Don't Stay Close to Me

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I had this overflowing energy early in the morning and I can’t hide it. I’m just so happy!

“Blooming, eh?” Mike noticed.

“Huh?” I said touching my cheeks as I tinge.

“Oh my! You’re blushing!” Rich said.

“Tell us about it!” Shane cried.

“Who’s the guy??” Rich asked.

“Huh?” I said and felt my face heated up.

“No…no guy….”


“Yeah. It’s just a book I am reading it’s really good.” I lied.

‘I don’t want to lie but I think that the thing between Prof. Vex and I should be kept as a secret.’

“True?” Rich probed.

“Yeah true!” I said giving them innocent, honest eyes.

“Okay.” They agreed. ‘Phew!’

“Let’s go now, we still have class, don’t we?” Mike said scowling and walked ahead of us.

We exchanged looks and shrugged then walked behind him.

He was just quiet the whole time. I guess Mike is not in the mood today. He hasn’t flirt today with Professor Hanely, miraculously. And speaking of the jerk, he gave us a three-topic paper works! He definitely has this extreme like on punishing students!

“But Sir…Do we really have to do that?!” Jerick complained.

“Well, you don’t really have to do it….” He said.

“YES!” Someone exclaimed.

“…if you want an F in your records. That will certainly affect your grades.” He said wickedly.

And my classmates groaned while he smiled triumphantly.


“Okay, you’re dismissed.” He said.

My classmates started vacating the room as they grouse on the idea of the paper work.

“So, the orientation will be at eight, right?” Mike asked to me suddenly.

“Yes. Eight A.M. sharp.” I answered.

“Okay.” He said and walked out of the room before I could even speak.

‘Okay…bye-bye Mike….’

“He’s weird.” Shane said.

“Well that’s the good ol’Mike.” I said, laughing at the thought.

“Yeah, right.” She said and we laughed in a moment.

“By the way, where do you want to meet on Saturday?”

“Perhaps in Penshoppe.” Rich suggested.

“Sure.” I said.

“Let’s just text each other.” Shane said and I nodded in agreement.

“Uhm, J, I have to go now. My chauffeur is here.” Rich said.

“Ah, okay…”

“Me too, J.” Shane said after reading a message from her tab.

“Sure, sure…take care.”

“You too.” They said and went out of the room.

I gathered my things and when I turned….

‘Whoa! Shit! What a thing to see!’

Cristel is wearing a very very short skirt…how the hell did she escaped from Mrs. Tinsen’s disciplinary eyes? Oh, yeah, her uncle…the guidance counselor, is backing her up.

She loosens her ribbon and unbuttoned three buttons of her blouse and started walking towards the ever-busy Professor Hanely. When she reached the table, she stretched her hands on the table, leaning a little bit with her arms pushing her boobs up to show her cleavage…

‘Alright. She hasn’t surrendered yet…. pushy bitch.’

On the other hand, Professor Hanely just spared her a quick look then ignored her completely. Then she made a move. She walked beside him as she caresses his arm.

“Can I have an extra time with you Sir?” She purred.

“Miss Serry would you please fix yourself… It is inappropriate for you to look like that in front of your professor.” He said, ignoring her flirt.

I snapped and gathered my things, turning my heels I walked out of the room. But hid at the wall just next to the window of our room…

‘I didn’t say that I’ll let this show pass…this is my favorite show to watch now!’

“Why are you so numb!?” Cristel actually shouted at his face. But he just gathered his things and pass by Cristel.

“Are you gay?” She taunted.

‘Ooh, she’s nasty. . .’

He stopped walking.

‘Yeah, she got him…’

“Yeah, you’re a gay! You are not even attracted to me. You even didn’t take the chance of kissing me back or have one night on me.” She said bravely, but he just smirked.

“I am not gay.” He said firmly.

“YES, YOU ARE.” She insisted.

“If not, you’re a wimp!” She continued.

“Don’t use that reversed psychology to me…. I still have enough wits to fall for that.” He quipped and paused.

“And besides, I don’t find you attractive. I don’t like you.” He continued.

I saw Cristel’s face shifted from confident looking to devastated look.

‘Poor girl…he frankly rejects her.’

“Wh-what?!” She stuttered in anger as the thought finally sank in. Her forehead creased.

“You heard me Miss Serry… I. DON’T. FIND. YOU. ATTRACTIVE. I. DON’T. LIKE. YOU.” He said and turned to walk out.

Suddenly Cristel stormed to him and grabbed his arm, tugging him to face her.

“NOBODY REJECTS ME! NOBODY DISLKES ME! NOBODY!” She screamed at him angrily.

“I just did.” He snapped and pulled his arm and left her.

Cristel was just there devastated and after a while she hurried off the room. On the other hand, I made sure that she was gone when I started to walkout of the place.

Witnessing her rejection, a part of me says: ‘That serves you right, Bitch!’ but a part of me pity her. I’m just sorry for her.

When I came in the auditorium only few members were there so I stroll out of the auditorium again.

‘I wonder if he’s there.’

I ran up the rooftop but only to find it empty until…

“It’s really nice here.” Someone said and I jolt around.


“Hi.” I replied to Prof. Vex. He strolled next to me.

“There’s a bench, let’s sit.” He invited and so we walked to it.

I sat first and then him beside me.

There was a moment of silence.


“Yeah?” I answered turning to look at him. His brown eyes staring at me: intently.

“I wasn’t lying yesterday.” He said his brown eyes twinkling—showing sincerity…. I was just quiet I was drawn by his stare. My mind working on his thought processing it.

‘So? What now Jadyn…he said he likes you.... I like him too…’

“I like you Jadyn. I really do.” He said reassuring his latter confession. My heart is pounding.

He leaned closer but I didn’t move. I felt a sudden electricity in my body…he’s leaning closer unblinking. I can see his pinkish lips coming closer. His masculine scent fills my nose. Our nose touched and I felt some sparks starting in my body. My heart beats like a wild drum. He cupped my chin and he tilted his head slightly. And his lips touched mine. My body was racked in by the electrons rushing through my body. He ran his hand to the back of my head from my chin and pulls me more to him deepening the kiss and I just let him dominate it.

‘My first kiss…’

He pulled away gently resting his forehead on mine and we’re panting. He smiled at me and my lips curled upward—smiling back at him.

His hand went down to cup my cheek and rubs his thumb on my lower lip.

“I like you Jadyn.” He said again. Those words tickled me.

“I like you too Sir.” I said.

‘What are you saying? Are you stupefied? Bullshit! Jadyn! That’s against the rule! UGH! SHUT UP INNER SELF!’

“Can you be my girl? Jadyn?” He asked and my heart melts.

‘SAY NO JADYN! —WHY NO! I’ll SAY YES! —ARE YOU STUPID?! WHERE ARE YOUR WITS!?—Gone with the kiss, I guess. —JADYN! THIS IS AGAINST THE RULE! —sorry brain but not now. —He’s just trouble! —SHUT UP BRAIN! LET ME ENJOY THIS.’

“Yes…” I said and instantly his lips connect to mine and my body’s electrified again. The feeling is so sweet!

But another intruding happened.

Red cup Hands up long brown hair by Boys like girls blare from my phone.

He pulled away. ‘Ugh! I hate it!’

“Maybe it’s important.” He said, giving me the cue to get the phone call.

I took my cellphone out of my pocket.


It’s Sef.

He was just staring at me the whole time that I was on the phone—and I was conscious with his brown sparkling eyes staring straight at me.

I hang up.

“Uhm... I need to go. Sef’s looking for me.”

“Okay.” He said and I shakily—hesitantly stood up.

He walked behind me as I go for the door but before I open the door, I turn to him.

“Bye.” I said with a sweet smile.

Then suddenly he brushed his lips to mine. I blushed.

“Bye.” He said, smiling. I nod.

I went out and stroll in the auditorium. And I can’t help but grin at the memory of our kiss—my first kiss. I bit my lower lip in voluntarily.

‘I just can’t believe it! He really really likes me! And…and he’s my first kiss!’—BUT HE’S TROUBLE JADYN! STOP IT NOW! IT’S NOT YET LATE! —Why? We like each other. —THE RULES JADYN! THE RULES. —We can just keep it as our own little secret, dirty little secret. —What if they knew? —They won’t so just shut up!’

The cogs in my mind stopped. I let go of my lower lip. *Sigh. *

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