The Road Between

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Chapter 15: Laid Bare

LIZZY: WARNING: Mature content!


Aviana's POV

I allowed him to pull me into my room, the tension had my heart racing.

His touch sent sparks up my arm and I jerked my hand away fighting to squelch these urges that frightened me so much. It didn't work.

"I had it under control." I forced myself to sound unflustered but my breathing was labored.

"Clearly." He chuckled, turning to face me.

His bright blue eyes were burning with the same desire I felt building to unbearable proportion in my own body. I ached for him, I needed him.

"I can handle myself." I fought not to show how my whole body throbbed for him to touch me, hold me.

He must have known though because suddenly he closed the space between us, his lips pressing down on mine, not forcefully, more pleading.

As he wrapped his arms around me I leapt up wrapping my legs tightly around his waist. I could feel everything through his jeans and the swim shorts Scar had lent me. Instead of scaring me off, it just made me want him more.

He carried me over to the desk and set me down on it. His fingers slid up my side under my tank top making me gasp as the trail of sparks followed them. He slid it over my head and I unbuttoned his shirt, surprised by how easy it was for me. He shook it and his jacket off his shoulders.

He kissed down my neck running his teeth along my collar bone. He chuckled deeply as I moaned quietly into his ear. I ran my nails across his now bare chest delighting in the low moan that escaped his own lips.

He helped me as I fumbled with the button of his jeans, my hands shaking in anticipation. He picked me back up as his pants hit the floor. He laid me on my back on the bed.

In the time that followed I felt unbelievable bliss I never could have imagined.

Later, when we both lay gasping in each other's arms, I held him tightly. I savored the moment, we were alone, together, and completely exposed in every way. No guard or facade to push us apart, and I couldn't imagine life could get much better than that.

He lifted his head, kissing me once more before rolling onto his side.

There he laid propped up on his elbow and looked down at me, looking more happy and relaxed then I had ever seen him.

"Wow." I finally said earning a low chuckle from him.

"Yeah that was nothing short of amazing." He smiled leaning over me and kissing my forehead gently.

He examined me looking up and down my bare body. I was suddenly very aware of every one of the scars that covered me.

Liam's POV

I had meant it when I said it was amazing. We fit together and I loved every sound she made.

I stared at her beautiful, thin, smooth figure. I hadn't meant to make her self conscious, but as I watched she slid a sheet over herself.

"You don't have to do that with me." I said meeting her gaze firmly. "You are perfect."

She blushed, suddenly shy. I rolled onto my back pulling her tightly onto my chest before pulling a blanket over both of us.

I lay quietly thinking. I had never felt so drawn to a single girl. I had never wanted so badly to satisfy her, not just myself, and I had never ever stayed around afterwards. However here I was. Aviana's breathing had slowed and she had begun to snore quietly.

I ran my fingers through her long dark hair and smiled down at her. She was so beautiful, so perfect. I never thought I would feel so strongly towards anyone. I loved my family but this was on a whole new level.

I pulled Aviana closer and buried my face in her hair whispering, "I love you Avi." Before I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Aviana's POV

I didn't want to wake up, I was so tired. I groaned and tried to bury my head into my pillow only to realize it wasn't a pillow.

It was harder, warmer, and shit it was moving.

I opened my eyes quickly realizing I was laying on Liam's chest.

Fear flashed through me, what if he expected me to do this whenever he wanted now. Or worse what if he wanted me to do it for more than just him.

I sat up quickly wrapping the sheet around myself then looked down at him. I could feel myself calm at the familiar features.

His eyes opened slowly looking at me looking suddenly concerned.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked sitting up and reaching out to wipe a tear off my cheek.

Pain flashed in his eyes as I flinched ever so slightly

"I'm fine." I said quickly. I stood pulling the sheet with me as I grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom.

I threw on my clothes, splashed water on my face, then stared into the mirror forcing myself to breath.

When I had finally stopped trembling I opened the door, halfway hoping he would already be gone. No such luck.

Liam sat on the edge of the bed, now in his jeans with his shirt on but hanging open showing his chiseled abs. His head hung down and he was frowning, confused, down at his hands in his lap as he fiddled with his fingers.

I froze automatically crossing my arms over my chest as he looked up at me. His brilliant blue eyes bore into me as he stood and walked towards me. He placed his huge, strong hands on my arms. I couldn't seem to make myself look angry, I was too confused.

"Avi, what's wrong?" He asked quietly, "Is it last night, you seemed okay with it afterwards."

I felt myself blush at the memory. "No it was great."

"Then what? After last night, you can tell me anything." He chuckled, "Any man would do anything to feel half that good."

Fear racked through my body and I started trembling again, "No I won't do it."

My voice was supposed to sound strong but it came out barely a whisper and sounded petrified. I jerked away from him in irritation and fear.

Shock then realization flashed across his face. This however was quickly replaced by a strange mixture of pity and annoyance.

"It was a compliment. I didn't mean I'm going to start pimping you out or anything." He sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Don't you trust me by now? I mean you sure seemed to."

My heart lurched at his pained expression and I stared at him confused.

"Then what did this all mean?" I fought down the hope that he could actually care about me, despite my past.

Liam's face suddenly blazed with an internal conflict as he looked down at the floor. After a moment he looked up and I could tell automatically that the old Liam was back.

He smirked down at me crossing his arms over his bare chest. "It means we hooked up. People do that when they're bored."

I felt my heart shatter.

He had used me for entertainment. Why did that thought hurt so bad? Everyone else I knew had, and at least I enjoyed it too this time right? Still I couldn't speak. I stood there dumbly fighting the tears that were building up in my eyes.

I glared down at the ground and bit my tongue hard. I was so much stronger than this. I had been through so much worse.

So why did I suddenly feel like this of all things was going to kill me.

No, I wouldn't show him my weakness. I wouldn't allow him to see how bad he had hurt me.

I took a shaky breath, squeezing my hands into fists till I heard the still familiar cracking of my knuckles. I glared up at him looking as passive and uncaring as I could muster..

"Then you got what you wanted. Get out." My voice for once was strong and sharp. It did not break or waver, and I was grateful.

He looked as though he were about to make some smart ass comment but instead shrugged passively and walked out.
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