The Road Between

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Chapter 20: The Monster

Aviana's POV

After Liam and the others left, I didn't feel like hanging out with the girls so instead I had gone to the kitchen to do a little stress cleaning.

I was wiping down the counter for the fourth time when I felt a cold rough hand clasp tightly over my mouth and something cold and hard jabbed into my lower back.

Another hand tugged one of the earbuds out of my ear and I felt hot breath raise goosebumps on the back of my neck.

An all too familiar voice hissed in my ear. "Quiet now or I'll have to kill your little girl friends."

Jacobs breath reeked of alcohol and his words were slurred.

Fear gripped my heart, if he was bad sober he was nothing short of sadistic when drunk. While some people stuttered and stumbled with intoxication, getting merry and playful.

Alcohol gave Jacob a stability, determination, and unwavering strength and malevolent mindset. He seemed to stop feeling pain after the first couple of shots. I knew there was no fighting him in this state, he was all but invincible.

I did as he said allowing him to lead me into the game room. He locked the door behind him then turned grinning at me with malicious desperation glinting in his beady brown eyes.

His normally neat blue hair was a tousled mess. So much blue. That color haunted me as much, if not more, then his face. Which said a lot considering those dark brown eyes and his cocky sadistic grin woke me screaming several times a week.

I wondered if I would ever be completely over what he had put me through. I doubted it with every fiber of my being. Even if by some miracle I survived this and he didn't, I would always look over my shoulder looking for that shade of midnight blue.

"You won't get out of here alive." I snapped, standing up straighter.

Letting his gun fall to his side Jacob stalked to me rubbing the back of his fingers across my cheek and neck.

Joy and pleasure crossed his face as I shuttered and failed not to flinch away. He fed off the fear but even knowing that I couldn't always hide it.

He stared down at the v-neck t-shirt I was, thanks to Liam, now comfortable enough to wear casually.

"Neither will you." He whispered, leaning in to kiss my neck as one of his fingers traced slowly down the collar of the shirt.

I shoved against him, gaining nothing in return but a stinging blow to my left cheek from the butt of the gun.

"I see you still haven't learned your lesson. I always told Dan he was too soft on you." He growled, burying his face in my neck.

I fought the shudder with all my strength and won.

However he didn't like my lack of response. He grabbed my wrist, twisting it till an agonized moan escaped through my clenched teeth.

"I knew you missed me." He chuckled, clearly pleased with this reaction.

"Go to hell." I hissed, jerking at my arm in a failed attempt to free myself.

"Oh I plan on it." He pressed closer to me and a stupidly obvious plan suddenly hit me. "You, my doll, are coming with me."

I jerked my knee up as hard as I could hitting him in the groin before grabbing for his gun while he was distracted.

The butt of the pistol connected with my forehead knocking me backwards onto the pool table.

"Now that's better." He said leaning over me.

He seemed unfazed for the most part, he was definitely hammered.

It was then I remember the gun Liam had shown me, stashed in a holster taped under the opposite end of the table.

I tried to crawl towards it but he grabbed my ankle.

I could hear voices on the other side of the door, but I didn't have time to focus on that.

I kicked Jacob in the face with my free foot and made a desperate attempt to get the gun. Relief washed over me as my finger wrapped around the cold metal stock.

Jacob was cursed angrily and rubbed his newly broken nose when I spun around to level the gun at him. My hands were steadier then I would have expected if I had had the chance to think about it.

Jacob laughed maniacally, "You don't have it in you, you and too weak."

"I am not weak." I said coolly as I pulled the trigger.

The blast echoed loudly in the large room. It made my ears ache.

"NO!" I heard somebody scream from outside the door.

I was frozen though. My brain felt like, even while working overtime, it couldn't process anything that was happening.

Suddenly the door burst open but I still didn't take my eyes off Jacobs motionless body. I felt like if I looked away he would vanish and it would all start over.

It reminded me of the video games I had seen Ian and Adam playing regularly. You died, game over. But then it just reset, starting from the beginning. Is that what would happen now? It seemed like a nightmare.

What if I won this round, but he kept coming back till he finally won.

Far away in the back of my mind my sanity refuted this, claiming the impossibilities of it

"Avi?" Liam's voice finally broke through my trance.

I lifted my eyes just enough to see him standing on the other side of Jacobs body. Liam held his hands up as he walked slowly towards me, as if to show he held no weapon. He acted as if I was afraid of him, or a danger to him.

I was suddenly confused, why would he do that? He must not realize that the threat was gone, I wanted to ease his fear.

"He's dead, Liam." My voice sounded distant as I tried to explain that there was no longer any danger here. "I killed him."

I looked back at the body suddenly afraid my earlier fears would come true. Could I really have just defeated my monster? It didn't seem likely, or even possible.

However Jacobs body was still motionless as Liam kicked the gun from his hand and crouched next to him.

At first I wondered what in the world he was doing till I realized he had his fingers against Jacobs neck.

Checking for a pulse, the voice in the back of my head clarified.

Liam sighed and seemed to be suppressing a grin as he stood back up. As his eyes met mine though the same caustous expression took over his features.

I wondered again why he was worried, wasn't he happy? This meant we had won, didn't it?

"I know babe." Liam's voice was calm and slow, which was good because I wasn't sure my brain would've been able to process anything else at this point.

A second later Liam finally reached me, he stood a couple feet in front of me.

I wanted him closer, but wasn't sure how to manage that. I still felt frozen, held in place by iron cables instead of roots..

Gently he wrapped his hand around mine which I now realized was still outstretched with the gun in hand.

I tried to make sense of why the gun was still up, and why it was now pointed directly at the man I loved.

He skillfully slid my finger off of the trigger which I had still been squeezing.

"Can I have the gun?" His voice was still calm.

Now, however, that sain part of my brain understood why he had approached me so cautiously, and was mortified at the realization.

I loosened my grip allowing him to slide the gun from my hands.

He sighed, relieved, then laid the gun aside. Wrapping his left arm around me, he easily lifted me off the table and lowered me back to the floor.

He left his arm wrapped around my waist as he led me slowly from the room.

"Clean this up." He mumbled as we passed Adam and Ian on the stairs.

I didn't hear a response but that may have been because I was now floating, unsure where exactly I was. Unsure where I was going.

It took me far too long to realise I wasn't walking. I felt like I was floating because at some point Liam had picked me up.

He cradled me close to his chest, holding me tight, as if afraid I would disappear.

My chest ached, my heart was racing too fast. I was dizzy and my head throbbed with the effort it took to simply think.

I shifted my weight pressing closer to him.

Liam's jaw tensed as my weight adjusted in his arms, and the sliver of my brain that was functioning was suddenly worried for him. Was he hurt?

If I had thought I could walk I would have pushed away but all I could see was red and blue. Blue hair splayed in a puddle of red blood.

Liam carried me up the stairs to our room and laid me down feet elevated, before he sat next to my head. He reached down brushing a strand of hair off my face.

I leaned my cheek into his hand ignoring my throbbing head as it protested loudly.

I knew there was a reason my head hurt but I couldn't remember why.
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