Don't Stay Close to Me

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I scooped out my cellphone from my pocket after my first period class. I saw a message from Mrs. Kittles.

From: Mrs. Kittles

J, I’ll be meeting the troupe at 5:30 P.M. same place. See ’ya.

****END of MESSAGE****

I return my cellphone in my pocket and a grin grew on my face; I am extremely happy. My busy afterschool schedule is back! The weeks of boredom is going to be paid off. But now, I need to go to the Science Circle Office for the meeting…one of my extracurricular activities.

When I reached the office, the students majoring in Math and Science (which includes biology, chemistry, and physics) from freshmen to seniors who are us filled the room. The office is like a quarter of the size of the Academy Auditorium. Walking towards the seats I saw Cristel and Ferra, as expected, glared at me while I just smiled at them deviously and made my way to my friends and sat with them and started chatting.

“Alright!” Professor Francis exclaimed as he claps his hands. He is a black-haired guy with big eye glasses but definitely has good physique that is obvious in his tight polo and that made some girls drooling on him. Well, sorry for them because Ms. Lilia the sexy P.E. instructor got him in her fingers.

“Thank you, students, for coming here to have our early election of the new sets of officers…so let’s start first with a simple drill…” He said and started calling each year level.

When the freshmen are called, I saw her, the girl that Professor Hanely rudely dumped. I can feel my blood boil and my fist clenched with that thought.

‘That jerk! How could he be so numb! I really hate how he treated her.’

Afterwards the election started…

“The floor is now open for the position of Chairman…” Prof. Francis said but the room was quiet.

“Any nominees?” He asked still the room is quiet.

Then, a hand rose after few minutes.

“Yes, Miss Serry.” He called.

‘Yup. The bitch stood.’

“Well, because no one’s raising any nominee—I nominate myself…” She said smugly.

‘Hell yeah, she really has the guts to nominate herself…’

“No offense but I know I could lead this silly group I mean I am the cheerleader so I think I can manage this too. I can make this group a total cool thing.” She said conceitedly with a cocky grin.

‘What does she think; managing an organization is like counting 123 in cheerleading? Stupid.’

I made a puke face to her crap. She’s really talking nonsense; I am embarrassed for her.

“Yeah, Cristel Serry for Chairman!” Ferra supported clapping her hands.

“Okay…Miss Serry nominated—herself. Anymore nominations?” The crowd is still quiet. He waited for a while.

‘Okay, we’re having a bitch for a Chairman this year… science circle will be going to be slut circle.’

“Oh, well then…” He sighed and faced the board.

“I...!” Someone shouted before he could even write Cristel’s name as the chairman. I heard some sighed…or I just feigned? He looked back and saw someone raised a hand.

“Yes, Mr. Ronalds…” He pointed.

‘The lifesaver is Mike. Thanks?? Ha-ha. But that would be exciting how Cristel will manage this org.’

“I nominate—Miss Jadyn Avis for Chairman.” He said. My eyes widened in surprise.

“That’s bullshit!” I blurt out under my breath instead of just thinking of it.

‘Why the hell is he nominating me?? I should object yeah I should. . .’

“BITCH.” I heard Cristel mumbled and I grimaced like ‘what-the-hell!’

‘…Maybe I shouldn’t object just to piss her off.’

But then I turned to glare at Mike but he just gave me that ‘I-love-you-friend-so-peace!’ smile while I just gave him a ‘DUH!’ look with a crooked smile in return.

“Okay, two nominees now. Anymore?” He asked and Rich raised a hand.

“Yes, Miss Cadwick.”

“I suggest moving the nomination for chairman to close.”

“We second the motion.” The group chimed.

“Very well then, may I call on the two nominees to come in front and say something about yourself?” He said and gestured from us to the stage.

Cristel stood first walking conceitedly then I followed walking shyly. When we reached the stage, she looked at me with one brow raised. I just shrugged.

‘Okay, she wants to talk first…as usual.’

“I am Cristel Serry, the niece of Mr. Arthur Serry. Fourth year Bio major student. A cheerleader and I think I am suitable for this position—being the chairman of this organization. That’s all.” She said complacently.

‘Well, she really has the air…. I think we would fly…’

“Okay, Miss Avis.”

“Hi. Good afternoon. I’m Jadyn Avis. I’m a senior Bio major, a former officer of this org. That’s all. Thanks.” I simply said.

“All right, thanks ladies. You may now go back to your seats.” Prof. Francis instructed to us and so we did.

Cristel jolt her head on me showing, well, over confidence and walked to her seat first while I just smiled walking behind her.

‘She’s a real freak making trouble out of nothing.’

“Okay, let us now have the voting…” Prof. Francis said

“…take hold of the tabs in front of you, and tap the name of the nominee you want to vote. Now.” He continued and we started voting.

After few minutes the results are in, the I.T. gave it to Prof. Francis to officially announce it.

“The results are here…”

“I know it’s me.” Cristel mumbled in her seat.

“For sure.” Ferra supported.

‘Yeah, yeah. You’re popular so you should win whatever we got it. Psh.’

’Our Chairman this year is no other than….” He trailed off to give a thrill. Everyone’s tense.

“Miss Jadyn Avis!” He finally said grinning.

And I gaped with eyes wide open in surprise.

‘I can’t believe it! I won!’

“Oh, my! Jadyn you won!” Shane cried, shaking me.

“WHAT? That is a mistake!” Cristel grumbled, standing from her seat.

“Sorry, Ms. Serry but the counts are accurate, Miss Avis won…” The I.T. explained.

“NO! That should be me!”

“Well, Miss Serry you need to accept that you didn’t win. Besides, you can still run for other positions.” Prof. Francis said. But, Cristel is one stubborn girl.

‘One cocky Bitch, I say.’

“No! If you like this ugly face…” She said, glaring at me, but I just shrugged.

“To be your Chairman, be it! And be like shits!” She finished and flounced out of the room followed by her BFF, Ferra. And everyone was just looking at the commotion especially the freshmen.

“The usual act!” Someone sighed.

I think its Brandy, Cristel’s ex. He is a blonde guy and one of the football jocks. She had sort of dumped him after she finds out that Alex, the team captain before, has the hots for her.

‘Rumors do spread.’

“Sorry for that freshmen.” Prof. Francis said apologetically.

“Okay, let’s get over with that… Miss Avis please come and take over.” He said and I stood up.

“Uhm, before anything else, I would like to thank you for trusting me for this position.” I said and they clapped.

Then we proceed for the election of our officers. We finished just in time and happily the freshman had opened up to us.

I dismissed the group but had few words with the officers before going to our classes.

‘Great responsibility to handle, I need to focus.’

When I reached the room, I could feel Cristel’s glaring eyes on me. She just hates it when I win and she loses. I don’t compete, she does. Why? That is what I don’t know.

‘If you hate me, it’s your problem not mine. I won’t stress myself to you.’

I am just so excited to meet up with the troupe that I haven’t noticed that the teacher is already dismissing us.

“Bye!” I bid to my friends.

“Bye!” They answered in chorus.

I scampered to the Academy Auditorium; I sure look silly but I am happy. When I came in almost all the troupe members are there already, chatting and running around. Hyper.

“Hi!” I greeted with my ever-energetic aura.

“Hey J!” Sef replied first with his usual grin. He is a civil engineering student, green-eyed, brown-haired and has a well-toned muscular body.

“Hello J.” Stephanie said, walking to me and gave me a quick squeeze, I did too in return.

She’s really stunning with her chest-length black hair with red highlights and cute hazel brown eyes and slim body. She’s a Physical Ed. student.

And the rest of the troupe followed…except for Gin.

*Sigh. *

He is really ignoring me. I just looked at him from afar. His black hair is still messy, some reaches his forehead and eyes, and of course, his quiet attitude is still there, unchanged. Sometimes I feign that we are brought closer in the troupe just to make myself feel better.

Mrs. Kittles came in and all of us took a seat. She’s really drop-dead gorgeous. She has a very slim body, beautiful dark brown hair and fairly white skin. She doesn’t look like her age.

She stood in front of us, glanced at her wrist watch then looked at us with her typical poise, calm and confident.

“Good evening troupe! Long time no see.” She said, smiling, showing her pearl white teeth.

“Good evening too, Mrs. Kittles. Missed you.” We chimed and chuckled shortly.

“Well, I have some announcements for you…”

“First, the new troupe leader, since Carl had already graduated. We already had talked about it before and we chose….” She trailed off letting us guess.

“…we chose Sef Carter.” She said smiling at Sef.

He was surprised and we clapped our hands for him while some boys are shouting and whistling, he really deserves to be the new troupe leader. He humbly stood up and went in front with Mrs. Kittles.

“Uhm, this was surprising but thanks Mrs. Kittles for trusting me.” He said.

“To you troupe…I hope we’ll have a great time together.” He turned to us.

“We sure will boss!” Andrew shouted, wriggling on his seat chatting with his mates.

“Yeah, thanks Drew.” Sef replied.

“Now, now that’s enough. Thanks, Sef.” Mrs. Kittles cut in.

“One more thing is that our sub-leaders: Stephanie for the girls.” She said and Stephanie stood up.

“Jace for the boys…” Then, he stood up.

“And the stunts will always be Jadyn’s…” She said grinning on me. At that moment I stood.

“Now, the troupe has new leaders and I expect cooperation from all of you.” She said.

“Yes Ma’am!” We chimed and we sat.

“Moving on, second announcement is that we are asked to perform for our school’s foundation day and have an intermission number in the upcoming charity basketball game...”

“Last one is that we are competing for the Inter-School Dance Troupe Competition in New Jersey.”

“Wow! That rocks!” Andrew exclaimed but others started chatting.

‘Okay, not expecting this…it sure is nice but I need to prioritize my studies…’

Most of us are seniors and things like this are complicated for us. I don’t want to drop dancing however I’d choose my academics over dancing.

“Now, now kids…” Mrs. Kittles said as she claps her hands to get our attention.

“Don’t worry, the competition is scheduled on your semester break and before the enrollment starts, we’re back.” She assured to us.

“If that’s the case we won’t have any problems.” Cherry said.

“I’m in.” Jessica said.

“Me, too.” Faith said.

And everyone agreed with it, even I did agree.

“Very well then, it is settled.” She said.

“Now, go get yourself ready for our practice today for the Academy orientation.” She instructed.

We all stood and went to our separate dressing room to change our clothes.

“Hey, can I come with you?” Drew teased.

“C’mon you know you can’t…” Stephanie said, as she comes in with the girls but he still walked towards our room.

“I’ll give you a hit if you’ll try.” I said standing on the door with one clenched fist up.

“Nah…can you?” He said putting his arm on the wall near me but Sef got him on his neck.

“Come here, stop messing around.” Sef said dragging him in their room and I just chuckled.

After changing we went straight on the stage to have a warm up and start practicing for our new dance for the Academy Orientation.

’And I just missed dancing with the troupe…”

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