Finding Love in a strange way

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Chapter 2

It is interesting how the twists of life can put life in a total different direction. That is what one of the things Beth was thinking this morning as she rode the Subway Train. She had been struggling to find out where she fits in and finding the love of her life one day at the airport. She was preparing for her vacation but before her vacation she had a job interview. She started the morning at 5:30am. To make sure she had enough time to say her prayers and enjoy her coffee. This morning seemed to be cool. It was fresh and green outside. The grass was so rich in color because of the rain that has been occurring every other day. Since the interview was not till the afternoon she decided to take the bus and then the subway. Traffic in the morning is normally congressed and over times over bearing. The travel time to the interview may take a little longer to get to the interview still it would be less stressful. It was during this travel time she seemed to get lost back in time. The subway train was not crowded in most part it there were not that many people. The people she did meet seemed to talk around her as if they were to talking to her or about her. Beth didn’t pay this too much until she started to actually see people that she met in her life. This is when Beth really took notice and found it very odd. For her hadn’t seen most of these peopled since she was child, high school or even college. The trip to the interview took a dramatic turn because she kept seeing people of her youth. Beth decided to stay on the Subway train. She wanted to see where it ended up. Part of Beth was thinking “Oh my! I must need some more coffee because this is way out of focus. It is way too early in the morning to be going this king of journey. Still with a lot of thoughts in mind stayed on the train. Several times she got off the train only to end up getting back on the train again. By this time she had decided to skip the interview and go where the train ended or at least it was at the point of where it started to loop around again back towards the beginning location of where she started. It ended at the airport, deep down inside her heard “just let go” the other part of her replied from what. Beth had let go of so many things here she was in a puzzled state. “Like what do I have to let go of there.” Life had already given her so many puzzle pieces of life over the past year and now her she was at the airport. Beth got off the train and decided to sit on a bench outside one of the terminals it was terminal B. She sat there watching people going in and out of the terminal. She heard families talking and laughing. Part of her wishing it has been herself and her family. Cars and shuttles pass. Still Beth sits there thinking on how the day started and right now at the point of where she is sitting outside of airport thinking. She feels a bit out of place since she had been already set for an interview with a company. A person cleaning passes by and asks “ Mam are you ok, Beth replies “ Yes, I decided just to come and hang out at the airport. And takes moments and laughs at her “hoping the man wouldn’t ask her another question. In truth Beth was too embarrassed to say “I was just following people who I had come across in my life.” For she knew it wouldn’t make any sense at all. As she sat there she did a lot of thinking. It was like the layers of her life were falling and she found herself a little more confused. She had no idea of why she was at the airport besides trying to figure out why she going through her life. It was very odd place for it to be occurring. It started to get warm and the sun was started to pound down. This snapped Beth back into the reality. She now needed to remember where she actually go off the subway and get back on to get back to the house. It was a few minutes later when an Airport shuttle stops and asks “The man inside asked Are you ok and do you need a ride” As Beth looked to tell the man she was fine she saw the man’s face was warm, smooth and the voice gentle. He was bald and slightly plumb. Still Beth was very attracted to his face. He looked genuinely concerned and offered to help. Beth replied “I am fine and I need a ride to the subway train.” He replied with an answer get in. I will give you a ride. Normally Beth would have hesitated for he was a stranger and she never met this man before in her life. But something inside of her said. “Sure, thank you.” Still new thoughts ran through her mind as she talked to the man. The conversation was about the day, life and other various topics. As they talked the conversation was so comfortable it was as I they knew each other for years. As she looked at him she found herself attracted to wanting to touch his face. This was very forward for Beth. Since her norm was always letting the man makes the first move. She found herself staring at his face and wanting to hold it in her hands. Finally Beth says “Do you want to get married?” He looked surprised, confused and puzzled. He at first thought Beth was joking. Once he realized that Beth was very serious he decided to pull the van over on the side. So they could actually face Beth directly again. She took this time to ask him. “Do you want to get married?” Surprisingly he found himself saying “Yes! “ He asked Beth to lunch. With Beth’s delight she said “yes”, it would be a perfect time to talk about the wedding. In the middle of the conversation he had told Beth that his name was Dennis. Beth was over joyed at how the day was turning out. Beth held Dennis’s hand as she sat next to Dennis as they went off to have lunch in the van. Dennis had asked Beth what her favorite food was she said Chinese food. Time seemed to pass but it didn’t matter. Beth and Dennis were in a happy place in their lives. They did have some differences. The difference was a major one. Still it didn’t seem to deter Beth or Dennis. Beth is Mexican American and Dennis a Jordanian American. Each asked each other. “Does my faith bother you”? With a simultaneously reply both said “no”. Our faiths and races made it an interesting twist to the story. Here are normally two different people who in almost an instant those two big barrios didn’t seem to be there anymore. Beth did mention to him she didn’t know too much his faith and he too said the Dennis about her. What good way to open a line of discussion. Beth did tell him he must be blessed because he ran in her. He replied true it was a miracle. It seemed like the conversation was going in the right direction and the discussion of faith had no barrios only intrigue. With that they continued to enjoy lunch and the rest of the afternoon. Her day was sure ending. On a very high note from where it started. Dennis was even surprised with himself for he was enjoying the day also. He has work had been slow. When he mentioned this Beth remembered that she had actually taken Dennis away from his work. He had basically taken the day off. Beth felt a little bad. He said it was fine that he had owned the shuttle. From the original start of the day of finding out where it ended. It turned out to not be an ending at all. It was if it was a beginning. Dennis was going on holiday for a week and planned to return to find out where their new beginning would be. When Dennis dropped Beth of he says’ “I love you” and in return Beth replied “I love you to”. It seemed like the words were long overdue as if they had been need to be said years earlier.

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