Finding Love in a strange way

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Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The evening has been spent getting the resume ready and prepping the attire Beth was going to be wearing to the interview tomorrow morning. She was not able to enjoy the sunset for it arrived earlier than normal. Customarily Beth spends period of time every evening enjoying the sunset drinking hot tea. This evening actually needed it because she was a bit nervous of the upcoming job interview. Her life had already been on a roller coaster over the past year. Consequently Beth who has wavy brown hair with green eyes and with shapely body. She needs to go to the gym a little more let her level of confidence go down normally she feels like she is on top of the world. She normally took the bull by the horns and took charge but as of late she hadn’t been taking charge of her life. If anything she seemed to be drifting in another direction or all over the place. She had lost her compass of life. She had decided now was her time to get everything back in order again. It seemed as she got older the stride started to slow down or life presented her a challenge to change to do something different. Beth has been happy with her life and truly had no complaints only that she hadn’t traveled more. She wasn’t passive mostly content. The love her life was really life. That and she always said God is her main man. She is attracted to what the person’s character could prove rather than their looks. She loves completely and wholly it has been hard for her to find someone to love the Dennis way. As she has gotten older she is a little lonely or mostly missing old friends or wishing to make new friends. With the age of technology it seems everyone wants to just connect via the internet instead of by person. Which has put a complete distance in normal human communication? While she is taking retaking charge of her life she finds herself on a new journey which was much unexpected. The changing of jobs, the finding of love and the beginning of a new life’s journey has her in world wind. Beth may be in her forties but she is just now beginning into something brand new.

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