Blood Sucking Romance

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Savannah Jones is a freshman in college. She thinks college will be very difficult, but that all changes when a strikingly handsome boy catches her eye. He is hiding a secret. Will it change the way Savannah thinks about him?

Romance / Fantasy
K Grace
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Chapter One: Hi.

Hi. I am Savannah Jones and I am 20 years old. I just started my freshman year of college, and to be honest, I’m a little nervous. Usually, I’m not nervous to try new things, but college is NERVE WRECKING. I mean, what if nobody likes me? What if I fail? I’ll just have to see. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have one brother named Zach. My parents are Rebecca and Jon. They are both Lawyers. I have a best friend named Carly. We are inseparable. We have been since preschool. “Savannah! Come on down and eat breakfast! Your going to be late!” My dad yells at me to come downstairs. “Coming dad!” I’m still not ready, but hopefully the butterflies in my stomach will go away soon. “Are you ready for your big day sweetheart? I’m so happy for you!” My mom greets me while I walk into the kitchen. “I think I am. Just a bit nervous is all.” “I understand, I was like that my first day as well. It goes away. Don’t worry. Now hurry up and eat hun, you don’t wanna be late.” “Ok mom.” Just then Zach runs into the kitchen and almost knocks the syrup on me. “ZACH! WATCH IT!” I was furious with him. He ALWAYS does that. It’s so annoying. “Sorry! It’s not that big of a deal anyways.” “Uh, ya! It kinda is! This is my first day of college. You almost spilt syrup all over my new pants!” I wanted to scream at him. To make matters worse, he tries to slap me! “Zach! Don’t hit your sister!” My mom gets angry with him. Honestly, he’s always like that. He has been since he was born. We are 6 years apart, so we have never got along that well. I have always kinda been in my own little corner. Ever since Zach was born, there has been trouble. But, I’m off to college now! I get to escape all of that and actually start my own life. When I finish breakfast, I pack all my things in the car. The thing I’m most looking forward to, is sharing a dorm with Carly. This is the college we both have dreamed of going to. Harvard. I say goodbye to my family, and head to Carly’s house. “Hey Sav!” She has the most excited look on her face. “Hey Carly! Are you ready?“ “As ready as I’ll ever be!” We get her stuff in the trunk. I start the car and get in. Ready or not collage, here I come.
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