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BURN TO RISE. VOLUME TWO [+18] (Not a standalone) Six weeks. Fifty bands. Thirty-six cities. Two and a half months after they fell apart, Leah and Søren are forced to spend a long summer together surrounded by music and an uninhibited atmosphere as they tour around the States. Both of them are still recovering from the hard blow of their break-up, and running into each other all the time doesn't make it easy, nor does Søren's attitude as he's gone back to his old self. With anger, jealousy, and frustration growing inside of her, Leah tries to avoid him as if her life depends on it, but as much as they want to keep themselves protected, the fire still blazing between them is inevitable... and so is the ghost of her painful past. ________ [ WARNING +18] This story contains violence, drugs, lots of cursing, and explicit sex scenes so read at your own risk. COPYRIGHT © 2021, L.A. Cannon All rights reserved. Please don't copy and/or steal my story.

Romance / Drama
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Like I said last week, this book was to be taken down. The first in the Burn to Rise duet has already been published on Amazon and it makes no sense to keep the second here, especially for those who stumble across my profile and see no other stories—reading this one before reading Behind the Lights would ruin the experience for you.

So, there's that.

If you're up for a rockstar story with a lot more than romance and smut, just go over to amazon and get your copy of Behind the Lights! —

Copyright © 2021 by L.A. Cannon

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