Don't Stay Close to Me

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I came out of the car and I just realized.... ‘Boy! I missed school.’ Weird but true.

As I walk towards the main building, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. I twitch around as I hear the voice come closer to me so quick. And suddenly, I felt my knee flexed as I flinch and stumble when a weight added on me.

“I really, really missed you!” Shane cooed as she grasped me so tight and shook me.

“Are you hugging – me? Or – killing me?” I tried to utter albeit she squeezed my throat so tight as if choking me.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” She hurriedly jumped off me, making me stumble.

“It’s okay—but you almost killed me.” I said as I regain my breathing.

“You’re over reacting!” She said and pouts. Smiling, I wrapped my arms around her and shook her.

“Hey, I was just joking.” I tickled her and we started laughing together.

We walked in the main building and saw an awkward – no, not awkward – but irritating face, if there’s a search for a bitchy antagonist, for sure she’ll be on the top of the list. I know she saw us and I know she’ll not walk back to avoid us. Yet, of course, I won’t let her ruin my first day so I will just let her pass today and just continue my talk with my friend. But I caught her looked at me: from head to toe, however, ignoring her is the best way of irritating her – I just can see it in her eyes when I snub at her. Cristel is just one of the persons I knew that I can never understand why they hate me – that much and to tag along is her ever loyal best friend: Ferra. Well, they kind of really lead on hating me. I do wonder why they feel that way to me but I just enjoy playing with their games, anyway.

World literature—how boring, can’t we have a teacher like what I’ve read in books: literature teachers, so masculine and appealing that you’ll actually be motivated to listen to the lesson? Poor me, I can really go back to sleep in this kind of atmosphere. As my eyes searched the room, three-fourths of the class is sitting with their chin lying on their supporting hands and got those sleepy eyes; some are already sleeping but some, including Shane, are really paying attention with the old lady—I mean with the professor in front, a thin old woman with tiny eyeglasses hanging on her nose and her hair is fixed in a coiffure that is grayish white.

This year should be should be exciting, right? —But what’s happening? Two subjects pressuring us on heavy requirements and one boring literature class, what would be for tomorrow? Another sleeping sessions?!

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” I shouted in exhaust. Then, I felt a hard hit on my head.

“Aw, what’s that for?” I snarled. Then, they all hushed.

“Are you nuts? We’re in the library!” Mike whispered. I looked around and I forgot we were in the library; I bumped my hand on my forehead for showing such stupidity today! What the heck! I’ve been musing since the world lit. class. SHIT!

When we’re done with our book works, we headed to the canteen as they were talking about my stupidity in the library.

“Go on, and laugh at it. Ha-ha-ha.” I said sarcastically.

“Oh, c’mon, don’t be silly, everyone does that.” Shane comforted.

“But it happened to be you!” Mike exclaimed. I pose a sarcastic smile and pushed him hard to cause him to stumble on the bushes.

“Are you crazy? Huh, Mike?”

“I—think—so…” Uttering the words after every laughter.

With his reddening and silly face, I burst out of laughter, but I really don’t know what I should laugh about.

We stroll in the Academy Science Center and we saw plenty of school girls on the hallway near the faculty. Weird.

“I know why they are here.” Mike claimed.

“You always do.” I retorted.

“Yeah, like you’re the human daily newspaper.” Rich added.

“Over! You’re exaggerating!”

“Okay. Okay. So, tell us why they are here.” Shane pointed out.

Suddenly, Mike got a grin on her—I mean on his face.

“You’re freaky. C’mon, spit it out!” I slap his shoulder.

“Ouch! --- Okay. They said there’s a new professor here!!” He said as his voice thinned.

“And then?” I taunted. Then, he jerked my head, and I was smiling at his silly face.

“I’m not yet finished.” He said with a stern look, but he quickly changed into a grinning clown.

“That professor is said to be a HUNK!!!!!!” Finishing his sentence with a flirty-girlish shout out. Laughing at him, my cappuccino almost spills out.

Unfortunate for me, that accident that is supposed to be only for me, like my own clumsiness, happened to take place in a wrong place, with a wrong person. My hand was bumped by this hurrying guy that caused the cappuccino to spill out on him and on me.

“What the—.” Before I can even finish that guy spoke.

“Miss, this is not a canteen. And you should also be careful, not to be clumsy to cause people trouble.”

My jaw dropped; this guy is putting all the blame on me. Wait a sec, this is his fault too, and I’m also affected here, HELLO! Seeing him wiping the cappuccino off his shirt, I clenched my jaw and rolled my eyes.

“Hey, mister! You’re forgetting something. It is not only my fault, take note, you ‘bumped’ me that is why it spilled out.” I snarled but he just smirked.

“Well, missy, the hallway is not for standing by!” He taunted.

“But you should’ve used our EYES! So, we won’t have any problem now. JERK!!” I said.

I stomped away, shot the cup in the trash bin, leaving that JERK behind. I didn’t bother to look back or pay attention to those eyes that are glaring at me. The Hell I care whoever he is, what I know is, he’s the FREAK who destroyed my first day!

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