Don't Stay Close to Me

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Jadyn Avis, a senior student, only wanted to enjoy her last year in school. However, life has a different plan. She's about to enter a roller coaster of moving on, heartbreak again and finding new love- with the new teacher? Join her as she faced the up and downs of her life. Note: This was my very first novel that I have completed so apologies for the cringe.

Mikaela Michelle
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The sound of the alarm entered my ear sharply as if it pricks my eardrum, enough to wake me up – so early. With eyes slightly open, I search for the source of such noise, my cell phone. I turned it off and tried to go back to slumber until a series of knock took the chance of doing it.

“Jadyn! Jadyn, wake up!” My Mom called out, knocking my door like crazy.

Whining, I lazily straddled up from my bed and I sluggishly walked towards the door to open it and face my Mom.

“Geez, I’m awake, no need to be that crazy.” I complained.

“If I know, you tried to sleep again before I knock on your door.” She said with her whimsy tone. I just smiled at her, knowing that she caught me this time.

“Fix your bed and start preparing. You don’t want to be late today, do you?” She continued as she turned around and went downstairs to the kitchen.

I closed my door, fixed my bed and got myself a pair of underwear. I walked in the shower and gave myself a steaming hot bath to awaken my senses.

After that refreshing bath, I took my uniform from my closet. Staring blankly on it, memories came rushing into my mind – my first years in college, the things I’ve done, alone and with my friends, and our struggles with our professors especially with Ms. Learin, she’s a killer. Unconsciously, I found myself smiling, getting myself out of my musing; I put on my uniform and gathered my things. I sauntered out of my room and went in the kitchen, downstairs.

“Smells good, huh.” I greeted. Setting plates on the table, she looked at me, smiling.

“Eggs and bacon for breakfast.” She answered. I put my things on the chair next to me and sat comfortably.

“Good Morning.”

“Good Morning, Dad.” I answered back.

“Where’s Ace?” I asked.

“Still taking a bath, I guess.”

” He’s not that slow, is he?” I said sarcastically. My Dad gave out a big chuckle, making my Mom and I smile.

“I guess he is.” He shrugged.

As soon as I finished my meal I got up and brushed my teeth, and then, I got my things, kissed my parents and went in my car – a black Lotus Elise, my eighteenth birthday gift. Ah, that seems like yesterday.

On my way to school, I’ve seen familiar faces and scenes, the place hasn’t changed a bit but I like it here. I like it a lot.

Fourth year – my last year in school, the last year of sufferings and joy with my friends. I really wonder what surprises this year will bring to me. Yet, whatever it will be, I just want to enjoy my last year in school.

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