Don't Stay Close to Me

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I pull in our garage, halting in my parking spot. I walked out of my car and quickly noticed the motorcycle parked beside Mom’s car.

‘Yamaha YZF R15…The neighbor is in!’

I excitedly rushed in the house. Honestly, I do look silly.

“I’m home!” I greeted as I close the door behind me.

No answers. I looked around but I didn’t find them.

‘Where are they? They are not even in the receiving room…. Maybe they are in the living room, upstairs?’

I went up and checked if they were there but they were not there.

‘Where the heck they are?’

I tried to call Mom but she did not answer as well as Dad and Ace.

‘They are so busy? Ugh! Where are they? Maybe I should check on the lounge. Yeah right.’

I ran towards the room and stopped in front of the door and I let myself catch my breath before going in.

‘I don’t want the neighbor see me stressed out…. haggard looking…’

I knocked the door twice, I guess no heard me, no one opened the door.

‘Maybe they are not here? I hope not.’

To make sure I twisted the knob and opened the door I peeped in and… Bingo! They are here talking about many things: music, work, sports and movies.

‘Why didn’t they hear me? Are they so busy talking that they did not hear me? Okay, fine.’

“Uhm. Hi.” I said as I came in like a shy girl and Mom turned to me.

“Oh. Hi, sweetie.” She answered, standing up. She walked towards me and took me to where they are sitting.

Then, I saw a man sitting next to Ace, talking with him. I guess he is our neighbor. He is a black-haired guy and from behind the couch where he sits, I can only see his white polo shirt underneath a nice fitting black jumper; his shoulders are broad and his curves and his bulges are so obvious that made him sexier.

‘Yeah, he sure is sexy.’

“You didn’t say that you are here?” Mom said and I snapped out of checking out our new neighbor.

“I did call you; you didn’t answer.” I replied.

“Oh, sorry.” She relented.

“Hi, Dad.” I greeted, smiling when I saw him sitting in his usual place the big chair.

“Hello, honey.” He said with a smile.


“Yeah, Hi.” He said, looking at his PSP.

‘Whatta brat.’ I rolled my eyes.

We reached to the side of the couch and we stood there.

“By the way, he is our neighbor…” Mom pointed to the man and when I turned my head to look at him…


I gape and bolted when I saw that our neighbor, that I’ve wanted to see, is no other than the COCKY ASS, CRAZY JERK!

“Mr. Kent Hanely.” Mom introduced. At that time, he smiled, but I don’t know if it is scornful or devious or what! I can’t read it! I HATE IT!

“Yeah…I know him.” I said matter-of-factly.

“You do?” Mom said to me surprisingly.

“He’s our genetics Professor.”

‘Yeah, our cocky-ass jerk genetic professor! Psh.’

“Oh, yes he did tell us that he is teaching…” She said nodding.

“But I never thought of your school.” She continued.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t mention it earlier.” He said politely.

‘Quite good acting skills you got there.’

“It’s okay.” Mom said.

“Let’s sit.” She continued.

He sat back while I sat beside my Mom. They started talking again and I am just quiet, I just talk when Mom or Dad asks me a question.

“So, how does Jadyn do in your class?” Dad suddenly asked and I shockingly looked at my Dad at the same time I gulped. Then, I looked away.

I remembered the entire sneers I ’ve done to him.

‘Is he going to tell to him?’

I looked at his direction. He gave me a stare and smirked and I just gave him a warning look. Then, he turned to my Dad.

‘Heck! I won’t regret all those taunting I’ve done, he deserves it! Right? . . . Whatever! I’ll just face the repercussions of what I did.’

I felt my hands become clammy at the moment.

‘SHIT! Why am I getting nervous? Ugh! I know I’ll be in big trouble if he’d say it… but no, I can handle this. Yes, I do.’

“She’s doing great in my class, Sir.” He said and I felt relieved and sighed mentally. The building tension in me demolished.

“That’s good. I hope she hadn’t brought any headaches.” Dad said and he just smiled.

Then he turned to look at me and smiled mockingly.


“Uhm sorry to interrupt you, but Jadyn and I will go down first to prepare dinner.”

“Yes, sure.” Dad permitted.

“Please excuse us.” I said and we started walking out of the room.

‘*Sigh. * thanks to that, I can now leave the room and the tension in there. That jerk really puts me in sort of danger.’

“Dinner’s ready.” I said when I came up to them.

“YES!” Ace exclaimed and hurried out of the room.


Dad and Professor Hanely went out together and so I went along with them going downstairs, beside my Dad, of course.

When we reached the dining room, I sat to my usual seat…but the awkward thing is that Professor Hanely is sitting in front of me. Speaking unluckiness, this is the worst.

“Jadyn cooked these.” Mom said proudly and I just smiled.

“Is it really safe?” Ace asked sardonically and I just shot him a glower.

“Don’t be silly Ace.” Mom said.

“Well, let’s eat.” Dad said and so we did.

“So, Kent, you said you have a younger brother living with you, why didn’t you bring him along?” Dad asked.

“He’s out of town for the basketball competition.”

“I see.” Dad said, nodding.

“It must be so lonely to be alone in that house.” Mom sympathized.

“Oh, no—I barely stay home. I usually stay at school as late as seven P.M. to finish some works.” He said politely.

‘That explains why he was there at that time….’

“Busy young man, don’t you have any girlfriend?” Mom asked suddenly and it made me choke and cough. They all looked at me.

‘Damn! What a question! Was it necessary?’

I turned away to cover my mouth from coughing.

“Are you okay honey?” Mom asked. I swallowed the lump in my throat before answering her.

“Uhm. . .yeah, I’m fine now.” I said as I clear my throat and stop coughing. I drink a glass of water and cleaned my lips with a napkin afterwards.

‘OKAY! I just made a scene! And I caught him looking at me! Issh!’

I went back to eating and so do they.

“So, back to my question, Kent, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Nope, I don’t have any.”

“You never had?” Ace probed.

‘Why are they so curious?’ I raised an eyebrow while forking my steak.

“I had…”

“Who broke up?” Ace asked further.

‘What the…wasn’t that enough to get over with love life interrogation?’

Then, I heard him chuckled shortly before answering.

“She broke up…”

‘He was dumped?? That’s shocking…everyone likes him… well, the odds of life.’

“Why?” Ace asked more.

‘Does he really have to ask?’

“Why do you still have to ask?” I shot to him. I really can’t help it.

“I just want to know.” He retorted.

“You don’t have to know anything too personal to him. Respect privacy.” I shot him back.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind; besides it’s done.” Professor Hanely cut in. And Ace stuck a tongue on me and I just rolled my eyes and shook my head, returned to my eating.

“Whatever.” I said.

“Hey, don’t argue while eating.” Mom said.

“So, why?” Ace turned to Professor Hanely and from then I saw him smiled.

‘He’s nuts! Both of them!’

“She broke up with me because we don’t get along anymore, she said she doesn’t love me anymore and found someone else.” He said.

“Oh.” Ace said making an ‘o’ shape of his mouth.

“Well, enough for that, thank you for sharing Kent. And thanks for not being annoyed with Ace and his questions.” Mom said.

“No problem…” He said politely with a smile.

“Let’s enjoy the food.” Dad said and so we did.

I can’t go upstairs.

I can’t go to my room.

I can’t leave.

I have no choice but to stay here with them in the garden. Listen to them talk and talk. I can’t leave because I know Mom won’t like it, she’s a well-disciplined kind of person. I just kept my mouth shut the whole time. I don’t want to slip or say something off course… *Sigh. *

They seem not to run out of topics to talk about, they talked about almost everything.

‘Five minutes….’


‘Ugh! When will they stop?!’

“Well, it’s already late, maybe I should go now.” Professor Hanely said and it rung in my ear.

‘Yes! He’s leaving! He’s leaving! Yeeeeeeees!’

“Yes, that’s true.” Dad said as he looks at his watch.

“I guess we lost track of time…” Dad continued grinning on Professor Hanely.

‘Super lost track of time!’

“Yes, I really had fun.”

“Us, too.” Mom said. And they all stood up.

“It’s nice if we’ll have you here again.” Ace said.

‘Here again? NO WAY! I don’t want to.’

“Yeah, sure Ace.”

They started walking in and I slowly side walk to the stairs to run to my room.

“Jadyn, honey.” Mom said and I froze.

‘Shoot! She caught me!’

“Yeah?” I asked as I turn to her.

“Can you stroll with Kent to the garage?’ She said and my eyes widened.

‘Hell, why me?!’

“Huh? Me?”


“No, Mrs. Avis I’ll be alright. I can walk to the garage myself…” Professor Hanely cut in.

“No need to bother anyone.” He continued looking at me, smiling while I just looked away.

“It’s not a bother; we would be impolite to let you walk alone.” I heard Dad said.

“So, Jadyn.” He called to me and I turned to look at them.

“Please stroll with Kent.” He said. And then I saw Mom giving me an ‘it’s-an-order’ look.

‘OKAY! I can’t disobey that!’

“Fine.” I said reluctantly.

We started walking to the door.

“Good bye Kent. See you around.”

“See you around.” He said and he opened the door, he gestured to me to go first and I just did to avoid trouble.

‘Playing gentleman.’

“Bye.” He said one more time before closing the door.

He walked behind me along the way to the garage, no talking…I don’t want to talk to him.

“The food is good…I never thought you can cook.” He said surprisingly. Then, I turned to him; he was surprisingly walking beside me now.

“I always cook.”

“It wasn’t obvious.” He said and I shot him a glare while he just smiled at me. Then I notice how tall he is.

‘Heck! He’s so tall! I stand only up to his chest line, I guess.’

“Jerk.” I mumbled under my breath as I look away.

“As you always say.” He retorted.

‘Psh... WHATEVER!’

We reached the garage and he went to his motorcycle; black Yamaha YZF R15, really masculine.

’Very nice motorcycle, really my type. And he’s really looking hot with what he’s wearing right now, his muscles flexed when he positions his leg or handle the grip to heat up the engine… so macho even with his clothes on. . .



I mentally shook my head to remove such bad idea—foolish!

“Hey, earth to Jadyn.” He said and I snapped out of my musing.

“Huh?” I said absent-mindedly and he chuckled.

“What the…” I said raising an eyebrow.

“Well, just want to thank you for your cold welcome.”


“Not quite friendly, to your new neighbor Miss Avis.” He quipped.

“I’ll be if it’s not you.”

“Oh, you hate me.”


“What do you expect?”

“Much like the Hudgekins.”

“Sorry, didn’t reach that expectation.” He said sarcastically.

“Asshole.” I mumbled.

“You really need to lessen your trash talk.” He said and I just cocked an eyebrow and gave him a ‘whatever’ look but he just smiled his dimples visible.

‘Oh, those cute dimples…the dimples not the guy. I think he’s hot? NO! NO! NO! He’s a JERK! JERK! JERK!’

“Well, see you around.” He said and tucked his head in his helmet, lit the head lights and started to pull out of the garage and set out our house.

I went in our house and went straight to my bed room. My Mom and Dad seem not to notice anything scornful about my behavior. Whatta relief.

After giving myself a short dip in the tub I wore my black negligee and lied down on my bed, comfortable under my cozy warm blanket. I closed my eyes.

’He was smiling politely with my Mom and Dad even with my annoying brother Ace but smiling naughtily to me…That Jerk! But when they were talking about his ‘ex’ I saw a hint of pain in his eyes though he masks a smile, and still manages to carry on with the conversation. I can’t believe that the WELL-LOVED COCKY-ASS JERK WAS DUMPED BEFORE… a quite surprise but that may be explains his attitude outside the classroom…. okay let’s just stop thinking about that, J…’

I lied on my side trying to get a sleep, keeping my eyes shut…

‘…But I admit he looks so hot with his motorbike…and his nice built muscles… NOO! STOOP! Jadyn sleep! And stop checking him out. SLEEEEEEEEEP!’

I covered my face with my blanket and tried thinking about something else…that is not related to him! Count prime numbers…

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