Don't Stay Close to Me

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It’s wash day!

I don’t need to wear the silly uniform. Short sleeve blouse, black pencil cut skirt and ribbon as our necktie. I hate it! Especially when ‘that happened’ I hated it more!

Wash day is my savior.

I ran in to my closet and rummaged through my clothes. I got myself a pair of denim short and a tank top with rip design at the back inside it is a tube top (just so I won’t get any attention from our disciplinarian) and a pair of snickers. I grabbed my packsack and I’m set.

Mom and Dad left earlier while Ace is already in school for practice.

I drove in school; I parked in a space beside the motorcycle parking area. I went out of my car and started my casual walk to the main building where our class is today.

“Good morning Jadyn!” Shane greeted me with a smile when I came in the room.

“Likewise. Where’s Rich?”

“Not yet around, as usual, ’yak know why...” She said and we smiled as I sat beside her.

“Hey.” I said and I pat Mike’s shoulder and he was jumpy. I laugh slyly.

“He-Hey, Jadyn…” He stuttered as he turns to me.

“Good morning.” He continued, giving me a smile.

“Good morning too… I think you should stop drinking coffee you’re becoming easily nervous.” I said with a grin.

“Whatever.” He said and went back to what he’s doing.

I looked around the room and saw few students around. Well, 6:30 A.M. is still early.

Then my eyes set on Cristel and Ferra. They seem to be discussing some important matters—maybe Cristel’s desperate act…

’Yeah, I can still remember that…” I mentally smiled at the thought of it.

I turned before Cristel or even Ferra catches me staring at them.

“Hi!” Rich greeted as she enters the room.

“Fifteen minutes before the time.” I said glancing at my watch.

“Well, you know why.” Rich said, grinning.

“Yeah, we know.” Shane said and rolled her eyes.

‘She always waits for her crush, Sean, to go out of his house before going to school, they are practically neighbors…my good friend is really head over heels with him.’

“So, did you see him?” I asked.

“Yeah…” She nodded happily.

“Did you say Hi?” Shane asked but she just looked down.

“I didn’t….”


“He’s with the boys that early morning.”

“Oh, I see.” I said. Then Shane and I nodded in unison.

“HELLO, CLASS!!” Professor Kate greeted as she came in. And we stopped chatting.

She’s our Livelihood Tech. professor…what’s the connection with our course specifically with our major? I DON’T KNOW. The admin’s crazy. Professor Kate is in her late forties with large thick-framed eyeglasses and a hazel brown hair fixed in a bun and grayish eyes. She’s good but strict in rules.

We fixed ourselves; I didn’t notice that the room is now filled with our classmates.

“Good morning! Today we’ll talk a bit of the introductory then we’ll BAKE immediately!” She exclaimed. And we cheered.

She started the introduction then after few minutes we are getting ready to bake.

“OKAY! You can bake any cookie recipe you know. Feel free to experiment and think wild but don’t burn your cookies or worst the school.” She joked and we chuckled.

“Start now!” She signaled and so we did.

‘I love this class because of this.’

After our two classes we headed to the Academy Science Center faculty room. And as usual since that day I pass this laboratory report to Sir Cocky-Ass.

“Go in, now!” Mike gushed.

“Okay! No need to be hysterical.” I said sarcastically and chuckling.

“Whatever! Go now!”

“I’m walking in now, see?” I said as I get in.

Typically, when I come in, I looked for him…

‘Issh…He’s not around. I hate it.’

I continued walking and was stopped, like there’s an invisible wall in front me. What a horrible thing to see in this lovely afternoon!

‘Okay, I’m exaggerating…but truly what welcomed me is not nice…GROSS.’

Cristel hopped on Professor Hanely’s table showing much of her skin with her miniskirt and V-shaped chiffon blouse that went down enough to show her cleavage. I made a puke face with that.

‘Sure, she is a determined flirtatious whore.’

I hesitate if I’ll go ahead and pass this piece of shit or NOT—but our grades are in sake. I shrugged and agreed to myself…I’ll pass this.

‘This might piss her off but no way will I forsake our grades for her SLUT BUSINESSS. I might as well piss her today or Prof. Hanely if he’s enjoying it.’

Evil smile growing.

“AHEM!” I said loudly, loud enough to make Cristel jumpy.

‘That was funny she got nervous.’

I got the attention of the two of them. Well, Professor Hanely wasn’t really paying attention to me or even to Cristel.

“If you’ll excuse me, I need to put this laboratory report to that space where you sit…So can you please move?” I said deviously polite.

She glared at before sliding down the table. I just smiled.

“Thank you.” I said putting the laboratory report on the table.

She was standing next to me and I can really feel the fury in her stare. On the other hand, I saw from the corner of my eye is Professor Hanely…

‘Is he smiling? He is crazy’

“Here you go, sir…on time.” I said. Why not piss her much, I already started it.

He dropped his smile and replaced it with a serious face.

‘DAMN! This guy can really change facial expression in a snap.’

He looked at his watch.

“It is on time. Thank you, Miss Avis, as expected.” He said, paying no attention to Cristel, he keeps the report.

However, Cristel is burning in annoyance and so stomped away, bumping my shoulder intentionally. It moved me a little but I kept my smile and looked at her deviously.

‘She’s so going to kill me, at least I enjoyed.’

A moment after that, I heard a low chuckle. It’s Professor Hanely.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked and he stopped chuckling.

“Nothing.” He said with a smile and shrugged.

‘Okay he’s nuts.’

“You are nuts—a mentally distorted guy.”


‘Thank you for what? He’s really crazy.’

“Okay, you’re out of your mind.”

“I guess.” He said.

“But really thanks.” He continued.

“For what?” I asked quizzically.

“For making Cristel leave—she really gives me the creeps.” He said sitting back fixing his things on the table.

‘He really doesn’t know how to speak with eye contact, does he? But wait, about what he said…He creeps out instead of attracted to Cristel… is it true?’

“She gives you the creeps? Aren’t you enthralled or seduced?”

“Nope. Her type is not what I can be attracted with… She’s just another student that lacks attention and the way she flirts me is creepy not seductive.” He said with a smile, and then his dimple showed.

‘His dimples are really cute…. but not him! He’s a jerk.’

“But she showed enough for a man to be seduced unless you… are…” I trailed off making him guess what I will say.

“I’m straight and skin doesn’t really count… I can control myself from those things. One more thing, I don’t make out with some desperate girls.” He said firmly.

“Okay… I’ll go ahead.” I said; I don’t want to have a longer talk with him.

“Sure.” He said his eyes fixed on his laptop.

I went out of the faculty room absent-mindedly.

‘Not a typical kind of guy…I mean if that would be other guys out there, they’ll grab Cristel and make out with her. I mean she already showed much for a motive…He really piss Cristel for dumping her. But he really can control himself.’

“Hey, are you okay?” Rich said as she pats me on the shoulder, and I snapped.

“Huh? Y-yeah.” I stuttered like I’m half awake.

“Did Cristel do something to you? We saw her get out…” Shane said full of concern.

“No. I was just thinking….” I said.

“Thinking about?” Mike trailed off with a teasing tone.

‘Okay. Okay, I know what he wants to say…. I’m thinking about Prof. Vex. Yeah, right.’

“What do you mean?” I said acting innocently.

“Ha-ha! Don’t act so innocently. It’s so not like you!”


“You know what we mean. You are thinking about Prof. Vex!” Shane finally cried.

“Oh, shut up!” I said and stuck out a tongue on them.

And we started laughing.

“What you kids doing here?” A familiar voice arouses behind us and so we turned.

“Hi, Sir!” They chorused and he smiled while I was just startled.

‘A moment ago, I am just thinking of seeing him today…. now, he’s here. Am I lucky or what?!’

“Hi, Jadyn.” He said to me and I snapped.

“H-Hi...” I said and smiled. And they coughed teasingly so I shot them a glare while he smiled.

“So, what are you doing here?”

“We passed our laboratory report.” Rich answered.

“Oh, I see…”

“So, how are you Jadyn?” He turned to me.

“I’m okay.” I said.

And my friends started teasing me…I can really feel my blood rush to my face.

“Stop that!” I cried to them. But they kept on going while Professor Vex chuckled.

“Hey. Hey, stop that…look at her she’s reddening.” He said.

‘The heck! It’s obvious! I hate it!’

“You are such a jerk!” I turned to him.

“I miss that.” He said and I smiled slyly.

“Whatever.” I said.

“Well, I’m going in now...Bye.” He said and started walking in the faculty room.

“See you around Sir.” They chorused.

When he was gone my friends started teasing me again as we move along to the canteen as usual. Well, this is our way of bonding before we go to our afterschool activities.

“See ’ya tomorrow guys!” I bid to them as I wave them good bye and run to the Academy Auditorium.

“Bye too! Take care!” They chorused as they wave back to me.

I reached the corridors towards the auditorium slowing down from running to walking.

“Jadyn!” Someone called from my back. And so, I stopped and turn.

“Hi, Krizia.” I said then smiled.

She’s grinning as she walks to me. She’s really cute with her tied short hair in a ponytail and her bangs loose, her brown eyes are sparkling in glee. She’s wearing a pink shirt, skinny jeans and pink-black sneakers, simply girly.

“How are you?” She asked when she reached my side.

“Fine.” I answered. By that time, I saw Gin. He’s simply handsome in his v-shaped blue shirt, loose pants and rubber shoes.

“Um…are you going to stay to watch our practice?” I asked as we walk together.

“No, I’m not…I need to go home early.” She said.

“Ahh…okay.” I said and sighed quietly.

‘I felt a bit of relieved. It’s not that I don’t like her to be around. It’s just weird…I feel awkward.’

We reached the front of the auditorium when suddenly I saw her give Gin a peck on the lips—Okay…awkward…

‘HEY! I am here! I see you!’

I saw him tinge and then looked away.

‘Yup, the shy guy…cute.’

“Bye.” He said to him and he just nodded.

“Bye Jadyn.” She turned to me.

“Bye.” I said and smiled.

She walked away and we came in together…*sigh. *

“I’m sorry about that.” A voice echoed in my ear.

‘Did he just talk to me? Am I just dreaming? This is unbelievable.’

I quickly looked at him, shocked face, and there he was walking by my side—he’s a bit taller than me. He rubbed his head while looking down. The shy guy…never changed.

“That’s okay—that was sweet.” I said with a smile then he looked at me with his beautiful black eyes.

‘I’ve been missing those black eyes...’

He smiled back and I felt my heart skitter.

“Um…” He trailed off.

“What?” I asked.

‘I don’t want to lose this conversation.’

“I’m sorry if I…I’ve been ignoring you for years.” He said and lowered his head.

“No. I ignored you first…don’t be sorry.” I said.

“No, I …”

“Okay, you’re forgiven.” I cut in and he looked at me surprisingly.

“I know you’ll insist. We’re both stubborn that’s why we clicked, right?”

“Yeah...” He said and smiled then looked down again.

We found seats and sat together then I remembered the cookies we made this morning. I pulled the bag of it and opened it.

“Want some?” I offered to him.

“Sure.” He said and got one.

“Thanks.” He said and ate it and so I too get one and ate.

“You baked this, right?”

“Yeah. How’d you know?”

“I still remember the cookies you gave to me when you baked in high school”

‘He still remembers that? How touching….’

“Oh…yeah that one.” I said and turned away because I am tingeing.

‘I think today is my luckiest day! I love it!’

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