oh yes. I forgot. Why they are not here?”
“You know them. When they have time for me?”
“You have me.” She says smiling
“I’m going to miss you so much,” she says again
“Me too. But you can come anytime you want. And when I can I will visit you in Seattle” I say and I hug her.
“I have to go now. I have one hour driving to my parent's mansion. I will see you tomorrow” I say and we break the hug
“Ok. Call me after you talk to them” she says and I nod. I say goodbye and to the rest of the group that we spend a lot of time all these years and I walk to my car.
“Grace” I hear someone calling my mane and I know who he is. I turn around
“Austin” he comes closer. We had some on and off. This time was off. I have forgiven so many times cheats, two months now he is trying to get me back again back I'm done.
“Thanks. Congratulations to you” I say
“Austin I’m going to stop you there. I don’t want to be with you anymore.”
“But we are so good together”
“You don’t seem to understand that when you cheated on me”
“Grace I love you”
“Austin I’m starting a new life and you’re not in it. I’m sorry” I say and I open the car door
“I hope you have a great life Austin,” I say smiling
“I do” he smiles back
“You too.”
“Thank you. Bye” I say and I enter the car. I drive away. In one hour I am at my parent's mansion. The security guard when he sees me he opens the gate. I park and I take my bag. I walk inside and first I see Janet. Years she works for my parents and she was also and my nanny as a kid.
“Congratulations honey”
“Thank you, Janet”
“I’m so proud of you” let’s just say that Janet is like a mother to me. She is more than my real mother. She is always there for me when my real mother is busy to be there for her daughter.
“Grace.” I see my parents coming from the house office
“Hello,” I say and they hug me
“Congratulations Grace. Sorry we couldn’t be at your graduation”
“It’s ok. I know you are busy. I know if you could you will be there” total lie. If your kid graduates from medical school you find time to go. Only my parents don’t care to find the time. I go to my old bedroom and I take a shower. I sleep for while and I wake up for dinner. I hear a knock on the door
“Come in”
“Yes, Janet?”
“Your mother asks me to wear something nice tonight. They have some guests”
“Really?” I say annoying
“Ok, I will wear something not casual,” I say and she nods smiling. I choose to wear a black viscose dress and flat shoes. I’m not in the mood to wear heels for my parent's guests. I go downstairs and I see my parents with Mr. and Mrs. Jonshon and their son Patrick. I don’t like that man, he is selfish and arrogant. My parents make me date him for while, but it didn’t go well.
“Grace,” my father said
“Sweetie congratulations,” Mrs. Jonshon say and she hugs me
“Thank you,” I say and then the two men shake my hand to congratulate me. My parents look strange and I don’t like that look. Always mean something. We sit in the living room and Janet served our drinks.
“Grace. Mr. Jonshon can help you to find a place in the hospital that we talking about. Here in California” my father started to say. Oh shit I have to say it now
“Yes. I know a lot of people in the hospital” Mr. Jonshon said
“Is not necessary”
“Is not a problem at all” he says. I take a deep breath, is now or never
“The thing is I already accepted to a hospital”
“What? Why you didn’t say anything?” My mother asks
“They inform me yesterday. I will be telling after my graduation. That I’m doing now” my father looks angry. Whatever I do has to pass from him. But not this time, this time is me and only me
“And where is this hospital?” he asks and I say everything, about the town in Colorado. As I was talking my father look ready to explore and my mother ready to faint
“You’re not going,” my father says. Be strong Grace is your life. For the first time in your life, you do something for you
“I’m going. I already tell them that I will be there and I have found a house. I’m going either you like it or not” I say and they look at me with wide eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Jonshon the same and Patrick look at me impressed.
“Father I have decided it. Until now I was trying to be the perfect daughter for you. I always have good grades. I went to medical school for you. When I decided to be a pediatrician you didn’t like it. I always do whatever you want. But is my life and I have tried to live it as you like it. I will live as I want from now on” I say and I stay looking strong and confident
“Come with me,” my father says and he stands up. I follow him to his office
“Close the door,” he says angry and he looks at me. I do as he says and I turn to him
“You will forget everything you say about moving from here. You will work there that I told and prepared to marry Patrick.” Wait for what?
“What?” I ask confused
“You heard me. Cancel everything you stay here” My parent's demands, their expectations and the seed of guilt may have been in me for a long time. I just have to find the courage. And that courage is in me.
“No. I’m leaving on Friday.”
“I decided that life is mine and does not make me share it with a "must" set by my third parties. I do not care what they say. I want to be happy. I want to chase my dreams without caring what they will say.
I will live. Because I know very well, I was late but I realized that no one will live for me. Only I am responsible for my life and I will not let it go to waste.”
“Grace you don’t understand. You must..”
“Life is mine and I owe it to my dreams to pursue it. As for the necessities, it is the only dowry that I will give up from what you gave me when you raised me.
I will do my best to beat the right ones.
Not because I do not love and respect you who taught me. But because above all I love and respect myself.” I say and I walk to the door.
“If you continue with this you’re not my daughter anymore. Walk outside and accept the job here and the marriage with Patrick or you leaving now.” I take a deep breath and out
“As you wish Mr. MacLean,” I say and I leave the office. I walk to the hall and I see my mother and the guest walking to the dining room.
“Excuse me. Is good to see you but I have something to do in my room”
“Grace you can do that after...”
“I’m sorry. But Mr. MacLean was clear to me” I say and I see my father walk closer to us
“I’m not longer part of this family”
“What?” My mother says and looks her husband
“Excuse me,” I say and I go upstairs. I fix my suitcases and I’m ready to leave. At my door is Janet crying
“Honey?” Is hug her
“I’m ok Janet. I feel relief and free”
“If you feel happy then I’m happy”
“I am,” I say and I hug her again
“I will ask you to come with me, but I’m not the daughter of MacLean’s now. I can pay you”
“I will not be with you for the money honey” I smile
“I know. I will call and if you want a change too you can come anytime you want” we say goodbye and she helps me to my car. I went to the bar that Kayla is and the others. I had a very good and exciting night.

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