Don't Stay Close to Me

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I brought Rich at her house before going home. And when I reached home, I went straight to my room…well, no one is around only the maids and the butlers, Mom and Dad were out of town for business.

I put my bag on my table and made a beeline to my bed, slumping on it looking up on the ceiling. I held my abdomen—I can still the warmth of the arms that held me today, I look at my hands and I could still think the hands that held them, so soft and caring.

Sometimes I want to say it to her, admit it but I can’t. The thought of her knowing it and will eventually avoid me stops me from confessing.

Jadyn. I liked her. No. I loved her since the first day I met her. We instantly clicked together; our insane trips, common humor and many other things. I thought I just found a friend on her but, I found myself falling in love with her—falling deeply in love with her.

I tried to forget it and ignore it yet no, I can’t do it. I just loved her. And I can’t help it anymore so I decided to write love letters to her…

I looked at her as she gets my first love letter…but was broken hearted to see that she threw it away. I did understand why, Cristel and Ferra has been bullying her, and thought that they may be playing at her. Those Bitches.

Nevertheless, I had an instant idea of picking it up and tease her. And I really like it when I tease her, she’s cute when she pouts or mad. I wish I could say that to her personally.

When I learned that we will catch her admirer which is me, I got a mental panic. But when I got over with it, I put out a plan of my own, I don’t want to hide something to her but it’s not yet the time for her to know about it. I asked Ryan another friend of mine, the quiet guy in our class, to put the letter in Jadyn’s locker. But I was really praying that we won’t catch him do it or he’ll surely slip!

And that day I thank Professor Hanely for distracting us—perfect timing. But wondering what he told Jadyn to make her blush. I hate it.

I want to confess…yes, I do. But there are many things I think, I think she sees me like a gay which is I’m not! I’m straight! And worst thing is, I don’t want to lose her as a friend just because of my feelings for her. I will accept if she’ll reject me, just don’t avoid me. I can’t bear that.

*Sigh. *

But when can I confess? When can be the right time? I just want to tell her I love her.

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