Finding Love in a strange way

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Chapter 3

In the middle of spring in the heart of Texas as Beth is in the intermediate part of changing her life and job. Beth faced the challenge of what she should do. She asked herself why when really she knew why as she took a sip of her bottle water. Beth had decided to change her life because one she believe God told her to several years prior because she believe God wanted her to. Now here she was changing up her career again for the Dennis reason just when she had started to get in the grove of enjoying teaching. Especially the elementary children who are so eager to learn their ABCs there is tremendous hope in them to achieve and accomplish so much. The schools that Beth has picked to teach were lower income schools. Now she was taking her life in another direction and that was going back to the original call of sales. She went back to selling backed up inventory she had from her times in sales. She had decided to sell it while she looked for another job in hopes she was picking the right job God wanted her to pick. With the added pressure she was feeling that God wanted her to change up her life and try something new she was in a little her rut and things needed to change except she didn’t know exactly what she should do. She made a list of things she liked to do and the list of things she was good at. From the list of things she liked to do. She realized she liked to write and teach. She also like sales but sales the job she was changing as to find if there are other things she liked to do. After going over the list she realized so much time had a passed. The years seemed to roll into the one another. Now here she was in her forties, single, looking for love and writing a book about the life she has lived so far. Here she was in her forties and never been married. Writing a book about the adventures of her life that she has lived so far. She realizes her in the middle of one of the biggest adventures of her life. Beth’s subway train ride turned out to be one of the biggest adventures she ever had. The chair itches up her back as she leans back on the patio chair taking a moment to think of Dennis and when he is going to return. So now here she sits her on her vacation at the beach waiting for Dennis to return. The wind is blowing the waves up against the beach. The sun shined was peeking over the ocean and radiated the water giving it an added gleam of beauty. Beth had gotten up early in the morning to see the sunrise. She sat on the porch of the hotel room. Which was facing the ocean it wasn’t hot it as cool. She had a restful night’s sleep she felt very at peace for she felt her guardian angel with her. Beth’s angel has been with her since she was little. It was as if they grew up together and now he watched over her during days and nights. She knew God had chosen the angel himself just for her. He has recommended she take a vacation to the beach and write a book about the life she has had so far. It seemed like a simple task but only to find out it turned out to be one to the greatest challenges she faced. So here set sat looking at the ocean and feeling the breeze trying to figure out where to even begin. As she drinks her coffee in she thinks of Dennis and the face which stole her heart. She looks forward to his return. He has planned a vacation prior to their meeting to Germany. He is out of the country and here she sits at one of the Texas beaches enjoying the morning and ocean air. Thinking of what to write and what to write and how to give the words justices of the true emotions of which she is feeling.

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