Don't Stay Close to Me

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I was asked to bring a letter to Professor Vex Laine—and I am so happy. Truthfully, Professor Vex is my crush since I was in first year that’s why my friends tease me when he’s around.

I’ve got a broad grin on my face and am walking playfully towards the faculty room; I don’t care about the stares other students give me. I am happy.

When I reached the faculty door, I inhaled deeply and breathed out quickly, making my face look stern than a grinning clown, I don’t need to make it really obvious that I am so happy to see him.

I knocked twice and then opened the door; I was welcomed with an almost angry voice—Professor Vex. When I walked more inside, I saw him scolding, Jason, a blond haired, average height, senior B.S. Bio student.

“Try doing it again…and this time make it better if you want to graduate.” Professor Vex said and gave back Jason’s thesis.

“Yes, Sir.” He responded, getting back his thesis and turned to walk out.

He was walking to my direction and when he saw me, he just smiled and I too, in return. Then I walked onto Professor Vex’s table—he sure looks disappointed.

“Good afternoon.” I said with a smile and he quickly looked at me and slowly his lips curled upward into a smile.

“I guess it could be good…”

“You really were scary.” I teased.

“Well, he was—.” He trailed off, thinking of a less offending word to describe Jason.

“Slow.” He filled in.

“You know I hate that.” He continued.

“Yup, I do. But sometimes you need to be patient and understanding.”

“Yeah, right.” He said and we both smiled. Then, I remembered the letter.

“By the way, I came here to give you this.” I handed to him the letter.

“Ah, thanks.” He replied and took the letter and flipped the letter repeatedly. And I am just looking at him.

‘He’s so cute doing simple things like that.’

“No prob.” I said.

I looked around the faculty room and a bin full of gift boxes, flowers and—love letters, took my attention. Wow, who threw them seems to have lots and lots of admirers.

“Who threw them?” I asked out of curiosity and he looked at the bin that I was looking at then smiled.

“Oh, those…Kent threw them.”

‘Kent? As in Professor Kent Hanely? Wow, they really liked him, but he just throws those? Hell, of a person!’

“He just threw them?” I asked bewilderedly.

“They are just trash.” Another voice rose in the and made me jumpy and turn around—it’s Professor Hanely standing behind me, carrying thick books effortless with his right hand showing his flexed muscles.

“Trash? Who gave them, to call those things trash?” I asked but he just walked to his table.

“His admirers gave them.” Professor Vex answered for him.

“So why call them trash?”

“Because it is just waste of time and I don’t need those…” Professor Hanely said, looking at me with a serious face then pulled away his stare. I still want to talk back but his look seems to say ‘don’t say anything else, you don’t want to mess with me now’.

“Rude ass.” I blurt then looked away and saw Professor Vex smiled at that. Well, he is used to that.

“I guess I need to go now...Bye, Sir.” I said and gait towards the door.

“Bye, thanks again.” Professor Vex said and I spun to face him.

“You’re welcome.” I said smiling.

Then I spun again to face the door but in the corner of my eyes I saw Professor Hanely with his dreadful serious face that I haven’t seen—and never expected to see. Totally different from the haughty attitude he has in front of us. It is more likely what I saw when we met on the hallway—rude and ill-tempered but still a JACKASS.

“Let us call this a day class. You’re dismissed.” Professor Abby said and we sighed.

Finally! We are done with our History class. It was interesting but Professor Abby makes it like a slumber class for us—we read books, she read the book equals boredom.

We excitedly exit the room to go home and as usual we are noisy. We passed by some empty classrooms and some occupied ones.

Then, I stopped.

‘Professor Hanely? And a freshman girl?’

It seems the class was dismissed just few minutes ahead of us. The girl pulled out something from her bag.

‘A letter? A love letter. Okay. She likes him, what do I expect?’

She slid the envelope on the teacher’s table, pushing it towards him and when he noticed it, he just looked at her with his stern and stoic stare…and spoke, the girl answered then he spoke again and gathered his things then left the girl alone in the room. Afterwards the girl walked out of the room with teary eyes.

‘He sure broke her heart. He’s cruel!’

Suddenly someone smacked my shoulder that made me flinch and get my attention. I turned around and saw the two bitches—Cristel and Ferra, no one else. They were standing boastfully with their hands on their hips and as usual a brow rose.

“What’s the matter with the two of you? Are you blind?”

“Ha! You’re blocking our way and so, we don’t care if we bump you, dork.” Ferra said.

“Why, are you going to break us? Hahaha. Try and you’ll be called in the guidance.” Cristel added.

‘Okay. They are threatening me but not scary. Ha-ha! Wimps!’

“You’re chickens! You can’t handle me so you’d use your uncle’s position to scare me… Huh, Cristel? Wimps!” I said with an eye brow raised.

Cristel just dropped the smile she had and turned around uttering ‘HMP!’ then walked out and Ferra followed her. I stuck a tongue to them and mentally laughed at them.

’Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! They lost! They lost! I won! I won! I love it when they lose on their own game. BITCHES! I mentally went jumpy on that idea.

“OUCH!” I shouted after someone hit me.

“What the HELL!” I continued as I turned around, rubbing my head to see who did it and I saw a scowling Mike with Rich and Shane behind.

“We thought you were gone!” Mike said.

“I just lost track of you…that’s all.”

“I told you Mike. You’re just over reacting.” Shane said as she went in front of Mike.

“Whatsoever!” Mike said and walked away.

“C’mon Mike, don’t be mad.” I said.

“That’s silly.” Rich said.

‘She’s not helping.’

I ran after him and hugged him from the back—well, this is my way to show that I’m sorry to all my friends especially when they are walking away.

“Hey, I’m sorry.” I said then I heard him sigh.

I walked in front of him and held his hands.

“Sorry.” I said pouting with my puppy eyes. Then he looked away and smirked.

“Hey, am I forgiven?” I asked but he didn’t answer me and just pulled one of his hands and started walking. Yet I held tight of the other one and so he looked back and saw me pouting.

“Okay, you’re forgiven.” He said and I grin.

“For real?” I asked and he just nodded.

“Yehey! Thanks Mike. Love you!” I said jumpily and gave him a quick squeeze.

“If we’re not your friends we would think you are a couple.” Rich said as they walk to us.

“Yeah you two are really sweet.” Shane added.

“Ahhhh~” I cooed and looked at Mike that looked away, scratching his head.

“You two are crazy.” He said and we all chuckled.

“Uhm, Let’s just go get some food.” I put in when I noticed him tinge. Ha-ha. That was cute.

We headed to the parking lot and Shane rode with me while Rich rode with Mike. We stopped at CBW and ordered grilled teriyaki chicken, veggie fajita bowl, stir-fry veggie bowl, and chicken Caesar and fountain soda.

We really had a full loaded meal and went home with full stomachs! We really have fun eating together. I brought Shane at her house at 7:45 and I reached home at five minutes after 8.

“Aren’t you going to eat dinner?” Mom shouted at me as I go upstairs to my room.

“No, I’m not! I already had dinner with my friends.” I shouted back.

“Okay!” She replied.

I went in my room and threw my bag on the couch and put my books on my study table. And I rest on my bed…

Then, I remembered it as I read their lips…

* Flashback*

“What’s this?” Professor Hanely asked to the girl when he noticed the envelope slid towards him.

“I like you, Sir.” The girl said. She is average in height, hazel brown haired and pretty. Anyone would like her, she’s really cute but she liked a wrong person.

“I have no time to deal with your crushes—forget about that.” He said and left the girl and the girl was in teary eyes.

* End of Flashback*

‘Ugh! That guy is totally on the top of being RUDE! He could’ve spoke with her kindly but he hurt her harshly! He is a rude asshole!! He dumped her rudely!’

I punched on my bed with annoyance as I think how cruel he is! Whatta Jerk!!!!

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