Don't Stay Close to Me

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“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” I squealed hitting the octaves as Shane and Rich shared—or forced to share to me some details in their date last Sunday.

“Sshh!” Shane hushed to me, noticing that the crowd’s looking at us.

“Keep your voice low you’re so hyper!” Rich scolded.

“Owp, sorry.” I said putting my index finger on my lips and smirk.

They just kept on answering my questions and sometimes giggle with me especially when Rich said that Sean kissed her on the cheeks before leaving. She practically flushed with the thought, while, Shane is so happy about Drake and her common interests about almost everything.

‘*Sigh. * My dearest friends finally found their match….’

“Hey, J, are you okay?” Rich asked with concern. I nod.

“Yeah I’m okay. I just feel so happy to know that you two are happy.” I said and suddenly they pulled me into a huge bear hug.

“You’ll find yours too, J.” Shane said and I smiled.

“Can I join with the hugging session?” Someone said and we turned.


And we hugged there for few minutes, I guess.

“So, what are with you three only talking?” Mike asked when we were apart.

“Girl thing.” I said and smiled at him.

“Don’t tell me, the guys got you in a Homerun?!” He said dramatically.

“NO!” Rich and Shane chorused.

I was about to talk when he gagged my mouth with his hand.

“Jadyn you’re talking too much…let’s go to our class!” He said and dragged me along as he walks and Shane and Rich followed.

“AW!” He cries when I bit his hand. HA!

“This is better.” I said wiping my mouth from sweat.

“It’s bleeding!” He said showing his hand to my face.

“It’s not! Don’t be such a baby!” I said and swatted his hand playfully.

“It’s really bleeding!”

“Whatever!” I said and walked ahead of him.

Sometimes Mike is as giddy as this but sometimes as moody as a girl with her coming period. Crazily he’s my friend.

“Bye! See you tomorrow.” I said.

“Bye, take care.” Shane said.

“See ya...J.” Rich said.

“Don’t forget our assignment with Professor Hottie.”

“Mike, I will…but he’s not a hottie.” I said sourly.

‘You just don’t know how hotter he is yesterday after playing basketball with my brother again….’

‘Whoa! Wait what did I just thought??? STOP CHECKING HIM OUT!’

I shook my head to remove that thought.

“What? Changed your mind?” Mike asked teasingly.

“No! Heck he’s not hot!” I cried.

“Who’s not hot?” Someone said behind me and so I turned.

‘Mr. Jackass…but hot is here…. HE’S NOT HOT!!!! Maybe?’

“Hi, Prof Kent!” They chorused.

“What now, Ms. Avis?” He said looking straight at my eyes.

I looked away.

“I have a practice…I’ll go now.” I said and hurriedly run away.

They stayed for a while to talk with him.

‘Ugh! How I hate him!’

I didn’t notice that I am already walking in an empty hallway; I guess that guy can really take a part of my attention. Not good.

I squealed.

Someone pulled me; pushing me hard on the wall this guy captured my lips. Possessing it and taking control of it. I respond gratefully.

He pulled away and left me panting.

“I miss you.” He said.

“I miss you too Sir Vex.” I said relieving from panting.

He smirks and he’s on my lips again. I run my fingers to his chest and shoulders then gripping his neck. He finds my waist and pulled me closer to him, deepening the kiss. And I took him pleasurably.

He pulled away but his arms are still wrapped around me.

“I like you.”

“I like you, too.” I said and kissed the corner of his mouth; he smiled.

“So, can I have some of your time?”

“Sure thing.” I said and giggled.

He took my hand and we went to an empty room nearby.

Afterwards, I came to the auditorium for my practice. Everybody seems to be just the usual. Noisy. Hyper. I came and joined the group until Mrs. Kittles came.

Since that day we see each other every afternoon before I go to my practice.

“Hi.” I murmur when I came in the room.

“Hi.” He answered me, smiling.

He sauntered towards me and pulled me in his arms.

“I miss you babe.”

“Though we see each other every afternoon?” I asked looking up on him.

“Of course. I want you every time.” He said brushing his knuckles on my cheek and I can feel tingles in my body.

I smiled. Then he captures my mouth again, taking it deep, I let him explore the familiarity of my mouth. He grasps my hips and we walked backwards until I felt the wall behind me. He nudges me against the wall, his legs between my legs and his lips still on me possessing me.

“I want you…. now.” He murmurs on my lips and takes in me again.

I rest my hands on his shoulders, feeling the funny tingling in my body. His hands traveled from my hips to my thighs pulling me more on him while his other hand cups my cheek. His body grinding on me and I can feel him ready on my hips. His hand reached the hem of my skirt.

‘Shit! What is he doing? He wants to do it now? Do I want to do this?’

I reached for his hand and held it to stop him but he resists it and continued to linger on my skin of my thigh. Grinding more on me, he deepens more his kiss.

‘Can I do this now??...’

My skirt hikes up and slowly his other hand strokes on my other side. I feel hot, his warm radiates on me…

“Yes, Mr. Clarkson I’ll check on the room…” A guy voice echoed outside the room. His footsteps go closer to the room.

“Shit.” Sir Vex mumbled and let go of me suddenly but kept close to me. Both us are panting. I pull down my skirt and fixed my just-make-out hair.

My phone vibrated and I took it.

It’s Sef.

From: Big Bro_Sef

Urgent meeting now.


Just kidding.

You got three minutes.

****END of MESSAGE****

I place it back my pocket.

“I need to go now.” I said.

“Yeah…before that guy come here.”

“Yup. And Sef’s looking for me.” I said and he nods. He stepped back giving me a way.

I went out of the room and walk in the hallway.

Then, I saw Cristel flirting with a jock in a volleyball team and then suddenly kissed him. I ignored her and head through the hallway and into the auditorium.

’Do I want to do that?... Did I want it? No. I don’t want to be a slut or bitch… But... It’s different, we like each other… No. Jadyn remember you should not do that. You’re not desperate! It’s wrong…It’s wrong.’

I sighed and shook my head to remove that idea and forget it.

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