Don't Stay Close to Me

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We’re done with our practice for today. Phew! Tiring but fun.

Time check: 6:00 P.M.

I am walking together with the troupe down the hallway to the parking lot.

“Want to ride with me?” Andrew asked me flirtatiously putting his arms around my shoulder.

“Nope, I can drive home. ALONE.” I said and rolled my eyes, shoving his arms off me.

Thinking if Andrew likes me? A big NO. He doesn’t like me he is just a flirty guy that is a self-proclaimed playboy that wants me to be one of his girlfriends or should I say playmates.

“Andrew, quit it. You know you don’t have a chance.” Sef said and he shot him a silly mad look and Sef chuckled so do I while others snickered.

I was laughing with them when I noticed something strange in the corner of my eyes that really caught my attention. I stopped walking.

“Uhm… I think I forgot something.” I said and they all turned to me.

“What is it?” Sandy asked.

“My—Keys…yeah, my keys.” I lied. I want to follow that thing (someone) that caught my attention.

“I told’ya I can give you a ride home.” Andrew said with hopes.

“No thanks, Andrew. You go ahead I’ll go get it myself….” I said I don’t want them to come with me. I can’t do what I plan if they do.

“No. I’ll go with you.” Sef said.

“Nah, don’t bother I can handle that, I can look for my keys.” I said convincingly.

“You sure?” He asked with concern.

‘Sef is my big brother in school. He’s really concerned about me, a lot.’

“I can come with her, if you want.” Andrew offered.

“Okay, you go now….and I’ll keep this freak away from you.” Sef said dragging Andrew on the neck with them.

I laughed at that moment; Andrew really had a sour face.

“Okay, see you tomorrow Big Bro.” I said, turning away.

“Bye guys!” I bid to the others waving a hand on my shoulder.

At this time, I know that few students, the S.A.’s and the night class students are here and also teachers, only few of course, but why is she here?

‘Who did I see? —No other than, Cristel. I won’t be curious that she’s here if I haven’t seen her wearing a navy-blue robe-like, mid-thigh length dress that is so out of place for school.’

I searched for her around the campus and spotted her at the Academy Science Center.

‘What the Hell is she going to do here? In such attire?’

Curiosity is in my system and I can’t help it. I followed her with my spying skills.

‘Damn! I can really be a ninja or a secret agent you know.’

I hid behind the walls, indoor plants or behind the posts. It’s really a big help that I wore a black tank top and shorts with my rubber shoes instead of my uniform, I feel comfortable.

I continue to track her until we reached the faculty room she looked around before getting in.

‘What the heck is she going to do in there with that freaking garb? Who’s there? I really need to see it.’

I looked around to see if there’s any way I can come in the faculty room aside from the main door.


There’s a backdoor in the faculty room. I reached for the knob.

‘I hope it’s not locked.’

Luckily, the door isn’t locked. Then I literally crawled inside, and closed the door slowly and quietly. I hid behind the teachers’ table until I got a perfect spot to watch her.

She looked around the room as if looking for something—or someone? Next thing I saw, she’s smiling, walking towards a direction.

‘Did she already found what she’s looking for?’

I traced the direction where she’s heading…. And I was surprised to see Professor Hanely in his table this late as if working on something with his laptop while glancing at some books once a while.

‘How did she know that he’s here? Does he know that she’ll be here? .... ooh! This is so exciting! Curiosity really kills me!’

She reached his table and her blocking shadow distracted him and so he looked up with a DAMN emotionless face, ignoring her simper.

“What are you doing here at this time, Ms. Serry?” He asked looking back at his laptop.

“Well Sir Kent…” She trailed off and started walking near him running her fingers on his arms and rested her hands on his shoulder but he remained unmoved.

‘Whatta guy… And she is unbelievable.’

She leaned forward on his shoulder.

“…I just thought I could use some time with you after school.” She purred on his ear.

Then she ran her hands down to his chest but he swiftly held her hands to stop, removed it and stood up.

“I have no time for this petty thing…” He said with his impervious look.

“I’ve got more important things to deal with than you…” He said turning around to turn off his laptop and fold some pages in his books before closing them.

“I’m no waste of time…” She said.

But he just moved out of his table ignoring Cristel, and then she made a move. She grabbed his arm and tugged him hard enough for him to face her, his face scrunched up in annoyance.

“What the—.” He didn’t finish because Cristel kissed him, tiptoeing to reach his lips, locking it with her lips He wasn’t shocked his face is still plain. He didn’t kiss back though she tries to deepen the kiss. Her hands snaked to his neck holding it tight. She left his lips and started kissing his neck.

‘Gross! She’s doing all the moves…She’s really taking her slutness to the next level!’

He grabbed her hands and pushed her away that made her flinch. Her face grimaced in annoyance or disappointment.

“This is not an acceptable behavior Ms. Serry!” He said with a raise of voice to emphasize authority.

“I can’t tolerate this kind of act; I suggest that you should leave now.” He continued adamantly.

“I won’t leave unless you go down with me…” She said seriously but with a hint of flirt.

“If you don’t, I will…” He said gathering his things.

“You don’t have to leave…” She said and he stopped and looked at her.

She pulled the tie on her dress and opened it, pulling it off; revealing her naked being. He was stoned in his place, standing, then I saw him tinge and she smiled triumphantly.

‘Now. Now. I think something will really happen now. I guess I need to go.’

She walked to him and started kissing his neck then cheeks. I turned around and begun with my crawling exit when I heard him spoke.

“STOP!” He snarled. I turned back to them and looked.

He was holding her wrist to keep her away from him, his face still serious but with a hint of anger. She just smiled.

‘Is she crazy? Like something’s lost in her brain?’

She tried to reach for him but he shoves her wrists and her smile fade but replaced with a disappointed face.

“STOP it. I’ve had enough, I’ll leave now. I don’t want to waste any of my time with you and your insanity.” He said and started walking out of the room.

But Cristel run to him and hugged him from the back and it stopped him. He snorted as if calming himself. He pulled her hands off him and pushed her. He turned off the lights and left Cristel alone.

‘Wow. I thought he would really give in, she showed everything but he was not moved. Whatta guy…He sure is numb.’

Cristel stood there for few minutes then turned to grab her dress and put it on. She stomped out of the faculty room, slamming the door.

‘Alright! I need to leave now the show is over.’

I crawled out of the room and closed the back door quietly, as much as possible.

‘That was quite a show. I really can’t paint her disappointed face; I think this was her first ever rejection. Poor Cristel…was that pity or taunting? Whatever.’

Time check: 7:30 P.M.

‘Shoot! I am totally a dead meat! Run Jadyn! And think of a reasonable excuse or else you’re in a trouble!’

I ran as fast as I could to the parking lot with my brain working for a reasonable excuse.


He left me in the room despite of everything I showed to him. He ignored me. HE DAMN IGNORED ME!

I walked out of the room and ran to the parking lot and rode in my car.

‘BULLSHIT! He shot me out though I’ve done all the moves to get him down with me…but he is so numb to leave me there! So, he plays hard to get, huh? Well, I’ll play his game because I won’t let him go away with this…. I will take him down by any means I swear! He challenges me and I like it.’

I stopped in a club few kilometers away from school. I need to get my confidence again.

I came in the club and everyone is staring at me, boys are drooling at me. I know they would, so I wonder why Professor Hanely is not like them.

I dance and make out with this unknown guy….

‘Well, I don’t care if I don’t know him. He’s hot. And I need someone to lose with.’


She was naked.

I felt my body scorch.

My hormones told me to grab her, give her what she wants.

But thanks to my mind, I didn’t.

I left her in the room before I lose my remaining wits. I’m not stupid to get myself in to trouble. I love my job.

I’ve had many experiences with those kinds of things and that made me numb enough to manage myself. *Sigh. *

‘Damn, another freaky admirer.’

I drove home still with the thoughts of tonight’s happening. I never thought of meeting such situation in that school. I guess I can’t avoid that.

When I reached home, I felt a sort of relieved. At least in here I could work without any distractions from desperate girls.


I reached home 8:00 P.M. a 30-minute record breaking drive because I know what is waiting for me.

I came in and no one was there. I closed the door quietly. I tiptoe to the stairs just not to awake anyone.

“Why are you just now?” Mom asked. I just know her voice. I turned to look at her. She’s with Dad.

‘Shoot! They caught me.’

“I’m sorry. I need to stay in school because I lost something, I looked for it myself—you know I don’t want to bother anyone.” I lied.

“Like what did you lost?” Mom probed.


“Okay.” Dad said.

‘Sigh! Thank goodness they didn’t doubt!’

“But next time, text or call us so we won’t be worried.” He continued putting his arm across my Mom’s shoulder.

“Yes, I will. I’m sorry again.” I said and they nodded.

“I’ll prepare your dinner.” Mom said.

“Okay, thanks. I’ll go up first to change.”


I flipped the switch to light my room as I come in my room. I closed the door and threw my bag on the couch and sat beside it. Looking at the ceiling. Then I remembered it.

‘She’s extreme. I haven’t anticipated that she could do that. She’s a slut or a whore, I know. But never did I think of that…. She really is a hardcore whore in that case. On the other hand, Professor Hanely truly did slap her self-confidence off when he ignored her. The freak can really control himself. I don’t know if I should pity Cristel for her lost or be triumph that she finally reached her doom! WHATEVER! Which is which, I think I am neutral. They are both ASSHOLES! Whatta Show I’ve seen. The desperate act’

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