Don't Stay Close to Me

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When I reached the auditorium only few of the members are there, even Gin is not yet there. So, I’ve decided to walk around the campus then went back to the auditorium. But before I went in, I saw a stair case leading to the rooftop.

I peep in and few members are still there so I went up to the rooftop…I’ve always wanted to sit here.

The view is grand, I can see almost all the buildings in the school, the air was cool and the place was calm. I stepped on the edge of the building and started walking like walking on a tight rope. My arms wide spread to keep my balance and I look down to see how high I will fall if I trip…

‘Crazy me. . .’

I enjoy the thrill in this quiet place…until some freak opened a mouth.

“BOO!” Someone shouted behind me.

And I jumped in fear; my foot slipping on the edge, at that moment I gasped and felt electricity ran through my body, my heart skipped a beat. Then someone pulled my arm and in a flash of a moment I am enclosed in an embrace. The blue clothe of this person is the only thing I can see now and his perfume filled my nose.

“You’re safe now.” A masculine voice said. Then I slowly lifted my head to see who it was. And I saw his grayish eyes staring at me. Then, he smiled. I wondered why.

“You should’ve seen yourself.” He said and chuckled.

“I hate you Sir Vex!” I said and pushed him away from me, pouting.

“Don’t hate me, you’re the one who’s walking on the edge …” He defended.

“You frighten me to death! I almost fell!” I said dramatically, pointing on the edge.

“But I got you…” He said and went near me to ruffle my hair but I swatted his hand.

“If not?”

“I won’t let that happen...” He said.

“Whatever! I hate you!” I said.

“You’re cute when you’re mad.” He said and I felt my heart flipped.

‘He said I’m cute?? That’s new…and sweet.’

“Liar!” I shouted at him pretending to be still mad to hide that I am a little bit flattered of what he said.

“No. I’m not lying…” He said.

“I don’t care.” I said cocking an eyebrow.

“I really like it when you blush.” He said and I snapped.

‘Am I really blushing?? I didn’t notice that.’


“I like you Jadyn.” He said and I was like ‘what?!’.

‘What did I hear it right? He likes me? No. No. Maybe he likes me the other way around, not like what I am thinking…’

“I know…I know you like me. Yeah, yeah, I’m your favorite student. I know right.” I said, waving my hands in the air.

“No.” He said firmly with a serious face.

‘Okay. He’s serious…but does he really like me? DAMN!’

I felt my heart starting to beat faster and my hands became clammy…

I should not let this situation take over me with my imaginations.

‘Stick on reality…he’s just kidding…. yes, he is…’

“So, what made you come up here?” I said, trying to change the topic.

“Don’t change the topic.”

‘Shoot! He didn’t buy it…’

I swallowed a lump in my throat and stayed quiet…I don’t know what to do, what to say.

“I like you Jadyn.” He said.

“Ah…uhm…ah…” I stuttered; I don’t know what to say really.

And in an instant, I was in his arms again and I felt my body shiver, his chin rested on my shoulder and mine on his shoulder.

“I like you…” He said holding me tighter.

“Sir…” I said. The only thing registered in my mind.

‘What now Jadyn???.... Should I say it too?? Whereat?!’

My hearts beating faster and louder like beating drums….

“…I… too, like you Sir.” I conceded.

I felt him smiled, he loosens his hold on me and rested his forehead on mine. He leaned closer…

‘Oh my! This is it? …. Yes, this is it!’

His nose touched my nose and I felt a tingling feeling my heart beating faster and faster…. I can see his lips drawing closer and closer to mine…

‘My…first kiss…’

“JADYN! HEY JADYN! Where are you?!” Someone called me out, I tried to ignore it.

“Jadyn! Are you up there?” The person said starting to walk up.

‘Heck! That guy ruined everything! Who the hell is the moment stopper?! I sure will strangle him!’

He pulled away and I felt like I’ve lost my energy when I left his arms. We are just quiet. The shouting guy is getting closer and closer.

“I—I’ll go ahead.” I said, breaking the silence. I squinted, biting my lower lip.

“Uhm…Yeah, the guy’s really looking for you.” He said.

“Yeah…bye.” I said and hurried out.

When I reached half of the staircase, I saw Andrew…

‘So, he’s the moment stopper! He ruined my moment! Can I kill him????!’

“What do you want?” I said grumpily.

“Just want to say Hi…and Sef was looking for you.” He said.

“Psh.” I grumbled and walked pass by him.

I went straight home happily forgetting what Andrew did. I just can’t stop thinking about Prof. Vex saying he likes me.

When I reached home, I ran to my bed room and shut the door behind me and giggled wildly. I dropped my bag on the floor and went jumping on my bed like crazy.

“He likes me!” I said in a sing-song again and again.

‘This is what you can say happy senior year!!!’

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